Benefit FACIAL PEEL Video (Skin Consultation & Treatment)


Wonder what happens when you visit Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing clinics for a skin consultation, skin care assessment and a facial treatment, such as a Benefit Facial PEEL?

Watch our BENEFIT FACIAL PEEL video of the steps involved in a first-time skin care visit at Coco Ruby!

Click the icon below to watch the VIDEO of a Skin Care Assessment with Canfield Reveal imaging, and a BENEFIT SKIN PEEL/FACIAL PEEL treatment at our anti-ageing clinic in Melbourne!


Steps involved in a Skin Care Consultation & Treatment (We have numerous options for skin care peels, facials, Healite II treatments and more).

Give your skin a boost today.  What you’ll experience during a visit to Coco Ruby for your first VISIT:

  1. Health/Medical History and Skin Care Assessments including forms.
  2. Canfield REVEAL to see what’s happening beneath the visible area of your skin (pigmentation, hydration, vascularity, sun damage).
  3. Deep Cleanse and Skin Evaluation.
  4. Discussion of possible treatment options and their benefits.
  5. Treatment (Optional) – If you elect to have a facial treatment or the recommended treatment and you fill in the consent form and other paperwork, you will enjoy your facial and skin care treatment.
  6. Depending on the treatment, you may be given sun protection to cover the skin (or told to not wear anything on your skin for a designated period after your skin care treatment, and to avoid sun exposure for a certain number of days). You’ll also be told what to expect after the treatment – if it’s a peel (as in this video), the patient was informed her skin would peel over the next 3-7 days, and the skin would look radiant – it DOES! (Subscribe to our newsletter to see the BEFORE & AFTER photos in our next e-newsletter edition).
  7. After your treatment is completed, you’ll be given some recommendations for the appropriate after-care and HOME CARE systems.

Benefit facial peel treatment melbourne

And the best news is that our cosmeceutical skin care ranges are AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE.

So …. do you have pigmentation concerns, uneven skin texture, frequent breakouts or very dry skin, or other concerns you’d like to get a skin consultation to discuss?  Our leading Dermal Clinicians are happy to help you find solutions to your main facial appearance related complaints.  We also have some of Melbourne’s most talented Cosmetic Injectors at our Clinic in Hawthorn East.

Does YOUR skin need a boost?

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We have a variety of treatments that can reduce pigmentation including Melasma, or reduce problematic conditions such as Acne & Pimples, dryness, fine lines, Rosacea, and more!

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