Are there any areas of your face you’d want to be super-cautious about having injected with fillers? The answer is YES. Read more to find out what the top five danger zones for facial fillers area – and why you need an experienced anatomy-wise Injecting Clinician to minimise your dermal filler risks.  Note: All invasive procedures carry risks and patient results will vary.

Here are the TOP FIVE danger zones for dermal filler injections and why you want a highly experienced Injecting Nurse Clinician.

Facial Contouring & Anti-ageing: Non-Surgical doesn’t mean Non-Serious


If you’ve read up on dermal fillers and how popular they have become for augmenting features and reducing facial lines and other signs of ageing – you’ll know that they are excellent for non-surgical facial contouring of the cheeks, jawline, nose and chin. They are the GO TO solution for non-surgical treatments and anti-ageing.

  • Filler injections are designed to replace lost facial volume due to muscle deterioration, bone atrophy and skin ageing.
  • But you’ll also want to know what the danger zones are for facial fillers or “dermal filler danger zones” and how to minimise your dermal filler injection risks.
  • And remember, don’t fly right after getting dermal fillers!

Additionally, with advancing injectable strategies (and a choice of different filler types), dermal fillers can now be used in so many different ways.

  • These include skin boosters and tear trough fillers and nose bridge enhancements (which carry extra risks)
  • But not all filler types – or injecting strategies – are safe to use (it pays to ascertain the brand and supply chain of your injector to be sure it’s REAL)

Read on to become an educated consumer who fully understands the risks of dermal filler injections.

Also visit recommended reading and resource websites at the bottom of this page, for further information.

Despite popularity, dermal filler injection complications and facial damage can occur during non-surgical solutions. These include injectable fillers and muscle relaxing wrinkle treatments. Especially if you choose an inexperienced Clinician or one who works in a less-than-sterile environment.

** All invasive cosmetic procedures have risks.  Also patient results can vary. Be sure you become an informed consumer and choose a skilled Clinician who has extensive experience and sound medical training in anatomy and facial injections. **

Dermal Filler Complications from Cosmetic Injectables may occur, for example:

When injections are performed by a Clinician or Surgeon who lacks extensive training & experience in their use

  • you can lose your facial balance and end up looking ‘odd’ if your injector isn’t highly attuned to each patient’s individual facial anatomy
  • you might end up with high levels of asymmetry in the hands of a less experienced injector

If the Injecting professional uses the wrong type of injectables

  • there are notable quality differences in brands
  • permanent fillers can cause long-term facial issues and our team believes permanent fillers are best avoided

If the wrong type of filler is used in an unsuitable area of the face

  • the wrong injecting strategy can make you look older or worse
  • too much filler gives an unnatural ‘over-done’ appearance

If a Clinician is ‘overly aggressive’ or too fast in their cosmetic injecting approach

  • you’ll end up looking over-volumised (think puffer fish like lips or strange-looking chipmunk cheeks instead of natural looking enhancements)
  • you may bruise extensively or have other complications

So you want to be super careful to choose a Cosmetic Injector who is highly experienced and very well informed about maximising the benefits of these treatments whilst minimising any dermal filler risks.

Fillers and Staying on Good Terms with Your Mirror

The areas and zones for facial fillers

So dermal filler injections done well can leave you smiling at your mirror – but dermal fillers done improperly can leave you unhappy with the mirror – or sadly, even worse. Imagine having a disfigured or scarred face just because your injector used their needle (or cannula) in the wrong zone!

But before we talk about ‘Filler Danger Zones,’ lets firstly review how dermal fillers are used.

  • Dermal Fillers are administered either as a stand-alone procedure (non-surgical) or
  • They may be delivered in combination with facial enhancement surgery for a more thorough facial rejuvenation effect.
  • They are injected into different areas of the face and different layers of the skin, using micro-fine needles or cannulas.

Dermal Fillers are essentially facial skin VOLUMISERS (liquid solutions) delivered into the dermis (skin) by micro-injections – so understanding facial anatomy is crucial. The difficulty lies in every person’s face having highly different anatomy.

  • Your Injecting Clinicians will use either super-fine needles (or micro-fine cannulas) to inject the temporary filler solution into your skin.
  • They hence need to be able to assess where your arteries and veins actually are (and this varies from person to person) – that’s not always easily done.
  • If the injectable goes into a vein or artery you can end up seriously harmed, and a few potential complications could be fatal.
  • So DO understand the risks – and why it’s so important to choose an experienced injector with the proper training, experience, qualifications and expertise.



How long do results of Injectables or Fillers Last? Treatment Duration

microfine injections for wrinkles

  • The results from Dermal Fillers can last anywhere from a few months to up to 9 to 12 months.
  • Read more about the LATEST trends for FILLERS for Facial Contouring & Rejuvenation and why they’re increasingly popular.


The Injecting Strategy that your Injector uses – such as type of filler, volume, delivery and injection locations – is crucial to getting a great outcome.


If your CROWS FEET lines are getting worse, or your eyelids are starting to DROOP, you may benefit most from EYELID SURGERY or a facelift, not just cosmetic injections.

Find out about EYELID surgery here.


What you need to know about FILLER substances used in AUSTRALIA (and fake injectables)

If you’ve done your homework and read our other blogs, you’ll also know that NOT ALL Filler Brands are alike.   

Plus, there are numerous strategies as to WHERE – and HOW MUCH – dermal filler should be injected to get the results you’re seeking.

Additionally, there are fake fillers being sold to unsuspecting injecting clinics and beauty clinics. These are NOT approved for use in Australia and could be dangerous, especially permanent fillers.

It pays to be very cautious about who you let inject you.

facial injections and zones, injectable fillers lips melbourne

The quality between brands of injectable dermal fillers can differ tremendously.

  • There is great variety in brands and brand quality
  • Within each brand, there are also consistency-differences that can be used for ‘facial sculpting’
  • Some fillers are best for softer lips; others are firmer and can assist with a jawline or cheek area, especially if injected near the bone
  • There are also dangers involved in fake or counterfeit injectable solutions penetrating the Australian market, which may be advertised as ‘cheap cosmetic injections’ and offered by untrained practitioners.

Plus, dermal fillers often have unique qualities and specific recommended uses.

So it’s always best to ask your Clinician WHAT quality, temporary filler brands they plan to use on your face; and don’t settle for anything less than a reputable, top brand that your injector has extensive experience using for facial contouring or skin rejuvenation. 

  • The best fillers and injectable solutions are temporary.
  • Avoid permanent fillers as they are considered highly problematic and potentially disfiguring.
  • Permanent fillers also don’t adapt to ageing; temporary ones have many other advantages including they can be adjusted as you age or as your volumisation needs or augmentation preferences change.
  • With different properties and within-brand ranges of ‘filler styles’, they can be used to help better define, contour or plump certain aspects of your face.

Some injectables solutions are designed for lips, and others for cheek enhancement or crow’s feet reductions. A great injector will know just what to use and in what are of your face for best results.

liquid rhinoplasty - dangers -dermal filler injections to the nose to reshape the nose - liquid rhinoplasty

Avoid a fake filler experience or a less experienced injector. Ask Questions.

  • You can ask your Clinician what brand(s) they use during your initial consultation
  • Beware anyone who uses one type of filler everywhere including lips
    • Ask which Brands and product lines they would choose for different areas of your face
    • Ask why your Clinician prefers these over other brand(s)
  • Be sure your Injector has a proper medical qualification
    • Look for Cosmetic Physician, Injecting Registered Nurse or Plastic Surgeon with substantial training and experience using injectables
    • New patients need an assessment by a Cosmetic Doctor before they can have injections
    • Avoid new injectors who are keen to learn – on your face – they may offer discount injectables, but these can be dangerous if used improperly

Many new injectors enter the market every day, and they may not know enough about the products or injecting strategies to get you safe results.   Additionally, if your Injector isn’t investing in ongoing training and brand awareness, you may be getting less-than-wonderful injecting results or even be putting yourself at risk.

  • Cheap injecting offers are not always the bargain they seem to be
  • If fillers or anti wrinkle injections are offered at a huge discount, be sure to ask why (and what Brand
  • Do your homework and figure out where they might be cutting costs as well as quality

Please note: Australian laws prohibit the use of printing Injectable BRAND names but a great Injecting Clinician should have thorough knowledge of many different filler products – and be able to articulate WHY they are choosing specific ones for your facial enhancement

  • Injected properly by an experienced and conservative Injecting Nurse/Clinician or Aesthetic Physician, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can have a highly transformative impact on your facial features, such:
    • lips
    • cheeks
    • forehead
    • jawline
    • chins
    • nose/nose bridge
    • nose tip
    • around eyes/eyelids
    • under eye areas
    • brows
  • Fillers can also help fill in some skin creases or acne scars – even facial dog bite scars
  • Fillers can help add (or restore) volume to areas of the face that appear hollow or ‘sunken in’ due to atrophy of the bones or underlying tissues (as occurs with age or weight loss).

With women and men discovering just how much Dermal Fillers (dermal volumisers) can help improve their facial features and give their faces a younger, more harmonious appearance, there’s a lot more ‘filler use’ going on today than ever before.

  • So how do you opt for the best injecting strategy that won’t leave you looking ‘over filled’?
  • What can be done to reduce risks and optimise your results?

The answer is: Become an informed consumer, be educated about injecting risks and dermal fillers, and do your homework about your Injector. Don’t shop on price and discounts – you might be getting an inferior injector or even a counterfeit or “diluted” product.

Read our TOP COSMETIC TREATMENTS – INSIDER TIPS for how to help protect your face when getting dermal fillers.

7 Potential Dermal Filler Complications You Must Know!

No one wants to seek a facial improvement treatment and end up worse than they were before.

So here’s what you need to know, especially with so many ‘new’ injectors jumping into the delivery of fillers. And remember that, with FILLERS, whilst non-surgical procedures are relatively safe in the right Clinician’s hands, they can still have serious consequences if performed improperly – or when delivered by someone who lacks adequate experience or proper training and qualifications.

Wrong placement of dermal fillers

  • Dermal fillers injected in the wrong spot can lead to some serious consequences.
  • If a filler is injected into a vein or artery, it can lead to blindness or even an embolism (which can lead to death).

TIP: Ask your Clinician how much they know about fillers – and listen carefully to get a sense of how thorough their knowledge is.  

With a continuous influx of newer varieties and brands of filler products, your Injecting Clinician’s understanding of the individual characteristics of each type of filler becomes an absolute necessity for getting you good results.

  • In regards to complications, Filler treatments typically involve a potential for the following outcomes.
  • Bruising – All filler use has the potential to cause bruising and this is, in part, an interaction dependent upon your skin’s natural reactions to injections and your injector’s specific technique  [1].
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Skin discoloration (ranging from redness to hyper/hypo pigmentation)
  • Infection– any implement that penetrates the skin carries a risk of infection
  • Nodular masses –  more commonly seen in thin-skinned areas of the face
  • Paraesthesia – might result where there is direct nerve damage (fortunately this appears rare)
  • Vascular compromise – an immediate reaction that might occurs when a needle punctures an artery, which can result in an embolism that hinders blood flow

filler danger zones, facial areas you don't want injected

So be sure you have a thorough discussion about your Injecting professional’s experience, qualifications and training during your consultation. And specifically ASK about what their injecting strategy will be – e.g., how they plan to get you the best FILLER results without increasing your risks of complications.

Top 5 Spots You Shouldn’t Get Facial Injections – or where you should be superbly cautious about who’s injecting

dermal filler injection treatment risks and safety: preparing for your injectables treatment fillers

  • Non-surgical techniques such as injectable treatments often have less risk, overall, than most surgical procedures.  But that does NOT mean they are entirely risk free.
  • All invasive procedures carry risks and some are serious; also, patient results can vary.
  • If a less-trained Clinician administers dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, they might even carry greater risks than a surgical procedure – because of less formal oversight of these cosmetic medicine procedures.
  • That’s why choosing the right Injector is SO important for your results as well as your safety, as is having a Doctor assessment of your suitability as a candidate for dermal fillers, before you get injections.
  • Our Cosmetic Doctor(s) and Injecting Team works alongside our Plastic Surgeons & they all have extensive experience and top qualifications.
  • For Sydney Cosmetic Injections, explore your options with Dr Sackelariou.

Whilst adverse effects or serious complications occur quite rarely for most non-surgical techniques, they are still a possibility.  Every invasive procedure carries risks and Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers are no exception.

When it comes to fillers being injected into certain areas (or potential DANGER ZONES) of your face, these risks may be higher.

So here’s what’s good to know about Facial Filler Danger Zones before you have a Dermal Filler Injections treatment.

Let’s focus on some of the sensitive spots on your face and what potential risks might be involved. 

Danger Zone 1 for dermal fillers

  • Glabella (between your eyebrows/just above the nose)
    Injecting the Glabellar region of the face carries a risk of damaging the supraorbital and supratrochlear arteries. Supratrochlear, if occluded, may lead to the formation of a band-like area extending up to forehead (e.g., tissue damage).                                                                        

Danger Zone 2 for dermal fillers

  • Nasolabial grooves (smile lines; lines between the corner of your nose and your mouth)
  • Another potential danger zone for injectable fillers involves the naso-labial groove area. This is a risky area for injecting because of the facial artery that runs close to the surface of the skin. If the flow of this facial artery is impeded, it could result in damaged skin around the nasolabial fold or even damage to the side and tip of the nose. Complications occur rarely in this location, and it is a frequent site for filler injectable treatments, but must be carefully administered to help minimise the risks.

dermal filler danger zones - smokers lines, lip fillers, injectables for winkles

Danger Zone 3 for dermal fillers

  • Nasal augmentation (a “non surgical Rhinoplasty or Nose Job” or enhancing the bridge of the nose)
    The non-surgical nose job is increasingly popular but carries greater injection treatment risks than many people currently realise. The procedure itself involves using filler for minor nose reshaping procedures; without surgery. This might be to reduce nose bumps or correct and reshape other minor nose imbalances through using ‘sculpted’ dermal fillers. If your nose isn’t quite in harmony with the rest of your face – and you want a more balanced or smoother bridge look, yet aren’t ready for a Rhinoplasty, then you MIGHT be an ideal candidate for a filler injection nose surgery. However, is having a temporary nose procedure worth risking the angular artery? Again, be sure to choose your injector very carefully and ask to see the before and after photos, speak with former patients, and ask about their complication rates. In addition to needing to choose your Injector carefully to help minimise your risks of experiencing complications with getting filler injections, what’s also important is your Injector’s choice of fillers (brands and quantity) for the particular feature (area of the face) being filled.


Danger Zone 4 for dermal fillers

  • Tear trough or Nasojugal groove
    A filler can work wonders if there is a true “tear trough” deformity that isn’t easy to cover 0p with makeup.
  • If your Tear Trough area is a problem for you, it often means you’ll have:
    • sunken-looking eyes
    • dark shadow(s) over or around your lower eyelid
    • a fatigued appearance

Dermal Fillers can be used to fill out the tear trough area of the face but must be done carefully by a top injecting clinician.

  • For tear troughs, the depression can be filled using injectables and can reveal excellent results in the hands of the right injector.
  • For crepey looking skin under the eyes, a skin booster series might help (select candidates only).
  • However, if you are wanting to get rid of dark under-eye circles that relate to hyper-pigmentation or other issues, dermal filler may or may not be the right solution (ask for a thorough consultation).

If you’re getting a tear trough treatment, the artery your injector needs to be extremely cautious about is the infraorbital artery.  

Complications that make the nasojugal groove a “danger zone” area for injectable fillers are categorised into immediate or delayed complications.

Immediate risks of tear trough treatments: 

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Asymmetry
  • Headache or Migraine
  • Delayed complications/risks of tear trough treatments:
  • Orange-brown skin colouration (skin staining) that might take months to resolve
  • Puffiness in the area of the injections due to over-correction with filler products [2]
  • Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (skin discolouration is often a greater risk for people with more pigmented skin tones)
  • The “Tyndall” effect (where a superficial injecting strategy results in a bluish discoloration of the skin)
  • Nodules
  • Blindness (Rare, but might occurs if an embolus travels through the central retinal artery)                                                                             

Danger Zone 5 for dermal fillers

anti-wrinkle-injections-melbourne dermal filler injections - the danger zones

  • Temple Area Injectables
  • Facial changes related to skin, tissue and bone structure ageing include epidermal thinning, muscle loss, changes in elasticity (less elasticity and collagen), and other subcutaneous fat and bony changes [3].
  • Temporal volume loss (or the gaunt appearance of the temple that occurs with age) is attributed to three key factors:
    • Increasing concavity of temporal bone
    • Atrophy of temporalis muscle
    • Reduction in fat pad
  • So Injecting facial filler(s) in the temple area can actually help you regain a more youthful look to the entire face. But like all the other danger zones, a lack of skill OR improper injecting technique (or the wrong filler products) may result in serious consequences.
  • These can include the following complications:
  • Bruising, swelling or localised tenderness
  • The “Tyndall” effect
  • Chewing discomfort
  • Overcorrection problems (including too much volume or uneven filler volumisation)
  • Skin infections
  • Intravascular necrosis (the artery at risk in this facial zone is the superficial temporal artery)
  • Potential Blindness (due to embolization) [4]
  • Preventing Complications – How to Have Dermal Filler Wisdom

Now that you’re familiar with the top 5 danger zones for dermal filler injections and the types of complications that you might face, how can you prevent them?’

Although these procedures are often quickly performed, your choice of professional – and your professional’s choice of injectable products (dermal filler brands, types, volumes) as well as specific injection locations – plays a VITAL role in how well your procedure will be performed as well as your risks.

dermal fillers danger zones - lip filler injections (dermal filler cosmetic injections) in Melbourne by very experienced Injecting Clinicians and Doctors

Not every filler is appropriate for your specific concern. And not every Injector will get you a great result. This is what your Injector should be able to explain to you extremely well:

  1. what dermal filler product range(s) they will use and where
  2. how much they plan to use
  3. specifically where they will be injecting these dermal fillers (and how)
  4. how many times they have performed the treatment for the areas of the face you’re having treated
  5. what the potential results will be – and what risks there are in the procedure
  6. how they would be able to handle any complications, if they were to occur
  7. whether or not the injectables can get you the results you’re wanting

An excellent Injector doesn’t ONLY aim at getting the cosmetic injecting procedure completed for you – they’ll also make sure that you have realistic expectations, are well-informed about each and every aspect of your procedure – and, when treating a RISKY facial ZONE – that you understand the risks and how these will be minimised or managed.

Whether it’s a surgical cosmetic procedure or a 20-minute non-surgical injectables treatment for your lips, please make sure you’re well informed and confident about your Injector before the procedure.

For more information, feel free to contact us and book an appointment with our expert Injecting Nurses or Cosmetic Physician.

Our Injecting Nurse (Sandra) & our Cosmetic Physician (Dr Tina Purdon) can devise a detailed filler treatment plan – based on your requirements – and taking into consideration your goals and other factors.

Our Injecting Team includes:

Dr Tina Purdon, Cosmetic Physician – available in Hawthorn East



Senior Nurse Injector – Sandra (Division 1 Registered Nurse) – available in Hawthorn East (convenient for patients living in Toorak, Kew, Balwyn and Camberwell)

Dermal filler injections clinician in Melbourne

They have an excellent understanding of the facial anatomy and vasculature and use only high-quality, temporary filler products – and they are well aware of the individual characteristics of different types of fillers and where they can best be used for great results.

Read our top-rated Plastic Surgery Blogs and our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Blogs on Injectable Treatments including:


Or Send us a confidential enquiry or call on (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your Confidential Consultation with one of our Coco Ruby team’s Senior Injectors or Aesthetic Physician.

Recommended reading and Source materials (not inclusive):


[1] (The importance of understanding facial anatomy when administering dermal filler and other cosmetic injectable treatments)

[2] (Tear Trough Treatments using Injectables)

[3] (Dermal Filler techniques and safety/risks)


If you want a patient-safety-minded Clinic staffed by experienced and skilled Cosmetic Injectors or Cosmetic Doctors who are patient focused, call (03) 8849 1444 and ask about dermal filler treatment assessments with our Melbourne based Cosmetic Injecting Doctor (Hawthorn East) at Coco Ruby.

Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing is located in the same building as Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men.

Originally published in July 2016. Page last updated on February 21, 2019.

Advice for men who want to look BETTER than their friends and colleagues of the same age

Men’s grooming routines have changed rapidly over the past 3 years. There are more options for men than ever before, including skin needling, light-therapy facials for men, eye bag surgery, acne treatments, skin resurfacing and cosmetic injections.

Find out what the FUTURE of Manscaping holds – and why more men are ‘going under the needle’ or laser equipment to get a better look!

Skin care for men who want to look BETTER than others their age

Put your hands up if you’re a male and you wash your face, moisturise and apply sun protection (SPF) during the day……. Odds are that maybe 1 out of 10 men would put their hands up.

Unfortunately, there’s been a certain stigma attached to being MALE and looking after your skin.

But I’ll let you in on a secret…..ladies (and men) LOVE a man who looks good for their age.

  • Between the ages of 30-40, men seem to age quite significantly
  • There are many factors that contribute to accelerated skin ageing in men….let me enlighten you.

Why most men look OLDER than women when they reach the same age | Key Factors

  • Men tend to be exposed to MORE sun exposure over their life than women of the same age
    • Although changing in recent decades, many men played more sports (surfing, golf, sailing, skiing, cricket, soccer, hockey and tennis, fishing and camping) that led to ongoing sun exposure and skin damage
    • They also tended to work in more outside jobs (think TRADIES, TRUCK DRIVERS and CONSTRUCTION WORKERS)
    • And, in Australia, they love sitting in a beer garden and drinking alcohol!
    • The list goes on and on
  • Hence, men often look older because MORE men are exposed to MORE skin-damaging elements – including pollution, smoke and sun exposure – than most women; and/or they don’t protect themselves properly
  • Worse yet, they justify the extrinsic damage by highlighting they “are just your typical Australian bloke

That is – until his face starts overly-resembling his father’s or grand-dad’s face.


But when a man SUDDENLY finds he’s:

  • LOST his facial MOJO
  • IMPACTED by unattractive SUN SPOTS or “liver spots” (face, arms, legs, hands)
  • Noticing more WRINKLES and EYE BAGS (sagging eyelids) OR a growing double chin 


  • he’s not getting as much attention as he used to
  • AND/OR he wants to try attracting a younger woman OR
  • not look so much OLDER than his current partner

He suddenly starts paying a bit more attention to the mirror.

That means, doing something about it – or risking falling BEHIND his peers in AGE appearance.

And let’s face it – no man wants to look older than his peers or younger siblings!



So…now that I’ve got your attention…

Here are some simple steps that can assist in keeping your skin looking and feeling young – basics of skin care for men

1.    Wash your face – every day!!!

  • Seriously, how many men work outside and get gritty and sweaty?
  • Washing your face helps you get rid of the dirt and grime from the day – revealing a fresher looking face.
  • Recommendation: Try Medik8 Surface Radiance cleanser ($44 AUD).
  • This product has some mild acids to help gently exfoliate the skin when you wash, leaving it smoother looking and cleansed

2.   Protect your skin

  • Applying an antioxidant serum during the day will help fight pollution, sun damage and hydrate your skin.
  • Try Skin Better Science Alto Defense serum $191 this serum boosts your skin’s environmental defense.

3.   Apply sun protection with an adequate SPF

  • Simply applying a moisturiser that includes a sunscreen, daily (or a more potent product when you’re being active outside), helps you shield your skin from further sun damage and ageing.
  • Try PCA Weightless hydration protection $76

4.   Apply a Retinol-based serum at night

  • Retinol-based serums will aid to stimulate collagen, balance out oil production and keep your skin cells turning over so that you can remain looking young and fresh!
  • Try Skin Better Science Alpha Ret overnight cream $165 this product will rejuvenate, hydrate and reveal a more youthful appearance.

5. Consider a men’s facial treatment, skin needling treatment or INJECTIONS to enhance your LOOKS

  • Does your skin look DULL or tired?
  • Are your eyelids saggy-looking or puffy?
  • Do you have a double-chin?
  • Is your chin weak looking or uninspiring?

The latest cosmetic treatments or surgeries for men can REDUCE your eye bags, minimise your sun spots and skin discolourations, reduce old acne scars and and give you a much FRESHER, younger look.

Plus, you can now reduce the double-chin with either chin-fat reduction injections OR with a chin implant and neck lift!

Visit these pages:

Skin Needling information   Fraxel Laser Treatments  Healite Facials  Men’s Skin care


So to all the men out there, don’t neglect your skin.

Make the effort because your skin – and your partners will thank you!

  • Plus, too much sun damage is dangerous.
  • It leads to melanoma, which means you could end up with skin needing to be cut away from your nose, face, ears and arms or body – or worse yet, a fatal medical condition!

Take home message: It pays to take care of your skin!

For more on men’s cosmetic surgery procedures, visit Plastic and locate the MEN’s surgery menu listing.

For more on skin care options or facials for men, phone us on 0388491444 OR send an enquiry form to schedule a confidential consultation with our skin care and injecting experts.

Recently, Dr Craig Rubinstein FRACS (Specialist Plastic Surgeon) had a facial for men. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram to find out what he thought!

Scientific Journal Articles and References about Sun Exposure and Skin Damage

Cancer Causes & Control

Volume 12, Issue 1pp 69–82 

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Sun exposure and risk of melanoma

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Accessed online on January 24, 2019.

Epidemiology  19 August 2002

Sun exposure predicts risk of ocular melanoma in Australia

Accessed online on January 24, 2019.


Fraxel laser treatments are very effective for treating a number of skin conditions including hyper-pigmentation (discolouration), wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

Here are SEVEN things to know about Fraxel.

1: What is Fraxel laser treatment?

A Fraxel laser treatment is a light-based laser treatment that is used to smooth out fine lines in the skin.

‘Fraxel’ TM is a trademarked name for a laser skin resurfacing device. The technical term that describes the process is ‘fractional technology’. The treatment involves making tiny injuries to the dermal tissues (skin) – called ‘imprints’. These are very minute in size, being about one-tenth of the diameter of a hair shaft. The laser produces thousands of microscopic treatment zones (MTZ’s) that penetrate deep into the dermis. The skin surrounding the pinpoint MTZ’s remains intact and unaffected.[1]

  • Fraxel is highly effective as a scar minimization technique for post-operation scar reduction.
  • Fraxel treatments by a skilled Clinician can also be used to reduce unwanted pigmentation
    • examples: brown spots, sun spots, ageing spots and other areas of hyperpigmentation
    • it can also help minimise other skin imperfections
  • Fraxel laser treatments can also help reduce visibility of pore sizes and improve your overall skin tone.

2: When is a Fraxel laser treatment recommended?

  • It is frequently recommended by Surgeons to minimise scarring for certain procedures with long incisions (such as Tummy Tuck scars or Arm Lift – Brachioplasty scars, for example).
  • So long as the patient is a suitable candidate to receive Fraxel treatments this treatment may be helpful.
  • There may be a period of waiting before FRAXEL beings (a few weeks to several months after surgery) and multiple sessions or treatments are required for best results.
  • The treatment is typically well-tolerated but is sometimes uncomfortable and the area can look red, raised, swollen or ‘angry’ in appearance for a few hours to a few days after treatment; but ultimately the skin is smoother and the scar looks flatter over time.


2. What are the benefits of getting a Fraxel treatment?

Cellular renewal (rejuvenation), smoothing of the skin’s surface and resolving hyper-pigmentation and sun damaged skin are some of the key benefits of Fraxel treatments.

With Fraxel(TM) laser treatments, a Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Doctor can:

  • Rejuvenate skin so it looks fresher, healthier and younger – less dull!0
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other skin imperfections
  • Even out pigmentation issues caused by sun damage
  • Treat mild acne scarring to minimise the appearance of these skin indentations or ‘acne pit’ scars
  • Prevent excess scar tissue from forming when used as a post-op scar minimisation treatment  (as shown below – with one of our Dermal Clinicians treating a patient who had a Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty procedure).

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3. How does Fraxel get good results?

As with other parts of the body, if the Fraxel skin ‘imprints’ are controlled, the damaged cells immediately start to regenerate.

  • The skin repairs itself by pushing out the older, controlled-damaged skin and replacing it with new skin.
  • As you recover from treatment, you’ll be very red, warm and likely swollen (for several days to a few weeks).
  • During this time, It’s important to avoid:
    • active skin care products (ask your Dermal clinician for advice)
    • sun exposure (direct and indirect exposure to UV/UVA rays)
    • touching your face
    • using unfresh linens or washers (use fresh clean pillowcases every day after treatment, swap them daily)
    • getting skin infections or breakouts
  • The laser treatment triggers the body’s natural healing processes, which helps to accelerate the production of collagen and of new, healthy skin cells.
  • The result for you, the patient, is healthier, younger-looking skin after the healing process has passed.



5. How many Fraxel treatments are needed – and what does Fraxel cost?

Fraxel Treatment costs in Melbourne

It’s often insufficient to have just ONE Fraxel treatment, although this really depends on the patient and their skin care goals.


6. Who does Fraxel suit best – and is Fraxel good for Acne Scarring?

  • If you have sun damage, discoloration, or fine to severe lines and wrinkles, this may be a good treatment for you.
  • Fraxel laser treatments may also help with acne scarring for people with mild or moderate acne scarring.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should delay having this treatment and avoid lasers.
  • Younger patients may get better outcomes than individuals with long-established acne scars (e.g., under 50 is usually best).



7. What do you need to do before your Fraxel treatment?

  • SKIN: Your skin needs to be in the best condition possible before a treatment
  • STOP OTHER TREATMENTS: You will need to stop waxing and laser hair removal on the area to be treated, as well as avoid sun exposure for several weeks PRIOR to your Fraxel (ask your Dermal Clinician for specific pre-Fraxel instructions)
  • AVOID ACTIVE PRODUCTS: You’ll also need to STOP using active products for a few weeks before your Fraxel treatment (e.g., avoid the use of all Retinols or abrasive scrubs for the designated time as specified by your Practitioner and Dermal Clinician)
  • HAVE ICE PACKS ON HAND: Make certain that you have ice packs (frozen vegetable packs may suffice), as well as a very gentle cleanser for the recovery period – only use on the advice or your Fraxel clinician
  • NUTRITION & AVOIDING CAFFEINE: Eating a healthy meal about an hour or two before Fraxel treatments is recommended, as this will sustain your body.
  • NO CAFFEINE: caffeine is a no-no for at least 4 hours before you have a laser treatment such as Fraxel.

What does the actual Fraxel treatment involve?

  • You need to be on time for your appointment as a numbing cream will be administered to the area being treated (the cream takes time to take effect)
  •  If you wear make-up this will need to be removed, so it’s often best come au naturel
  • Dress for comfort
  • Once your skin has been numbed for about an hour, the residual numbing cream will be removed
  • Gel may or might not be applied, and depends on the treatment
  • One hour:  The actual treatment may take up to an hour if the full face is being treated, but much less for only a specific area
  • Shorter TREATMENT time frames: Treatment time for post-op scars in one area of the body, for example, may take less than 10 to 15 minutes (excluding the one-hour of numbing cream time)
  • Discomfort or pain sensations: Each person experiences the sensation of Fraxel differently. There is typically going to be some discomfort during a Fraxel laser treatment, and our Clinicians have some ways to manage it for you, including cold air being pumped onto the skin during treatment, to cool it. Some say it’s little more than a ‘pins and needles’ sensation and others say it’s painful – avoiding caffeine and following your Clinician’s advice BEFORE and AFTER your Fraxel treatments can help reduce any related discomfort.

After Fraxel Laser treatments: After Care Instructions

  • The best way to describe how your skin is likely to feel after your Fraxel treatment is as though you’ve been sunburned.
  • For those who’ve made the mistake of exposing their skin to the sun for too long, you’ll know that feeling of seeing your skin get progressively redder, and knowing there’s no turning back given the amount of sun exposure.
  • Skin after having Fraxel looks similar to a sunburn in many ways.

TIP: Just as you would with sunburn, you should use ice to reduce the heat in your skin (don’t directly ice the skin, ask your Clinician for the best application methods).

  • You should do this for about 5 or 10 minutes for the first 6 hours after treatment.
  • Again, just like sunburn, the redness in your skin will fade after about 3 days, but could take longer.
  • Most people can then cover residual redness with makeup.
  • Bruising is very rare but swelling is likely; every patient may respond differently.

How close to an important function can I get a Fraxel treatment?

Many people want their skin to look its best at an important function – such as a Wedding, a Graduation Ceremony, or a Photography or Videography session (even for a Job Interview).

  • You CAN sometimes cover up the initial post-treatment redness with the right mineral makeup (ask our Dermal Clinicians for advice including how long you’ll need to wait before applying mineral makeup such as Jane Iredale mineral cover).
  • BUT if you have an important function or event to a attend, then you should schedule a treatment at LEAST 3 weeks beforehand or maybe longer.
  • That way, you’re sure to look glowing – with “little-to-none”residual evidence of having had a Fraxel treatment
  • Your skin may also flake a little after treatment – this is common; but keep moisturizing the skin with the right products to help reduce the appearance of dry flaky skin. This may go on for longer than 3 weeks but often resolves within 4 weeks (plus or minus a few weeks).
  • If your skin itches, DO AVOID scratching and avoid touching your face.
  • Clean your hands regularly and use fresh pillowcases and fresh face washers every day if possible.


The most important aspect of post-op Fraxel care is to avoid ALL sun exposure.

You’ll find it a challenge to avoid the sun as even driving to work exposes the skin to far more sun than you realise, but it’s highly important for your results that you protect your newly-treated skin from the SUN and for the right length of time.

Exercising and Sauna Exposure after a Fraxel Laser Treatment – Guidelines

  • Exercise and Sweating after laser: You should NOT exercise or swim for at least a week and also shouldn’t sweat (if possible)
  • Due to the no-sweating rule, you should also avoid saunas and hot tubs until your skin is completely healed from the treatment
  • For about 3 days after treatment, if you’re showering, avoid a direct spray of hot water on the treated area(s)
  • It’s also a good idea to stay away from consuming alcohol for at least 2 to 3 days, and to keep your head raised on extra pillows when you sleep for at least 2 nights.
  • Follow these recommendations and your Clinician’s post-Fraxel guidelines – some of these recommendations are best off followed for several weeks and you may have special-instructions relating to your own treatment and your skin’s health and recovery needs
  • If any questions, ASK – it’s very important that you know how to care for your post-Fraxel skin during the rejuvenation period for BEST results.

Fraxel treatment results: fresher looking skin with fewer lines and wrinkles

The improvements will depend on the treatment you decide on (there are several potential levels or protocols you MIGHT be eligible for). But even the milder Fraxel treatments should produce between a 20 and 40% improvement in lines and wrinkles.

If you go for the more aggressive laser treatments, this means more down time, but the results might be increased to as high as a 70% visible improvement.

Recovery takes time before you see the final results of Fraxel; with multiple treatments often helpful to get the best skin rejuvenation value:

If you remember that your skin is renewing itself and that collagen remodeling has taken place in the DEEPER layers of the skin, you’ll realize that your results will become clearer over time…because even though you see the Fraxel treatment on the outer skin layer, it actually increases the cellular renewal below the skin’s visible surface (which then eventually shows up as the skin renews itself).

Helpful Tip:  For the first few days after Fraxel, you may feel you look worse. But after approximately one week, you’ll start to see an improvement that should continue over the next few months.

Most people talk about achieving a ‘glow’, which sounds healthy and youthful!

How long the effects of the treatment will last will depend on how well you protect your skin from the sun, as well as on your genes and healing protocols; as genes and environmental factors intertwine to determine the aging process as well as your healing and skin rejuvenation processes.

Fraxel doesn’t stop ageing, but it slows it down by helping combat some of your earlier sun damage and encouraging cellular renewal at the deeper layers of your skin – layers that products just can’t get to.

If FRAXEL sounds extremely attractive to you and you want to give your skin a ‘serious skin makeover’,  contact us to learn more about this highly-popular skin rejuvenation treatment and to see more In Clinic Photos of Patient Before & After photographs. Just send an enquiry form today (or phone 03 8849 1444 for more information).

Download the Facial Rejuvenation Guide or consult with a Dermal Clinician for advice on skin treatments for your dermal and skin pigmentation concerns.

Visit our Downloadable Guides pages

For more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

cosmetic surgery for women and men Downloadable guides Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne

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Scientific Resources about the value of Fraxel Lasers in Aesthetic Medicine.

Fraxel TM – trademark information:

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Silicone Strips and Scar Prevention

Scars are part of having cosmetic surgery. YET fear of scars is one factor that leaves many people postponing their surgical procedures. Over time, scars tend to become a minimal concern. That’s because they end up being less important, emotionally, than the discomfort and distress of having something patients want to change. Plus, silicone strips and laser treatments can help with scar minimisation.

Scars a concern? Not for long.

In other words, when surgery scars heal, the residual arm scar is less a worry than perpetually feeling self-conscious about ‘bingo wing’ sagging arm skin or multiple folds of skin around the belly, thighs, breast, hips or upper back.

But for cosmetic surgery, there’s an increasing popularity of using silicone strips to help surgery scars heal better. And although they cost a lot, their price is a small portion of your surgery costs – and they can really help.

Silicone Strips and Scars: Investing in your scar result

Do Silicone Strips work to help heal scars?

What can be done to help scars heal better to become less visible (less noticeable) over time?

First, what causes scars?

  • Nearly every surgery will result in some form of visible scar.
  • Early incision lines often appear RED or even angry looking (be cautious about wound care to prevent infections, which worsen scars).
  • Everyone heals differently, but most scars FADE over time.

Second, how long before a scar matures and can you help it along?

  • Scar maturity typically takes up to 12 months (up to 18 months).
  • Silicone Strips, Light Therapies, Dermapen and other modalities may be good options to help reduce the visibility of any large post-operative scars after surgery.
  • Eating nutritiously, staying hydrated, never smoking and following post-op instructions precisely are also crucial to minimise post-op scar complications or stretched scar formations.

Silicon Strips have been shown to help reduce scars for some patients, when used properly along with following all post-surgery instructions.

Other factors impacting your scar, however, include:

  • the type of surgery you had
  • the length, location or width of the incision line needed to get you a good surgery result, and
  • your natural healing capacity

Our Dermal Clinicians and Plastic Surgeons work diligently to reduce scars after your surgical procedures (including hiding them below clothing lines and making incisions as skinny as possible).  

Scar Examples after Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery

Below is an example of an Abdominoplasty scar (less than 3.5 months after surgery) being strategically placed below the clothing line.

For more cosmetic surgery scar pictures, visit our Surgeon pages at

Evidence Based Protocols for Scar Management

  • Several post-op scar minimisation protocols may be recommended for your surgery scars
  • These scar treatment protocols may also be combined with OTHER scar management modalities
  • These could include Healite II light treatments, Dermapen Micro-needling, skin needling, chemical or enzyme peels and other light-based treatments.

Scar Revisions

Scar revisions might also be an option such as if your post-op actions stretched your incision line are a (increasing the width of the incision line scar or resulting in a ragged looking scar; and

  • Various modalities might re recommended including topical treatments of high-grade Vitamin E oils to encourage healing.

More blogs on scars:

When Life Leaves Its Mark: Dermapen or Fraxel for Scars?

Why Fraxel is One of the Top Three Treatments for Surgical Scar Revision

What’s important to know about your scar

But remember that everyone heals and scars differently to everyone else.  Scar formation isn’t fully predictable or controllable, even though there’s a lot you CAN do to help minimise their appearance.

Again, what you do matters. It’s critical that you DO NOT SMOKE – otherwise your surgery result, your healing and your overall health will be very compromised.  So what YOU do POST-OP is just as important as what your Surgeon does to help you get a great scar result (minimal scars as they heal over 12 months or longer).

It’s a collaborative effort to help keep scars as minimal as possible.

How SKIN HEALTH and GENETIC traits impacts your SCAR

  • Scars vary greatly in quality, depth, size, texture (elevated, indented or somewhat smooth) and shape.
  • A scar formation will somewhat depend on the nature of the injury or trauma, the location, depth and length of a surgical incision or cannula entry point for liposuction.
  • The scar will be highly impacted by internal and external conditions of wound healing.
  • Some of these conditions are controllable and some are not.
  • Genetics can have an impact on your scar healing capacity (some high-melanin skin types are highly prone to keloid scarring).
  • Richly pigmented skin (Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and others) may end up with more visible scars or raised scar tendencies known as keloid scars – ask your surgeon for details

Having healthy skin and a good immune system can help a lot when it comes to healing well from a scar.


You’ll need to do your part, but our Plastic Surgeons, Nurses and our Dermal Clinicians can help you learn how to best prepare your skin for surgery and other treatments; they can also help your skin recovery from incisions.

  • Be sure you attend any recommended Coco Ruby and/or Healite II light therapy appointments if these are recommended.
  • These can feel nice after surgery as well as help to rejuvenate or heal your skin.

Considering Plastic Surgery?

Get a downloadable e-book guide.

Link to information about Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.


Download our free guides or phone (03) 8849 1444 today – and ask for a no-obligation consultation.

Can Silicone Strips Help Reduce Scars?

Silicone strips are a topical treatment, but they have the ability to reach deeper layers of the skin to help reduce the presence of visible scars over time. They are not inexpensive and they require extra care during your healing period, but for some patients, they may help reduce scars over time.

What Silicone Scar Treatments Involve

  • Silicone strips are an ultra thin sheet of silicone that are applied and are often worn for 24 hours per day.
  • Once approved to use these (be sure to ask your Surgeon or Nurse first), you’ll be able to place it over the scar formation area.
  • These strips have a self drying technology that allow them to dry on the skin within about 5 minutes after application.

It is important to note that they might not work effectively for every patient, and not every patient’s surgery might be suitable for Silicone Strips.  That noted, some Silicone Strip product providers have reported these strips can produce up to:

  • an 86% reduction in scar-texture (e.g. helping with smoothness)
  • an 84% reduction in color
  • and a 68% reduction in height (elevation) of the scars.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons and Dermal Clinicians are keen to see more evidence-based, non-sponsored research being done to assess just how effective these treatments are and what patients might benefit most. But from what is known currently, it is likely that silicone strips might be an effective method for treating various scars after surgery for some patients.

These types of scar-treatment products have several effective actions than can be benefit in relation to scar formation after surgery.

How Silicone strips can help your scars:

  1. Increase hydration of stratum corneum (outer layer of the skin).
  2. Facilitate the production of fibroblasts (cells that manufacture and maintain connective tissue) and restructure collagen in the ‘traumatised’ skin, to help you gain a softer or flatter scar.
  3. Protect the scarred tissue from bacteria and prevent excessive production of collagen which can be induced by bacteria in the scar tissue area.
  4. Modulate the production of FGF β. “FGF β normalizes the production of collagen in an abnormal scar and increases the production of collagenases which help breaks down excess levels of collagen.” (See Reference 4)

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Silicone Strips?

All products have its strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to silicone strips, it has its pros and cons too.


  1. Staying power: Silicone Strips can aid in faster scar healing than gels. That’s because the silicone strips ensure your scar tissue are continuously exposed to silicone – unlike gels, which can be inadvertently or easily wiped off.
  2. A non-invasive and painless way of helping reducing scar tissue.
  3. Can also help minimize redness, pain, bumpiness or itching of scar tissue as your skin heals.
  4. Comes in multiple sizes.
  5. Blends well with your natural skin contours so not overly obvious that you’re using these products (but depends on what you’re wearing and wear the strips are placed).
  6. Easily accessible and readily available.


  1. Duration: Needs to be worn 24 hours a day and can be visible under some forms of clothing.
  2. Silicone strips are expensive compared to gels.
  3. Allergic reactions are possible, and you might be allergic or sensitive to the products.

What Types of Scars do Silicone Strips Treat Best?

Silicone strips are noted as most suitable for elevated scars – and may work best to prevent or treat hypertrophic scars as well as keloid scars.

  • Hypertrophic scars remain within the boundaries of the injury or damage but are raised
  • Keloid scars extend beyond the incision or wounded area and into the surrounding skin.

Both types of scars may be itchy or painful.  In severe cases, these scars can affect one’s mobility.

Can I use Silicone Strips on an Old Scar?

You can use silicone strips on old scars as well as recent scars.

When Should I Begin using Silicone Strips?

For newly healed wounds, be sure to wait until there is no further bleeding, oozing or crusting on the area you are treating.  Ask your Surgeon for specifics as this is general information only, but for post-surgical scars, you might be able to begin using it 1 to 2 weeks after your sutures are removed – but don’t use it until and unless your Surgeon gives you clearance to do so.

Can I use Silicone Strips on any Part of my Body?

Yes, mostly. Silicone strips can be ideal for use on most body parts as long as the tissue has healed adequately.

How long should I use it?

  • Treatment duration will vary from person to person
  • Duration depends on the extent and severity of the scar and your skin’s healing and scar formation processes.
  • Sometimes the recommended duration of silicone strips usage is 8 to 12 weeks for new scars, or 3 to 6 months for existing scars. That’s a fairly long protocol to follow but if you do, you may be rewarded by less visible scars (that noted, for many people but not all, scars fade a lot naturally within 12 to 18/24 months after surgery).
  • The results of these treatments may vary.

Is Silicone Strip Scar Treatment Safe?

Yes, it appears this is a safe treatment and the FDA even recommends silicone strips for the treatment and reduction of scars. There have been no reported side effects from using silicone strips because it is made of non-toxic, medical grade silicone.  Every person is different, however, and you could have an allergy to it (rare but possible).

How will I use Silicone Strips Properly?

Your Surgeon, Nurse or Dermal Clinician will help teach you how to use your silicone strips properly:

  1. Scar massage should only be done gently around the scar.
  2. Remove the strips when showering.
  3. Swap out weekly (each strip may last for approximately one week – so it is recommended to change it weekly on average).
  4. Report any changes in your skin sensation, itchiness, redness, irritation, and other abnormalities in your scar tissue to your Surgeon immediately for further medical evaluation.

Send an enquiry form to our Patient Care Coordinators below for more information on how our Surgery Team and Dermal Clinicians minimise or revise scars for minimum visibility where possible.

Scientific References and Evidence of efficacy of silicone strips for scar healing:

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Page last updated on January 31, 2019.

Vaginal Lasers and Skin Tightening

Vaginal Laser Therapy (Mona Lisa Touch technology) is an increasingly popular alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT creams) and/or Vaginal Surgery to correct for skin laxity (loose skin), vaginal atrophy (skin thinning as we age) and vaginal canal dryness after pregnancy, illness treatments or menopause.

  • Vaginal lasers can even help prevent problems associated with painful sex by reducing discomfort during intercourse.
  • It’s also a potentially good option for reducing mild urinary incontinence or stress-related bladder leakage
  • Some women also find it a great solution for labia tightening or vaginal skin tightening due to rejuvenation of skin functions and skin thickness/collagen levels

Vaginal Dryness and Laser Therapies: Do vaginal lasers work?

Up to a third of all Melbourne women have likely heard about the latest in vaginal rejuvenation treatments, known as vaginal laser tightening or vaginal laser rejuvenation.

  • This treatment works by using quality CO2 laser equipment to improve the health of tissues in and around the vaginal canal and/or labia
  • It can help tighten skin, re-stimulate cellular turnover and improve natural moisture levels as well as increase vaginal tissue thickness
  • All of these changes can help to reduce discomfort during intercourse (painful sex)

In this blog, originally published December 2016 and updated in January 2019, we discuss how Vaginal Laser Treatments works to improve some of the distressing symptoms that frequently occur after giving birth or passing through menopause.

  • Be sure to click here to open our companion blog, 7 Way Vaginal Lasers MIGHT help Improve your Sex life
  • That will provide more information on how vaginal laser treatments specifically improve COMFORT during sexual intimacy, which can help make sex less uncomfortable and/or more pleasurable


Has having babies – or going through Menopause – ruined your sex life and your continence confidence?

The MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser treatment option is a treatment well worth exploring.

It’s especially helpful for women who’s sex life was impacted by vaginal concerns or mild incontinence after having babies OR by vaginal dryness caused by menopause or cancer treatment side effects.

  • The most popular treatments today for vaginal laxity, vaginal atrophy and lubrication losses use advanced vaginal laser technology.
  • These vaginal rejuvenation or ’tissue tightening/vaginal skin tightening’ treatments use high-end lasers (which rely on highly-focused light beams) to help rejuvenate and stimulate cellular turnover and collagen production in the treated skin Harvard reference
  • Be sure you ask about the treatment details and assess if this is right for you – it could be very worth a try if you suffer from uncomfortable vaginal concerns or vaginal area symptoms stemming from pregnancy or menopause

CO2 Lasers such as MonaLisa Touch can help revitalise and rejuvenate the skin and tissues in, and around, the vaginal canal.

For suitable candidates, it often helps:

  • improve vaginal lubrication (vaginal dryness is a common complaint after menopause or radiation treatments, but MonaLisa Touch can help)
  • improve vaginal skin collagen and improve skin resiliency or elasticity (skin revitalisation and vaginal rejuvenation that improves skin texture)
  • reduce vaginal skin laxity
  • tighten and revitalise skin in the vaginal canal
  • firm and tighten the labial skin
  • reduce urinary stress incontinence (*mild incontinence only; may not suit all patients suffering incontinence)
  • reduce incidences of painful intercourse
  • improve sexual relationships and potentially improve sexual pleasure (some women note improved orgasms as well as feeling their vaginal and labial skin have improved with laser treatments)
  • effective treat and reduce dyspareunia



What’s the big mystery about the MonaLisa smile, and was the MonaLisa Laser for vaginal rejuvenation named after the famous painting?

BENEFITS of Vaginal Laser Treatments

MonaLisa Touch Laser treatments for vaginal tightening or dermal tissue rejuvenation

The famous Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci is world renowned. Sometimes she looks as if she’s smiling and sometimes she looks as if she’s not, and debates continue to what her expression means – mysterious, secretive or secretly elated.

Researchers have been said to have cracked the code on the Mona Lisa smile of Da Vinci’s painting. It appears that your perception of her smile depends on your position when you’re viewing the painting.

You can look at the painting facing the artwork straight on, or you can look at the painting at a 40-degree angle (to the left or to the right).You can also view the painting from up close or farther away. Each position gives you a different view of the smile, showing Leonardo da Vinci’s mastery of the artistic technique that keeps you guessing.

But there’s another Mona Lisa secret you should know about….and that’s the laser treatment revolutionising vaginal treatments for some forms of mild urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity (loose skin), dryness and/or painful intercourse.

It’s called the Mona Lisa Touch treatment – a relatively new light-based high-tech laser treatment called the Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Tightening procedure.

Is Your MonaLisa Smile Sad or Happy?

Dyspareunia: Vaginal laser treatments CAN be effective for treating painful sex by reducing dryness and improving skin quality and lubrication in that region.

vaginal-laser-vaginal-tightening, mona lisa touch

Effective Treatment for Dyspareunia: MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Lasers can reduce painful intercourse and improve natural lubrication

MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments: Perhaps this increasingly popular option for treating vaginal laxity, stress incontinence or painful intercourse was named after Mona Lisa’s smile because you may feel like a Mona Lisa about your vaginal area once you’ve had it done.

** Painful sex can be treated by vaginal lasers and for some patients this could be a good solution. See Dr Tina Purdon for assessment of this treatment option and more information on vaginal laser treatments with the top vaginal laser, MonaLisa Touch, by phoning 0388491444 and asking for Dr Purdon.

Vaginal Lasers: How Treatments Work (Procedure Details)

  • You’ll need a series of at least 3 to get the best results, along with occasional maintenance sessions on approximately a yearly basis.
  • The treatment itself takes about 15 to 25 minutes or less.
  • It involves a tubular laser handset to be inserted into the vaginal canal, and short ‘bursts’ of light energy – in the form of laser – creating small channels in the vaginal canal tissues.
  • It usually doesn’t hurt most patients BUT the area needs to be thoroughly dry during treatment; that bit can be uncomfortable.
  • Sometimes if the labia skin is treated as well as the canal, that may feel a bit painful for a very brief second while the laser works.
  • The area MAY be sensitive for a few days but most patients report it’s not overly uncomfortable.
  • You’ll need to avoid exercise and certain activities for a few days after each treatment.

How long does it take to see good results from a Vaginal Laser Treatment?

  • One treatment is NOT enough.
  • You need ideally at least 3 treatments – about a month apart- and sometimes a few more treatments – before seeing noticeable results.
  • That’s because the tissues need time to respond (rejuvenate) to the laser channels created by the laser head.

How does a vaginal laser rejuvenate the vaginal skin or re-lubricate and thicken or tighten the canal?

  • The healing response stimulates more collagen and essentially ‘re-inspired’ the skin to become stronger and/or thicker and more lubricated again.
  • Allow 3 months, to 4-6 months for some patients, for best results from the vaginal laser including:
    • potentially TIGHTENING the vaginal area skin that became lax after pregnancy/vaginal delivery AND/OR
    • rejuvenating the vaginal area moisture levels that became excessively dry after experiencing menopause or other hormonal changes AND/OR
    • reducing mild urinary incontinence related to laxness in the skin or surrounding areas

How can I expect?

We’ve heard of patients who were so thrilled with the results that they stopped keeping the treatments a secret; and began sharing the details with their best friends.  We know of others who were distressed before having the treatment series, primarily due to having to use hormonal creams on such a frequent basis, or because they experienced painful sex (dyspareunia).

What are the RISKS of vaginal laser treatments?

  • Laser treatments for vaginal skin are powerful and there are risks, which will be covered in a consultation (as your risks may be different to another patient’s risks).
  • Vaginal lasers and labia skin tightening using laser technology should only be performed by a trained Doctor (such as Dr Tina Purdon, a women’s health GP) – not by a beauty clinician or less trained staff.
  • While some other laser technology – including cheaper versions of these types of vaginal lasers – have NOT been shown to actually be effective, MonaLisa Touch is one of the most reputable and proven laser technology systems available today.
  • Although some RISKS are involved in any procedure that uses a laser, find out the BALANCE of RISKS versus BENEFITS of vaginal laser treatments by having an assessment for suitability of the procedure and understanding what the laser vaginal treatments MAY be able to accomplish for YOU.

Studies about RISK of vaginal laser continue. However, most professionals and medical boards indicate informed choices are important – AND understanding the real potential benefits of proven laser equipment for vaginal rejuvenation – such as the MonaLisa Touch system – compared to less proven equipment and cheaper models – is a good step for patients exploring their options and resources for vaginal skin improvements.


vaginal laser tightening of the vaginal canal or labia laser treatment mona lisa touch

Or you may be discussing the matter with your spouse or partner, who tells you he or she loves you for who you are, and has never noticed the difference.

But if you’re wanting to find a solution for vaginal dryness, lack of vaginal tone (vaginal laxity such as is common after giving birth), and bladder control issues that result from ageing, you definitely want to consider MonaLisa Touch treatments.

If your sex life or vaginal comfort is coming between you and your partner, you might want to try the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser solution for common vaginal concerns including laxity, atrophy, dryness, laxity (skin texture or looseness including labia skin), mild incontinence or painful sex (Dyspareunia).


vaginal tightening monalisa touch laser (Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal CO2 laser) treats dyspareunia

Do vaginal laser treatments hurt? Pain or discomfort is typically minimal and the treatment is fast.

  • Typically the treatment with MonaLisa Touch laser technology is relatively comfortable versus painful because much of the vaginal canal skin doesn’t contain nerve endings.
  • If your Doctor is treating labia skin for mild tightening or textural rejuvenation, this area may sting for a very short time during or just after the laser treatment.
  • In general, you’ll be impressed and surprised with how well tolerated – e.g., how free from discomfort or pain – most vagina laser treatments are to have in our Clinic (plus HOW QUICKLY the treatment is over).

How do you care for the vaginal area or labia after having laser treatment(s)?

  • You’ll want to ‘gently pat’ dry the area for a few days
  • Do NOT use harsh soaps or other products or scented products or rough clothing in the area; use clean, soft undergarments made of natural fabrics.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or very tight undergarments
  • Follow your Doctor’s instructions.

Results of Vaginal Laser Treatments using MonaLisa Touch

Some results of vaginal laser rejuvenation or vaginal tightening may even be noticed within just a few days. 

Typically, however, to experience the full effects of the vaginal laser treatments, you’ll need to wait about 3 months of your treatment series. A series of treatments is typically at minimum of 3 MonaLisa Touch treatments, scheduled about one month apart.

Find out more by booking a no-obligation assessment with our female health GP, who can advise you if you are a suitable candidate for Mona Lisa Touch Treatments. Send an enquiry form below or phone us during clinic hours on (03) 8849 1444.

Dr Tina Purdon is our Women’s Health Physician for Vaginal Laser Treatments using the Australian approved MONA LISA TOUCH LASER TECHNOLOGY to reduce lax skin and improve vaginal canal lubrication, tissues and skin texture.


Read more about Dr Tina Purdon.

What to know about non-surgical vaginal treatments:  Every woman is different and your response to treatment may not be identical to another woman’s responses, but our case studies and the research behind MonaLisa Touch’s vaginal laser system shows this is an effective and worthwhile treatment for many women.

These laser treatments appear to work best when the vaginal skin is tightened or rejuvenated using the MonaLisa Touch system by obtaining a 5 minute to 10 minute treatment session on a monthly to 6 week basis, for at least three sessions over three to four months, with annual laser “maintenance sessions” required for sustaining rejuvenation results over time.

  • You’ll also likely be interested to know how readily you see results – in as little as three month’s time!
  • Some patients even notice results right after the first or second treatment.

Vaginal Tightening with the MonaLisa Touch Treatment

Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Tightening is an option to help change the dynamics of your MonaLisa smile to more frequently happy or content about your vaginal skin and/or your sex life.

It’s a procedure that uses a laser meant for the vaginal tissues (and similar technology for facial rejuvenation, only specifically altered to treat the vaginal area).

Just as a laser treatment can effectively rejuvenate the skin on your face, the MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Tightening procedure can rejuvenate and tighten your vaginal tissues as well as the skin (labia) around your vaginal area.

However, with a facial skin laser such as Fraxel or DOT Therapy, you’ll likely have to suffer downtime, peeling and a bit of redness.

NOT SO with vaginal laser treatments.

The down time doesn’t happen with the Mona Lisa technique. In fact, you won’t even need a numbing agent (there is minimal if any pain in the vaginal area during treatment, although the labia – when treated – may be more sensitive, and some numbing cream may be used for that outer area for some patients).

The only uncomfortable part of the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser treatment is that the vaginal area needs to be ‘swabbed’ to create a dry skin surface inside the vagina for the actual laser treatment.  The treatment itself is not uncomfortable, and it takes about 5 minutes once you’ve had an assessment and medical history taken (about 30 to 45 minutes plus paperwork) – but the treatment may not be suitable for all women and you’ll want to ask about potential contraindications.


How MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Lasers work for vaginal tightening and skin rejuvenation

  • The laser is attached via a six-inch probe that is inserted into the vagina.
  • The vagina is long and cylindrical and the laser focuses on only the vaginal tissues.
  • It is withdrawn slowly, and turned, targeting all the sides of the vagina on the way out.
  • There is no pain with the procedure although if you want your labia treated as well as the canal, that area may be a bit sensitive.
  • You may want to ‘pat dry’ the area for a few days and avoid strenuous exercise or tight undergarments (ask our female health GP for best post-treatment protocols).

The laser creates fractional CO2 ‘dots’ that hit the vagina in a 360-degree arc. Each ‘dot’ is perceived by the body as a skin wake-up call.  Dormant fibrocytes are activated and change into fibroblasts.

Collagen molecules and an approved temporary-filler-solution as well as proteoglycan molecules are synthesized in the area and ‘beef’ it up.

The proteoglycans hold water in the tissue, as does an approved temporary-filler-solution. New blood vessels and nerves form and then the tissue becomes rejuvenated or revitalised again. It’s well essentially more firmly structured again, internally and at most dermal levels, which results in a tightening of the tissue or skin.

Your mucosal cells often regenerate, too.

vaginal-tightening-laser mona lisa touch, MonaLisa Touch Laser vaginal labiaplasty

What Type of Results are Seen in the Vaginal Laser / Vaginal Rejuvenation Studies?

Here are some of the results of the Mona Lisa Touch procedure:

For vaginal atrophy, there’s improvement in three sessions (three treatments) scheduled about a month apart:

  • 48% improvement in vaginal dryness after Session 1 and 76% after Session 3
  • 52% improvement in pain with intercourse after Session 1 and 72% after Session 3
  • 40% improvement in vaginal laxity after Session 1 and 90% improvement after Session 3
  • 55% improvement in burning sensations after Session 1 and 84% by Session 3
  • 60% improvement in itching sensations after Session 1 and 85% resolution after Session 3

For urinary symptoms, there’s improvement in three sessions:

  • 69% improvement in dysuria
  • 69% improvement in urinary urgency
  • 56% improvement in urge incontinence
  • 58% improvement in stress urinary incontinence

vaginal laser for incontinence

You might have been thinking there is nothing that can be done for vaginal laxity or urinary symptoms that result from a hysterectomy or aging. But with the MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Tightening procedure, you don’t have to take hormone replacement for these types of changes in your body – and risk developing cancer later.

Let the vaginal tightening or vaginal or labia skin regeneration begin… and change your Mona Lisa smile from worried or sad to happy and content – and perhaps less incontinent!

(Note that MonaLisa laser treatments may not work for all women, but most report high satisfaction rates with the treatment, especially for laxity, mild urinary incontinence and dryness.  Many women also note their sex lives improve after a treatment series.  Please note that annual maintenance sessions may be required.)

VIDEO on Vaginal Laser Treatment methods and technology


How to find the best Vaginal Laser Doctors who use best-practice laser treatment protocols

  • There are many vaginal lasers on the market; not all are proven to be effective.
  • Also, not all doctors focus on using best-practice methods and high-quality equipment for vaginal laser treatments or vaginal and labia skin tightening.

At Coco Ruby, your safety and comfort is our number one priority for vaginal laser treatments at our Melbourne Australia clinic location.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this treatment by our Coco Ruby team, call our office today (or send an Enquiry form, below) and schedule an appointment for a consultation with our Female Health GP Dr Tina Purdon.

Dr Purdon is a highly respected,  caring and easy to talk with Women’s Health GP in Melbourne and Banyule.

Phone 0388491444 and ask to see our Women’s Health GP and Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon.

Disclaimer and Patient Selection Information

Patient selection must be carefully considered; and patients need to understand that:

  • results take time to be noticed
  • you will need several treatments about a month apart as well as annual “laser effect maintenance” treatments to keep skin rejuvenated/functional
  • ageing will have an impact on results as will other health conditions
  • there will be variability in results – remember, not all patients will have the same outcomes
  • not all patients are good candidates
  • severe or moderate incontinence is unlikely to be helped with laser treatments but mild urinary stress incontinence may be improved

Note that NOT ALL vaginal lasers have the same levels of research or testing for efficacy.

This has led to concerns about some unscrupulous companies marketing certain technologies that MAY not be effective. More randomised, controlled trials of laser treatments for vaginal area concerns are recommended and ongoing. In our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic, we have treated over 100 patients and have done case-study investigations on the effectiveness of using the very reputable C02 laser technology (The MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser System), a popular choice among evidence-based Australian GPs and Gynaecologists. This laser is, however, more expensive to purchase, use and OFFER patients than are cheaper lasers employed by smaller clinics or single doctors.  But we are very comfortable with our choice of the MonaLisa Touch laser, and our patients provide high satisfaction reports on improving vaginal area concerns.

For information, contacts us today for a personal assessment of YOUR suitability as a good candidate AND to assess what it can do for you. Phone 0388491444.

Scientific References and Research Articles on Protocols for Vaginal Laser Treatments

Michael L. Krychman, MD; Jan L. Shifren, MD, NCMP; James H. Liu, MD; Sheryl L. Kingsberg, PhD; Wulf H. Utian, MB BCh, PhD, DSc(Med), FRCOG, FACOG, FICS

Accessed online on 3 December 2018.

Vagina Laser Treatments and safety – Harvard

Vaginal “Rejuvenation” and Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures

How do you know if you have hormonal acne?

Do you know that about HALF of all women between the ages of 20 and 29 have acne?  Even women in their 40s and 50s can have acne, especially during changes associated with later-life pregnancy or menopause. About 1 in 4 women between 40 and 49 have acne. If YOUR acne gets worse and you get more pimples around periods linked to fluctuations in your hormones, you may have what’s known medically as hormonal acne.

Hormonal Acne: Definition, Causes and Types of Acne Conditions

  • Hormonal acne is acne caused by (or becoming worse during) fluctuations in hormone levels.
  • Although it’s often associated with hormone fluctuations that occur during puberty or early teen years, hormonal acne CAN affect adults at any age or stage of life.
  • Hormonal acne is especially common in women, as they have more frequent changes in their hormone balances during menstruation and/or menopause.
  • Hormonal acne is common in women and men.
  • Acne during puberty is the most common type of hormonal acne, and can impact males and females.
  • Hormonal Acne can also occur during pregnancy or after delivering a baby.
  • Hormonal acne tends to become less frequent for many individuals by the time they reach their 30s and 40 but can flare up again around times of menopause.

Adult Acne – is it hormonal acne or just pimples?

Diagnosing Acne Causes is Difficult for Many Medical Professionals and Skin Care Experts but treatments can be effective if a holistic approach is used.

  • Like many aspects of skin care, opinions between skin care experts and Dermatologists on assessing acne contributors and skin care regimes can vary widely.
  • As an example, the Mayo Clinic’s medical experts believe hormones aren’t the MAJOR factor in cases of ADULT acne; but suggest underlying medical conditions may be changing hormones.
  • They suggest adult hormonal acne is simply a SYMPTOM of something ELSE that occurs in the body, that leads to hormonal fluctuations that then lead to acne.
  • In other cases, adults with acne may not have any “measurable” hormone issues. This can make diagnosis and treatment challenging.

should i pop my pimples? Popping pimples.

What does Hormonal acne look like?

Hormonal Acne – characteristics and distribution of acne on the face

  • If you have hormonal acne during puberty, acne pimples or blackheads may appear in a T-zone formation – the facial region that includes your chin, nose and forehead.
  • Hormonal ADULT acne typically shows up more along the lower part of your face, primarily around your chin, jawline or lower cheeks.
  • Hormonal acne can take the form of small pimples with heads, cystic acne, blackheads or whiteheads – everyone has it differently.
  • Cysts are those larger acne blemishes that form deep under your skin’s surface, and they don’t often come to a head. The can be a sign of inflammation and picking at them can cause serious infections so seee  a professional skin care expert, Dermal Clinician or Dermatologist if you have a pimple.
  • At Coco Ruby in Hawthorn/Melbourne, we have acne skin care experts who can help evaluate which products and facials are actually GOING to help REDUCE your acne breakouts versus which ones will be a waste of money.  Phone (03) 8849 1444 and book in for an acne consultation with Julia, Hayley or Sarah.
  • You can order skin care products for acne and buy online – but for acne you are always recommended to see a Dermal Clinician or other skin care expert FIRST so you know that what you’re buying is actually going to be RIGHT for YOUR particular type of acne or pimples.


Causes: Expert opinions on causes of hormonal acne vary.

However, hormonal acne MAY be caused by influxes of hormones from:

  • periods (menstruation)
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • menopause (the “change of life”)
  • increased androgen levels
  • imbalances in testosterone hormone levels to estrogen hormone levels

What factors increase pimples and breakouts?

Hormonal acne may aggravate skin problems because it leads to:

  • excess sebum production
  • more natural oil production increasing your chances of having blocked/clogged pores or blocked hair follicles/cysts
  • elevated levels of skin inflammation and dermal irritation
  • more acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes on your skin, worsening the condition.

How you care for HORMONAL acne – how you treat this form of acne – is crucial to whether it stays the same, gets better or worse.

The first step is NOT to buy everything you see online, that claims to treat hormonal acne or unwanted breakouts.

  • The first step is to meet with an acne skin care expert Dermal Clinician or a Cosmetic Physician or Dermatologist who has expertise in SKIN CARE regimes that actually WORK.
  • But each person is unique and it’s NOT just skin care that’s causing your acne and hormonal breakouts.
  • Get a holistic opinion from our Dermal Clinician skin care experts, Julia, Hayley and Sarah, by requesting an assessment on (03) 8849 1444 at our lovely boutique style medical skincare clinic in Melbourne.

We are located close to Camberwell and Auburn a short walk from Swinburne and other nearby universities and train stations.  Plenty of parking nearby also!

We have state of the art skin care products, lasers, light treatments and skin assessment tools – along with non-clogging mineral makeup – to help you reduce those breakouts and control or minimise your acne.

Browse our other top cosmetic industry news and and non-surgical treatments blog including Lip Fillers and advanced cosmetic injection techniques!


Should I pop my pimples?

Acne Prevention and Treatment Tips by Julia Langley



Resources and Research into Hormonal Acne and Hereditary Causes or Contributors to Acne (Environment vs Genes in Acne Development)

The familial risk of adult acne: a comparison between first-degree relatives of affected and unaffected individuals.  (PMID:10468803)   The British Journal of Dermatology  10.1046/j.1365-2133.1999.02979.x

Prevalence, Severity, and Severity Risk Factors of Acne in High School Pupils: A Community-Based Study  Journal of Investigative Dermatology    Volume 129, Issue 9, September 2009, Pages 2136-2141.   S.Zahra Ghodsi1HelmutOrawa2Christos C.Zouboulis34

The Influence of Genetics and Environmental Factors in the Pathogenesis of Acne: A Twin Study of Acne in Women  V.BatailleMD PhD FRCP(Dr)*H.Snieder*A.J.MacGregor*P.SasieniT.D.Spector*   Journal of Investigative Dermatology  Volume 119, Issue 6, December 2002, Pages 1317-1322


There are two primary injecting instruments used for Dermal Filler injections for facial rejuvenation.  These are BLUNT TIP CANNULAE vs NEEDLES.  So is there an advantage of using cannula vs needles for cosmetic injections and dermal fillers? The data shows that the instrument CAN have an impact on your injecting risks and dermal filler results. However, some clinicians swear by the needle method and others by the cannula, and it’s very much a matter of personal preference and experience with injecting modalities. The skill of your Injecting Clinician or Injecting Physician is paramount for minimising risks and getting good results; more so than the type of equipment used. That’s why it’s so important to choose your cosmetic injecting clinician or doctor very carefully. But there are some pros and cons to using blunt-tip cannula vs needles for dermal filler injections.

Needles vs Cannulae for Dermal Fillers Injections?

Differences in injecting with blunt-tip cannula vs needles for Dermal Fillers and Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic Injectors who prefer sharp needles vs cannulae for Dermal Fillers indicate they prefer needles because they:

  • feel needles can offer more precise solution/droplet amounts or locations (other Clinicians and dermal filler studies suggest CANNULAE may offer more precision placement in certain tissue layers)
  • can penetrate different dermal layers more readily including close to the bone for deeply-placed dermal filler near the skeletal structures (think CHEEK Augmentation)
  • may be able to put filler precisely where they intend

Risks or complications from needles vs cannula injecting methods may include (but not be limited to):

  • needles are sharper than cannulae – much sharper – hence they increase the risk of penetrating a vein/going too deep during cosmetic injections (known as intravascular injection risks and these can lead to blindness and/or fatality)
  • bruising may be more pronounced after dermal fillers when needles are used vs cannulae

Injectors who prefer cannulas vs needles for cosmetic injections/dermal fillers indicate this method is preferred because:

  • Cannulae are usually longer and some clinicians find them more useful with certain dermal filler injecting strategies.
  • A blunt-tip cannula is different to a very sharply-pointed needle – it is less likely to penetrate a vein.
    • Even for cannula insertion of dermal fillers, a sharp needle is FIRST used to make an entry point for the cannula to be inserted, but only to make an very small cannula insertion ‘hole.’
    • The needle is then set aside and a cannula is used through the insertion points – which are micro-sized holes in the skin – to deliver the dermal filler solutions.
  • With cannula dermal filler delivery methods, the cannula can be used at the same entry point (injection point) several times to reach other areas where filler is being placed.
    • This means fewer areas of skin penetration/potentially less bruising.
  • Intravascular injection risks – a blunt tip cannula will often “push” veins or arteries aside when they are passed through the tissues; contrasted to a needle that likely penetrates layers rather than moving them aside.
  • Many clinicians also say they like being able to feel the resistance from the underlying dermal structures when using a cannula – whereas a needle can penetrate/bypasses layers where the clinician actually wants to place the dermal filler solution.

Risks or complications from cannula injecting methods may include (but not be limited to):

  • Not all fillers can be readily injected using a cannula vs a needle: more viscous fillers may require a needle
  • Some practitioners claim they have LESS filler placement precision using cannula.
    • But it really depends on their instrument of choice and level of experience with a needle vs cannula and their injecting style
    • The number of times they have used each injecting instrument and the number of patients they have successfully or unsuccessfully treated with each method may be another factor.
  • Deeper-level dermal filler placement may be less readily achievable with a cannula.

Meet our top MELBOURNE Injectors at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing and meet our Dermal Clinicians.

We also have MONTHLY events so you can get to know our team and the Plastic Surgeons our Skin Care & Injecting Team works alongside in this lovely boutique-style Medical Clinic.

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Blog References/Research Articles relating to Cannula vs Needles for Dermal Filler Injections

Aesthet Surg J. 2016 Dec 16. pii: sjw220.

Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2016 Dec 28. doi: 10.1007/s00266-016-0756-0.

Décolletage – that area between your collar bones and nipples – is highly prone to sun damage. In fact, if you have lots of freckles or other skin pigmentation differences in the chest area, it’s likely to be a visible sign of ageing in this area of your body. The same holds true with uneven pigmentation and freckles on your arms, shoulders and legs. Before we talk about how effective Limelight IPL treatments can be to reduce the sun damage you currently have in your Décolletage area (the skin above your bosom), here’s why so many of us are walking around with a much older-looking chest area and decolletage sun damage (freckled, mottled and aged looking chest skin).

The Sun Damaged Chest:  Décolletage Sun Damage and IPL Treatments (Melbourne)

Sun Damage across the Decolletage is one of the most common complaints from women living in Australia. Find out if Limelight IPL treatments can help YOUR decolletage by requesting a skin care consultation with a Dermal Clinician at our popular Melbourne Anti-Ageing Clinic.  Phone (03) 8849 1444 and request an appointment.


Why does our chest or Décolletage area seem to age faster than our face?

  • Sun damage is ageing to the skin.
  • Decolletage sun damage (pigmentation and mottled-looking skin above the chest area) is very ageing to your entire appearance, especially when wearing revealing outfits in summer or v-neck clothing.

Most of us know that sun exposure ages us prematurely. And because we know this, many of us look after our facial skin with regular skin care and facial treatments including top-ranked facial serums and sun blocks (buy online/free shipping may be available for your favourite Obagi, PCA, DNA or GloMineral makeup products and sun blocks).

Chest vs Face Skin – Does your Decolletage look older than your face and neck?

So even though our facial skin and neck skin may STILL BELIE OUR AGE – thanks to our dedicated skin care regimes and recommended sun block products (shop online for GloMinerals makeup, Obagi, PCA, DNA and other sun blocks and most popular medical-grade skin care product lines), our Décolletage is often subjected to a great degree of unprotected sun exposure.

And this sun exposure is exactly what causes our chest skin to look so old – often much older than we actually are!

  • It’s a combination effect
  • It results from the degree of sun exposure over a lifetime
  • And the fact we ‘forget’ or ‘neglect’ to cover this area with proper sun screen/sun blocks.



Décolletage and Sun Exposure – Sun Damage leads to seriously ageing skin just below your neck.

Why does your chest area (decolletage) look so mottled and pigmented when your face may not?

  • You may wear sun protection and makeup on our face and – ideally – your neck.
  • But chances are, you’ve rarely put adequate sun protection or sun block on our chest area and decolletage.

And without sun protection, this area is subject to a great degree of sun damage.

  • The chest area/decolletage is frequently exposed to sun damaging rays whenever we wear a sports bra/sports top whilst jogging, a swimsuit, a low-cut top or v-neck blouse.
  • Clothing alone doesn’t tend to block the sun’s rays.
  • Even during winter, this area of our bodies gets damaging exposure from the sun (although scarves and button-up jumpers can help a bit).
  • The chest area of the body is also still highly prone to UVA/UVB SUN DAMAGE as you’re driving in the car – because that area of your body gets sun from the front windshield of your car as well as you car’s side windows/side angles.


This sun exposure to our Decolletage area, over time, leads to mottled looking, highly freckled or pigment-varied skin.

  • And studies show that one of the most significant give away signs of our skin ageing processes – and our sun-drenched lifestyles – is having skin that reveals many different colours due to sun exposure.
  • The technical term for this is, of course, hyper-pigmentation (or pigmentation problems), also known as ‘an uneven skin tone.”

Skin tone or skin pigmentation evenness is a KEY FACTOR in ageing perceptions (especially of the face, neck and hands or decolletage).

  • Fortunately IPL treatments – such as the LIMELIGHT IPL – can reduce pigmentation and sun damage concerns for your chest area/decolletage.
  • In as little as 2 to 3 sessions, you can smooth out pigmentation problems and have visibly more even skin colour and younger-looking dermal tissues across your decolletage.

The potential solution for treating freckles and other pigmentation concerns on your decolletage?

Ask for a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for LIMELIGHT IPL treatments for your decolletage.

Case study of effectiveness of IPL Limelight treatments on the decolletage.

Patient age range: 40-50

Treatments: 2 LIMELIGHT IPL treatments 

Time between treatments:  4 weeks

Typical treatment downtime: several days to several weeks of potential additional redness or temporarily darker pigmentation, swelling, occasional bruising.

Read the IPL treatment page for details on pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment recommendations for Limelight IPL.

Cost of IPL treatments/Limelight (Melbourne): Prices vary depending on what you’re needing treated.

$350 is the price of ONE decolletage LIMELIGHT IPL treatment and you’ll need at least 2 to 3 treatments – ask for a consultation for details.

Cost of combined treatments or face and neck or neck and decolleatage:  Click here for Laser Treatment Prices in Melbourne or phone us on (03) 8849 1444.

Prices are estimates only and may be subjected to change; remember, not everyone is suited for IPL treatments.


Ready to give LIMELIGHT IPL treatments a try?  Phone (03) 8849 1444 and request a skin care assessment ($50).

We can also look at your facial skin using Canfield’s REVEAL technology (be sure you ask for this if you want your facial pigmentation assessed during a skin care consultation).

Read more on IPL/Limelight treatments for freckles, redness or skin pigmentation concerns.

Also –  this treatment is not usually advisable for people with skin that is above a Fitzpatrick IV and may best suit Fitzpatrick I-III.  Results can vary and be sure you’ve read the preparation and post-treatment recommendations and the risks of IPL treatments.

Facial pigmentation as well as Decolletage sun damage?

  • Limelight IPL can also help with facial and neck area pigmentation.
  • Find out which options will suit you best by scheduling and attending a skin assessment with a Dermal Clinician at our Melbourne clinic.

Phone for a consultation with a Dermal Clinician (by appointment) – (03) 8849 1444. Skin care assessments by a qualified Dermal Clinician cost $50 and will help you know which treatment(s) will serve your needs best. Plenty of nearby parking for up to 2 hours.

Pregnancy mask? Consider DERMAMALEN mask treatments now available in Melbourne – a popular treatment for facial pigmentation in the Melasma pattern.


If you’ve been to our Melbourne Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment clinic in Hawthorn – or if you’ve had plastic surgery with one of Melbourne’s expert Plastic Surgeons for breast, body, face, eyelids or nose surgery, you MAY have had a Healite II LED low level light therapy skin treatment.

You’ll no doubt remember how wonderful these treatments feel.

But DO these LED therapy facial treatments actually work to help the skin? And if so, what’s behind the benefits of low level light therapy using LED technology?

The answer, according to low-level light therapy research, is YES; light therapy such as Healite II facials can help your skin look better or heal more readily.

Key Benefits of LLLT and Healite II treatments reported by users:

  • Improved circulation in treated areas
  • Stimulate renewal and other skin functions
  • Accelerates healing processes after surgery
  • Helps prepare skin for more rapid healing when used BEFORE and AFTER surgery (suitable patients)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Soothes sore muscles after over-exertion

LED-LLLT based skin treatments and LED Facials such as Healite II DO work according to studies and patient reports.

  • These treatments can benefit your skin health and skin appearance.
  • They work best if you have several treatments as a series, over time.
  • Settings should be determined by a trained Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Doctor or Plastic Surgeon.
  • They can be used on nearly any part of the body and are also popular with physiotherapists and post-orthopaedic surgery patients as well as cosmetic patients and skin care/anti-ageing clients.
  • You can use them PRE-SURGERY and POST-Surgery if you’re having a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery.


Healite II: How LED facials or LED treatments work:

  • They can increase circulation and boost cellular renewal processes.
  • You’ll notice some results immediately or the next day; but over time, with several treatments, you’ll see an even bigger difference in your skin’s luminosity, circulation and/or texture.
  • Combining Low Level Light Therapy Facials (LED Facials) with the best skin care product lines (buy online) can help you find a holistic solution to having better looking skin.

LED-Low Level Light Therapy facials, including Healite II facials, CAN do wonderful things for your skin and appearance.

This is why LED-LLLT facials are some of our most popular skin rejuvenation treatments (#2 only after cosmetic injections such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections).

The most popular treatments typically requested by non-surgical patients is lip filler, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections.

The second most requested facial treatments tend to be Healite II – Low Level Light Therapy (LED-LLLT) treatments or some of our pigmentation reduction treatments to treat uneven skin or sun-damage.

In order of popularity, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) facial and body skin treatments come in just after Cosmetic Injections and lip augmentation dermal filler treatments by our top team at Melbourne’s Coco Ruby Clinics in Hawthorn East.



LLLT: Low Level Light-based skin treatments are often helpful to:

  • improve cosmetic surgery healing times
  • reduce surgery scar formations after cosmetic surgery procedures
  • facilitate the body’s natural cellular repair processes
  • help people heal from sporting injuries, including muscle strains, and wounds
  • improve circulation

How does LLLT work, in brief?

  • LED-LLLT treatments use concentrated light therapy methods to bring targeted light and warmth to the skin.
  • These light “waves” help to boost your circulation and improve your innate healing capacity.

Details on LLLT Treatments

Low Level Light Therapy: Definitions and Uses of LED-LLLT

Definition of LED-Low Level Light Therapy – What does LED and LED-LLLT stand for?

  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology
  • LLLT stands for Low Level Light Therapy
  • Taken together, they are commonly abbreviated as “LED-LLLT” treatments
  • This means the delivery of targeted LIGHT energy that aims to achieve a therapeutic benefit

The technical description of how low level light therapy (or LLLT) works is photo-modulation cellular functions

  • That simply means it works at a number of different cellular levels.
  • There are different settings designed to achieve different therapeutic outcomes.
  • Some are healing, others are rejuvenating, and the time and intensity can be adjusted to suit a client’s needs.

What does LED LLLT help heal in terms of skin or other tissues?

The primary USES / INDICATIONS for LED-LLLT in therapeutic settings and medical clinics are to:

  • improve healing times (shorten recovery)
  • relieve pain (improve comfort)
  • reduce inflammation (relieve related discomfort and health problems related to inflammation)
  • treat acne (reduce skin bacteria)
  • enhance skin rejuvenation treatments (encourage skin cell renewal)
  • encourage collagen production (helping to slow down ageing, restore balanced skin functions, and repairing sun damaged skin)

What types of LED-LLLT equipment are available in Melbourne?

  • Lutronic’s HEALITE II, one of the latest models of LED therapy, is used by our Surgeons, Plastic Surgery Nurses and our Skin Care Clinicians at our Melbourne clinic.
  • There are others on the market, but this equipment is rated as one of the most popular new state of the art LED-LLLT machines available.

We believe LLLT treatments are very effective – not to mention our clients and patients love them.

So we have several of them available at our Melbourne Clinics.

  • But there is also a HOME option (smaller, hand held device) if you want to give yourself a similar treatment at home.
  • IT’s not the same in effectiveness, but it’s an effective way to give yourself some of the benefits of LED-LLLT if you’re not close enough to our Melbourne location to come in for a session.

The Healite II LED treatment equipment is our top Clinic choice for skin rejuvenation treatments and scar reduction after having surgery.

Want to give LED-LLLT facials or pre-surgery or post-surgery Light Based Treatment Sessions a try?

Find out more by phoning (03) 8849 1444 today.

Healite II equipment allows us to offer clients a range of effective LED-LLLT facial treatment options and scar healing techniques.

Having a treatment with Healite II? What does it feel like and what’s the recovery time?

  • There’s literally very little down time for LLLT treatments with the Healite II.
  • You’ll relax on a surgical table or reclining bed during treatment (you can also have a LLLT facial treatment sitting up if that’s your preference).
  • The skin needs to be clean, exposed and make-up free (if you’re treating an area of the body, you’ll need to undress).
  • Your skin may be a bit pink for a few hours and you should avoid sun exposure before and after, but otherwise, you’ll be good to go after finishing a session.
  • If you can, it’s best to avoid putting makeup on just treated skin (but typically you can). Instead, moisturise first or use a great skin serum.
  • It will feel warm and the lights will flash and change colour as you undergo treatment (keep eyes firmly closed and don’t look at the lights).
  • Wear your eye goggles if you’re having the deeper penetration settings – ask your Clinician.


The targeted light settings allow us to use light energy to penetrate different depths of the epidermis (skin).

  • Some are good for facial rejuvenation, others for healing incision lines after surgery.
  • All feel comfortable and have NO down time (your skin MAY be a bit pink immediately afterwards, but it passes quickly).
  • Used properly, research into light treatments like Healite II indicate it’s a safe and effective facial treatment for suitable skin types.
  • It can even be used after some intensive facial treatments or facial surgeries.

Healite II Treatment Settings: What NM is best for what conditions?

Healite II Treatment setting options include 830/590 nm, 633 nm and 415 nm delivery of ‘light energy’ to improve your healing – and your skin.

  • When you visit with our Skin Care team or Nurses after surgery, they’ll work out a plan for what NM delivery is going to assist you with your healing or rejuvenation goals.
  • A series of treatments may be recommended.
  • Bring along your favourite music and headphones – relax and enjoy!

There are also home-use light therapy tools available for purchase (ask our Coco Ruby team for details).  But the in clinic system is more powerful. Ask us about our packages.


Healite II Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) treatments are beneficial for a variety of uses.

acne, popping pimples, should i pop mypimples, healite-ii-skin-treatment

LED-LLLT is proven to be effective for a number of concerns and skin problems.

  • LED-LLLT treatments can help your body and skin incisions heal faster.
  • It can help reduce scar formations and encourage rapid recovery after intensive facial treatments, such as peels or IPL.
  • It can give your facial skin a boost in texture and appearance (when used as an anti-ageing treatment)
  • And, because having LED treatments FEELS so calming, these may even lift your mood.

How does LED-Low Level Light Therapy actually work?

The technology behind low level lights (LED style) skin therapy – such as delivered via the Healite II equipment – is simple.

  • Light therapy research indicates that different color lights trigger different reactions beneath the skin (the epidermis).’
  • LED technology have a skin enhancing effect, by improving circulation, stimulating tissue repair and encouraging cellular renewal for skin health.

These lights can also penetrate your skin at varying depths.

  • The light penetration and the warmth, as well as the colours, lead to the effectiveness of LED-LLLT therapy as a beneficial skin care treatment and scar healing aid.

LED therapy treatment times typically range from a few minutes (6 minutes or so) up to 18 minutes for a more intensive treatment.

Your Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Doctor can advise you on how long your session should last, and at what Low Level Light Therapy settings.

LED-LLLT technology and Other Uses: State of the Art LED Technology

LED beauty treatments are NOT the only uses for low level light therapy technologies.

LED therapy is also useful:

  • As a potential solution for sleep disorders
  • As a physiotherapy aid for sore muscles
  • As a surgery recovery aid after cosmetic procedures
  • For better healing – bringing some comfort to your emotions during times of stress



Disclaimer: Results and experiences can vary from person to person. Multiple sessions may produce better results and more visible changes to your skin.

Read our other TOP cosmetic industry blogs for non-surgical treatments or visit the Plastic Surgery GUIDES book pages for facial rejuvenation, nose surgery and eyelid surgery information.

LED Light therapy has also been effectively used to help reduce bacteria that causes acne conditions.

More about LED.

Treating acne usually involves a special setting on LED technology devices.

So, too, do special light-based treatments for sleep disruption.

In general:


Is acne troubling you?

LED therapy can help provide an effective treatment for recurring pimples, such as blackheads and whiteheads. But it’s best when used in conjunction with the right products and peels.

Book a skin care consultation to discover our effective treatments for acne – phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form below this page.

Skin Care uses of LED-LLLT Healite II treatments in addition to treating acne include:

  • facial rejuvenation
  • inflammation reduction after skin peels, Fraxel or DOT therapy
  • surgery healing

Using a mixed sequence of red light, interspersed with yellow light, helps reduce inflammation, boosts circulation, and improves healing times after having plastic surgery.


  • Red light are also used to help speed up your healing processes after having surgery (or a deep facial treatment, such as a peel or DOT therapy session or CO2 facial rejuvenation treatment series).
  • Red light can also help stimulate natural collagen production, which means it can help reduce large-looking pores and firm or tighten the skin a bit.

LED facial treatments are popular at our Melbourne Clinics for 5 key reasons:

  • LED is one of the most painless facial treatments on the market
  • In fact, LLLT treatments feel amazing (similar to relaxing on a beach on a perfect weather day)
  • They increase blood nutrients in treated areas, improving circulation, reducing problems relating to poor circulation, and helping with innate healing capacities
  • Unlike treatments that use micro-needling or skin peeling, they are entirely non-invasive
  • No downtime is required – and you can wear moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup right away.

The Beauty of LED Treatments: Healite II Facials or LED Facial Masks Are another Option

There are in clinic treatments that use low level light therapy  Plus, there are at-home options such as an LED wand or a facial mask.


Shown above is an LED mask at a trade show demonstration (Cosmetic Treatment/Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments conference in Melbourne).

Some clinics use these for facial rejuvenation, but we feel they can be a bit heavy to wear after a skin peel or surgery of the face. The Healite II version, doesn’t touch or rest on the skin – so it is often a better solution for our own treatment regimes.

Find out what LED LLLT can do for YOUR skin, your scars or your acne or facial concerns.

  • We have beautiful clinic offices and post-op rooms where we treat patients and skin care clients.
  • Our Clinic is conveniently located near Camberwell, Hawthorn, Auburn, Richmond, Balwyn, Kew, Melbourne CBD and nearby suburbs.
  • We also have one of Melbourne’s top cosmetic injecting clinicians, Sandra Wallace.

And you’ll get the BEST care practices of a team dedicated to treating clients with respect, dignity and the LATEST top rated technologies for skin rejuvenation.  Phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a skin care assessment with a Dermal Clinician OR a cosmetic injecting session with one of our top injectors for anti-wrinkle solutions and dermal fillers.


** Did you know? We are dedicated to offering advanced and scientifically based skin care solutions. These include Healite II facials, along with natural looking LIP augmentation using LIP FILLER injections, liquid face lifts with wrinkle reduction injections or serums, cheek augmentation that doesn’t look ‘too puffy’, and double-chin injection treatments using a special solution to help dissolve and reduce hanging under-chin fat stores – select clients only as not all clients are suitable for all treatments.

But visit with our Melbourne Team and we’ll help you assess the best approaches to help get your face – and your skin – looking it’s healthiest best. **

Originally published on 2 March 2018, updated and reposted in September 2018.

Beauty Clinics and Dermal Filler Injections: “Beauty’s New Normal” Episodes on ABC’s Four Corners

On 13 August 2018, ABC’s Four Corners covers a media story by Reporter Louise Milligan (@Milliganreports) on the risks of cosmetic injection treatments having gone mainstream across the world.  The segment, “beauty’s new normal,” focuses on concerns with cosmetic injections and other invasive procedures being performed by less trained doctors and non-monitored Beauty Clinicians who lack medical training. Additionally, the story covers the fact that many Surgeons in Australia offering cheap Cosmetic procedures may not actually be genuine, FRACS Qualified Plastic Surgeons, but instead – GPs, dentists or other doctors that have limited training in complex surgery they offer at a discount.

The August 2018 Beauty’s New Normal episode on ABC’s Four Corners may also contain expert commentary from several Australian Plastic Surgeons about dangers of ‘cowboy cosmetic practitioners’ or untrained injectors.

And if you were ever told twilight anaesthesia is a better option than general anaesthesia, watch the FOUR CORNERS ABC report on Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Injections (at 18 minutes into the program, you’ll hear a Sydney patient’s description of being under twilight Anaesthesia while having breast augmentation surgery in the BACK ROOM of a cheap Cosmetic Surgery clinic run by a NON-plastic surgeon).

But the program on cosmetic injections and mainstream cosmetic surgery on ABC’s Four Corners also focused on cosmetic injections risks with inadequately-trained practitioners.

There is a risk in cosmetic injections given to vulnerable patients who are unaware of the risks of dermal fillers and of using less-trained doctors – or worse yet, beauticians and others without any medical training or medical qualifications who are injecting patients in clinics and in private homes, with no medical staff present to handle emergency situations.

What is likely to be covered in this NEWS UPDATE on the RISKS of Dermal Fillers and Less-Trained Injectors and Beauty Clinics offering ‘mainstream’ invasive cosmetic treatments such as prescription only “Schedule 4” medications delivered with needles or cannulas:

  • There are many people entering the cosmetic injecting and cosmetic surgery industry with very different skill sets and backgrounds.
  • Not all Cosmetic Injectors have the right training to offer cosmetic injections.
  • Some Clinicians who offer injections may have no medical qualifications and/or very limited training in facial anatomy and injecting techniques.
  • Some clinics who offer injections have NO DOCTORS on-hand and are not focused on sterility.

The Public is not yet aware enough of the differences in Cosmetic Injecting clinics and may shop on price, only to recognise – too late – they’ve chosen an untrained or unskilled clinician. Plus, not everyone really understands the risks of dermal fillers.

Cosmetic Injections – including dermal filler injections – are very popular. But popularity does not mean they are suitable for every patient, or that every clinician can learn to use them.

  • Although dermal filler is now considered by many to be a mainstream beautification treatment, they are INVASIVE and they DO have risks.
  • And this is one of the featured stories in the Four Corners report on ABC airing on 13th August 2018.


cosmetic injecting dangers - risks-of-dermal-fillers-cosmetic-cowbodys-abc-fourcorners

Some risks of dermal fillers are very serious. Patients need to be well informed of:

  • patient selection criteria and it’s importance in prescribing these medications
  • the differences in skill levels – 10 years experience compared to a few months (“learner injectors” or “new injectors”)
  • permanent dermal fillers vs temporary dermal filler solutions – risks and dangers
  • how to prepare for cosmetic injections
  • the dangers of flying too soon after facial injections/dermal filler injections
  • other risks and how to reduce the ones that can be reduced (not ALL injecting risks can be mitigated but sterility measures can help reduce some injecting infection risks)
  • injecting danger zones for dermal fillers/facial injections – areas of the face where complication risks may be elevated (that noted, every patient has unique anatomy and ANY and ALL injection treatments carry risks)
  • risk counter-measures and treatments should a complication occur
  • how to assess your Clinician or Medical Clinic before you consent to having these invasive treatments

And as seen in the news recently, dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle solutions injected into the wrong place, can lead to permanent blindness or other vision impairment.


  • So, whilst serious risks including blindness are rare in view of the large number of individuals having cosmetic injections by qualified practitioners, you DO need to consider these risk very carefully.
  • Do your research before you consent to one of these procedures – and choose your injecting clinician VERY carefully.
  • Even then, some complications – even serious or life threatening ones – may occur despite your Injectors knowledge of anatomy, their skill level and their focus on sterility.

Summary/take home message: Be an Informed Consumer of Cosmetic Injections and recognise they are a Schedule 4 Prescription Medication/Drug.

  • If you ARE having cosmetic injections, as hundreds of Australians do every day, a medical clinic or surgical clinic may offer a more sterility-focused and patient-safety minded environment than a beauty clinic or home-based ‘cosmetic injecting party’ environment.
  • But DO your homework before having injections and be sure you DO UNDERSTAND the risks of Dermal fillers.

Don’t increase your risks by choosing:

  • Unskilled practitioners
  • Doctors, Dentists or Pharmacists who are not highly trained or experienced
  • Places where cosmetic practitioners and beauticians offer dermal filler injections in clinics where there is NO doctor present and no medical assessment taken before the treatments.

Read more here:

Risks of Dermal Fillers

Preparing for Facial Injectables or a Top-Up? 3 Things You Should DO first.


The Ugly Truth About Fake Injectables: Medical Dangers from Counterfeit Products



Do you have crepey skin under your eyes?  Skin Booster Injection Treatments using Dermal Fillers can help improve your skin quality around – and even under – your eyes.

Yet many patients are unfamiliar with this innovative treatment to restore their under-eye skin to a more luminous, less crepey appearance.

Here’s what’s important to know about Under Eye Dermal Filler via Skin Boosters or Tear Trough Injections using Dermal Fillers.

Before we continue, be aware that injections are a non-surgical procedure but they are considered invasive as they involve penetration of the skin AND pharmaceutical schedule 4 prescription medications; all invasive procedures and pharmaceutical products carry risks. Results also vary from patient to patient. Understand your Dermal Filler risks before consenting to any injection procedures.  You WILL need an assessment from a Cosmetic Physician before pursuing any cosmetic injection treatments to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for dermal fillers.

Tip: Be sure to follow all preparation and post-injection treatment guidelines given to you by your Nurse Injector and/or Cosmetic Doctor (a link to tips for preparing for your next cosmetic injections is located towards the bottom of this blog). In general, common recommendations include do NOT fly after having dermal fillers; drink plenty of water after having fillers; and avoid hot saunas, alcohol, exercising and extreme temperatures for several days after having filler injections.


Fighting Crepey Skin or Crepey-looking Wrinkles Under Eyes: The Skin Booster Option

As part of a liquid facelift or on it’s own, under eye skin booster injections can accomplish an improvement in the skin texture of this area of the face.  For suitable candidates, this can help reduce the crepey-looking under eye skin.

Common reasons people seek Under Eye Cosmetic Injections – Skin Booster Injections under the eyes or Dermal Filler in the tear trough area:

  • The skin UNDER your EYES is significant in how you look.
  • Darker eye circles, under eye bags and lax skin around your eye area can leave you looking puffy or tired.
  • If your under eye skin is crepey-looking, wrinkled, bulging or shadowy in appearance, it’ll also impact your overall facial appearance.
  • Skin boosters (distributed around the under eye area) or dermal fillers (injected into the tear trough area under the eyes) can help improve your under eye appearance, reducing crepey skin or reducing under eye shadows or eye bagsThere’s an option to improve your under-eye area through surgery.

Crepey skin under eyes - Skin Booster Option or Dermal Fillers to tear trough area?

If you want to explore Blepharoplasty Surgery, ask for an appointment with a facial rejuvenation Surgeon such as Dr Benjamin Burt (Melbourne) or Dr Richard Sackelariou (Sydney or Melbourne) or Dr Douglas McManamny or the other FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane/Gold Coast.

Surgical solutions for eyes – Plastic Surgery options if cosmetic injections are not the answer for your concerns.

Skin boosters can do so much, but sometimes you may have too much excess skin – along with weak orbital area muscles – that less invasive measures cannot help you with. In these scenarios, surgery may be worth exploring. Cases where eyelid area skin folds or eyelid skin sagging has impeded your field of vision (where skin rests on eyelashes and/or partially covers your iris in one or both eyes) may require surgery.

So, too, in situations where excess skin has left you with rather prominent under-eye bulges or eyelid function issues (such as Ectropion or Entropion conditions) – as these may also require a surgical solution.

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery  can enhance the upper lid and reveal your eyelid platform or help you ‘see your upper lashes’ again; for some patients, it improves their field of vision by reducing skin that obscures part of the iris/upper iris in one or both eyes.
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery may help reduce your under eye bulges or saggy, droopy lower eyelid skin that leads to eye bags or shadows under your eyes – and to difficulty blinking properly, eye area irritations or infections from inward turning eyelashes, or tear duct dysfunctions caused by drooping lower eyelids.
  • Entropion and Ectropion conditions can lead to dry eyes, tear duct problems and more; and corrective surgery by a skilled eyelid surgeon may help (but remember, all surgery has risks and results can vary from patient to patient).

Want to find out which type of under eye treatments will suit your eye area skin concerns?

Schedule a no-obligation cosmetic injection patient assessment – phone (03) 8849 1444  and ask for Dr Tina Purdon, Cosmetic Physician.



Crepey Looking Under Eye Skin? There’s an alternative to laser or surgical approaches if you’re a suitable candidate for dermal filler injections.

Laser treatments or Surgery of the lower eyelids aren’t the only solutions to help reduce crepey-looking, sagging skin under the eyes.  

The Liquid Facelift Option can help restore lost facial volume AND improve your Under Eye Skin when it starts to look crepey.

  • The liquid facelift is a growing alternative to surgery as an anti-ageing solution for the face.
  • Enhancing the temples, cheeks, brow and/or under eye area can do a lot to restore the lost facial volume that comes with ageing.
  • Indeed, it’s not just your skin that ages, but your actual skeletal foundation.
  • The combination of skin laxity, facial bone atrophy and diminishing fat pads leads to very saggy looking facial skin.
  • Dermal fillers essentially help ‘lift’ the skin by giving it a stronger internal structure upon which to rest, or improving circulation and collagen, depending on which cosmetic injection techniques for dermal fillers are used.
  • Read more about skin booster sessions or phone for a consultation for feature volumisation or augmentation.
  • Be sure you have read about dermal filler injection risks before you proceed with any treatment and understand these are Schedule 4 medications; also, results can vary from patient to patient.


Skin Boosters can be used to plump, moisturise and firm the skin’s appearance to reduce crepey-looking skin under the eyes.

Skin boosters are great to refresh the entire facial appearance by improving the skin in terms of textural appearance, pore visibility, circulation and firmness.  Read more about skin boosters.

  • Skin boosters are often used over the entire face, including the eyes.
  • A full face skin booster session costs around $950 – $1100 AUD.
  • But a Cosmetic Doctor/Cosmetic Injector may employ dermal filler solutions or skin booster injections under your eyes, as a targeted facial treatment, to help reduce the crepey skin texture under your eyes.
  • Skin boosters to the under eye area alone cost around $450 AUD per treatment (includes both eyes).
  • There’s also under-eye tear trough dermal filler injections but not all patients may be suitable candidates for these procedures.

Watch Amea Mays Video on her Under Eye Filler Experience – one solution to under eye bags.

  • But dermal fillers in tear troughs are not the only answer to under eye skin concerns.
  • Skin Booster Injecting solutions under the eyes may assist with skin textural improvements under the eyes including reducing crepey-looking dermal textures (crepey under eye skin).
  • Ask your Cosmetic Doctor for an assessment of your under-eye skin and DO be sure you understand dermal filler injecting risks before proceeding.


Costs and prices of skin booster treatments at our Melbourne Clinic CAN vary depending on patient needs and variability.  Treatment recommendations can ONLY be made only after an assessment of suitability for dermal fillers with a Cosmetic Doctor.

  • So be sure to ask for a customised quote (these prices are general only).
  • In general, under eye skin boosters cost $450 each treatment and a full face skin booster injecting session costs approximately $950-$1100 each treatment.

The latest in Skin Boosters – the under eyes have it!


More about under-eye dermal filler injections.

Dermal filler cosmetic injecting strategies can help reduce your under eye bags, certain types of under-eye shadows or darkness, and under eye fat bulges that are somewhat minor in nature.

  • The two strategies most commonly employed for dermal fillers injected under the eye area, are tear trough injections and skin boosters.
  • They help reduce mildly shadowed under eye areas or mildly crepey-looking skin under the eyes; improving the look and skin texture under the eyes.
  • If you have more noticeable or advanced under eye skin concerns, then a surgical solution may be something worth researching further.
  • That noted, most anti-ageing patients start by asking about the less-invasive option of dermal fillers as a non-surgical anti-ageing option with less downtime than facial or eyelid surgery.

Disclaimer: While dermal filler injections are less invasive than surgery excisions, they are invasive, because they DO involve penetration of the skin. Like all invasive procedures, they do involve risks.

Eyelid Surgery can help. But another option that might be worth exploring is the potential for dermal filler injections – either distributed in a skin booster format or for tear trough reduction – to improve the under eye appearance of your face.

  • Dr Tina Purdon:  I find that one of the areas that many people neglect when they have facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers or cosmetic wrinkle relaxing injections, is the under eye area.
  • In fact, under eye skin boosters may be a good solution for some Upper Blepharoplasty patients to consider once they heal and recover from their upper or lower eyelid surgery.

Be sure you do NOT rush a treatment after surgery; instead, ask your Surgeon or Cosmetic Doctor for the requisite waiting period between a cosmetic eye lid surgery and a dermal filler injection treatment in the eye area.


“Skin Booster Injections: “I see this treatment as a way of ‘moisturising your skin, from the inside” – Quote from Patient Care Coordinator Michelle, who recently had a series of skin booster treatments.”

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Solution for crepey-looking under eye skin: Procedure Details and Skin Booster Costs (Melbourne)

  • Skin Boosters – three (3) treatments of Skin Booster Injections (either full face or just under eyes)
  • Full Face Details:
    • Volume (average/full face): 3 mls ~ $950-$1100 (full face includes skin under eyes) per treatment
    • Treatments have a cumulative impact
    • You’ll tend to see significant improvements after each session has an effect (if a suitable candidate) – skin looks more luminous and more refined, pores are reduced in visibility and skin looks and feels smoother and plumper
    • Recommended for 3 individual sessions for best results
  • Under Eye area only
    • Volume (average/under eyes/both eyes): 1 ml $450 per treatment
    • Recommended for 3 sessions for best results
    • Treatments have a cumulative impact
  • Ideally these cosmetic injecting sessions need to be spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart
  • Then you’ll typically be asked to go into a maintenance skin booster plan – from once a year, to up to four times a year, for a single ‘top-up booster’ skin injecting treatment.

When will you see results from under-eye injection treatments?

  • Results from under eye skin booster injections take 2-4 weeks after each treatment to become visible.
  • Cumulative results of multiple treatments typically appear a few month’s after your most recent treatment (your latest under-eye injecting session).
  • For special events be sure to begin your assessment and treatments about 6 months ahead of the event.
  • You can combine with other modalities and skin nutrients (can vary).

In summary, there’s no one treatment for the crepey skin look under your eye, that will suit every patient.

  • Ant-wrinkle injections don’t tend to work under that area because the skin is so thin and so is the muscle; don’t get a good result.
  • Dermal fillers are more applicable to this area but only for suitable patients and specific skin concerns.
  • Sometimes popular with people with Asian heritage, who want to reduce under eye shadowing, and younger patients.

Recommended Further reading selection from our top 10 blogs about cosmetic injection treatments and non-surgical facial and eyelid rejuvenation options:

Harvard Health – Harvard University article on Getting Dermal Fillers

Harvard Health – When to Worry about Ageing Eyelid Problems  (recommended reading if you think you need eyelid surgery)


Related treatments for under eye skin or shadows/dark circles under the eyes (suitable conditions only).


Recommended BLOGS for reading before having a dermal filler or anti-wrinkle injection.

Preparing for Facial Injectables or a Top-Up? 3 Things You Should DO first.

Lip Injections & Facial Filler After Care Guide

Flying After Facial Fillers – The Hidden Dangers

Skin Boosters Technique – Dermal Fillers Injections for Rejuvenation and Revitalisation of the Face, Decolletage and Hands

Have you read the first part of this blog, Skin Boosters and what they can do for your skin?

Skin Booster Injections – The Treatment for a Healthier Skin Glow

The blog link above will help you understand WHO Skin Booster treatments can benefit, and why. This blog will help you understand the Skin Booster Injecting technique itself.

Skin Boosters:  This treatment can be effective for restoring a more luminous glow to dull-looking skin; and it’s a great cosmetic injecting option for winter.

But not all patients will be good candidates for skin booster sessions.

You’ll need an assessment to find out which is better for you – skin booster injections, dermal filler injections for feature augmentation and volume restoration, or skin needling and pigmentation peels.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to find out which type of consultation you’ll likely want to start with – e.g., a Dermal Clinician for facial peels and skin laser treatments; or a Cosmetic Physician for cosmetic injections or skin booster sessions (or a combination of both).

We have two talented Cosmetic Injectors at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing; Cosmetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon and Senior Nurse Injector Sandra Wallace.


Here’s the TECHNIQUE description for Skin Booster Injections using Dermal Fillers.

There are a few options for skin booster sessions.

  • There’s a traditional skin booster session, that uses dermal filler only.
  • There’s another option that uses dermal fillers combined with other “nutritional” or moisturising substances.
    • amino acids
    • anti-oxidants
    • vitamin(s) such as B6
    • other solutions
  • This makes the Skin Booster Injections a combination of an injectable dermal filler WITH the added benefits of meso-therapy (skin needling with skin serums).

Each patient may be best off with a specific skin booster approach, and this is why you need an assessment with a Cosmetic Doctor before proceeding.

  • Not everyone will benefit from the same type of treatments.
  • But across age ranges and skin concerns, Skin Booster Injections can refresh the skin and reduce crepey-looking skin or dull skin.

Skin Boosters Techniques: Injecting Dermal Fillers across the face, decolletage, hands or under eyes

For more information on the procedure and techniques used, send us an enquiry form today.

Or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to request an assessment for your suitability for Skin Booster Injections at our Melbourne based Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic.

Synopsis of a Technique for Skin Booster Injecting Sessions by Dr Tina Purdon, Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing

The treatment is performed using an injector ‘gun’ – in which micro-droplets of the solution are distributed EVENLY over the skin.

  • Gives a natural result.
  • Perfect option for nearly all age groups over 18.
  • Requires 3 appointments spaced 2-4 weeks apart for best results.

Helps improve:

  • skin hydration
  • complexion/skin texture
  • fine lines


  • Mild Skin Redness
  • Possible Bruising
  • Small raised bumps (looks like mosquito bites) appear immediately after treatment, these are the micro-droplets of the product, and these tend to settle in 24 hours.

Then wait a few weeks and see the results of more luminous skin!

Find out more by phoning us today!



What are the best gifts for Mum’s Birthday? And what can you get her at the last minute?

Some of us wait until the last minute to buy our Mum’s a present for her birthday. Then we find ourselves in a panic about what to get her, and where to find it in a hurry. (Published in May 2017 and updated in July 2018).

  • Can’t decide what to get MUM for her birthday, anniversary or celebration?
  • Need a last minute gift or something special that you know she’ll love?
  • This is the blog for you!

Do you need some great gift ideas for your Mum or Mother-In-Law – in a really big hurry?

  • Great last-minute gift ideas for Mums and Mother-In-Laws can come in handy.
  • Here’s our GUIDE to some great last-minute gift ideas your Mum will surely love.
  • And if you’re wanting to treat yourself as well as your Mum, browse our new ONLINE SHOPPING OFFERS.

Best Gifts to buy your Mum or Mother-In-Law for Birthdays or Other Special Occasions

  • Are you stuck on what to buy your Mum for her birthday (or Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, or a Holiday)?
  • Or are you needing a THANK YOU GIFT for your MUM for watching your children for you when you were recovering from Plastic Surgery?
  • Check out our top gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your Mum’s day on that special occasion.

We have included something for every TYPE of Mum – from those who love sport & fitness, to the fashion savvy, or foodie who loves to cook.

There is even an option for those of you who may have left their gift-buying to the very last minute with a same-day delivery option (depending on where you live) that is sure to get you out of trouble.

But if you’re in a HUGE hurry to buy a last-minute gift for your Mother, go the GIFT VOUCHER ROUTE – you can pick up a voucher in Hawthorn East during Clinic Hours.

Of course, you can’t go past our Melbourne Clinic’s Signature FACIALS and pampering Gift Vouchers (click here for Monthly specials on Facials and Skin Care products). Or you can buy her an OBAGI skin care kit or other fantastic skin care ranges for all different types of skin.

Stuck on what to get your MUM or Mother-In-Law for her Birthday?

Try a Healite II Facial – one of the best relaxing gifts a Mum could wish for!

Phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a Facial Gift Voucher for Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne (Hawthorn East).

Or SHOP for our Cosmeceutical Products and Mineral Makeup Range online (you can request that we ship them directly to her)!

Birthday Gifts for Moms, Mums and Mother-In-Laws To Be

Let’s kick this list off with a gift that is a must-have for many of the busy Mums out there.


Kikki K Leather Personal Planner OR a Healite II Facial Voucher

For a Mum always on the go or who just loves to be organised. This Leather Personal Planner can be personalised to suit your Mum’s needs, whether it be for work or to just to keep track of her day-to-day activities. Available in a variety of colours and with a range of refillable sheets & sticker inserts, this is the perfect diary and planner to last your Mum a lifetime.

To add that extra personal touch, there is the option to have the cover monogrammed with your Mum’s Initials.

Purchase Here:


OPTION: Healite II Signature FACIAL

Low Level Light Therapy (the award winning Healite II technology) is both effective AND relaxing….combined with a deep cleansing facial and/or enzyme peel, there are options to suit most skin types.  Perfect for a BUSY MUM who needs more time to herself AND who wants refreshed looking skin.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to arrange for a Gift Voucher or schedule her an appointment with our leading Facials Team and Skin Care Experts – the talented Coco Ruby Dermal Therapists including Hayley, Julia and Sarah – in Melbourne.


LVLY Flower & Gift Delivery – Flowers for Mum (always a last minute gift option)

For those people who may have left their gift-buying to the last minute, LVLY could be the perfect option. LVLY offer fully customisable Flower & Gift Packs that are delivered on the same day they are ordered (if ordered before 1 pm).  Order online, then sit back and relax knowing the perfect gift for your Mum is on it’s way.

You can send an array of beautiful blooms on their own or choose to customise your gift by adding hand crafted candles, artisan chocolate, cosmetic scrubs, lotions & creams, plants or even alcohol.

Check out the range of gifts available for delivery here:


EyEnvy Conditioner

Who doesn’t want longer, thicker eyelashes without having to resort to extensions or fake lashes? EyEnvy Conditioner has a unique, breakthrough formula that promises to improves the length, volume and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

  • This product is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and has been clinically proven to improve the length and density of natural lashes, with visible results in only 4-6 weeks.
  • This is the perfect gift for a Mum who likes to keep up with the latest cosmetic technology & trends, with long, thick lashes being the envy of women across the country.

We stock EyEnvy at our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic.

Contact us to purchase: (03) 8849 1400 or visit our ONLINE SKINCARE PRODUCT STORE.


“TDE” Personalised Travel Wallet

Does your Mum love to travel? A personalised travel wallet from The Daily Edited (TDE) is a great idea to gift a jet-setter. The travel wallet comes in a variety of colours and contains pockets for a boarding pass, card slots and a detachable passport holder.

The Travel Wallet has an exterior of 100% saffiano leather, with a smooth leather lining so you know it is built to last. The Daily Edited offers personalised monogramming on all of their products which is included in the total price, so you can add the perfect personal touch to your gift.

Purchase here and check out their range of personalised leather accessories & stationery items:


Glasshouse Limited Edition Florence Candle

Who doesn’t love a beautifully scented candle? It really is the perfect item to gift on it’s own or if you are looking to add an extra something to your present for Mum.

Glasshouse has an impressive array of scented candles, diffusers, lotions & soap, with their top selling soy candles well known for their generous burn time of up to 80 hours, their strong scent and modern stylish appearance.

The good news is that Glasshouse is stocked in most major department stores, gift shops, pharmacies and florists, so you won’t have to look too far if one of their candles is a good fit for your Mum.

WE ALSO sell lovely scented CANDLES at Coco Ruby, so if you live close by, drop in and pick up our lovely scented candles and a gift voucher for a Healite II Facial (or a gift voucher in any amount you choose). Phone today on (03) 8849 1444.

Otherwise, for Glasshouse, check out the full range of Glasshouse Candles & their stockists here:


Michael Kors Crosby Activity Tracker

Is your Mum always on the run, fitness conscious or always wanted to live a more active lifestyle? Fitness Trackers have been the go-to tech product for those concerned about their health and fitness levels, although unfortunately most products on the market are bulky and unattractive.

The Michael Kors Ladies Crosby Activity Tracker however combines fitness and style with their modern, minimalist bracelet design available in a variety of subtle colour schemes. The Tracker is simplistic in nature, with a battery that does not require charging and bluetooth technology to link to a smartphone. Your Mum can track her activity & sleep levels, control her phone camera and play music from her wrist.

The Activity Tracker is stocked in a number of electronic & fashion retail stores, simply have a search online.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If you have some extra cash to splash, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer should be one of the first items on your list.

The new technology by Dyson has been a massive hit since its release last year, offering a long list of benefits including heat damage prevention, faster drying times, focused air styling concentration and static reduction to name a few.

The Supersonic comes in at around $500 so it is no small buy but if the raving reviews are anything to go by, it is worth the money.

Learn more about the Supersonic and where it is stocked here:


Giorgio Armani Si Gift Set

Every woman loves perfume and if you are looking for a subtle, elegant scent for your Mum then Giorgio Armani’s Si EDP is a great choice.

The perfume is the perfect gift on it’s own or can be purchased in the above Gift Set which includes a 50 ml or 100 ml fragrance with a shower gel and body lotion conveniently packed for you in a beautiful box.

Click here to purchase:


I Love you Mum Pana Chocolate Gift Pack

When in doubt, chocolate is almost always the answer, and there is no need for any post-chocolate guilt with Pana Chocolate’s health-conscious, raw  ingredients.

This beautifully presented gift pack especially for all those Mums out there is a great addition to your Birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day gift list, including a taste of Pana’s top-selling flavours including Coconut & Goji Berry, Mint, Rose & Raw Cacao.

Pana Chocolate has stockists across Australia or you can order online for convenience.

Purchase or find a stockist here:


Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cook Book

And finally, for a Mum that loves to cook but is always running low on time there is Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cook Book.

The Book pushes the concept of fast, everyday food to a new level, with no compromise on flavour. All cuisines are covered in this simple and easy to follow book from internationally acclaimed chef, Jamie Oliver.

If your Mum spend a lot of time in the kitchen and is always looking for new, simple recipes for everyday lunches and dinners, this book is sure to be a hit!

You can purchase Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals from most reputable online or retail book stores.

Still stuck on what to buy Mum for her birthday?

We offer personalised Gift Vouchers that can be redeemed on all of our skin treatments and top Cosmeceutical Products.

If your Mum loves to be pampered but you’re not quite sure what treatment she would like most, a pampering Facial Gift Voucher from Coco Ruby is the perfect present.

Pampering Facials and other Skin treatments your Mum or Mother-in-law may enjoy include:

After a thorough skin consultation from one of our Dermal Clinicians, a skin care regime for your Mum can be prescribed from our range of top Cosmeceutical Products, including:

Our Dermal Clinicians will customise an ongoing skin care regime to treat your Mum’s skin concerns – a gift that will keep on giving!

Call our team on (03) 8849 1432 to organise a Pampering Facial Gift Voucher in Melbourne today.

And that’s a wrap on our 10 Best Gift Ideas for Mum for her birthday, Christmas, Graduation, Mother’s Day or any time of year.

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you gift options for every type of Mum and even ideas for those who have left their gift buying to the very last minute.

And happy Birthday to all the incredible Mums, Mother-In-Laws and Grandmothers out there.

If you need a last minute gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law, we’ve got you covered.

SHOP ONLINE NOW for great skin care products or visit our MONTHLY SPECIALS pages.

Dry July is not just about avoiding alcohol – it’s what happens to your skin in winter.

Hello “Dry July!!” ……. And we’re not talking about going alcohol free. Although dehydration, sleep disruptions and the nutrient absorption impacts of having too much alcohol CAN wreak havoc on your skin. But what WE’RE talking about in this blog is the effect that Winter has on skin.

Here are Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry July Skin by Hayley Dean, a Coco Ruby Dermal Clinician who helps people overcome their major skin concerns. She assists with dry skin by suggesting the right home skin care systems, serums, AND in-clinic facials including laser treatments, skin needling, peels and low level light therapy treatments (Healite II Facials).

Or, if your skin is REALLY in need of a refresh and boost, it might be good to explore Skin Booster Injections.

Winter time can wreak havoc on our skin causing it to become dry, flaky and dehydrated.

Many factors contribute to you having dryer skin over winter months. Your “Dry July” skin condition may be a result of:

  • Being in constantly heated environments
  • Having little to no moisture or humidity in the air
  • Last summer’s sun exposure having done some damage to the skin cells, showing up a few months later as underlying cells reach the surface
  • Not adjusting your skin care regimes to meet the season’s effects on your skin health and moisture levels
  • Not drinking as much water because you’re cold (many people drink more water during summer than in winter)

Over winter, your Dermatitis, Psoriasis or Eczema can flare up!

Many people suffer from skin conditions that change in intensity with seasonal changes. Many become worse in Winter (and/or Summer) but abate somewhat during the milder seasons with reasonable temperatures and comfortable levels of humidity.

So how can we beat the scaly skin epidemic?

You’re wise to request a consultation with Hayley, Julia or Sarah at our Melbourne Clinic, to find out what’s really going on with your skin.  Phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule an appointment at our boutique Clinic in Hawthorn East (free 2 hour parking nearby).

We also have a Cosmetic Injecting team (Cosmetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon and Sandra Wallace, Senior Injecting Nurse). And if you’re eyes are looking aged, ask to meet with expert Melbourne Eyelid Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt.

Tips for DRY JULY skin – winter’s skin care recommendations from Hayley.

Dry July Skin Care Tip#1: EXFOLIATE

  • Make sure you exfoliate!
  • By getting rid of dead layers, this means that your hydrating/moisturising products can penetrate deeper.
  • Otherwise you are just slapping your lovely rich products onto a dead layer of skin.
  • If you want to try one of our exfoliating skin peels or facials, phone (03) 8849 1444 and book an appointment for an assessment and a treatment.
  • Skin care assessments on their own cost $50.00 but may include imaging to assess the underlying condition of your skin’s appearance with special skin photography tools (request this when you book your appointment).


Hayley’s DRY JULY winter skin care tips for dry skin in need of a refreshing exfoliation:

  • Try the Aspect Gold Fruit Enzyme mask – $58.
  • Benefits of this product: Great for all skin types especially sensitive skins.
  • Contains Papaya and Pineapple enzymes to exfoliate and doesn’t use harsh granules.

Dry July Skin Care TIP #2: SERUM

  • Ensure you are using a good quality treatment serum.
  • You can reduce flakiness and even redness by applying a hydrating serum that is formulated to penetrate deep into the skin.
  • This stimulates your skins own hydration and moisturising factors.
  • It can also decrease redness and even dermatitis because it can improve the skin’s barrier by making it stronger.

Hayley’s DRY JULY winter skin “best serum to try” tip to combat dry skin:

  • I highly recommend trying PCA Hyaluronic acid boosting serum – price $182.15.
  • It provides long lasting hydration on three levels, on the surface, deeper in the skin and by increasing the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production.
  • Make sure you have a skin care consultation to ascertain if this is the best serum for your skin type and dry skin concerns.
  • Shop now for cosmeceutical products if these have been recommended for you during a skin care assessment by a Dermal Clinician.


  • Try a SKIN BOOSTER INJECTION treatment (suitable candidates only) – which improves the appearance of dull complexions and gives your skin a refreshed appearance and luminous glow. Tip: Skin Boosters also treat fine lines and textural concerns.
  • Have monthly facials/peels.
    • This helps ensure your skin is exfoliated properly and cared for by a professional.
  • Having regular facial skin peels, especially lactic acid peels that are gentle, helps stimulate your own natural moisturising factors.
  • Your Dermal clinician can feed hydrating and nourishing ingredients into your skin at the same time.

Hayley’s DRY JULY “best Winter facial” recommendation for to soothe dry skin:

  • Add on Healite LED light therapy facial treatments to wake up those lazy skin cells and promote collagen production.
  • Chemical skin peels at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing start at $120 – Add on a Healite II treatment to make it a Signature Healite Facial – $200
  • Ask which type of peel or alternative treatment is going to be best for YOUR skin type and concerns during a facial consultation.


Dry July Skin Care TIP #4: MOISTURISE

  • Buy one of the best moisturisers for dry skin that you can afford.
  • But whatever you purchase, ensure that it is actually suitable for your skin type!
  • You may be dehydrated and flaky but still get break outs.
  • This doesn’t mean that you need a very thick heavy rich cream.
  • Speak to us about tailoring your skin care to suit your concerns.
  • Some people need a heavy rich cream as they don’t produce much oil.
  • Seek out advice from professionals who are experts in skin care products and in clinic facial treatments for dry skin and other concerns.

Hayley’s DRY JULY winter skin “best moisturiser to try” tip to combat dry, flaky skin:

  • The PCA Collagen Hydrator is a lovely rich moisturiser that also stimulates collagen production. $65


Dry July Skin Care TIP #5: FACIAL OILS

  • Add in a facial oil.
  • This can improve lipid dry skin – or skin that doesn’t contain much oils.
  • Usually you can add this to your moisturiser or apply your facial oil just before applying your moisturiser.
  • Anything that contains essential fatty acids like hemp seed oil can improve lipid function in the skin.

Hayley’s DRY JULY “best facial oil to try” recommendation for dry skin over winter:

  • Organic Nation’s Supernatural 8 Recovery oil
  • It uses organic plant oils and essential oils to soothe, repair and deliver hydration $71.50



  • Consider taking supplements but be sure you’re eating a balanced, nutritious diet.
  • Fish oils that are rich in Omega fatty acids can improve some individual’s skin health.
  • Eating Avocado (a SUPER FOOD) may help your skin look and feel better, too.


  • Use a hydrating mask can help improve dry skin during winter.
  • These masks can be applied a couple of times a week.
  • Some are left on the skin overnight.

Hayley’s DRY JULY “best hydrating mask to try” on dry skin over winter:

  • Aspect Gold Hydrating Mask
  • It’s fantastic for softening the skin and making if feel like a babies’ bottom.


Dry skin in winter – find out the best solutions on offer for facials, skin care regimes, serums, moisturisers, Skin Boosters and skin peel options at our Melbourne skincare and anti-ageing clinic.

  • Our Clinic boasts some of Melbourne’s most sought after facial treatments.
  • Our facials, peels, laser treatments and skin booster injections are delivered by knowledgeable, gentle and talented Clinicians.
  • Our skin care experts can also recommend a home-care regime and in-clinic facials to help YOUR winter skin become moisture-balanced and less dry.
  • Or if you have acne, we help reduce pimples and blackheads, too, without stripping your skin of needed serum (oils).
  • Read more on Acne treatments.

Disclaimer: this blog information is general in nature. These skin care and treatment tips may NOT suit every skin type or all winter dry skin concerns. The best way forward is to meet with a Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Injector for a personalised assessment and skin care or cosmetic injecting recommendations including facials, skin peels, laser treatments and home-care skin care products and serums. Shop online.


For Cosmetic Injection assessments such as Skin Boosters, you must meet with our female GP, Dr Tina Purdon, for an initial assessment.

For Facials, peels and skin laser treatments, acne treatments or light-based LED facials, ask to see a Dermal Clinician.

  • Want more information on rejuvenating your face?
  • Considering a non-surgical or surgical approach?
  • Phone (03) 8849 1444 and request YOUR free copy of the Facial Rejuvenation Guide. Or send an enquiry below.


Menopause is a process that brings about wide-reaching changes in your body. This includes your largest organ, your skin.  While this time of life changes brings the benefits of decades of learned wisdom and maturity, the reality of menopause also involves a time when ageing processes become somewhat accelerated. This period of life, in terms of more rapid ageing changes, relates to the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.

For men, a similar thing occurs over time, although with slightly different time frames.  Male hormonal changes that come with ageing are known as Andropause or “male menopause”.

In terms of YOUR skin and menopause, it’s not just your facial and body skin that changes.

Vaginal skin changes also, and that’s why vaginal laser treatments are now on offer for helping combat post-menopausal dryness, laxity or skin atrophy (thinner skin) that can lead to reduced libido or painful intercourse.

Changes to your Skin after Menopause: It tends to become much dryer

Increasingly DRY skin is not uncommon after passing through menopause. It’s also a key reason some women seek hormone replacement therapy or HRT.

Even vaginal lubrication becomes less frequent or non-existent after menopause, requiring hormone replacement treatments, creams or laser therapy.

  • Not only is the ageing process more noticeable in the years following menopause, the process of change itself can also result in hot flushes and other discomfort that leaves you feeling less comfortable in – and about – your skin.
  • Some women find they end up with a deepening voice or additional facial hair.
  • Even sensitive areas can become excessively dry (leading some women to try Mona Lisa vaginal laser treatments rather than creams).

So how MUCH does skin change during or after menopause?

And can anything be done about it?  

  • There is a lot you can DO to reduce skin dryness after menopause, especially if the skin dryness if worse winter.
  • Of course there’s skin care using great cosmeceutical products (we carry Obagi, Medik8, PCA and other top skin care lines for over-age-fifty skin care).  Visit our Dermal Clinician recommended online store for skin care products.
  • But there are more significant skin treatments that reach deeper layers of the dermis to rejuvenate the skin and cellular functions such as moisture production.
  • These deeper treatment may include Laser treatments or vaginal lasers or facial skin needling such as DemaPen or SkinPen.
  • Deeper treatments have a stronger impact on the cellular functions of the skin, and can help you reduce the signs OR speed of facial skin ageing, but only to a degree; that noted, non-surgical treatments are very much in demand because they DO have such a positive effect on appearance once you’ve passed through menopause and beyond.

There are deep chemical peels, pigmentation treatments and skin serums that can help improve the moisture and appearance of your skin’s texture.

There are also high end laser treatments – including DOT therapy and Fraxel – that can seemingly “re-energise” and refresh your skin.

Combinations of these treatments, along with dermal filler to re-volumise the face and anti-wrinkle injections to reduce those lines and ‘furrows,’ can go a long way to having you regain a less aged appearance or more refreshed skin appearance.


Skin Changes after Menopause – the typical effects of hormonal changes on your skin after age 50

  • The major reason for the increasing effects of age after the age of 50 or during and after menopause relate, of course, to hormones.
  • The same hormones that gave you acne as a teenager or young adult are again going through fluctuations, but often result in dryness rather than oily skin.

Hormones are powerful, so hormonal changes tend to impact nearly every organ, perhaps none so greater than your largest organ – your SKIN.

When you are in what’s called the reproductive years, having monthly menstruation, it’s a time of maximum hormone secretion. Oestrogen levels are higher when you’re younger. And they are what helps your skin look dewy, smooth and youthful when you’re relatively young.

  • The hormone oestrogen is incredibly important in keeping the body and the skin youthful.
  • During and after menopause, or after a hysterectomy, the levels of Oestrogen change.
  • Oestrogen drops dramatically, and thus there are many changes in the body and the skin.
  • These changes are not always welcomed in terms of how they impact your appearance.
  • For information on the best treatments to combat certain signs of ageing, from wrinkles to skin pigmentation and uneven colouration, phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for an assessment with a Dermal Clinician (skin treatments, lasers and skin-smoothing facials) or a Cosmetic Injector (filler and wrinkle relaxers).

How your skin is likely to be affected during or after Menopause

  1. As oestrogen levels drop, testosterone levels can rise for some women.If you have oily skin, you may find that your problem exacerbates, as the hormone testosterone tends to stimulate sebaceous glands.Just as you thought your teenage acne days were over, you may start to experience break-outs in your middle years!


  1. Wrinkles and sagging skin including the face, chin and breasts  – these are the prime giveaway areas of ageing.Menopausal changes are largely to blame. Our youthful skin is plump and healthy. Often it is kept firm and plump due to fat deposits under the skin.It’s also supported by a strong underlying skeletal structure (sadly, your bones also atrophy over time, which is why dermal filler injections are so popular).When oestrogen hormone levels drop, fat distribution starts to change. Usually excess fat ends up in areas where you least want it, such as on stomachs, buttocks or hips or under the chin. But fat stores also change in the face. The wonderfully supportive layer of fat in the face and neck starts to sag and the bones shrink. The skin then sags, wrinkles form and fine lines start to deepen from cumulative sun damage and repeated facial expressions. You will probably notice that you lose fat in your breasts, and that sagging happens there as well. The moment you discover that you’re having to ‘lift’ your breasts into your bra, or your nipples are drifting downward (if this didn’t already happen just after pregnancy), you’ll know there are changes happening in the skin tissue surrounding your breasts.

menopause: does menopause change your skin

  1. Oestrogen is the main stimulus for the production and repair of collagen. You probably know that collagen is an essential part of keeping your skin firm and elastic. As oestrogen levels drop, so does your production of collagen. This causes a decrease in your skin’s resilience and skin’s elasticity. The technical term for this is ‘elastosis’. It means that your skin may look puffy longer in the morning, or the jowls may seem to sag. For example, if you lean your face into your hands, the indentations might not disappear as quickly as they once did.


  1. Without a protective layer of fat and with reduced collagen, your skin is even more sensitive to ultra-violet light. Sun damage is cumulative and also more dramatic after menopause. You’ll need to be even more vigilant protecting your skin in your 50’s and beyond. If you give up caring for your skin just because you see wrinkles forming, you’ll be making a huge mistake. Oestrogen aids the production of melanin, which protects you from the sun. Reduced oestrogen means reduced melanin, with the obvious side-effects that your skin is less protected from sun damage.Use physical sunblock and take care to stay out of the sun.


  1. You’re probably familiar with those brown ‘age spots’ that you might see forming on your hands, face, and chest. These are also as a result of reduced melanin. When UV rays reach your skin and there isn’t enough melanin to keep them under control, these spots appear as a result of damage to your skin.  Coco Ruby offers treatments for these complaints – as well as Melasma (very noticeable facial pigmentation that sometimes occurs during or after pregnancy). Phone (03) 8849 1444 for details on treatments for Melasma such as Dermamelan.

what menopause does to your skin; skin changes during and after menopause

  1. Circulation changes will occur which impacts the delivery of skin nutrients. The epidermis is filled with blood vessels that keep oxygen and nutrients moving through your skin. The maintenance of these vessels is partly controlled by oestrogen. Thus, you get less blood to your skin during and after menopause, which causes the epidermis to be less healthy and to start to thin. A thinning epidermis results in wrinkles forming. Also, sometimes the vascularity will become more prominent – particularly on the decolletage.  A Dermal Clinician can advise you on the treatment options to reduce dryness and may also recommend Healite II or other light and laser treatments to improve collagen stimulation and circulation.  Ask about C02 Lasers and DOT therapy as well as Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser Treatments.


  1. A thinning epidermis and reduced hormones can also result in dryness, which makes lines and wrinkles more noticeable on the surface of the skin. This is a time when you need to increase moisture to the skin, and concentrate on making certain that you really boost hydration.  One of the novel ways to treat very dry skin is to use dermal filler injections in a “skin booster cosmetic injections” type of strategy.  Ask our Senior Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians & Physicians about Booster Injections to plump up the skin.


  1. What many women are not aware of is that the skin of the urinary tract and vagina are also affected by ageing. We can’t see these parts of our bodies so tend not to be as aware of the ageing process, but you may still be conscious of symptoms. If you find that you’re becoming incontinent or if sexual intercourse is uncomfortable and you’re experiencing dryness or pain, these symptoms could be related to the changes in your skin due to menopause. It makes sense, as the cells on the surface of the skin in both the urinary tract and vagina are similar to other skin cells. Thus, there is likely to be a similar loss of resiliency and dryness occurring.   Visit the Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser Treatment pages or phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for an assessment with a female GP.

Skin Care Options for Skin After Menopause including Laser Treatments for the Face and Vaginal Area

What can you do to combat the effects of menopause on your skin?

  1. As already mentioned, you should use increased sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays, and don’t forget your hands. Your hands are almost always exposed to sunlight, so make certain that you put sunblock on them too. Hands are often a first indicator of the ageing process, and you could find that the skin thins, that veins tend to become more prominent, and that wrinkles become obvious. Wearing gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals when you’re doing housework is also helpful.  Ask our dermal clinicians about the fantastic high-quality SUN PROTECTION products they carry – book a skin care assessment by phoning (03) 8849 1444.
  1. The foods you eat can help improve the condition of your skin. Look to include antioxidants in your diet, as these can help to counteract the drop in oestrogen levels. You can do your own research into which foods are best, but you can’t go wrong with brightly coloured vegetables and fruits. Remember, your skin, as with every other part of your body, regenerates itself by using the nutrients available to it. By nourishing your body with good food, you’ll help to slow down the ageing process.

does what you eat matter to skin; good foods for skin, vitamin e and good skin

  1. Get enough beauty sleep – now is the time to ensure that you are well rested. The ageing process can make you look tired, and if you’re genuinely sleep deprived, this will make the situation worse. Besides, it’s during sleep that our bodies restore and repair, so give yourself time for that to happen. A good facial and regular massages will also help with circulation, relaxation and sleep!


  1. Exercise is a great way to improve skin tone – one great side effect of exercise is that it gets the blood pumping and improves circulation; all of which is good for your skin. Exercise – as we age – is also particularly great for the brain, and may prevent dementia! In addition to helping with circulation, exercise decreases stress. Being too wound-up definitely makes your skin more sensitive, and it can also lead to not drinking enough water or consuming the wrong foods. It doesn’t always have to be cardiac exercise that you do – gentle Pilates or yoga are also excellent at getting you to relax and become more centred. This can have a lovely correspondingly positive effect on your skin, your mood – and of course, your general appearance.


  1. Consider intra-vaginal laser treatments as a Series­ – as discussed, many women find that the changes to their skin also affects the lining of the vagina and their attitude towards sexual intercourse. Having sexual intercourse when you’re feeling uncomfortably dry (even skin parched) is often unpleasant.

    Discomfort during sex is also one of the reasons many women lose their sex drive after menopause. There is a procedure – known as the Mona Lisa Touch – that uses a targeted CO2 laser method to improve the quality of the tissue and skin of the vagina. It’s non-invasive (no surgery) and is considered safe for suitable candidates for laser treatments (ask our female G.P. to screen you to see if you’re a good candidate).

    The procedure is typically not uncomfortable and relatively quick to have performed. But you’ll need three sessions about 4-6 weeks apart for best results. The way it works is that it counters the key symptoms of menopause (or post-pregnancy) by regenerating skin fibres and simulating the production of collagen in that area. Hydration is often a problem with ageing skin, but this treatment helps restore both moisture and elasticity. When correctly performed, it stimulates the skin to regenerate itself (much like other lasers or even a Dermapen – it creates tiny tunnels that stimulate the skin’s natural healing responses). So the tissues of the vagina can be successfully “regenerated” using vaginal laser treatments, not just via oestrogen creams or moisturising solutions, but via an internal response.  It have even helped many women re-experience sexual enjoyment again.

The ageing process is inevitable, particularly as our bodies change during menopause.

However, as we’ve discussed, there are many things that you can do to prolong the vitality and healthy appearance of youth. This will give you more confidence and could greatly improve your quality of life.

Want to know more about DOT therapy or Vaginal Laser Therapy in Melbourne by a female GP, or which serums and moisturisers to use on ageing skin?
Phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today.


The Perfect Lip Shape: Ideals and Techniques for Lip Augmentation Injections

Every culture – every generation – has ideals for what they consider attractive in terms of appearance. But certain aspects of aesthetic appreciation don’t seem to change much over the years. One of these ideals is the aesthetic preference for fuller looking lips over thin lips. Attractive lip proportions have even been shown to increase attractiveness perceptions, according to research studies of lip shape preferences.

Ideal Lip Shapes Driving Injecting Techniques and Cosmetic Injection Facial Augmentation Strategies

  • full lips rather than thin lips are more appealing
  • nicely shaped lips that are generally horizontally symmetrical (relatively even on the left and right sides versus uneven or lop-sided)are
  • generation after generation have appreciated attractive smiles with fuller lips; but only recently has non-surgical lip augmentation been an option

No one has yet made thin lips trendy – but it COULD happen…

It’s just highly unlikely unless a celebrity with thin lips and a huge following becomes incredibly popular all of the sudden.

Theoretically Aesthetically “Perfect” Lip Shapes

First, there’s never such thing as perfect or ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to augmentation.

  • No cosmetic treatment can achieve perfection.
  • Aesthetic improvements, perhaps, when done well; perfection, never.

All concepts of beauty are in the eye of the beholder, as the cliche goes. But studies show there are actually shared ideals about what people think looks best in terms of lip size or lip shapes. And this crosses many cultures and generations.

The thing is, that there are different lip shapes and different injection techniques for lip filler.

Lips need to be balanced with other features of the face – anatomy is as important in lip filler technique as what the lips look like.

BECAUSE it’s not just the lips that need to look attractive; it’s how the changes MADE to the lips either ENHANCE – or TAKE AWAY FROM – other features of the face.

Overly large lips can ruin an otherwise attractive face.

So don’t go overboard with lip filler!

There is, however, a theoretical ‘perfect lip shape‘ (or preferred lip shapes) that people seem to gravitate towards.

And widely-preferred lip proportions is just what some Scientists decided to RESEARCH in regards to what people generally consider to be the ‘perfect lip shape’ or ideal lip augmentation dimensions.

In search of a “universally applicable ideal upper to lower lip ratio”: Research findings on appealing lip shapes show more consistency than many people thought they would; and the latest lip filler injection trends are for more moderate enhancements of the upper and/or lower lips (typically both, but not the same amounts in each lip).  Again, however, this varies according to the needs of the patient and their desires for lip augmentation.

Lip Shape Research: Cosmetic Preferences and Lip Filler Ideals

  • Research: aesthetic preferences and beauty ideals have been measured by scientific studies.
  • Certain facial features remain preferred equally by different cultures.
  • Regional variances can and do occur, but not to the degree you might expect.
  • Fuller lips in either a very balanced 1:1 proportion between the upper and lower lip, or a slightly larger lower lip, were the most preferred lip proportions, but thin lips rarely rate.
  • According to studies, people spend more time looking at mouths than most other facial features (other than the eyes).

From a UK Manchester University Study involving Psychologist Geoff Beattie described in the Courier Mail: “Scientists found that in the 10 seconds after meeting a woman for the first time, the average chap will spend more than half his time gazing at her mouth.”

So what makes a lip shape seem perfectly proportioned?

Some general lip shapes created with lip fillers that you may be familiar with include:

  • The Hollywood Lip with emphasis on the Cupid’s Bow area
  • The full upper and lower lip (even) – a 1:1 harmony in size
  • The more pronounced lower lip (protruding and/or being larger than the upper lip)
  • The larger upper lip (not necessarily natural although may look okay on some individuals)

When it comes to lip shape preferences, it’s not just the eye of the beholder – it’s how the lips look on the face.

  • But so much of our culture is focused on the aesthetics of what we look like (and our fashion and food presentation tastes) that denying we have visual preferences for nearly everything is denying basic human nature.
  • But remember, ideal lip shape preferences are not shared by every single person on the planet.
  • Nor will one shape or cupid’s bow filler injection technique look great on nearly everyone.

But you and your Cosmetic Injector MAY be able to use these types of lip preferences to guide your lip augmentation injecting strategies to attain fuller-looking, more shapely lips.

Great lips give you a more defined or sultry-looking smile; and fuller lips can also give a more youthful appearance.

Lip ratio research shows that there is a strong preference for well-balanced or equal upper-lower lip sizes or pleasing, fuller shapes.

Is there really an ideal lip shape or commonly shared preference?

  • Certainly there is individualism in what lip shapes and aesthetic feature balances a person prefers.
  • But most people report being attracted to (or attracted by) lips that have some volume to them; that looks natural, soft and ‘inviting’ or kind.  This means a full lower lip, possibly an equally full or nearly full upper lip (although 1/3 to 50% lip height on the upper can also look good), and for some women, a more defined Cupid’s Bow (the slightly v shaped area of the lip in the midline, below the nostrils).
  • Whereas thin lips may leave some individuals looking angry, stressed or withdrawn.

But the overwhelming goal of cosmetic treatments seems to be improved balance and facial and lip symmetry, even though it will never be ‘perfect’ (humans, by nature, simply aren’t capable of perfection).

But there is are some ideal lip shapes that some consider the “perfect lip shape” or ideal lip proportions, that lead some women and men to ask for lip filler injections.



What the preferred Lip Shape research study showed:

  • That over 60% preferred a similarly sized, nicely volumised but not overly filled, lip shape.
  • That the second highest rating for lip shape was a slightly fuller lower lip, but both lips with ample volume (yet not so much it looked puffy or over-volumised).

Nearly 6 in 10 research study participants preferred lower and upper lips that were nearly equal in volume; and other preferred a slightly larger lower vs upper lip (which is what most people are born with; although these are not always in well-balanced proportions).

  • But before you pick a lip shape of lip volume to aim for with lip augmentation via filler injections or a lip lift procedure, know that NOT all lip shapes SUIT ALL FACES.
  • Different facial structures may look better with one lip shape over another.

Every face is so unique there’s really NEVER an ideal, perfect lip shape that will suit every single patient.

Going overboard with lip filler can leave you looking less than perfect – in fact, absolutely freakish is a ‘thing’ when it comes to overfilled lips (read how to avoid lip filler disasters).

Find out what the PREFERRED “IDEAL” LIP SHAPE RESEARCH SHOWED by visiting:

Read our blog on AVOIDING lip filler disasters or scroll down to see more information on lip filler and non-surgical lip augmentation.

Lip Filler Disasters: How to Avoid Going Overboard

Techniques used in Lip Filler Injections for Lip Augmentation

How do Cosmetic Injectors augment and reshape lips with dermal fillers?

  • There are many unique variances to lip shaping that injectors learn to use for improving the shape of the lips.
  • (We’d say ‘perfecting the lip shape through injections, but there’s really no such thing as a perfect shape or a perfect lip shape result. The fact is, that all lips and all human faces are very unique.)
  • Lip shape changes can improve the size/volume, cupids bow, symmetry and relative proportions of the upper and lower lips (one or both), but perfection of any sort is impossible – so keep your expectations realistic.
  • Typically the volume will be adjusted across the upper lip and lower lip (and there may be potential bruising at the injecting points)

Lip Volumisation Techniques for Injectors: Injecting Methods

  • Injecting methods vary between Clinicians.
  • There are, however, some general guidelines and the more training and experience your Cosmetic Injector has, the better your results are likely to be.
  • One of the biggest decisions in lip augmentation is WHAT lip filler to use; there are many brands of differing consistencies to help your Cosmetic Injector augment your face; at Coco Ruby, we have a wide range to choose from to get you a suitable feel and shape to meet your lip shaping preferences.

Typically, thin cannulas (or needles) are used to inject the lips with a soft-feeling dermal filler.

  • The type, brand and consistency of the dermal filler is chosen by your Injector based on your lips and your stated ideals.
  • How much lip filler is required may change and will impact your lip volume (lip fullness), potentially the lip filler duration (filler longevity), bruising risks, and the feeling of your lips (natural…or do they feel firmer than they might – or worse yet, fake?)
  • Fake feeling lip augmentation may be the result of two factors: cheap filler products rather than high quality ones, or too much filler in the wrong places.

FAQ: Does it feel natural? Or does it feel more firm than natural?

Variances in types of lip filler leave patients with a different ‘feel‘ – some injectables or cheap product lines might not feel as natural or last as long as better quality lip filler solutions).

Methods: shape the lips or volumise the vermilion, define the cupid’s bow or even out the lips with dermal fillers.

  • Lip augmentation via lip filler involves reshaping and/or enlargement of the visible portion of the lip (the vermilion).
  • Shaping the Cupid’s Bow (enhancing the “V-shape” of the upper mid line) is also possible with cosmetic injections, depending on what you’re starting with and how much filler can be used.
  • The relationship between the vermilion and the area of the face beneath the nasal columella can also be adjusted with cosmetic injections or with an upper lip lift surgery procedure.

Injectors also need to consider the harmonisation of their efforts. In this regard, the relationship between lip height and incisor is important. This can be done during analysis of the facial anatomy before injecting, to evaluate possible maxillary hypoplasia and protrusion. The patient’s occlusion status is also evaluated; and the more well-planned the injecting strategy and facial balancing aesthetics, the more pleasing the result is likely to be for the patient.

Want injections to enhance your lips?

Phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for an appointment with our Cosmetic Physician to begin assessing potential suitability for your facial and lip injecting treatments to enhance your lip size, shape or relative proportions.

Disclaimer: Results can vary from patient to patient.  Lip fillers used at this clinic are high quality but they are temporary in nature (we discourage any use of permanent facial filler products). Be sure you understand the risks of dermal fillers including lip fillers, potential bruising and other complications, before you proceed. You will need to sign a consent before treatment and have an assessment for suitability by a Cosmetic Physician. Don’t simply get a cosmetic lip augmentation because everyone else is doing it – these are serious treatments involving Schedule 4 pharmaceutical substances, and successful treatments require your understanding of the process, potential risks and complications, recommended lip injection healing protocols and recovery times. Find out more by meeting with the Coco Ruby Team of Injecting Clinicians.

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Lip Filler Disasters: How to Avoid Going Overboard

Dermal Fillers vs Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Choosing a Strategy

Knowing which types of cosmetic injections your face will benefit most from, appearance wise, is a matter of five things:

(1) your existing facial anatomy and your primary facial appearance concerns

(2) your feature balance vs asymmetry and imbalance

(3) your facial ageing including skin condition and bone atrophy

(4) your personal cultural preferences for volumisation

(5)  your understandings of what CAN be done with cosmetic injections versus cosmetic facial surgery (plastic surgery of the face, eyelids, jawline, chin or neck)

During a clinical assessment for injections, you and your Cosmetic Injecting Nurse or Doctor will investigate:

  • your medical history and your suitability for injectable treatments
  • your facial structure, including areas of the face that you might want to accentuate or adjust 
  • the best injecting strategies to address what concerns you most about your appearance (e.g, forehead wrinkles,  crow’s feet, lip lines, a weak chin, thin lips or ‘invisible’ cheekbones)
  • which areas and facial injecting strategies you want to start with, first, in terms of your cosmetic injecting budget and the cost of these injecting treatments
  • your understandings of the procedure, risks and recovery times (there may be potential bruising)

Be sure you feel 100% comfortable with your cosmetic injector and his or her knowledge of facial anatomy and injecting options; as well as their background and training. If you’re uncomfortable with any aspects of the clinic, cosmetic injector and environment, don’t proceed. 


Cosmetic Injecting: It’s an ART and a SCIENCE

  • Good cosmetic injecting outcomes require a combined approach of aesthetic taste (your goals) and advanced medical knowledge relating to dermal filler and anti-wrinkle solution uses and injecting strategies.
  • But you MUST keep your expectations realistic and understand the risks of dermal filler vs anti-wrinkle injections.
  • Often, both dermal filler AND anti-wrinkle injections are the best solution to accomplish what a patient is wanting; but going slowly and not doing too much at once is usually wise.
  • And it’s important to know that treatments will need to be repeated over time, if you like the results; as these are temporary solutions not permanent fillers (avoid permanent fillers at all costs).


Anti-Wrinkles, Dermal Fillers or Both? The Liquid Facelift

It’s important to understand that a highly-experienced Cosmetic Injector uses their extensive aesthetic experience AND their medical knowledge to help you choose:

  • which aspects of your face to volumise with fillers vs
  • which parts of your face to lift or relax using anti-wrinkle injections vs dermal filler injections

So in this blog, we briefly outline some common uses of cosmetic injections in our Melbourne Clinic for temporary facial enhancements and skin rejuvenation.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections vs Dermal Fillers: Uses

Anti-Wrinkle Solutions are used to relax lines and soften wrinkles

  • Anti-Wrinkle Solutions relax certain facial muscles that create ever-deepening lines and wrinkles as you age
  • Over time, anti-wrinkle treatments help to reduce these wrinkles (skin indentions or lines)
  • They are injected to reduce dynamic facial expressions but leave your face still looking natural (versus stiff). Here, the skill of a good injector is paramount to avoid looking ‘overly injected’.
  • They reduce the appearance of skin ageing by softening lines and wrinkles but sometimes textural treatments such as peels, lasers or Dermamalen are needed for pigmentation or texture concerns.
  • used in dynamic expressions

They take 2 weeks to show effect on most patients. More than one treatment may be needed before you see significant results on some lines (these might occur 3 to 4 months apart). They do not address skin laxity.

Some commonly injected areas of the face where anti-wrinkle injections are used include:

  • forehead
  • between the brows
  • crow’s feet area or eyelid area
  • near the lips or mouth

Another use for anti-wrinkle injections is to treat excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) or reduce a gummy-looking smile.

Dermal Fillers essentially help re-volumise areas of the face that need more projection or gentle shaping to get a better facial balance.

  • Filler injections are used primarily to enhance, augment and sculpt certain features of the face – they are facial volumisers.
  • They can sometimes also be used to help soften some lines or scars/skin indentions or to reduce under-eye shadows in the tear trough area (‘eye bags’)
  • Dermal Fillers tend to have a facial rejuvenation effect and are an excellent enhancement option to combine with other rejuvenating facial procedures including a Face Lift Surgery, Neck Lift Surgery or skin resurfacing.
  • The skeletal structures underlying your skin lose volume as you age, so fillers can re-volumise the face and cheeks or jawline, helping to reduce a drawn look or hallowed look to cheeks, chin, eyes, brow or temples.
  • The skill of your injector is also paramount with facial fillers, to create better harmony rather than an ‘over filled’ or ‘over-volumised’ looking result.

is bruising normal after cosmetic injections? recovery-after-cosmetic-injections-supplements-to-avoid.

Does age matter when you’re getting fillers or wrinkle injections?

  • People of all ages over 18 get fillers, although there are debates about the pros and cons of beginning cosmetic injections at an early age.
  • However, many people find dermal filler injections can subtly improve their natural facial contours – from brows to nose to cheeks to chins – at a cost that is far less than facial surgery or facial implants, such as chin implants or chin augmentation for a recessed chin.
  • Plus, the fact that dermal fillers and muscle relaxers are temporary means the ‘new look’ can either be reversed, if necessary, OR will wear off in a period from 9 months to 18 months on average (or less).

Do Men Get Cosmetic Injections? Male Cosmetic Treatments

Women get more filler treatments than do men and have always led the way in facial enhancement procedures and skin care. But our culture is changing rapidly, and men are gaining greater access to – and comfort with – seeking skin care and facial rejuvenation treatments.  At our Melbourne Clinic, we notice that more men are starting to seek these treatments out after seeing what it does for their female friends or partners.

injections for forehead wrinkles using a approved temporary-filler-solution fillers or approved muscle relaxant solution substances

Temporary Dermal Fillers – Facial Injections – how long do they last, and why do I need to get top up treatments?

How often will I need to get cosmetic injections or filler top ups?

It varies from person to person. Sometimes the type of filler, your body’s responses, your overall health and your pre and post injection care can have an effect on the duration of your fillers or anti-wrinkle treatments. So we list some average duration ranges of dermal fillers vs anti-wrinkle injections, but remember, these are not exact time frames and a variety of factors can influence result longevity.

Cosmetic Injection re-treatment times

It is optional to continue having dermal filler or anti-wrinkle injections, and time frames between treatments varies from patient to patient.

  • You can typically expect a top-up will be needed for anti-wrinkle injections at around the 3 to 6 month mark, and from 6 months to 18 months for fillers, sometimes sooner for lip filler if required.  A lot depends on how your body adapts to fillers.
  • It is feasible to anticipate your health (inflammation), nutritional intake, hydration, post-injections care plan and your substance use habits may also have an impact on how long your fillers last.
  • But it also depends on where the filler is injected and what type it is.

Here’s what’s good to know about them before you get started. But DO please read our treatment pages and our other blog articles on cosmetic injectables and skin care for more information. A good tip blog if you’ve never had filler or wrinkle injections before is: “First Timer Tips for Getting Injectables” and it is a good idea to read up on the dangers of cheap, discounted yet FAKE injectables and Filler Danger Zones.

Dermal fillers are mainly temporary because they are eventually absorbed by the body. Many types of temporary dermal fillers are made of similar ingredients that are naturally occurring in the human body.

  • Generally, effects of dermal filler injectables can last up to about six months or longer.
  • Lip fillers may gradually reduce and many patients top up their lip fillers at the 5 to 7 month mark.
  • Some dermal fillers may last as long as 9, 12 or even 18 months for some patients.

Others may need more frequent ‘top up’ sessions. Or perhaps you decide to further enhance your cheeks, chin or lips over time (but beware going overboard and ending up with TOO much filler, especially too much lip filler).

  • Whilst injection treatments are renowned for having very LITTLE to zero down time, it is possible that you MIGHT be red, swollen or even bruised for a few days or even weeks after your treatment.
  • Most swelling and bruising after having dermal filler or lip augmentation injections passes in a few days or a few weeks, so be sure you leave enough time between your injections and a big event.
  • Ask our Melbourne Injectors what THEY do to minimise your risks and improve longevity – as not ALL injectors are alike (ours have advanced training and decades of experience and expertise).

Another use of Dermal Fillers is the SKIN BOOSTING INJECTION session to stimulate cellular function and skin rejuvenation.  Ask us about Skin Booster sessions by calling (03) 8849 1444.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Relax the Muscles that lead to wrinkles.

But a skilled injector avoids the ‘expressionless facial appearance’ and gives you a natural result.

Anti-wrinkle injections provide you with smoother and younger looking skin around your eyes, nose and forehead.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections can take up to 2 weeks to begin working.
  • Multiple treatments may be required, from 3 to 4 to up to 6 months apart for most patients, to reduce lines and soften wrinkles (the more ingrained or deep, the more treatments before you see a smoothing of the lines – and you may need skin resurfacing as well). 
  • Sometimes, over time, you can get by with more infrequent top ups and still have smoother skin in those areas that used to have strong lines or wrinkles; but your skin will still age, and the theory of ‘turning back the clock’ is both temporary and requires maintenance treatments.
  • However, most people are very happy with what these injectable treatments can accomplish, and it allows some to avoid the downtime or costs of facial surgery for a period of time.

You can achieve fuller lips and reduce the amount of visible lines around your mouth using Fillers; whilst muscle-relaxant solutions (using quality brand products) can remove years from your facial appearance.

Why not visit with our talented Injecting Clinicians such as Sandra Wallace RN and Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon.   For natural-looking results by highly experienced Cosmetic Injectors, phone (03) 8849 1444 and book a consultation for your top-up injections or for your first time “liquid facelift” injecting sessions.

anti-ageing facial injections

Cosmetic Injections: There are many benefits to facial injectables and more and more men and women are looking to smooth and plump with the use of injections.

Read more about how injectables are being used to help refine and rejuvenate faces of people of many different ages.

If you’re wanting to reshape your lips or add volume to your cheeks, lips, jawline or temples, you’ll want to read on to learn some KEY preparation steps to take BEFORE your cosmetic injecting session or before your next ‘top up’ filler appointment.

Another of our blogs gives tips to get the most from your injectables session (what to do AFTER your injection session).

Ready to get started? Send an enquiry form or phone our team to schedule an appointment and assessment: (03) 8849 1444.

Here are 3 things you can do BEFORE getting cosmetic injections to help minimise bruising risks from dermal fillers, wrinkle treatments and lip augmentation injections if you’re:

  • Preparing for your next round of Cosmetic Injections to re-volumise your cheeks, jaw or temples
  • About to have a top up of your anti-wrinkle injections to ease those facial lines
  • Wanting lip augmentation/lip fillers or other facial volumisers to improve your feature balance

This information is general in nature and does not replace medical advice.

Please ask your Melbourne Cosmetic Injector for details on the best ways to prepare for your injections AND what to do  – and not do – after having cosmetic fillers or wrinkle reduction injections. First published 26 September 2016; updated 9 July 2018. 

If you find your skin looks bruised after having cosmetic injections; but never bruised before…what’s the go?

  • You may have had cosmetic injections before, several times, with no bruising.
  • But did you know that bruising is still possible and sometimes randomly occurs?

That noted, there are some things you can do (and should know) to prepare for your cosmetic injections and lip filler treatments, to minimise your bruising risks.

  • Also, you’ll want to ask your Cosmetic Injector how to recognise what’s normal bruising versus abnormal skin discolouration signalling a more significant reaction to injections.
  • Be sure you do your homework before you get injections, and ask your Injector how many years of injecting they have had (Over 10 or 15 years? That may be a positive sign if they have a dedicated injecting practice, but not all Injectors have the same levels of skill and training – be sure you ask and check).

Here’s the scoop on handling bruising after cosmetic injections.

It includes statistics on how common bruising occurs after having dermal filler or anti-wrinkle injections and what you should and shouldn’t do before and after injection treatments.

How normal is bruising after filler injections?

How common is bruising after cosmetic injections, lip filler or facial injection treatments?

  • Bruising after cosmetic injections, particularly dermal fillers or lip fillers, is a potential side effect of anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler injections.
  • You can also experience discolouration and bruising after lip filler injections.

bruising after filler injections risks discolouration - melbourne clinic

A good Cosmetic Injector will typically advise you of the RISKS of cosmetic injections and other beauty treatments at your first consultation.

At your first-time Cosmetic Injecting consultation:

  • you’ll need to fill in a medical history
  • read and sign a consent form to have the cosmeceutical medical injecting treatment using prescribed solutions
  • and confirm you understand the risks

Be sure you actually DO!  And if this is a top up, you need to tell your Injector about any changes to your health, including your medications, diet, substance use and stress levels, as these can all impact your healing processes.

Risks of cosmetic injections include skin bruising, and this will be covered during your first cosmetic injecting consultation.

Be an informed patient and beauty treatment consumer: learn about the differences between dermal fillers vs anti-wrinkle injections and how they’re used!

Managing Bruising – ask your Injector for tips (ice can help but avoid heat)!

Your injector will instruct you how to best manage bruising should you experience this side effect after having your injections. Be sure to contact your Injector immediately if you experience any abnormal bruising or other reactions of concern). Typically things like Arnica and cool packs will be recommended.

Can you reduce bruising risks after having dermal filler injections?

  • Bruising after cosmetic injections and lip fillers is not uncommon.
  • Injecting strategies and skill levels can help reduce bruising, but only to point.
  • Even if you have had prior sessions and never bruised, it can randomly occur.
  • Typically it’s the body’s responses, or your overall health and nutrition intake around the injecting time frame, that MIGHT impact your bruising risks.
  • But the skill of an injector may also help to reduce your risks of bruising to some extent (but not for all patients, as some patients simply bruise more readily than others).
  • Medications to avoid are listed below, but check with your Doctor for advice on medications.
  • Avoiding temperature extremes is also helpful, particularly heat and steam.

Risks of bruising is higher after cosmetic injection treatments IF you have:

  • a bleeding disorder
  • uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • have recently used anticoagulants like aspirin, clopidogrel or warfarin (Source: J Cutan Aesthet Surg

How long does skin bruising last after having filler injections?

  • Post-Injections bruising usually only lasts for a few days to 2 weeks.
  • Ask your Injecting Doctor or Injecting Nurse how to manage any potential bruising, and please alert them to any and all concerns.
  • Don’t ever book an injecting treatment close in time to a big event – at a minimum, allow a full 2 weeks to 3 weeks just as a precaution.
  • If you do bruise and want some cover-up makeup, we offer top-of-the-range products for skin coverage including Lycogel medicated skin care products.

How many people bruise after getting facial injections?

Statistics of Cosmetic Injections Bruising and what it may mean

  • Bruising might occur in up to 2 to 3 in 10 patients; or higher.
  • Statistics: Reported bruising averages after having dermal filler or lip filler vary,  but the estimate ranges from 19% to nearly 1 in 4 patients (25%).
  • Which areas of the face are injected and HOW they are injected, MAY influence your bruising risks.
  • Some areas of the face or lips may be more prone to bruising than other areas and the injecting method can also have an impact.
  • Discolouration or bruising under the skin that appears a pale, translucent blue-ish colour, may be related to the Tyndall effect of cosmetic injecting.

Every patient is unique, however. Bruising isn’t always predictable.

  • It is often difficult for your Cosmetic Injector to fully predict if you’ll get bruising or discolouration after having your cosmetic injections (anti-wrinkle solutions and dermal fillers).
  • But if you know you have a history of sensitive, easily bruised skin, be sure you tell your Injector BEFORE you have a session.
  • If you are taking certain medications, vitamin supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal teas, you MAY be more prone to bruising, so let your Injector know what you’re taking and avoid the supplements listed further down this blog.
  • And remember, follow your Injector’s advice carefully.
  • Do not smoke, and do not fly after facial fillers – it’s a NO NO).

Avoiding certain vitamin supplements, medications and foods BEFORE and AFTER your procedure MAY help reduce your bruising risks.

Some supplements and anti-inflammatory medications are best stopped 2 weeks before your injecting session.

So read more to find out which medications, substances or foods to avoid (but ask your DOCTOR for specific advice and don’t suddenly change your prescribed medications without your Doctor’s or Specialist’s “okay”).

Three Things you Should Do Before You Get Wrinkle Reduction Injections or Facial Fillers to reduce your risks of bruising.

  • Are you looking for cosmetic injections to get you fuller looking lips?
  • Or perhaps you may be thinking it’s time to smooth away those skin creases, forehead lines and facial wrinkles using wrinkle relaxing injections?
  • Or perhaps you want to treat your above-lip lines or smoker’s wrinkles?

If so, you’ll want to get a long lasting result and try to avoid complications, to the full extent possible.

One of those is bruising after having injections, how to manage discolouration and how long it takes to resolve or go away.

If you are unwell, you likely have an inflammation, which can increase your risk of bruising and impede your results. It’s usually best to be well and healthy when you’re having cosmetic injections, and to follow these tips below.

Before we go into tips for preventing bruising or minimising your side effect risks, here’s a brief synopsis of cosmetic injectables available in Melbourne.

There are essentially two key types of facial injections / cosmetic injections offered at our Melbourne Clinic.

These are dermal fillers – which includes fillers used on lips – and wrinkle relaxers which are commonly known by their formal drug name. Both types of cosmetic injections involve the use of solutions that are Class 4 pharmaceutical drugs in Australia.

But there are many different brands and consistencies of dermal fillers for lips, cheeks, temples, chins and other featured areas of the face. Not all are equal.

Click to open a great article on dermal fillers vs anti-wrinkle injections (will open in a new browser tab).

Facial Injectables (Cosmetic Injectables) are commonly used in facial rejuvenation treatments to:

  • enhance the facial appearance
  • treat certain aspects of facial ageing

So many patients want good tips for preventing common side effects such as bruising or discolouration after having lip filler or other facial injections.

The two types of cosmetic injections that are most popular in Melbourne:

  • wrinkle-reducing muscle-relaxer injections AND/OR
  • soft tissue fillers (called ‘dermal volumisers‘) which help balance out features or restore lost volume

Many patients invest in both injecting treatments for a more holistic facial enhancement, but depending on your age, skin health and concerns, you may choose to have only wrinkle relaxer injections OR dermal fillers rather than both. Lip filler is also very popular for lip augmentation, and is frequently combined with cheek filler or forehead wrinkle treatments – but it is also a good stand-alone treatment for thin-lipped individuals who want fuller or more shapely lips.

Ways to avoid complications – choose your Injector wisely AND ask them what products they use – be sure they use fully approved products with recognisable brand names.

  • Quality brand injectables products should be injected into your skin by a qualified Injector to help volumise (fill in) or temporarily ‘soften or ease’ (relax) – crow’s feet lines and other noticeable facial lines and forehead wrinkles.
  • Not all solutions used by different injectors are equal in texture, longevity and use.

There are different brands, textures and consistencies of filler being used.  Read the blog on avoiding permanent filler and counterfeit cosmetic injecting products.

  • When you choose your Cosmetic Injector, make sure they have a solid understanding of Facial Anatomy and individual variances in vascularity.
  • Also check to see if they have a good grasp on strategic injecting strategies and a dedication to best-practice sterilisation and sanitation practices, as this is important for your well-being.
  • Yet remember that every face is unique and will have differing vascularity and injecting responses, so there’s always going be some risk(s) to having injections; although many can be minimised with thoughtful planning and a solid medical knowledge of facial anatomy and injecting risks.

Hence, injecting results and complication risks vary significantly from patient to patient.

But many patients have injections with minimal side effects. Just be sure you understand all risks before consenting to a treatment – and if you have a question or concern, be sure to ASK!

  • Dermal Fillers can also plump up certain areas like your chin, cheeks or lips, for better volume.
  • They can also give you a fresher, more balance facial appearance.
  • Facial harmonisation, minor chin augmentations and other corrective aesthetic measures can be accomplished with dermal fillers vs cosmetic surgery, with less downtime and cheaper costs.
  • Even so, be sure you understand injecting risks.

One risk of dermal filler injections or other cosmetic injections is that, because Injectors use a small micro-fine needle or cannula to insert the solution into your skin, this sometimes causes an injury reaction after penetration of the upper dermis; e.g., skin bruising at the site(s) injected. Read your consent carefully before signing, and find out how to manage your skin after having injections; so you know what to expect.

Anti-Ageing: Is it time to get Facial Injections Treatments?

Is it your first time having cosmetic facial injections? You’ll need a consultation first with our Cosmetic Physician.

  • If you haven’t had cosmetic injections before, then arrange a consultation with one of our Team’s Cosmetic Physician.
  • She will help assess your suitability for cosmetic injections and give you a quote for the costs of anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler injections and lip filler (a treatment plan will be created).

If you’re scheduled for anti-wrinkle reducing injections or facial fillers (volumisers), here are THREE THINGS TO DO Before Your Injectables Session.

Preventing Bruising After Injections

STEP 1: Do Your Research about Cosmetic Facial Injectables BEFORE your Facial Injections Appointment

  • It is very important that the first step you take before getting your injectable is to ensure that you have done enough research
  • Investigate your Injecting Clinician, The Practice and about the injecting procedure itself.

You want to make sure that you choose a well-respected and experienced Injector, one with decades of cosmetic injecting experience and who works in a quality Clinic to be sure you get quality products and a highly-skilled injecting strategy.

  • Getting quality injectables depends on the skill and technique of the injector, so be sure to do your research and find a Clinician with a stellar reputation and a solid understanding of facial anatomy.
  • You want to find an Injector who has been successfully administering injectables for a very long time, ideally 10 years or longer (all our top injectors have a minimum of 15 to 20 years of cosmetic injecting experience).

Going in for a personalised skin consultation is the best – and only – genuine way to truly get to know your Injector and his or her practice.

Also, in the process of getting your questions answered, if you’ve done your research you’ll quickly know how confident and knowledgeable your Clinician is – as well as how honest about the risks and their understanding of facial anatomy.  It is very important to feel comfortable to ask as many questions as you feel are necessary before you consent; and if you’re not sure or you don’t feel comfortable with the injector, don’t do it (keep looking).

It can help to make a list of your questions about cosmetic injections and anti-wrinkle solutions so that you don’t forget to ask for the information you feel is most important.

  • Be sure to ask about all of your options to and how much the treatment will cost.
  • Ask about brands, volumes and injecting strategies – they can probably create a plan to suit your budget.

At our Clinic, you’ll be given a treatment plan with costs before you have the treatment, and you can always opt for more injectables or less injectables. You can also get a further enhancement in a few weeks’ time.

  • It’s typically best to go natural and not overdo it.
  • But you also want to be sure you get a good effect from it as well.
  • A skilled injector can accomplish both for you; and help you know when to go for more, or when you might be wanting too much lip filler, for example.

Ask about side effects, risks, and how you should prepare for your visit as well as post-treatment care. Be sure to ask about what will happen if your results are not as expected; what will your Injector do to rectify the situation? And take a lot of BEFORE photos.  Refer back to them over the next 3 weeks to 6 months.

A great injector gives you such a natural looking enhancement that you can forget how you looked before the filler or anti-ageing injecting treatment.

doctors who perform cosmetic injections in Melbourne - Tina Purdon injectables-doctors-melbourne

You also want to make sure that you are both on the same page regarding what facial areas you want to treat before your actual injecting treatment is scheduled or begun.

Be clear about the plan and how you want problem areas fixed as well as what you want your ideal final look to be.

Your Injecting Team may like certain “looks” and different people have different ideals of what looks good on them so it is extremely important to be clear right up front.  Fortunately, our Injectors aim for a natural-look that specifically suits YOUR facial anatomy.  This helps you still ‘look like you’ – only an improved or rejuvenated version of yourself.  NOT a version that looks done, but one that looks natural, refreshed and more balanced (hence, more attractive, as facial balancing and strong cheeks, chins and jawlines are key aspects of why people perceive others as being beautiful or attractive).

It is also important to have realistic expectations about what injectables can and cannot do for you.

Injectable results can be dramatic for some people yet still look natural. But your post-injectable look may not be as perfect as you expected them to be, as perfection is not attainable – improvement yes, perfection no.  So having realistic expectations about your potential results is important. And remember, take a lot of before photos and you can even show your injector what you want changed – (and to refer to afterwards).  Your Clinician can then let you know if what you want is even possible (or not) through using anti-ageing injectables or fillers, of if a Plastic Surgery procedure is an alternative (or if what you’re wanting is simply not doable and unrealistic).  Stay grounded, in other words – injections aim to enhance features AND reduce wrinkles – but they won’t necessarily remedy serious facial anatomy imbalances or other issues such as extremely damaged skin.

STEP 2: Dermal Filler DO’s and DONT’s –  Limit Bruising after Your Injections by Avoiding Certain Medications and Supplements for about 7 days BEFORE your treatment

  • All blood thinners like aspirin, NSAIDS and ibuprofen should be avoided at least five to seven days before your injectable appointment.
  • These make your blood less likely to clot and thereby can cause, or worsen, potential bruising risks as it increases your tendency to bleed more.
  • You should also avoid certain medications like St. John’s Wart, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, gingko biloba, and ginseng.
  • All of these supplements can potentially increase bleeding and bruising – but be sure to speak to your primary healthcare practitioner before discontinuing the use of any medication that you regularly take as some medications are not meant to be halted.

Acetaminophen is typically fine to take before and after your injectable procedure but ask your Doctor for advice if you want to take certain medications. And do NOT suddenly stop taking a prescribed drug until you’ve checked with your doctor.


Be sure you let your injector know your current medications, nutritional habits, substance use, smoking and other behaviours or medical conditions that may impact your injecting risks and results!

Tip: Try adding Certain Vitamin-and-Mineral Rich Foods to Your Diet

  1. You may be able  to limit unwanted side effects of injectables, such as bruising, by adding certain foods to your diet.
  • Adding leafy greens like kale, spinach, and even broccoli to your diet will help boost your vitamin K supply.
  • Having better levels of vitamin K in your system may help reduce bruising in some patients.

When your body is deficient in vitamin K you can bruise a lot more easily so having this boost will help keep bruises at bay[1]. Citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C and Bioflavonoids help to heal wounds faster and can help with the turnaround time of your injections. And be sure you have adequate ZINC levels as ZINC has an impact on skin health, recovery and potentially even the longevity of your results (read our blog on “The Role Zinc Plays in Making Your Treatments Last Longer“).

Nurturing your skin before and after you have Cosmetic Injections can help – and drinking plenty of water after getting dermal fillers is mandatory to get a good uptake result. But there are some supplements you need to avoid.

That’s primarily because well nourished, strong, healthy and sun protected skin – nurtured by a well-balanced eating plan – will always respond better to treatments than will malnourished or otherwise-compromised skin.

STEP 3: Add ARNICA supplements to your cosmetic injections treatment plan AND keep well hydrated BEFORE & AFTER your Facial Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injections treatments

Does Arnica reduce bruising after a cosmetic injecting treatment or surgery? Typically YES it can help.

  • Arnica supplements have been proven to help reduce discomfort, bruising and swelling and can help after injectable procedures[2].
  • Arnica pills can be taken the day before or the day of your treatment and should be continued until any bruising or swelling has resolved.


Tip: Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine and avoid the gym (do not be overly active, and avoid heat and sun, for several days, before and after having injections).

You should also limit your alcohol and caffeine intake about 24 hours BEFORE your procedure, and avoid other foods or drinks that have a dehydrating tendency for a few days AFTER treatment – as this will often allow you to heal faster and provide optimum results.

Be sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water before and after your procedure as well.  You should try drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day several days before you have your injectables as well as after. This will help you heal and keep you feeling and looking younger – plus, drinking plenty of water helps you maintain a healthier weight (or helps you lose weight). That’s because it’s often difficult to lose weight if you’re dehydrated, even when you’re dieting.

If you are feeling as though you are ready to have injectables, be sure to do your research as we mentioned earlier in this post.

Give us a call or send an enquiry form to learn more or make an appointment for your first injectables (or rejuvenating top-up) consultation today.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 today!

Resources and further reading on treating bruising after fillers:

[1] Source:

[2] Source:

Latest Fat Treatments and methods including Double Chin Fat Reduction Injections – do they work?

Belly fat, back fat, double chin fat around the neckline – and fat on the thighs and hips. Some of us love it, some of us don’t. But when it comes to reducing fat these days, are there any non-surgical alternatives for fat treatment methods that DON’T involve surgery? Read a brief blog about fat reduction using fat ‘melting’ or ‘freezing’ or under chin injections versus a tummy tuck surgery, thigh reduction or neck lift procedure.

Fat “melting” injections, “fat freezing” and under chin injections for neck and chin fat reduction.

Do non-surgical fat reduction treatments using adipose cell heating, cooling or fat dissolving injections, really WORK?

  • The latest fat reduction treatments – are they really effective?
  • Worth it? Or just a waste of time and money?

The answer is that when it comes to the latest fat-busting technologies, patient selection and patient understandings of what CAN and CAN’T be accomplished without surgery, are crucial for a successful outcome and ‘worth it’ rating.

Does freezing fat cells, or melting fat cells, with temperature changes, really work? And what about the latest double-chin injection treatments?

Surgical Fat Reduction vs Liposuction vs Freezing or Cooling Adipose Cells

Non-Surgical Body Fat Changes and the latest Technology Advances – Patient Selection is Crucial to Success

The key thing consumers need to know is that the suitability of the patient to the procedure determines the ‘worth it rating’.

Suitability also includes what you understand about what a non-surgical option CAN and CANNOT do.

  • Don’t expect the impossible – results take time, and repeat sessions can become quite costly.
  • Some treatments are also uncomfortable, although the discomfort may be shorter lasting or not as acute as if you’ve had a surgical procedure (such as a Tummy Tuck or Neck Lift).

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction or Neck Lift Surgery vs Double Chin Injection Treatments

When it comes to reducing fat with fat cell dissolving injections or heating and cooling methods vs using liposuction or tummy tuck or neck lift procedures, remember that:

  • Patient selection is CRUCIAL for success.
  • Your skin condition matters – a lot! Especially for under-chin fat reduction to treat a double chin using injections.
  • So, too, does your body fat percentage and weight stability.
  • And reducing FAT CELLS doesn’t mean your skin will automatically adapt.
  • You may need surgical excision of excess skin folds or redundant dermal tissues after having fat reduction, if your skin is lax or if you lose a lot of weight over a period of time.

But what most patients don’t realise is that often these treatments ONLY work if you’re a good candidate, at a stable weight, with healthy skin and just a bit of extra fat in certain places – and that it can be a long, slow road to see results (and for some, it CAN get expensive)!

Read more on our page about different types of fat reduction treatments from Liposuction to Under Chin Injections to Body Contouring and Skin Reduction procedures.

Fat reduction treatments, however, are NEVER a replacement for good nutrition, moderate calorie intake and regular exercise.

Do non-surgical fat cell reduction treatments work? For good candidates with a healthy, stable BMI – and good skin elasticity – yes, they can. But it really depends on patient selection.

What you start with in terms of body fat and health, BEFORE you have a non-surgical fat reduction treatment like the latest cellular heating or cooling methods, WILL impact on your AFTER results.

breast-reduction-lipo Melbourne -back-fat-liposuction.

The average effectiveness of non-surgical fat treatments such as body contouring or ‘spot treatment’ fat reduction, depends on at least 3 things:

  1. Your starting point (BMI, skin condition and elasticity, areas of fat accumulation).
  2. Your lifestyle and your weight stability (including nutrition, sleep and exercise).
  3. Your expectations
    • Are your being realistic about what these treatments can accomplish?
    • Have you read the details and spoken with other patients, or looked at a variety of before and after photos – not just the best ones?
    • Or are you being very optimistic about what can occur – including thinking you’ll get significant results in a short period of time?
    • Is what you’re really needing a form of Plastic Surgery such as a Tummy Tuck?

Read the full article here about different types of fat reduction and the latest non-surgical methods.

Or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to ask us your questions.

Brow Lift vs Eyelid Surgery for Facial Rejuvenation.

Upper facial ageing is common after the age of thirty or forty.  And there’s no more obvious place that ageing occurs than around those central features of your face – your eyes and eyelids. These areas age more quickly than most other areas of the face. And because they show ageing more quickly, they are often the first areas of the face that people choose to treat with cosmetic procedures.  Eyelid ageing is also soon followed by ageing of the lips and mouth, the jawline, cheeks and temples. But when it comes to rejuvenating your upper face and eyelids, as a priority over other concerns, sometimes the question becomes brow lift vs eyelid surgery?” – and how to figure out WHICH of these two options is going to be best for your facial appearance. 

Eyelids or Brows? Here’s where an expert Surgeon’s opinion really matters.

In this blog, we hope to shed some light on what to consider when you’re considering having your brows or your eyelids lifted.

  • As with all cosmetic procedures, there’s typically never just ONE solution that fits every person’s face just perfectly.
  • Typically, you’ll get to choose between several workable options, although they may come with different costs, time frames, risks and down time.
  • Some patients can achieve eye area rejuvenation with cosmetic injections alone, at least temporarily.
  • Others have lost too much skin elasticity to benefit from injections in that area of the eyelids; they may need a surgical solution, instead.

A Surgeon, however, can help you evaluate your best alternatives, including non-surgical and surgical solutions, based upon a number of factors they take into account.

  • This includes professionally assessing your skin health and resiliency, your anatomy, your facial ageing and the distance between your brows and upper eyelids.
  • It may also include an assessment of what non-surgical options you might have to improve the appearance of your eyes and brows, such as cosmetic dermal filler injections or muscle relaxing injections.


There are many factors that go into making a good decision when choosing between a brow lift vs an eyelid reduction – and whether you might need both.

It’s best to discuss your brow lift and eyelid surgery options with an expert Surgeon, in person. 

This allows you to gain a realistic assessment of what can be accomplished  – and how. 

An in-person surgical assessment can also advise you of what impact a surgical reduction of the eyelids vs a brow lift will have on your overall facial appearance.

You can schedule a consultation with facial rejuvenation Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt by phoning (03) 8849 1444 in Melbourne.

  • An expert Surgeon can help you decide what your best eyelid reduction or brow lift surgery options will be to address your specific concerns.
  • Taking into account your skin and facial anatomy, your Surgeon can advise you on:
    • the position of your brows
    • the degree of excess eyelid skin
    • the risks of having one procedure over another procedure in terms of effects and impact on the entire facial appearance
    • how to resolve your concerns most effectively
  • Note that a brow lift does not intend to reduce wrinkles on the forehead; it is more to align the brows in a more elevated position on the forehead, but one that still looks natural. For wrinkle reduction, consider cosmetic injections such as wrinkle relaxers.


But be careful who you choose to perform your eyelid or brow surgery.

No one wants to risk a botched blepharoplasty, so be sure you understand – and avoid – the higher risks of medical tourism or cheap offers for eyelid reductions by non-dedicated or less-trained Surgeons.

  • Eyelid and Brow Surgery are very complex procedures.
  • They need to be performed with excellent planning and surgical precision, requiring the utmost in surgical skills.
  • You’ll ideally want these surgeries performed by some of most highly-respected professionals in the field of Oculoplastic Surgery and/or Plastic Surgery of the face, such as Dr Benjamin Burt (FRANZCO/FACS), the dedicated eyelid and brow surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery for Women.

Dangers of a Blepharoplasty Procedure Gone Wrong

The Botched Eyelid Lift or the Brow Lift that leaves you looking ‘surprised’ – Avoiding an unnatural-looking result means choosing a very talented, highly skilled Surgeon with a surgical focus on the procedure.

Overseas medical tourism is thought to be risky for most procedures, but even more so for eyelid procedures.

  • Less experienced Surgeons can leave you with a startled look if they raise the brow too high.
  • Non-Eyelid Experts can also leave you with a hollowed looking eye area or eyelid function problems, if they lack technical skill performing brow lifts or eyelid lifts, should they inadvertently take too much skin away during the procedure. (Remember, cosmetic surgeons might just be a GP not a designated Specialist – check with AHPRA).
  • Worse yet, if you risk overseas surgery or a discount GP or skin doctor who has limited expertise in eye procedures, you might have major eye lid complications that are impossible to remedy – such as not being able to fully close your eyes (as in the movie Behind the Candelabra, which revealed celebrity Liberace had a botched eyelid procedure).
  • But Surgeons who dedicate their practice to eyelid procedures and brow lifts, such as eyelid surgery expert Dr Benjamin Burt of Melbourne (an Oculoplastic Surgeon), are highly regarded for their experience and technical expertise.

Eyelid Surgery expert Dr Benjamin Burt is dedicated to getting patients natural-looking facial rejuvenation effects and to helping patients decide which procedure – a brow lift vs eyelid lift – will get them a better result.

Good surgery decisions always take into account your skin condition, your appearance goals and your facial anatomy.

Is Facial Ageing Worse in Australia due to sun exposure? Does that include the eye lid skin?

  • The eyelid area usually leads the way in facial ageing, mostly because it involves thinner skin, and frequently moved muscles that are repeatedly taxed by your facial expressions.
  • Prematurely ageing eyelids CAN also occur earlier in life for people living in Australia or other sun-drenched countries.
  • That’s because both sun exposure (UV damage) and frequent squinting can both take a toll on your eyelid skin resiliency.


But whether your skin and eyelids still look good at forty, fifty or sixty is not fully dependent on sun exposure. It also depends on your skin tone and pigmentation levels, skin care regimes, your facial anatomy and dynamic expressions.

  • So how much sun you get DOES count.
  • But some of your facial ageing is also dependent on your genetics – and partially related to your skin health and facial anatomy.

This includes the position of your EYE BROW area, both anatomically and how it changes as you age, as well as your eyelid skin.

Deciding between a Brow Lift vs Eyelid Surgery: Ask an expert

How do I know if I need a Brow Lift vs Eyelid Reduction Surgery (Blepharoplasty)? The Answer.

Again it’s a complex question. Not every person’s face will be best served by this general answer; because every patient’s different.

  • As mentioned, it’s important to get a confidential consultation with a top-rated Surgeon who understands the procedure in detail, and who has a very advanced grasp of facial anatomy, eyelid function and surgical precision.

That noted, there are some indications you can take into account on your own, to get a general sense of what you MIGHT need.

  • But this general information in no way replaces medical advice or the advice you’ll be given during a confidential consultation with an expert Surgeon.

Note the position of the BROW and the degree of SAGGING of the Eyelid Skin.

Is it your eye brow position – or the skin laxity below your brow – that has led to your appearance concerns?

In general, typically the position of the brow – as well as the laxity of the eyelid skin between the brow and upper lashes – comes into play in making these decisions.  A low brow position means that a blepharoplasty procedure may yield unsatisfactory results. But it really depends on numerous factors, and these issues are best assessed by a Surgeon who has great communication skills and advanced eye area rejuvenation surgical abilities.

Here are some general guidelines for Brow Lift vs Eyelid Lift Procedures

  • You may need a BROW LIFT if you have very LOW brows, or if the BROW area sags to a point that is too low to perform a successful upper eyelid lift without a brow lift.
  • The other option for you may be a COMBINED eyelid surgery and brow lift procedure, to help you get you a more refreshed appearance. 
  • These may be done separately and they may sometimes be combined.  Many patients will start with one procedure but some will be advised they’ll get a better result with both.
  • If your brows are already in a heightened position, naturally (and not just because you’re raising them to see better), then a brow lift can leave you looking ‘stunned’ or ‘surprised.’

For many patients, upper eyelid surgery will be the answer. But for patients with low eyebrows, the brow lift may be a better solution.  And some patients will benefit from both, or from an upper and lower eyelid procedure.

  • Find out what might be best for YOUR facial rejuvenation concerns by phoning us on (03) 8849 1444 or sending an enquiry form today.
  • We also have monthly EVENTS where you can meet Dr Benjamin Burt (be sure to ask which next event he’ll be presenting at; as his presentation schedule varies).

Average Age of Eyelid Surgery Patients in Australia at our Clinic

How old are most patients who seek a brow lift or eyelid lift procedure in Melbourne?

The answer is, it varies.

Having eyelid surgery at an earlier stage, before the eyelid ptosis is very severe, can also be of benefit, notes Dr Burt. That’s because the skin may heal better and the surgery may require less skin reduction (a less intensive procedure, in other words, so one you could potentially heal more quickly afterwards). But there is no single age that is best – it varies from mid-30s to 70s and beyond.

In general, however, men and women in their 40s, 50s or early 60s are most keen to explore their eyelid and brow lift options.

Most people who come for eyelid surgery are generally over the age of forty, but NOT ALL.

In fact, we increasingly see younger patients who want a brow lift or eyelid reduction surgery because they are aware of how aesthetically desirable the results can be on the overall facial appearance.

This includes Beauty Blogger and Eyelash Technician, Amea May, who had a Blepharoplasty with Dr Burt.

Eyelid and Brow Lift Surgery is Not Just for the Over Forties and Over Fifties

  • Even younger patients in their twenties and early thirties may investigate their Eyelid Reduction Surgical options
  • Eyelid Lift surgery can remedy genetically-inherited heavy looking eyelids (sagging upper eye lid skin that hang over the eyelid crease or upper lashes)
  • Click here for a patient diary of recovering from eyelid surgery in her early twenties to remedy frequent skin infections and heavy, baggy looking upper lids
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery or Canthoplasty can assist with remedying under-eye bags, sagging skin or lower eyelid problems such as Entropion and Ectropion


Can cosmetic injections help reduce eyelid sagging or a droopy brow? Or do you definitely need an eyelid lift or brow lift instead?

  • It is true that Cosmetic Injections around the brow and eyelids CAN do a lot to rejuvenate that area of the face.
  • If you have mildly sagging eye brows or eyelid skin, some injections can achieve a slight, temporary eyebrow lift.
  • Fillers and muscle-relaxing injections can also temporarily relax lines and wrinkles, reduce crow’s feet, and gently lift the eyelid area in the early stages of ptosis. But typically, only to a point.

Depending on your skin, your anatomy and your degree of ptosis (sagging) of the brow or eyelid skin, you may be best off with a surgery solution, instead.

  • Find out more by visiting our Clinic in person – appointment only – by phoning us today.

Our Cosmetic Injectors and Eyelid Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt are happy to give you an evaluation of your eyelid condition and what they’d suggest as a solution for facial rejuvenation.

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Important Questions to ask yourself when you have sagging eyelids and are considering your Brow Lift vs Eyelid Surgery Options

Additional blog to read about brow improvement options: LIFTING YOUR BROW GAME.

Question 1: Can you see ALL of your eye lashes – if not, how much are they obscured by eyelid skin?

  • When eyelid skin sagging occurs (ptosis, or the condition of ptotic eyelids), it is common for your upper lashes to become hidden by your eyelid skin.
  • Your eyelids may look puffy or hang down over your eyes, partially obstructing your vision.
  • You may have difficulty applying mascara or eye makeup without significantly raising your brows.
  • Eye makeup and mascara may rub off on your eyelid skin or appear hidden by crepey-looking skin folds.

A tell tale sign that you have excess eyelid skin is when you can only see only a few eyelashes on each side, or less on one side – perhaps you can only just see the eyelash tips.

  • The eyelid skin may even start to look baggy, wrinkled or folded – it may hang diagonally across the iris of the eyes, leaving your eyes looking more ‘triangle’ in shape than oval or round.
  • The crepe-like skin may obscure your crease platform; you may not be able to effectively wear or apply eye shadow or other facial makeup.
  • If you have Asian heritage, you may also have a double-eyelid fold appearance (ask Dr Burt about Asian Eyelid Reduction Surgery or “double eyelid surgery” if so).

If YES, you may want to explore your Eyelid Surgery Options such as Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Reduction or Eyelid Lift Surgery).


Read more about Eyelid surgery and Melbourne Surgeons .

Question 2: Can you still apply makeup to the eyelid crease and area between your brows and upper eye lashes?

  • Often, it’s an inability to apply eye-shadow, mascara and other eye enhancing makeup options to your eye area and eyelid crease, that leads women to seek an Upper Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift).
  • If you have no ‘eye shadow’ platform or a hidden crease due to puffy eyelid skin above the iris area, this may indicate you need an eyelid lift.
  • If you have a double eyelid (or an Asian type of eyelid heritage), you may need what’s called an Asian Blepharoplasty or “double eyelid reduction/lift” to create the eyelid platform to wear makeup and enhance the appearance of the eyes and upper face.

Question 3: Do you need to raise your brows to see better? Or are you constantly raising ONE brow?

  • A lot of brow raising is reflexive, when you naturally find your vision obscured and raise your brow (or brows) to lift the eyelid skin to see better.
  • You might not even notice that you’re doing this (but it can become obvious in photographs including selfies).
  • While women find not being able to wear makeup an impetus for having timely eyelid reduction surgery, for men, it’s often either when their partner insists they need surgery OR when their vision becomes so impeded they can barely see.
  • Sometimes a Doctor will advise a patient to see a Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon because their upper eyelids have become so saggy.

Like it or not, men are not normally as quick to remedy a problem with their eyelid skin as women are; so they tend to have eyelid surgery later than they probably should.

This means they may be driving or flying with highly impaired vision due to their eye sight being obscured by sagging eyelid skin.

Image of Corrective Blepharoplasty results (male patient) that addressed sagging eyelid skin that impeded vision:


Question 4: Are your brows sitting so low that they appear to nearly rest on your eyes or lashes?

  • Is there a lot of skin between your eyebrows and eyes, or is hardly any visible because your eye brows sit low on your forehead?
  • If your brows are very low, there may seem to be very little skin visible between your brows and your upper lashes or eyes.
  • In this scenario, you may benefit more from a rejuvenating brow lift rather than an eyelid reduction; or some patients may require both to get the appearance improvements they’re wanting to achieve.
  • Find out more by asking to see one of our Facial Rejuvenation experts such as Brow Lift & Eyelid Surgeon Dr Burt.

Are you ready to refresh the appearance of your eyes?

Phone us today and be sure you read our free guides before you meet with your Surgeon or Cosmetic Injector.

We look forward to helping you LOOK more refreshed – and if you’re vision is impeded, we can help you correct this problem by reducing excess skin above your eyes.


The Beauty of Lip Filler Injections.

Everyone wants TIPS for looking their best without resorting to Plastic Surgery. One way to improve your facial balance and correct for lip asymmetry, thin lips or above lip lines, is through lip filler injections.

  • Lip injections create volume in the lips, known officially as lip augmentation, without surgery.
  • This can sometimes greatly enhance a face that needs a boost in terms of lip shape, lip balance or slightly reducing the vertical lines above the lips (known as smoker’s lines).
  • Lift Lip Surgery (the Bullhorn Lip Lift) can also have some benefit for clients whose upper teeth are hidden by an elongated philtrum, or who want to enhance their smile; but that procedure requires plastic surgery with a bit more down time than cosmetic injections on their own.

Lip Augmentation using Lip Fillers

Melbourne Clients are Finding a New Balance in Lip Proportions and Avoiding the Overfilled Lip Syndrome

Certainly cosmetic injections are growing rapidly in popularity, especially lip augmentation, because they can enhance not just the lips, but the appearance of the entire face.  They do this by gently bringing a visual focus onto the lips, reducing fine lines above the lips (selected clients), and giving a more volumised appearance to the smile (known as luscious looking lips).  And statistically, it seems that luscious, fuller lips are the proportions that people find most attractive in both women and men.

Lip Balance and Reducing Thin Lips with Lip Filler

While cosmetic surgery, such as lip lift surgery or chin augmentation using implants can be a good solution for individuals who have an out of balance facial feature or lower face concern, cosmetic injections and lip filler can also do a lot.

  • Before we go into the non-surgical options for facial enhancement, it is true that for some facial appearance concerns, plastic surgery may be the best option for longer-lasting results for some patients.
  • But having surgery means you’ve got to be willing to undergo the preparation and down time required to have a procedure, and understand and accept the risks – including the variability of results between patients and the fact that you’ll need a bit of down time.
  • Plus, healing from surgery can be emotional.

That noted, if you want your face to look its best by having slightly fuller lips – and to cull a few years off of your appearance or enhance a feature to arrange more aesthetically balanced facial contours – without resorting to a jawline procedure, facelift, eyelid reduction or brow lift – you can’t go past the possibility of cosmetic injections such as wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers.



Lip Fillers are one of the most frequently requested dermal filler injection procedures.

Of the available dermal filler injection options – the increasingly popular lip filler injections – have a lot to offer patients with thin lips or a lopsided looking smile.

It is also popular to ease or soften the visibility of above-lip lines and mouth area wrinkles (the so-called smokers lines above the lips).

In this blog, we discuss HOW and WHY lip fillers can be effective for rejuvenating the look of the face – and the value of subtle lip changes versus going overboard with lip filler.  First published 31 Jan 2017; updated 1 July 2018.

Our gentle Cosmetic Injectors, Sandra Wallace and Tina Purdon, can help you get YOUR lips looking luscious and voluptuous – yet still natural.  We have a variety of top-quality filler solutions that you’ll love the look and feel of – so find out if injections are right for YOUR cosmetic concerns by booking a no-obligation injecting assessment consultation.

Our Melbourne Cosmetic Injections team uses long-lasting, natural-feeling lip filler solutions – and precision strategies – to get you the perfect looking pout for YOUR facial appearance concerns.

What reasons do women choose to invest in Lip Filler Injections as a facial enhancement procedure of the non-surgical variety?

Lips are a powerful part of our face.

  • Next to the eyes, they are often the centre of a person’s attention when we’re speaking.
  • Thin lips versus luscious lips can also give others an indication of our personality (wrong as it might be). As they say, first impressions count.
  • Subconsciously, rightly or wrongly, we tend to judge others based on subtle facial differences and overall appearances. Expressions count a lot, as well!

Wrinkles between our brows can make us appear stern, serious or angry, even when we’re not.  Crow’s feet or puffy eyelids can make us look tired and aged, even when we’re not!

What your lip size or shape indicates about your personality – like it or not?!

Thin lips may also subconsciously be associated with:


But there’s another reason that people like more voluptuous lip profiles.

Full, luscious lips are not only associated with youth, vitality and generosity, they can reduce the appearance of your facial age (depending on your other features and your skin condition).

So find out more about why this non-surgical treatment is so popular at our Melbourne Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic.

Why are lip filler injections good for enlarging or enhancing your lips?

What you must know about Lip Augmentation with Lip Filler Injections.

From temporary dermal fillers (based on substances that are naturally found in your cells), to anti-wrinkle injections that use muscle-relaxing medicines, you can help nature along these days – a LOT more than you ever could before.

In the non-surgical realm of facial rejuvenation, lip fillers and other dermal filler injections involve relatively little cost and minimal, if any, downtime.

And that’s exactly what makes lip filler injections and other facial augmentation injections – such as cheek augmentation injections – so popular for people across a wide range of ages.

With top-quality dermal filler injections including lip fillers, a talented cosmetic injector can:

  • enhance your chin to reduce a receding chin appearance
  • augment or enlarge your cheek volume or temples
  • enlarge and plump up thin lips
  • better define the lip edges or cupid’s bow
  • even out a lopsided smile or a very unbalanced lower and upper lip
  • reduce a smile that shows ‘too much gum’
  • reduce frown lines around your forehead, eye areas and mouth

A skilled cosmetic injector can devise an affordable injection strategy that helps YOU look your best – without facial surgery. And one of the best places to start with injections is your LIPS.

That noted, despite what injections can accomplish when administered carefully and strategically, sometimes the greatest overall improvements to your facial appearance will involve a combination of surgery and non-surgical treatments, such as lip augmentation or cheek augmentation.

Don’t get fillers just before a big event – make sure you leave at least 2 weeks, yet ideally 3 weeks or longer, especially if you’re the bride or featured speaker.

But if you’re planning a big event, such as a wedding, graduation or public speaking engagement, be sure you get your injections strategy as far in advance as feasible to have a good result. Typically you’ll want to have at least 2 injecting sessions before a big event, with enough time between the treatment and the big event for the dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to have their full effects.


From reducing forehead wrinkles to bringing your cheekbones a prominence they never had, modern cosmetic injecting treatments have come a long way over recent years.

Lip Filler Injection Results (Lip Augmentation)

What is a reasonable cosmetic injecting treatment result to expect when you get lip filler or other injections?

  • It really depends on what you’re starting with, what you’re wanting, what products are used, and the skills of your Injector.
  • There are many lip filling techniques that your injector can use, from emphasising the cupid’s bow or ‘flipping the lip’ to improving the lip symmetry or projection volume.
  • What happens to your lips can impact the appearance of the areas around your mouth and can have an impact on the entire face in terms of balance or feature harmonisation (good or bad).

What makes for a good cosmetic injecting treatment result, is when the cosmetic injecting results are natural looking, long lasting and – in generally – symmetrical.

  • In fact, it’s the ability of using dermal fillers to reduce noticeable facial asymmetry (lips, a gummy smile, uneven cheeks or brows, lopsided smiles, indented temples) that is one of it’s greatest benefits.
  • But these types of results require an artistic injecting clinician who knows facial anatomy very thoroughly, and has a good eye for balance.
  • The experience of your cosmetic injector is crucial to get a pleasing result.
  • Click here to read about some of the Lip Filler Techniques used by talented Cosmetic Injectors.
  • Know that in 2018, lip filler trends are for more moderate enhancements NOT THE “TROUT MOUTH” over-volumised look.

Be sure you choose only TEMPORARY filler solutions, never permanent, and that your Clinician uses only reputable brand names – or you might end up sorry.

Lip filler injections can also be combined with other facial enhancements such as forehead wrinkle relaxers or brow and temple area re-volumisation after facial bone atrophy.


Asymmetry is a natural part of facial anatomy – but the greater the symmetry, the more appealing the appearance according to studies of attractiveness.

It’s important to recognise that the sides of everyone’s faces are never perfectly symmetrical. This includes that most people have uneven lips (right to left). Plus, naturally, your upper lift is usually somewhat smaller than your lower lip.

(It’s also usually best to keep this upper/lower lip balance even if you augment your lips).

But some people have very thin lips and they simply look better when they have a bit more volume or shape.

Lip fillers can help shape and augment your lips, making them plumper or fuller and more shapely.

  • And some lip or facial asymmetry can be remedied temporarily with dermal fillers or muscle relaxing injections.
  • But the face, and body, are never perfectly symmetrical even after cosmetic procedures.
  • It’s just impossible to achieve perfect symmetry, naturally or not (although celebrities like Angelina Jolie and others come close, even they are not as symmetrical as you might presume).

Remember: Faces and bodies never will be perfectly symmetrical or even in shape or size, even after getting cosmetic injections or dermal fillers. But they can be made LESS uneven with the right injecting strategies, including uneven lips.

A top Cosmetic injector can do a LOT to balance out a lopsided smile, for example, or even out other noticeable asymmetry in the face, nose, lip or cheek area using dermal filler injections or fillers combined with anti-wrinkle injections.

Choose your Injectors and Clinics carefully – beware the use of cheap, counterfeit injecting solutions in Australia

Not all injecting clinics USE the quality products we insist on having available for our clients at Coco Ruby in Melbourne.

We are dedicated to quality solutions, and a wide range, so that we can help you enhance your face and reduce ageing with long-lasting, natural looking and fully approved injection solutions.

The new dermal filler products on the market mean that NOT all dermal filler injections are alike, and a skilled injector can pick and choose from various consistencies and filler properties.

  • Some dermal fillers are best used for different parts of the face.
  • Different products injected into the lips for cosmetic lip plumping treatments will give a more natural feeling, natural looking lip augmentation than other products.
  • Your Clinician should have an ‘artistic arsenal’ of dermal fillers to sculpt the features with, subtly, in a way that enhances but isn’t over-filled.

Click to read one of our best cosmetic treatment and beauty blogs, AVOIDING LIP FILLER DISASTERS.

A skilled injector will know what top product brands, and what product types within that quality injectables brand, are going to help you attain the best result for a particular facial area or facial feature enhancement, including lip injections.

Lip Augmentation Injections using Lip Filler/Dermal Fillers can help to:

  • balance out your lips
  • even out a lopsided smile
  • reduce an overly “gummy” smile
  • add volume to lips that are thin or ageing (reduces wrinkles above the lips)
  • bring your face into balance
  • restore a more youthful appearance
  • give you a more luxurious or sensual looking pout

Lip Filler Disasters with lip Augmentation - secrets-to-lip-augmentation-injections

But beware going overboard with lip injections!


Can injections or a liquid facelift replace a surgical facelift or facial plastic surgery?

  • Sometimes, yes.
  • But it always depends on the individual including their facial rejuvenation goals and skin health, as well as the injecting strategy and Cosmetic Injecting Clinician’s skill levels.

A good dermal filler injection strategy, along with the right amounts of anti-wrinkle injections in the right places, can sometimes postpone rejuvenating Plastic Surgery of the face.

It’s not as long lasting, perhaps, but this may mean:

  • a liquid rhinoplasty option to temporarily augment a nasal bridge to improve the nose profile – without nose surgery
  • plumping up thinning lips to reduce vertical lip lines (‘feathering lines’ above the lip area)
  • slightly increasing the chin dimensions or the jawline contours to help balance out a recessed chin and weak looking jawline
  • restoring lost facial volume around the cheek area, temples or eyes to restore (or enhance) the skeletal shape

ALL with minimal, if any, downtime or discomfort.

I heard lip injections hurt. Is getting lip filler painful?

Detailled close up view of a lip injection

Yes, injections can hurt a little. But with strong numbing cream, ice packs, or various anaesthetics, it can often be reduced.

The good news is that only micro-fine needles and micro-tipped cannulas are used.

There are other proprietary ways of helping to reduce the discomfort of getting a dermal filler injection treatment or lip augmentation filler injections.

Plus, it’s transient discomfort, meaning you might feel a bit tender in the lips for a few days, but any discomfort of having the injections passes very quickly.

The good news about any pain or discomfort involved in lip augmentation/lip filler injections, is that MOST cosmetic injecting procedures taking mere minutes – rather than hours.

So you can be in and out of your Injector’s chair in under 30 minutes to 60 minutes with most LIQUID FACE LIFT and LIP PLUMPING injection sessions. Then you’re often ready to face the rest of the day, with soreness that typically lasts less than a few days.  (Some patients CAN bruise, however, so ask your Injecting Clinician what to expect).

But will you need any downtime after getting cosmetic injections or lip fillers?

“The key thing you need to do after injections is to stay hydrated by drinking water, and looking after your skin as you normally do, using quality sunscreen brands.  It’s typically best NOT to try a new product just after you get injections,” notes our Cosmetic Injecting Team in Hawthorn East.

“There are different instructions for post-injecting care for the anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, with flying NOT recommended for several weeks after dermal fillers. You want to typically massage the lips or where you’ve had filler, but your Clinician will guide you as to what’s appropriate.

“But DON’T massage near the areas where you’ve had the anti-wrinkle injections.

“Also, exercise right after injections is a NO NO.  If you can avoid strenuous exercising that might dehydrate you, over a few days, it’s usually best to do so.  Ask us if you’re not sure,” suggest our Coco Ruby Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians in Melbourne.

They also indicate you need to avoid heat AND sun exposure.


Plus, find out about potential bruising after getting lip filler, and how to avoid it by being prepared before you get cosmetic injections.

For more information, read our other blogs about “The Dangers of Flying After Facial Fillers” and “How to Get the Most Out of Your Dermal Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections.”  And send an enquiry today to hear more via our newsletters or monthly FREE events at our Hawthorn East location.

Or schedule an injecting assessment with one of our Senior Injecting Clinicians to find out what injections can do for YOUR face, lips, temples, cheeks, forehead or skin smoothness appearance.

cosmetic lip filler injections, injections-cheeks-lips-get-rid-wrinkles

Surgery to reshape or rejuvenate your face might costs tens of thousands of dollars. But good plastic surgery isn’t something you’ll want to do on the cheaper side of things, mostly because you’ll be living with your face surgery results every day, and because some things are simply worth doing properly or not at all.

The same can be said of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Quality facial injections and cosmetic skin care is worth the investment, for multiple reasons which may include:

  1. Patient-safety considerations: these products are generally well-tolerated but they DO carry risks.  Be sure you understand risks of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections before consenting.  Patient well-being when using dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections is often linked with the type of facility the procedures are being offered in, the products used, and the knowledge and skill of the Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Injector. Medical clinics with dedicated doctors may be managed to a higher standard in terms of sterility protocols than so called ‘back room beauty rooms’ or ‘back of house’ clinics in Australia.
  2. Quality brand ingredients:  when you think of what’s being injected into your face, wouldn’t you rather trust a brand name product – one you recognise as a household name – than something you’re not exactly certain who manufactured it, who vetted it and where it came from? Don’t be fooled – fake cosmetic injections are a real concern across Australia; and permanent injections with unknown substances have resulted in many a disaster.  Choose a Clinic you can trust, that’s been in business for a long time, is in your home city or home state and is managed by Medical Professionals who are qualified according to Australian Medical Board Standards.
  3. Strategic injecting for an artistic enhancement of your best features and reduction of asymmetry or facial abnormalities including facial scars or acne scars

To find out more, schedule a no-obligation cosmetic injecting assessment with our Cosmetic Doctor in Hawthorn.

Our Hawthorn East location is even open on Saturday for Facial treatments such as skin peels, Healite II facials and more.

Phone (03) 8849 1444.

Over recent years, fat injections – known as ‘fat grafting’ or ‘fat transfer’ – have been gaining ground as a minimally-invasive breast enlargement method. But is it really minimally invasive – and is it really true that a Plastic Surgeon can liposuction fat from your buttocks, hips or thighs, and make your breasts fuller – using fat grafting via liposuction as an alternative to breast implants? Read more to learn the INS and OUTS of Fat Grafting To Breasts – including WHY breast implants are still the go-to for most augmentations.

Fat Injections to Breasts: Does Fat Grafting Really Work?

The short answer is YES, you can transfer fat to breasts using fat grafting methods and liposuction, but only to a degree.

  • The typical amount of breast volume or breast enlargement achieved via liposuction, then fat transfer or fat grafting, is about 1/2 cup to 1 cup size.
  • But it can vary from person to person and it can take multiple transfers to achieve a desired effect.
  • Not all fat may take (some may dissolve) and there are risks involved with the procedure, such as fat necrosis at the treated site.

That noted, it can be very effective to add a bit of shaping and contouring to the cleavage for selected patients.  Plus, using the body’s own cells, can minimise allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Ask for more information by phoning (03) 8849 1444 and requesting a Breast Surgery Guide or request an appointment with female Plastic Surgeon for fat grafting, Dr Rebecca Wyten.

When it comes to breast enhancement cosmetic procedures, fat grafting is NOT necessarily any cheaper – nor less risky a procedure – than having breast augmentation using implants (such as Motiva Breast Implants), which are known to provide reliable and long-lasting results for many patients.

So is Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting a good way to increase your breast size?

YES – for some patients, it can be effective.

And yes, your Plastic Surgeon CAN liposuction body fat from one area of your body (assuming there’s enough excess subcutaneous body fat to “harvest” using liposuction) and then insert it into another area, such as the breasts – or face – to restore volume.

Or, perhaps – to add implant tissue coverage for thin patients who want breast implants – especially if their skin is thin (but they would still need enough fat to harvest for the fat transfer).

For the breasts, fat grafting may be a good way to add cleavage for suitable patients, but it won’t be the best solution for ALL women who want to increase their bra cup size.

fat grafting to breasts using fat liposuction

But for most women who want more upper-body fullness (breast curves and breast cleavage), cup volume increases are often better accomplished using silicone  breast implants.

  • Augmentation is usually performed in one bilateral breast prosthesis implantation surgery (breast implants inserted on each side).
  • It is usually performed in one theatre session lasting from one to two hours, on average (longer if a breast uplift with breast implants is incorporated).
  • Liposuction, if subsequently performed as part of a Mummy Makeover (post-pregnancy body contouring), is usually part of a Tummy Tuck procedure or a thigh reduction or thigh lift.
  • Fat grafting MAY be an optional extra – ask your Surgeon for details; or it may be used as a stand-alone for minor augmentation or breast shaping procedures.

Find out more about breast surgery and breast augmentation options including Fat Grafting to Breasts, on these Plastic Surgery sites:

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The value of smaller Breast Implants vs Larger Implants

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How Long are Breast Implants Expected to Last?

Breast Implant Patient-Safety Discussions in the News – Update 

Another great article for people who want a bit of enhancement BUT not too much – is the Mini Boob Job article on small breast augmentations using smaller implants.

A Mini Boob Job: Small Breast Implants

Fat Grafting to Breasts: General PROS and CONS

Fat Grafting vs Breast Implants

Benefits of transferring fat to breasts (suitable candidates only)

  • Is your own natural body tissues
  • May have some skin rejuvenation properties as well as volume properties
  • Doesn’t require replacement surgery or removal surgery (implants usually need replacement or removal at some stage)
  • Won’t add much extra weight to breast skin

But the so-called tricky parts of fat grafting for breast enlargement include:

  • Not all of the transferred fat will be accepted in the treated area – some may not ‘take’.
  • Weight changes may impact your fat-grafting to breasts results.
  • Only a small amount is usually viable to transfer successfully at any given time.
  • Doesn’t achieve as noticeable an enlargement as most other traditional methods of breast enlargement.
  • It involves not ONE but at least TWO surgeries (the liposuction being one, and the transfer being another, even if done in the same anaesthetic session in theatre).
  • Multiple procedures are not uncommon to gain the enlargement one desires, or the cleavage contours – and the cost of fat grafting to breasts can quickly get expensive.
  • Can be costly over time.
  • Discomfort and bruising or swelling at the donor sites is common (longer recovery time may be possible in comparison to breast implants vs fat grafting)
  • You need to harvest a fair amount of extra fat and smaller amounts, applied over multiple surgeries, may offer better results and fewer risks – but this involves multiple surgeries.

That’s why many women and Surgeons still choose quality silicone implants (especially the modern type known as Motiva Breast Implants) for breast augmentation procedures.

What does Fat Grafting to Breasts via Liposuction typically Cost? Prices of Fat Grafting to Breasts in Melbourne.

  • Prices vary – the cost of fat grafting includes a variety of expenses including Surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, anaesthetist, liposuction, fat processing, post-op care, post-surgery garments, follow up care, medications and more.
  • The general range of prices for fat grafting breast augmentation are just under $10,000 to up to $15,000 for a single fat grafting procedure including liposuction to over $40,000 or more if several procedures are required.

Want to learn more about your breast augmentation options including fat grafting?

Phone (03) 8849 1444 or download FREE GUIDES to COSMETIC SURGERY in Melbourne.

We look forward to helping you get the LOOK you’re seeking with our surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation methods.



Chin Injections: Non Surgical Chin Enhancement

The chin is an important feature, and it impacts your smile and lower face – but also your overall appearance. The chin and jawline impact your appearance from all angles – the front, the 3/4 side angle and the side profile. Weak looking chins can leave some people feeling self-conscious about their looks, but there are two effective solutions to remedy a retruded or recessed chin.

A Weak looking chins and jawline can be treated in two key ways (or with facial surgery such as a facelift, neck lift or double chin fat reduction injections).

If you have sagging skin, however, you may need additional treatments such as surgical facial procedures. But if your primary concern is a retruded, recessed chin or weak looking jawline, dermal fillers MAY be a good solution – ask us for details by booking in an assessment with our team’s Senior Injecting Clinicians including Senior Injecting Nurse & Clinician Sandra Wallace or our Cosmetic Physician.

By enhancing the chin with dermal fillers or an implant:

  • the jawline can look firmer or more defined (sharpened)
  • the profile of the face can be better balanced
  • the smile usually looks better and the face more proportional

Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to book an assessment for your Chin Injections – Chin Augmentation – using dermal fillers.

Chin Injections or a Chin Implant: Which is better?


There’s never any cosmetic treatment option that will suit all patients.

Every patient is unique and an assessment is the only true way to understand our options. However, phone our Patient Care Team on (03) 8849 1444 and if you’d like to send photographs, they may be able to guide you on who to visit with at either our Coco Ruby Injecting Clinic in Melbourne, or the Plastic Surgery clinic in Hawthorn East.

If we believe you may be better served by meeting with a Plastic Surgeon, we’ll recommend that you see Dr Richard Sackelariou, our team’s “Chinplant” Plastic Surgeon for Chin Augmentation with chin implants via surgical means (but no visible scars).

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What’s it like to have Chin Injections to reduce a double chin ? Are double chin injections worth it?

Treating the submental fat beneath your jawline with non-surgical chin injections is one of the latest advances in non-surgical beauty treatments (cosmetic medicine). It involves injecting a prescribed substance beneath the lower jawline using a grid.

Winter Perfect!  Chin Sculpting and Fat Reducing Chin Injections

Winter is the perfect time to try our double chin reduction / sculpting treatment.

Hint: You can use your favourite winter scarf to camouflage any residual swelling.

What is the new Double Chin Injection treatment all about, and are under chin injections worth it?

double chin injections melbourne - fat reduction under chin

  • This treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic injections treatment that reduces fat under the chin area while contouring the jaw/neckline.
  • It can help you attain a more sculpted looking jawline area or reduce the double-chin appearance.

How does it work?

  • Under chin area injections are administered using a grid to target specific areas of fat beneath the chin.
  • The injected substance is a synthetic solution which already naturally occurs in our bodies to break down fat. 
  • The number of under chin injections used below the jawline/under the chin, and treatment results in that area, can vary from patient to patient. 
  • The general improvements attainable include a more refined chin line, jawline or neck line due to less fat in that area of the lower face.
  • After an initial consultation to discuss the non-surgical treatment and to see if you are a suitable candidate, it may be performed on the same day or at a later stage.

What to expect during your Double Chin Injections treatment.

  • One of our fully qualified Clinicians will be performing your treatment. 
  • This under chin injection treatment is performed in the rooms with local anaesthetic and ice to numb the area. 
  • After the injections are complete, the area can feel a bit stingy, like a “sunburn” type heat which settles over the day with slight redness of the skin. 
  • The area will swell and may bruise slightly at the injection sites. In fact, swelling is the sign that the treatment is working. How much will depend on your skin sensitivity – everyone will vary. 
  • You may also experience a jiggly feeling underneath the chin which can feel a bit odd at first; but is a normal side-effect. 
  • It is a good idea to work the treatment around any events you may have – that’s what makes this one of the Best Winter Beauty Treatments available in Melbourne


Am I a good candidate for under chin fat reduction injections – or is a necklift better?


Not all patients will be suitable for this jawline enhancing, double chin reduction injections treatment.  But we will give you our honest professional opinion on what treatment(s) will serve your needs best, and which options we’d recommend. It’s important that you understand the process, down time, risks and results possibilities, including variance between patients – so keep your expectations realistic and find out more by giving us a call on (03) 8849 1444.  Ask us for our Facial Rejuvenation Guide or browse freely downloadable cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery guides.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, before, during and after your injection treatment. 


If you would like to know more about the Under Chin Fat Reduction Injection Treatment option, we would love to hear from you.  Our patient liaison team will be happy to advise you after a short chat.  Please call 8849 1444 or email

COST of fat reduction/double chin injection treatments in Melbourne


How much does under chin injection treatments cost (fat reduction/double chin injection treatments) – Prices

  • Costs vary depending on where you’re starting and what you need
  • We give you a quote during your assessment, but depending on your results, your treatment may be modified (most patients need a minimum of 3 treatments to have optimal results, but this can vary)
  • $1500 per treatment (2 vials) or $2000 (3 vials) – most patients need 2 vials per treatment.

How many under chin injection treatments do I need?

  • Most patients have between 2 and 5 treatments, 4 – 6 weeks apart.

How long are chin injection treatment results expected to last?

  • Data so far has shown that there is no need to have recurring treatments like other injectables.
  • The initial fat cells that have been treated are permanently destroyed, however with weight gain, other fat cells may expand to compensate.

Are double chin injections worth it?

Double chin fat reduction injections neck sculpting

  • According to reviews of double chin injection treatments on Real Self, most patients are delighted with their results.
  • But it’s important to remember to keep your expectations realistic, and that results can vary from patient to patient.
  • There are risks, and if your skin is sagging excessively or your platysma bands are very visible, this may become more noticeable if you try to reduce the under chin fat.

Image supplied by Allergan, the supplier of the injectables solution for treating a double chin (submental fat) with a series of fat dissolving injections.

Your injector will give you details during a no-obligation consultation, so be sure you ask every question you have, and voice any of your concerns, before you proceed.


What is the downtime/recovery for fat reduction injections (double chin treatments)?

  • Results will vary from patient to patient however, you will feel swelling and discomfort for 1 to 12 days. 
  • You can still work, eat and act as you normally would but we recommend no exercising for 24 hours post treatment. 
  • Using ice on the area can help swelling subside and ease discomfort.

Wearing a nice scarf or turtleneck is an easy way to cover the area until the swelling goes down.

We don’t want you to be house bound.

Find out more – phone us today on (03) 8849 1444 or send us an enquiry form.


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Double Chin Injections Treatment or a Chin Augmentation?

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to have your Lower Face treated or a Fraxel or DOT therapy treatment.

Winter in Melbourne might be cold, but it’s also a good time to plan that double-chin injection treatment to reduce fat bulges under your jawline. This innovative cosmetic medical injection treatment for the lower jawline and neck helps reduce excess fat that accumulates in the submental area of your face. It specifically targets  the fat beneath your chin and jawline, the very fat stores that lead you to look like you have two chins (the double chin). It dissolves this fat and eliminates it from your body over time, and in about 3 to 6 months from the start of your treatment sessions, you’ll have a stronger looking jawline again. Being able to take some social down time and to wear a scarf in public make this facial treatment one of the best winter beauty treatments available in Melbourne.

Quick snapshot of how Double Chin Injection Treatments work:

  • You’ll need to be assessed for suitability and learn about the procedure, risks, downtime and potential results
  • You’ll need at least 3 treatments, about six (6) weeks apart
  • You’ll need to cope with a few days of swelling and/or bruising (so grab a bag of ice and your best scarf if you’re going out in public
  • You’ll likely notice results in the week following your first treatment, once the swelling resolves, but you’ll need to be patient as the longer term results can take a few months to appear (the results of three treatments are also cumulative in nature)
  • If you start now, by summer you’ll likely be sporting your firmer looking jawline or neckline
  • If you have a weak chin, you can also investigate having a chin augmentation (either with chin filler injections or a chin implant)


double chin injections melbourne - fat reduction under chin

Results from Double Chin Fat Reduction Injection Treatments

What under-chin injections achieve for the lower face, neck or jawline can achieve:

  • A more refined looking jawline and neckline
  • Less fat in the submental area of the lower face (under the chin along the lower  jawline)
  • A more contoured lower face
  • The appearance you’ve lost weight simply because your face may appear leaner under or around the chin or jawline
  • Reduction in early jowls (for some patients)

Note this is not a substitute for a facelift or neck lift if that’s what you really need, but for patients with a double chin and early skin ageing in the lower face, it can be effective at refining the jawline and reducing the ‘double chin’ appearance.

Results can vary from patient to patient and not all patients are suitable. Phone our Coco Ruby Injectors on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for an assessment appointment to determine if this chin-area treatment is for you – or if you’re better off exploring your plastic surgery options such as neck lift surgery with neck liposuction, a facelift or a skin peel (or combination of procedures).  But WINTER is the PERFECT time to do this, for many reasons – less sun to worry about, fewer social obligations to work around, and an excuse to wear a scarf to disguise any swelling or bruising that might occur in the early days after a treatment session.

Some say that this rapidly growing injection treatment can have a similar effect to liposuction on the under-chin or under-jawline area. But it really depends on what you’re starting with, and if you have sagging skin, visible neck bands or too much neck area fat, plastic surgery may be the better option (click here to explore a facelift or necklift).

However, If you have good skin strength, adequate coverage of your platysma bands, and you don’t mind a bit of discomfort and down time, this treatment may get you good aesthetic jawline improvements around the lower face or chin area.

Read more: What it’s like to have a Double Chin Injection treatment here, including the Cost of Chin Injection Treatments in Melbourne.

Chin Injections to Reduce Fat Beneath the Jawline

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Top Beauty Hacks – Skin & Beauty Tips to Disguise a Sleepless Night (or two)

Feeling stressed and tired? Chances are, you’re probably not alone. A recent study by the Sleep Health Foundation found that between 33 and 45 per cent of us Australians have poor sleep patterns, and don’t get enough precious hours of sleep.

The truth is, most of us don’t quite catch the recommended 8 hours of sleep, and more often than not, it can show all over our faces! Perhaps you’ve recently given birth, are busy at work or have simply had a few too many late nights out on the town. Whatever the cause, we’ve got you covered with a carefully curated list of beauty hacks to help you look refreshed and revitalised, even when you’re running on very little sleep.

These top beauty hacks to fake your 8 hours of sleep are NOT a substitute for getting enough sleep.

These are just our top beauty hacks to help you look better when circumstances or life choices prevent you from getting adequate rest for a night or two.

Be sure you find a way to get good sleep, on a regular basis, whatever that takes in terms of turning down social invitations or late night partying, or sharing nighttime child feeding duties with a partner, parent or sibling.


Beauty Hack #1: Lacking sleep? Concealer is your best friend

A tell-tale sign that you haven’t gotten your recommended 8 hours of sleep is often staring right back at you in the mirror; unwanted under-eye bags and dark circles! It comes as no surprise that there is a quick fix for this, and its something you may already use everyday.

Concealer is not just for covering unwanted blemishes and spots. Investing in a good quality concealer with a generous amount of coverage can be a lifesaver when it comes to lightening and brightening your under-eye area.

You should however approach with caution. Like many makeup products, less is more when it comes to concealer, otherwise you run the risk of blotchy or patchy looking skin! Apply your concealer sparingly with the tips of your fingers to help melt the product into your skin and avoid creasing.

Another top tip is to apply a moisturising eye cream or serum before your concealer. This will help to avoid any dreaded dryness or flakiness, especially in the winter months!

One of our favourite eye gels is the Medik8 Eyelift, an all-in-one anti-ageing eye serum that helps to combat the appearance puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.


Beauty Hack #2: A bright, bold lip and cheek can help disguise exhaustion

When you’re tired, you can end up looking pale.  If your skin looks dull, book in for an exfoliating facial or skin booster injections.

  • But meanwhile, bold coloured makeup can help you take the attention away from your tired eyes and make a bold statement all at once.
  • If you’re feeling a little under the weather from lack of sleep, you don’t have to let it show!
  • Depending on how daring you are feeling, get out your favourite bright lipstick and blush and instantly revitalise your look.

A little bit of lipstick can help to tie together any makeup look, especially when you don’t have the time or energy to put a whole lot of effort into your makeup.

  • A dash of lipstick and and a dusting of blush are just what the doctor ordered for those days when you’ve not quite gotten enough sleep, or snoozed your alarm one too many times.
  • Or try a different colour to what you normally wear – it will distract people from how tired you might otherwise be looking or feeling.
  • Wearing a new, brighter colour might even temporarily perk you up, as colour has an impact on our emotions and mental states!

Beauty Hack #3: Hydrate!

If you’re lacking in sleep, chances are you’re likely also suffering from dehydration.

You’ll need to hydrate your skin in two ways: drinking adequate water (and no, copious amounts of coffee or softdrinks are NOT a substitute) and using the proper moisturing regimes for your skin!

A good quality, cosmeceutical moisturiser or hydrating serum will help to plump up tired, dull and dehydrated skin. We recommend a multi-purpose moisturiser like Obagi Hydrate which helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and discourage irritation and breakouts, as well as deeply hydrate and nourish your skin.


Don’t forget – moisturisers are not enough to prevent skin dehydration problems – you need to hydrate from the inside too.

Ensure you get you 8 glasses a day, especially when you’re running on empty. Water really is a miracle cure for a lot of pesky problems and helps to hydrate and plump your skin from within. Get drinking! And if you’ve had any recent cosmetic injections and filler treatments, you’ll know you need to drink adequate water as part of your cosmetic injections and filler injections after care guidelines.

Beauty Hack #4: Even it all out with foundation

Your skin can often be left looking blotchy and uneven if you’re not getting enough sleep, or if the everyday stresses are getting the better of you. That is where foundation comes into play – the holy grail of all beauty items. There’s not a lot that a good quality foundation can’t cover up. Although, there are a few simple tricks to be aware of:

  1. Don’t overdo it! No one likes a blotchy, patchy or overdone look, and too much can often be just as bad as nothing at all.
  2. It’s all about the shade! Ensure you are using a foundation that matches your natural skin colour and blends nicely with the rest of your body.
  3. Prime time! To ensure a flawless application and finish, you should invest in a skin primer to apply before your foundation. For some, this may just be their face moisturiser. It’s important that you apply foundation to clean, moisturised skin to avoid a blotchy or uneven appearance.

Top Beauty Skin Hacks can include professional treatments – and isn’t it time you’re due for a facial treatment?

Beauty Hack #5: Treat yourself to a Skin Treatment or Facial at Coco Ruby in Melbourne, or top up your lip filler (read how to avoid lip filler disasters).

  • To really help overhaul your tired appearance or dull, dry skin, a moisturising facial or resurfacing skin care treatment should be your go-to.
  • We are all in need of a bit of a pamper day every now and then, and it can be the perfect remedy for those days when you are feeling tired, stressed or have missed out on a good nights sleep!
  • If you’re really feeling stressed and overwhelmed, we suggest you request a Healite II facial treatment with exfoliation cleansing and at-home products to keep your skin glowing.

At Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing, we have an extensive list of fully customisable skin care treatments that can help to heal and nourish your skin. Help to get back your natural glow by booking a skin consultation or treatment with one of your highly experienced Dermal Clinicians.

We offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art treatments, from facial lasers (Fraxel, DOT therapy, Laser Genesis) to enzyme skin peels to chemical peels to Healite II facials…and more!


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Check out our monthly specials for skin care products and facial treatments in Melbourne – compare costs!

Monthly specials and discounts on skin care products.

Getting the right amount of sleep every night just simply isn’t possible for everybody, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. These helpful hacks can help to refresh your look and, if done right, your friends and colleagues will be none that wiser!

Our Top Picks of Skin Treatments & Products for every type of Skin

Everyone’s skin type and skin tone is unique. We all have aspects of our skin that we’d like to improve and of course the continuous fight against sun damage and the signs of ageing. Whether you are naturally blessed with a near-flawless complexion or on the contrary, feel as though you have to use an arsenal of products to stay blemish-free, we all require a little extra help when it comes to maintaining, nourishing and protecting our precious skin.

Do you have trouble finding products that work for your skin type? Do you find that you often purchase skin care that ends up doing more harm than good?


With so many treatments and products available in today’s ever-growing skin care market, it can be bewildering to navigate our way through the ever-growing range of products, hype and beauty trends to find a reliable selection of products that work well for your skin.

But there is no need to worry – We’ve collated our top picks from the range of clinic treatments and top-quality cosmeceutical skin care products we offer at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing that are suitable for all skin types and tones.

Let’s kick this off with an anti-ageing & skin rejuvenating treatment suitable for all types of skin: Collagen Induction Therapy (Skinpen Microneedling).

SkinPen Microneedling in Melbourne:


SkinPen Microneedling in Melbourne:

Dermapen Microneedling: Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as Microneedling, is a non-surgical & effective, treatment that uses micro-fine needles to stimulate collagen production and skin rejuvenation, with minimal downtime involved. This treatment isn’t just for your face, it is also safe to use almost anywhere on the body. Our Dermal Clinicans use a specialised device, the Dermapen, to perform Microneedling safely on all skin tones, as unlike some Laser and IPL treatments, the Dermapen recognises every skin tone as the same. Benefits of Dermapen Microneedling: Stimulates Collagen production to help combat ageing Reduces Scarring from Acne or Surgery Treats Uneven Skin Texture & Pigmentation Reduces Sun Damage Firms up slightly Lax Facial Skin Reduces Stretch Marks The Dermapen device can be carefully managed by our Dermal Clinicans as they are able to control the depth of the penetration of the fine needles. This allows the device to reach difference layers of your skin, and therefore the treatment can be customised to target your specific skin concerns and meet your needs. Generally, you’ll need at least 3 sessions, approximately 4-6 weeks apart for best results.

is a microneedling device that is clinically proven to effectively treat facial acne scarring and Pigmentation. With as few as three non-invasive and affordable treatments 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance for six months after your last treatment.

Our Dermal Clinicians use a specialised device called a SkinPen to perform Microneedling, suitable for use on all skin tones.

Benefits of Skinpen Microneedling:

  • Short procedure time, only 30 minutes to one hour.
  • A mild sensation, you feel only the slight vibration of SkinPen during the procedure.
  • Minimal post-procedure downtime. The skin will appear slightly pink to red immediately post-procedure.
  • Stimulates Collagen production to help combat ageing
  • Reduces Scarring from Acne or Surgery
  • Increases skin thickness, stimulates cells, and reduces inflammation.

The SkinPen microneedling device causes micro-injuries that stimulate the body’s natural healing process triggering the release of cytokines and growth factors. The SkinPen is your new best friend  leading to regeneration of collagen and elastin.

Dermapen Microneedling for the face in Melbourne:


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as Microneedling, is a non-surgical & effective, treatment that uses micro-fine needles to stimulate collagen production and skin rejuvenation, with minimal downtime involved. This treatment isn’t just for your face, it is also suitable to use almost anywhere on the body.

Our Dermal Clinicans use a specialised device, the Dermapen, to perform Microneedling on all skin tones, as unlike some Laser and IPL treatments, the Dermapen recognises every skin tone as the same.

Benefits of Dermapen Microneedling:

  • Stimulates Collagen production to help combat ageing
  • Reduces Scarring from Acne or Surgery
  • Treats Uneven Skin Texture & Pigmentation
  • Reduces Sun Damage
  • Firms up slightly Lax Facial Skin
  • Reduces Stretch Marks

The Dermapen device can be carefully managed by our Dermal Clinicans as they are able to control the depth of the penetration of the fine needles. This allows the device to reach difference layers of your skin, and therefore the treatment can be customised to target your specific skin concerns and meet your needs.

Generally, you’ll need at least 3 sessions, approximately 4-6 weeks apart for best results.

Healite Low Level Light Therapy:


Coco Ruby uses award-winning technology in the Healite II from Lutronic, an industry leader in Low Level Light Therapy treatments. This gentle, unique treatment helps to rejuvenate your skin and facilitate healing, whether from a laser skin treatment or surgery.

Benefits of Healite II Skin Rejuvenation:

  • Improves Skin Circulation
  • Helps to bring Internal Nutrients to the particular areas that are being treated
  • Increases your skin’s collagen & resiliency
  • Reduces Scar Formation
  • Improves overall Skin Appearance
  • Increases Cellular Renewal Processes

You can opt for a Healite II Rejuvenation treatment as part of a facial, on its own as a healing treatment, or combine it with an enzyme peel for additional benefits and results. With zero pain, zero downtime and quick results, it is the perfect, relaxing treatment to have before an important event when you need your skin to look and feel its best, or as a regular treatment to improve the overall, long-term appearance of your skin.

A Healite Treatment is especially great for you and your skin during the darker Winter months to help reenergise and reinvigorate your skin without exposure to the harsh effects of the sun and UV Rays.

Do you have an important event coming up? A Healite Facial is a great way to treat yourself and your skin and help to bring out your inner glow before a big event. You can book yourself in for a Healite Facial with one of your highly experienced Dermal Clinicians.


 Our Top Skin Care Picks for all Skin Tones & Types:

At Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, we stock a variety of high-quality Cosmeceutical Skin Care products. Haven’t heard of the term ‘Cosmeceutical’ before? Let us explain.

Cosmeceutical or ‘medical-grade’ skin care products contain active ingredients that are able to penetrate through the epidermis, all the way to the dermis where your collagen, elastin and new skin cells reside, which are the areas we look to target with our skin care regime.

  • Cosmeceutical products are effective for rejuvenating, renewing, replenishing and protecting your skin.
  • Although many readily available skin care products claim they are able to do this, they simply do not have a significant amount of active ingredients needed to substantiate these claims.
  • Rather than simply coat the skin like many store-bought products do, cosmeceutical skin care products are able to impart immediate, as well as important long-term benefits through targeting your skin problems at their source.


All of our Cosmeceutical and high-quality skin care products are suitable and well-tolerated for use on all skin tones and types, although we have picked and put together some of our favourite, best-selling products from some of the brands we currently stock, including:

  • MDRejuvena
  • DNA Renewal
  • Cosmedix
  • Obagi
  • MediK8
  • PCA Skin

MDRejuvena Daily Hydration Moisturiser:


Do you struggle to find the right moisturiser for your skin? Many store-bought moisturisers may often contain harmful ingredients or can be hard for your skin to absorb, leading to a greasy or stick finish once applied.

The MDRejuvena Daily Hydration Moisturiser hydrates sensitive, normal, dry and oily skin types as it helps to restore a natural moisture balance and enhance skin smoothness.

Why you’ll love MDRejuvena Daily Hydration Moisturiser:

  • With a natural blend of Chamomile, Cucumber and Green Tea extracts, which all have gentle hydrating & smoothing properties, the MDRejuvena Moisturiser restores moisture to your skin without causing irritation.
  • A specifically formulated, light-weight blend that melts into your skin and doesn’t sit on the skin surface, preventing a shiny or sticky finish.
  • The perfect product for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as the MDRejuvena Daily Hydration Moisturiser is preservative-free, paraben-free, lanolin-free and nickel-free.

SPECIAL GIFT: As part of our Monthly Skin Care Offers & Specials, throughout the month of November 2017, you can receive an MDREjuvena Daily Hydration Moisturiser as your FREE Gift* when you spend $300 on any MDRejuvena Products. Terms & Conditions apply. See our Monthly Specials Page for more details.

Medik8 Hydr8™  Day 360 SPF 30 Sunscreen:


Many of us know the long list of benefits that daily sunscreen use has on our skin in terms of protection from sun damage and anti-ageing. Although, it can be a struggle to find a good quality sunscreen for your face that doesn’t leave your skin feely oily or cause breakouts.

The lightweight and versatile Medik8 Hydr8 Day Sun protectant with SPF 30 is the perfect on-the-go sunscreen that provided an all-in-one shield to protect & fight against environmental and internal factors that are proven to increase the speed of ageing. The formula for this sunscreen is non-irritating and rich in antioxidants that block both UBA and UVA sun rays for ultimate sun protection.

Why you’ll love Medik8 Hydr8 Day Sunscreen:

  • The reinforced Hydr8™ Day 360 SPF 30 combines hydrating and protecting actives with 5 Star UVA, SPF 30, Anti-A.G.E, Anti-IR, Antioxidants and now Anti-Pollution Technology.
  • Anti-Ageing ingredients to help prevent the visible signs of ageing, whilst also working to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • A great ‘two-in-one’ product that works to deeply moisturise your skin, whilst also protecting against free-radicals, harmful UV rays and premature skin ageing effects.
  • Formulated free of petroleum-based oils to gently nourish skin without clogging pores.

DNA Renewal Eye Cream:


Contrary to popular belief and a variety of skin myths, eye creams and serums should be incorporated into your skin care no matter your age. Why wait for lines or wrinkles to form around your eye area before using an eye cream? Doesn’t make sense, right?

The DNA Renewal Eye Cream is the perfect example of an eye cream that can be used at all ages and for all skin types, as its list of high-quality ingredients make it a ‘must-have’ treatment for anyone concerned with early-onset, or even pronounced signs of ageing.

What you’ll love about DNA Renewal Eye Cream:

  • DNA Repair Enzymes make up one of the skin-bolstering ingredients included in the DNA Renewal Eye Cream to assist with the natural defence againg ageing and sun damage.
  • Plumping Hyaluronic acid, Spanish Lavender, and elasticising Matrixyl 3000 are a number of the main ingredients in this potent treatment to combat fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and reduce inflammation – both instantly and over time.
  • The inclusion of Beta Glucan helps to maintain moisture, and willowherb works to sooth any sign dos irritation.

Obagi Retinol (0.5 or 1.0)


Retinol is an incredibly versatile skin care product and work to combat a variety of common skin issues, as well as being one of the most popular ingredients on the market to help prevent the signs of ageing.

The gentle formula of the Obagi Retinol range causes minimal to no skin redness, dryness, flaking, and irritation – often considered a turn-off for many when it comes to the incorporation of retinol into their skin care regime. These side-effects can be avoided by slowly incorporating the product into your skin care regime and starting with a lower strength product (the Obagi Retinol 0.5 is a great place to start). Our Dermal Clinicians will also be able to give you further tips on how to incorporate Retinol into your regular skin care routine.

The powerful benefits of Retinol should not be overlooked, and many professionals and Dermatologists will tell you that Retinol is a must-have skin care product for basically everyone.

Benefits of the Obagi Retinol 0.5 or 1.0:

  • Boosts Collagen production to combat signs of ageing
  • Speeds up cell turnover to even out and brighten your skin tone
  • Unclogs pores to make them appear smaller and prevent acne
  • Improves skin texture
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Fades dark spots and reduces skin discolouration

SPECIAL GIFT: As part of our Monthly Skin Care Offers & Specials, throughout the month of November 2017, you can receive an Obagi Professional-C Serum as your FREE Gift* when you purchase any THREE Obagi products. Terms and Conditions apply. See our Monthly Offers & Specials Page for more information.

Medik8 GentleCleanse:


It is all too easy to make the mistake of using a cleanser that is simply too harsh for your skin, or one that strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving your face feeling dry, tight and dehydrated. As a result, many of us are familiar with the struggle of discovering a cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and impurities without being too harsh.

When it comes to a cleanser, it is always a good bet to stay simple and choose a gentle formula that won’t irritate or dry out your skin. You can then apply spot treatments or other skin care products to problem areas or as a separate step in your routine.

The Medik8 CreamCleanse is typically suitable for every skin type, with gentle ingredients that will leave even the most sensitive skin feeling fresh and glowing.

Why you’ll love Medik8 CreamCleanse:

  • Calming and gentle exfoliating cream cleanser with Madelic Acid which works to effectively remove everyday build-up, impurities and make-up, without stripping your skin’s natural, essential moisture.
  • Contains a unique blend of nourishing, active ingredients that ensure your skin remains hydrated.
  • Gentle, light-weight, sulphate & soap free formula to help calm sensitive skin.

It is important to note that the products mentioned are suitable for all skin types, although if you suffer from a certain medical or skin condition, you may require slightly different or additional products to help combat your particular issues.

If you are unsure about your skin type or are suffering from stubborn skin problems, you should seek professional advice. Our Dermal Clinicians at Coco Ruby will be able to help you diagnose your skin problems and suggest customised treatments and skin care products that will work for you.


Do any of these treatments or products take your fancy? You can book in for a Skin Consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.

Your skin will be assessed and our Clinician’s will be able to devise a customised at-home skin care routine for your particular skin concerns.

They will also be able to suggest the Clinic Skin Treatments that you can incorporate into your routine to help your skin look and feel its best.

If you stay up to date with advances in cosmetic treatments and non-surgical options, you’ll be aware that there are newer, scientifically advanced injecting options for people who want to reshape a facial feature or reduce the signs of ageing. Read our blog about the latest advances in cosmetic injections: the new Dermal Fillers.

The New Dermal Fillers;  Latest Advances in Cosmetic Injections and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

You may think that most dermal filler brands or anti-wrinkle injections are pretty much alike. But our Coco Ruby Senior Injecting Clinician, Sandra Wallace RN (Div 1), knows firsthand that there are a wide range of dermal filler brands, with unique properties that good Injecting Clinicians can use to great advantage.  

“They are certainly NOT equal in reducing wrinkles or enhancing facial features,” notes Sandra, who reviews the advantages of the latest dermal fillers available in Australia today.

New Dermal Fillers:  Why Coco Ruby’s Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians are excited to have access to the latest cosmetic injecting technologies, filler substances and techniques.

There are new fillers and wrinkle treatments on the market now, that have advanced facial contouring and wrinkle treatment properties. One of these dermal filler solution brands is particularly renowned for getting results that allow for natural looking facial movements, rather than the ‘frozen’ overly-relaxed look; yet with less wrinkles and fewer lines.


In order, these new dermal fillers brands, combined with the latest cosmetic injection techniques, can be used to:

  • augment the lips with greater precision to increase the lip size, improve the shape of the lips, even up the lips or reduce a ‘gummy looking’ smile
  • relax vertical or horizontal facial lines in the brow area without the ‘frozen forehead’ look
  • reduce shadows and hallows under the lower eyelid area (reducing dark under eye shadows in the tear trough area)

These new fillers have unique properties that optimise injecting results when Clinicians aim to:

  • improve the look of the eye lids or brow areas (lifting or enhancing the brows, reducing crow’s feet or under eye dark shadows or eye bags)
  • enhance other facial features such as cheek augmentation, chin augmentation or jawline enhancement
  • fill in the temple area and other facial areas that have lost volume and/or skeletal support
  • reduce above lip lines or marionette lines
  • remedy facial scars (combined with dermal resurfacing or laser treatments)

latest brands of dermal fillers - advances in cosmetic injecting and wrinkle treatments

So what’s the go with the latest dermal filler products and advanced injecting techniques? How well do these new fillers work?

The advances in cosmetic injecting products, particularly dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, covers three key areas of facial rejuvenation technology.

The latest cosmetic injecting solutions are now formulated in ways that give Cosmetic Injecting Professionals a greater ability to:

  1. augment and sculpt the shape and projection of the lips, cheekbones, brows, eye area, chins or nose;
  2. relax facial wrinkles and reduce fine lines without disrupting natural facial expressions 
  3. penetrate and rejuvenate the facial skin at deeper, more comprehensive levels

Key Benefits of new cosmetic injecting methods and dermal filler solutions:

  • Allows for dynamic facial expressions – but with less visible wrinkles.
  • Allows for underlying skin rejuvenation and skin restructuring as well as facial volumisation.

These new cosmetic injecting solutions interact positively with your body’s own bio-chemistry, helping to increase your skin’s strength and improve your skin’s resiliency, elasticity and facial firmness.

All while adding volume in the places that will most benefit your overall facial appearance.

Advanced dermal filler solutions and newer injecting techniques: Professional Opinion of Sandra Wallace, Senior Injecting Clinician at Coco Ruby.

“It’s amazing what we can do now, with these scientifically advanced dermal filler products,” Notes Sandra Wallace.


Skilled Injecting allows a Clinician to help you REDUCE forehead wrinkles and fine lines, but still make natural looking facial expressions – avoiding a ‘frozen forehead’ or ‘frozen face’ appearance.

“A skilled injector can help patients reduce deep wrinkles yet avoid that overly-relaxed looking forehead – the ‘frozen face expression’ – because they allow for dynamic facial expressions rather than relaxing the entire area of treatment.”

“With a good injecting strategy and the right new wrinkle solutions and dermal fillers, the end result is that you can end up looking a lot younger, and refreshed, but not end up looking like a facial zombie.’

Plus – as our blogging experts have discovered, even the SKIN ends up looking better with these new filler and anti-wrinkle formulations.

Key reasons these new dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments work so much better than other types?

  • These advanced technology dermal fillers, now available in Australia, don’t simply volumise areas of the face – they allow for precision feature sculpting.
  • They also tend to work better to rejuvenate the skin than most cheaper injecting substances. Not simply because wrinkles become reduced, but because of the combined interactions at the dermal level – they are reduced at more comprehensive levels of facial dynamics.
  • So these new fillers can have genuine skin rejuvenation effects that are longer lasting; they rejuvenate and revitalise the underlying dermal structures as well as reduce wrinkles.


The latest wrinkle relaxing strategies combine new dermal filler treatments and advanced injecting strategies with skin rejuvenation to reduce lines, relax wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin – all in one or two easy sessions.

  • They are particularly effective in treating previously hard-to-treat areas, such as those under-eye hallows or lost volume in the cheek bone or eye and brow area.
  • They are rapidly becoming a favourite ‘go to’ injecting solution for people who want an overall rejuvenation effect, not just more facial volume.

New dermal filler brands – filler properties and benefits for patients:

  • New dermal fillers come in differing consistencies that allow for easier injecting and moulding
  • Massaging the filler-treated area also helps them have a better volumisation effect, because they have good interactive properties with existing cells and structures
  • They are fabulous for treating the under-eye area and can help remedy dark shadows under the eyes, or hallows around the eyes, cheekbones or temples
  • They have combined skin rejuvenation properties in addition to volumisation – and because they are injected, they have greater impact on facial rejuvenation than topical solutions (similar to skin booster injection treatments but potentially more powerful)

Ready to get started?

Your first step to getting facial rejuvenation or wrinkle relaxing injections with these advanced dermal filler techniques and technologies is to book an assessment with our Injecting Team.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 to request a consultation time.



Lip Injections & Facial Injections with Dermal Filler are popular cosmetic procedures. So how do you care for your lips after getting cosmetic injections? Find out about Lip Filler Injections After-Care Guidelines from our Melbourne Cosmetic Injectors.  Originally published in November 2017; updated May 2018.

Lip Filler After Care (Caring for your Lips after Lip Injections)

If you’re wanting to get cosmetic injections or lip filler augmentation for the FIRST time (such as lip filler or a “liquid facelift’) to refresh your look, here’s a helpful list of after-care instructions.


After Lip Injections: Lip Care Guidelines

  • Whilst we give you some general care guidelines about caring for your lips after getting lip filler injections, remember, individual lip injecting experiences can vary from person to person.
  • So, too, can your Injector’s tips for caring for lips after having filler injections.
  • So DO ask your injector for his or her special tips for lip filler after care.

Lip Augmentation after-treatment guidelines: Caring for YOUR lips

Disclaimer: This lip-injections after care information is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for medical or clinical advice; nor does it replace information you’ll be given from your personal Cosmetic Injector.

But if you want to know a bit more about how to best care for your lips after getting lip filler injections, continue reading our Team’s top non-surgical cosmetic treatment blog post.  And be sure you’re on our E-newsletter list to be kept up to date with skin care products and facial treatment specials.   We also have GIFT VOUCHERS for facial treatments.

cosmetic injections hawthorn dermal-filler-skin-boosters-cosmetic-injections.

Lip Injections & Filler Injections AFTERCARE Guidelines

Cosmetic Injections After Care Tip#1 for Lip Filler: Planning in Advance

It’s best to plan ahead when you’re getting non-surgical treatments such as cosmetic injections to the face or lips.

  • That’s because although cosmetic injections typically have minimal down time for most patients, it can take time to see the full treatment effects.
  • Plus, you might have a bit of bruising, tenderness or swelling to content with, depending on how your body responds and the injecting strategy used for your lip augmentation.

Cosmetic Injections before a big event – how long do you need to plan in advance?

Typically 3 weeks is sufficient for most cosmetic injection treatments, BUT we offer BIG EVENT timing tips below.

TIP: Allow enough time to heal and for any swelling or potential bruising to resolve before a BIG party or event. If you’re about to get married, be sure you avoid suddenly changing your looks – give it plenty of time to see what degree of lip augmentation suits your overall features best.  (Our Injectors and Dermal Clinicians are very adept at helping people get their skin, eyes and smiles looking radiant before a wedding! Phone 03 8849 1400 for an appointment).

bridal party skin care treatments

We offer more pre-wedding cosmetic injection planning tips towards the end of this blog, but back to the lip filler injections after care guidelines.


Cosmetic Injections After Care Tip#2: Don’t Expect the Initial Fullness to stay the same – and follow the lip massage instructions provided by your Injector

Not all cosmetic injectors recommend massaging lips after lip injections; but many do.

  • It can vary depending on the type or brand of filler – and on your anatomy.
  • But some of the initial lip augmentation results will dissipate in a few days, and that’s because of two reasons: there is usually minor swelling and some of the lip filler is expected to dissolve.

Cosmetic Injections After Care Tip#3: Stay well hydrated and drink plenty of plain water after having filler injections – and don’t exercise strenuously or visit a steam room for a few days after your injections!

Drink water after lip injections because dermal filler hydration is important.

Why is staying hydrated so important? What’s helpful to understand about dermal fillers and lip fillers:

  • Full lip augmentation treatment results often do not show up for several weeks or more after your injecting session. That’s because the temporary filler needs to bind with existing tissues.
  • Sure, you’ll see SOME results immediately after the treatment – but typically a few days or even weeks is needed before you can visualise the filler’s full results (and remember, these results can last from 4 to up to 10 months or more, depending on numerous factors.)
  • Hydration is crucial to getting a good result – because dehydration can detrimentally impact any dermal filler treatment, including lip injection results.
  • So DO drink plenty of water after having treatments.
    • Remember, dermal filler relies on drawing water to the treated cells; so stay hydrated.
    • This helps you get the full filler augmentation effects.
  • And hold off on strenuous exercises and very heated environments including steam rooms.


  • Initial swelling will dissipate so don’t get too attached to the initial lip augmentation results.
  • The usual bit of swelling after lip filler injections may not always be distinguishable from the dermal filler results in the early days of having cosmetic injections; but ultimately you’ll see an enhancement – and especially with filler, LESS IS MORE. Subtle enhancements look better than the dreaded over-filled or over-volumised appearance (think puffer-fish lips or trout pout mouth and gerbil-style cheeks when someone goes overboard with dermal filler injections).

Cosmetic Injections After Care Tip#4: Expect a bit of soreness or tenderness which can last for several days.

Expect a gradual or minor loss of lip volume in the first few days as the initial swelling resolves, and expect a bit of soreness.

  • You might even have a few red dots (marks) that will also fade/disappear over a few days (entry points for the cannula or filler injecting needle).
  • But if you have any serious concerns – a lot of redness, swelling heat or other symptoms – contact your Clinician immediately.



Cosmetic Injections After Care Tip #5: Don’t Fly Too Soon After Getting Dermal Filler Injections

Don’t FLY too soon after getting cosmetic injections including lip filler.


Here’s why you shouldn’t fly too soon (nor exercise) just after getting cosmetic injections including lip augmentation or other facial filler injections:

  • Exercising right after cosmetic injections can impede and/or complicate your results
  • This relates partially to the movement, or body temperature/body heat
  • And partially to the impact of exercise on your hydration levels (dehydration is a no-no after getting cosmetic injections).
  • Sweating on the filler or wrinkle-relaxing needle entry points – or where the cannula was used – isn’t good as it could lead to bacterial problems on the injecting site.

Why should you WAIT at least 2 weeks BEFORE FLYING after getting Lip Fillers or other Dermal Fillers.

  • Flying after muscle relaxing injections (wrinkle treatments that work by reducing muscle movement) is typically fine, but if you’ve also had dermal fillers – the best advice is to wait for a few weeks.
  • That’s because flying not only tends to dehydrate you, it often alters the pressure on your skin and other tissues.
  • Because dermal fillers attract the water in your body to help them merge with your existing tissues, to create VOLUMETRIC INCREASES (augmentation) – different atmospheric pressures – such as on planes – might lead to adverse reactions for some patients.

So DON’T FLY for at least 2 weeks after getting dermal fillers/facial fillers.

lip filler after care - lip augmentation


How much time should I allow between cosmetic injections and a big event, such as a wedding?

It’s never a good idea to start a new treatment close to a big event, especially if you’re the bride.

Plan as far in advance as possible.  And remember, even cosmetic injection treatment results can vary from treatment to treatment.

Allow 3 Weeks after getting fillers for everything to settle into place.

But while 3 weeks is the absolute recommended MINIMUM time allowance, if it’s your first time getting a treatment, or it’s for a wedding, you’re typically better off with 4 weeks or more.



If you are wanting to reduce wrinkles AND enhance facial features using cosmetic injection techniques, it’s best to allow at least 3 to 5 weeks of time BEFORE you want to see results.

Also, when it comes to feature augmentation using dermal filler, it’s better to have two rounds of cosmetic injecting sessions, to tweak the results, than doing too much at once.

  • People tend to love having more shapely, voluminous lips.
  • But you don’t want to go overboard.
  • So you might be better off getting your first lip augmentation injections in two treatment rounds, not just one.
  • A secondary follow-up LIP FILLER TOP UP injection appointment would typically occur at the 2 to 3 week mark, so then allow extra time after that.
  • An extra 2 to 3 weeks to heal from that session is typically adequate for most patients, but let your Clinician assess your risks (your first injecting sessions may give you an indication of your reaction, but reactions CAN change, also, over time and depending on a number of factors).

Ideally allow extra time to have 2 injecting sessions – plus healing time – before a big event (five to six weeks suits most patients):

You may not need this cosmetic injection BOOSTER session (a secondary treatment), but it may enhance your results.


Remember, again, that every patient is unique, and results can vary significantly.

That’s the case with results between patients and even from one injecting session to another. But if you’ve tried a really experienced and artistic Injector, like Sandra Wallace, you’ll know that not all Cosmetic Injectors in Melbourne are equal.

The skill of your injector counts a lot – so, too, does the variety of fillers they have access to.

With a good injecting strategy and skilled injector, you’ll typically find you’ll have consistency in your augmentation results, rather than highly different results (depending on what you have done). 

In other words, some of the cheap or discount injecting clinics may use less trained Clinicians than we insist upon at Coco Ruby.

The cheap clinics may also use overly-diluted muscle relaxers to offer discount injections, or cheap, off-brand or counterfeit solutions that may impede your results.

Also, be sure you are aware of the risks of dermal fillers before you book a session.

Lips After care and Touch Ups with Filler Injections: More helpful tips

  • Lips aren’t usually even to start, and they may not be perfectly even after filler – but it can help reduce some asymmetry.
  • If its your very first lip injecting treatment, a minor follow up “touch up” of the lips in a few weeks time, may help remedy any noticeable lip asymmetry still visible after your first injecting treatment. Again, don’t expect perfection. The sides of the face – and lips – are never perfectly symmetrical. Even on the world’s top rated ‘beauty icons’.
  • Lip filler touch ups can also plump your lips up just a tad bit more – yet still look natural.
  • Be sure you go slowly on volume increases rather than risk looking ‘over-filled’ or ‘puffer trout’ like after having lip augmentation.



Why don’t you get instant results after having dermal filler or lip filler injections?

  • As mentioned above, some of the lip volume increases WILL be visible immediately after cosmetic filler injections.
  • But it often takes time for the temporary facial fillers or lip fillers to integrate with your own tissues.

The more water in your body, the better the potential result – so as mentioned earlier, stay well hydrated with water.   You’ll notice the most optimal results in just a few weeks, up to a few months time depending on what non-surgical or cosmetic injecting treatments you had done (and some have a lovely cumulative impact, such as relaxing deep wrinkles and lines and resurfacing skin with laser or light based treatments and facial masques.

Again, DO NOT FLY right after getting dermal filler injections; and DRINK a lot of plain water in the days after getting lip augmentation filler injections.

And remember, everyone is different. Do FOLLOW your Injector’s specific aftercare instructions and ask them any questions you have about your treatment after care or lip augmentation results.

The Benefits of Planning for Lip Filler Injections and other Cheek Augmentation using Dermal Fillers

We know many people leave cosmetic injections a bit too late for their big events. Sometimes, if you have a week or more, you’ll still be okay to get dermal fillers – e.g., if you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment and if your Injector has assessed the likelihood of your responses.  DO be sure you understand the process and potential risks, however – be an educated and informed client – and if in doubt, hold off until AFTER the big event has passed (makeup alone can also work wonders for some patients, even though there’s little as alluring as luscious, balanced lips or perfectly prominent cheeks that aren’t over-volumised).

WHY is it good to plan ahead for Cosmetic Injections and Lip Filler BEFORE a wedding, holiday party or other big event?

  • As mentioned above, the typically downtime after dermal filler or cosmetic lip injections is minimal, but the suggested time frames may still be a good rule of thumb.
  • Every person reacts uniquely. YOU might be fine, with no swelling or bruising at all – or you might just be one of the unlucky ones who has an adverse reaction such as a lot of bruising or swelling (be sure you are familiar with filler injecting risks).

It’s always good to allow a bit of extra time, especially if it’s your first time. And most people in the cosmetic industry agree that enhancing your looks gradually is fine; but it’s often best NOT to change your looks too drastically before a big event.

cosmetic lip injections after care for lip filler post-treatment advice

Less is more in terms of filler injection volumes;  but more is more when it comes to having enough healing time before a big event.

In general, a minimum of 3 weeks to 5 weeks healing time after lip filler and other cosmetic injections is typically a good suggestion for most events.

But allow longer healing time frames if it’s a one-off event such as a wedding or speaking engagement – especially if you’re the bride or the featured keynote speaker!

DO have sensitive skin or bruise easily? Allow longer.

  • If you want quality, skilled and natural looking facial filler enhancements or lip augmentation using lip filler, and you don’t have that lead time, book a consultation with one of our top Injectors.
  • Ask what can and cannot be accomplished with less time, and assess the risks you want to take with a shorter time frame.
  • The same holds true for cheek augmentation, jawline enhancements, tear trough fillers or a liquid facelift approach.

Other reasons why it’s good to have a few weeks between your Cosmetic Injections and a big event.

lip-fillers-good-or-bad-timing lip augmentation filler aftercare

  • Dermal fillers take time to show their full effects  – most cosmetic injections effects start to look their best a few weeks AFTER the injecting session.
  • Muscle relaxing injections to remove lip-area wrinkles or forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet, for example, take up to 14 days or longer to relax the muscles.
  • You’ll need at least 2 to 4 weeks, and longer – several treatments – if your wrinkles and lines are very ingrained and if it’s your first injecting session.
  • Lip Augmentation can also take a few weeks to ‘fully settle’ (they may feel different or even firmer to you for the first few weeks, but they soften and feel more natural after a few weeks).

Will the cosmetic injecting results wear off before the wedding or big event?

How long does anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler last?

  • The results of wrinkle injections can last about 3 to 4 months or longer; and dermal fillers can last from 4 to 6 months to sometimes 8 or 9 months.
  • It depends on the injecting strategy, where the filler is being injected, how deeply, the type of filler (brand & product characteristics), and how your body or face and skin responds to having dermal fillers injected.


Beauty TIP: If you allow 6 weeks between your first lip augmentation injections and your events, then at the 2 to 4 week mark you can get a second session to further refine and improve the look.

  • Especially with lip augmentation and cheek enhancement, it’s better to be conservative at first rather than risk having over-filled syndrome.
  • You can always add MORE filler BUT it’s difficult to reduce filler after its been injected.
  • Plus there are sometimes minor complications, such as mild bruising or swelling, that you ideally want to have resolved before an important event or photography session.


Summary: You can’t get a cosmetic injection and expect to see the full enhancements or wrinkle reductions immediately. It takes time.

After Care Lip Injection Guidelines for Augmentation by Cosmetic Injections by Sandra Wallace

lip filler aftercare, facial filler injections aftercare, lip augmentation after care

What you might expect after a cosmetic Lip Filler injection session:

  • Possible swelling and bruising
  • Allergic reactions (excessive swelling)

What to alert your Clinician about if occurs after injections:

  • Areas that become very dark or that doesn’t appear as “normal” bruising
  • Anything you’re concerned about after your injections

Is it okay to drink Alcohol after getting cosmetic injections?

Partying after lip augmentation? Best not to consume alcohol for a few days before & after your lip injections

Sandra advises clients who want cosmetic injections to avoid alcohol.

“Alcohol can increase your chance of bruising,” notes Sandra. “You should also avoid wearing makeup around the lip area and forgo lipstick just afterwards, ideally until Day 3. It’s also good to avoid touching the area or at least sanitise your hands well before you do.”


Another Lip Augmentation AFTERCARE TIP from Sandra: “Avoid hot drinks, as lip sensation may be impaired due to local anaesthetic.”

On Day 2, she notes, you can use a product such as Bepanthen antiseptic cream if your lips feel dry.


Day 3:

  • Can use lipstick /makeup but ideally fresh makeup (avoid bacteria).
  • Mineral makeup might be best as is usually low allergen – be sure whatever makeup you use is bacteria resistant and fresh.
  • You can still use Bepanthen if needed.
  • Then it’s your normal lip routine when all is well/settled and less tender.

Lip Filler AFTERCARE: TWO Weeks AFTER Lip Augmentation Injections

  • It can take 2 weeks for the product to soften and settle
  • You should see the ‘final’ results then (this can last for several months but about every 4 to 6 months, you’ll likely want to replenish the lip filler if you are keen to keep the plumper lip look).
  • If you’ve massaged out any small unevenness or lumps, but by the 2 week mark, you have minor lip asymmetry or want more ‘tweaking” or enhancements (lip volume), call your Cosmetic Injector and ask them to assess whether or not it’s a good idea to have more lip filler.

LIP AUGMENTATION tips for AFTERCARE in the days after Lip Filler Injections – Tips from our Other Injecting Experts at Coco Ruby

lip injections & skin booster injections melbourne

  • Aftercare for Lip Augmentation using Dermal Fillers – it’s important to know your lips may be sensitive for a few days, sometimes up to a week for some patients.
  • Sometimes you’ll have minor swelling or small lumps – these DO tend to even out in just a few days, and massaging can help.
  • Massaging the lips with clean, sanitised hands can be good to help the lip filler distribute well with your natural lip tissues.
  • Avoid hot drinks, spicy foods and avoid alcohol for several days as you heal, if you can.
  • If you are prone to getting cold sores (Herpes/Type I) or other lip sores, ask your  Injector about getting a prescription for anti-viral medication and take it as prescribed (often for several days BEFORE and AFTER your injection session, or as prescribed, much as you might for DOT Therapy as a preventative measure).
  • Bepanthen, as Sandra mentioned also, is still a great idea.
  • Avoid wearing makeup in that area – no lipstick or lip gloss for several days after injections is typically a great idea.
  • Use a gentle, non-perfumed cleanser or sterile alcohol wipe to remove any grime (it might sting).
  • Avoid ANY perfumed cleansing products on the area and don’t use old makeup around or on the lips (this is a good time to refresh your makeup kit).
  • Within about 3 days, but sometimes longer, most injection-related tenderness should have resolved and your swelling should have subsided.


Another Lip Filler/Lip Augmentation Aftercare tip:

“Sometimes people LOVE the look of the more-swollen lips and hate to see the swelling go,” notes our senior injector, “in which case, a small top up might give you the fuller look you want.”

  • If your lips need a bit more inflation, schedule in a session again in 2 to 4 weeks and we can enhance the look.
  • But remember, less is more, and it’s better to start off conservatively than to end up looking FAKE or OVERFILLED.

Does a lip augmentation injection hurt?

We asked Cosmetic Injecting Nurse Sandra in Melbourne for her advice.

Here’s the synopsis of what he said about Lip Filler/Lip Augmentation Aftercare:

  • It really DOES depend on the patient, as well as how sensitive their skin or lips are on the day.
  • This may fluctuate for the patient due to hormonal changes, nerve stimulation, substance use or lack of sleep.
  • But we DO have numbing cream (come in an hour early for this and let your Injector know at the time of booking that you’d like to do this).
  • Plus, there’s also ice packs you can use during the session to relieve discomfort.
  • Some patients find it painful, but most find it easily tolerable. The good thing about lip filler injections is they are relatively quick!
  • You may want to NOT use very active products just before and just after your lip augmentation injections.
  • Be sure you follow all instructions we give you afterwards (and before hand).

All of our Injecting Team at Coco Ruby note that the OVERFILLED LIP look is OUT!

They suggest getting an initial session well in advance of any big event (but not more than 2 months out), and that further treatment after your first cosmetic lip injections should be scheduled within 2-4 weeks following your first treatment to help you achieve an optimal result.

Yes, maintenance lip filler injection sessions WILL be necessary if you want to keep a plumper pout. But AVOID permanent fillers no matter what.

  • “Permanent fillers give you permanent problems,” notes our Cosmetic Injecting Practitioners.
  • “They are best avoided. With temporary lip filler injections so affordable – and generally long lasting – temporary dermal fillers are definitely the way to go.”
  • That advice isn’t limited to lip augmentation filler injections but also works for other injections, such as jawline fillers, cheek augmentation fillers and tear trough fillers as well as muscle relaxers to reduce crow’s feet, forehead lines and more.”


Aren’t all lip filler products and lip injection treatments alike?

  • No, there are numerous brands of dermal fillers.
  • They have very different properties and some last longer, or look more soft and natural, in the lips, than other types of dermal fillers.
  • Some lip fillers may feel ‘fake’ or unnatural, whereas quality fillers are known to feel softer and more natural.  Plus, you need to know HOW MUCH is TOO MUCH when it comes to lip filler injections.

Who should you go to for Facial Filler and Cosmetic Lip Injections in Melbourne?

  • There are discount injecting places everywhere, but gullible patients are finding out they’re not always what they’re advertised to be.
  • Some may be using counterfeit injectables or inferior injecting solutions; or may overly dilute their anti-wrinkle solutions to be able to offer discount injecting pricing.
  • You want a lasting result, even though injections are temporary – so choose wisely.
  • Be sure you choose a reputable firm that has genuine Registered Nurse Injectors as well as Cosmetic Doctors and/or Surgeons on hand, rather than simply a beauty clinic or pharmacy.

Our Cosmetic Injectors work with some of Melbourne’s top Plastic Surgeons in their Hawthorn Clinic location.

You can reach us on (03) 8849 1444 to schedule an assessment or cosmetic injection session with a talented injector who knows how to keep you looking natural whilst enhancing your lips, jaw, chin or cheeks!

Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to book your lip augmentation or facial filler cosmetic injections appointment BEFORE the holidays arrive – make sure you give yourself enough time for your anti-wrinkle, facial filler or  cosmetic injections to work before a big event.

Need more advice on lip augmentation aftercare or facial filler after care?  Phone us today or send in an enquiry.

Want Healthier Looking Skin? How Skin Booster Injections can Help Revitalise Your Skin

Skin Booster Injections, a cosmetic injection treatment by our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon, involves using dermal filler injections to revitalise the facial appearance or reduce crepey-looking skin. Part of our Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Booster Injection Treatment Blog Series, originally published in 2017 and updated in 2018. To book a consultation with Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon, for dermal filler injections or skin boosters, phone us on (03) 8849 1444.

Want your skin to have a healthier glow?

Tired of having dull-looking, crepey looking skin?

Find out what SKIN BOOSTER INJECTION TREATMENTS using Dermal Fillers can do to restore your skin’s luminosity and improve it’s firmness.


Boost your facial skin with a series of three (3) Skin Booster treatments – get back your GLOW.

  • Skin can start to look crepey, dull or “tired” as you reach your 40s, 50s and 60s.
  • Cosmetic Injections as well as skin needling – along with facial peels to treat uneven skin tone – can do amazing things to revitalise your appearance and refresh your look.
  • And one of the most popular revitalisation treatments available today is the Skin Booster Injection Series at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne’s inner east.
  • These treatments use the properties of dermal fillers to stimulate cellular functions that improve the skin’s underlying structures AND help restore a ‘glow’ to the outer surface of the skin; with tightening and firming effects for skin that is mildly sagging or crepey-looking in appearance.
  • They can be used all over the face OR as a spot-treatment under the eyes to reduce crepey-looking skin under eyes.


Dermal Fillers are the main forte of a Skin Booster Injection Session.

Most people know the benefits of dermal fillers to augment lips, cheeks, temples or other facial features.

But not everyone understands the firming, plumping, moisturising and restorative actions that Dermal Fillers can have on your dermal layers (skin layers).

In a Skin Booster Sessions, Dermal Fillers are used to plump up the skin, draw in moisture and improve the skin surface by stimulating collagen production.

  • Instead of being used to augment a feature or reduce asymmetry, targeting a specific area, most Skin Booster Injection Sessions stimulate the skin over a broader area of the face.
  • This helps restore more active cellular renewal activities to your facial skin; which in turn helps restore a a ‘luminous glow’ to your skin.
  • Perfect for all nearly all age groups over 18, gets the skin a natural-looking result and ‘refreshed’ appearance.

Dermal fillers, skin needling and/or muscle relaxing solutions can even be used on other parts of your body.

  • Most common areas for SKIN BOOSTERS and Dermal Filler Injections are the face and decolletage.
  • Skin Needling and/or Skin Boosters may also sometimes be used on the hands or under eye bags.
  • Specific treatment recommendations can vary from person to person.
  • The first step to see if you’re a good candidate for skin booster injections is to book an assessment with Dr Tina Purdon at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.
  • Best results from Skin Boosters typically require a series of 3 treatments spread between 2 to 4 weeks apart.
  • Visible results and improvements are most noticeable a few weeks, to a few months, after your treatment(s).

Most patients over the age of 40 see skin texture and cellular renewal improvements after a Skin Booster series using quality dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers Techniques  – Micro-Penetration for Skin Booster Cosmetic Injection treatments

Dermal Fillers are most widely used to augment a feature or reduce a line or wrinkle in select areas of the face.

Dermal Fillers are also used as Skin Booster Injection Treatments to refresh your skin and stimulate increased circulation and collagen, leading to better looking skin texture in just a few months’ time.

Skin Booster Cosmetic Injections are a popular alternative to harnessing the benefits of quality dermal fillers and micro-penetration techniques.

  • If your skin has acne scarring or is looking a bit dull or aged, your skin may benefit from one of the latest “skin boosters” treatment using cosmetic injectables (micro amounts of dermal filler).
  • Micro-injections of dermal filler solutions help revitalise or rejuvenate your skin’s appearance.
  • Whilst other cellular renewal treatments, such as facial peels, Dermapen skin micro-needling, DOT Therapy and Fraxel, can also improve the appearance of your skin, these Skin Booster Injections are a true winner for revitalising your skin and improving the skin’s appearance – because they usually have little to no downtime.
  • They are a prescribed cosmetic treatment, however, and there are risks to consider; find out more during a consultation where you can find out if they’re the right treatment for your skin concerns OR if there’s a better option for what you’re trying to consider.
  • Ask any and all questions you have before consenting to a skin booster treatment.

skin booster injections melbourne

How do Skin Boosters work? Techniques

Recommended reading:  SKIN BOOSTERS & DERMAL FILLERS (INJECTION TECHNIQUES) with tips by Cosmetic Physician/Cosmetic Injector, Dr Tina Purdon, in Melbourne.

Cosmetic Injections/Face Injections

Please note that cosmetic injections are a medical and pharmaceutical treatment and that there are risks involved; and that results can vary. Read the information at the consultation or ask us for a FREE GUIDE to cosmetic injections.

Top 5 benefits of a Skin Booster Injections and Dermal Filler Booster Treatments include:

  1. It can be used in a variety of locations – face, neck, under eyes, decolletage and even hands.
  2. It essentially helps to “plump up” and revitalise your skin, potentially improving the texture or appearance of the skin and reducing the visibility of fine lines.
  3. Skin Booster Injections may also help reduce the visibility of old acne scars.
  4. You’ll notice benefits quickly, just a few weeks after your treatment and cumulatively for several months afterwards.
  5. Top up (maintenance) treatments are usually only required at about the six month to 12 month mark but this can vary from patient to patient.

How soon do Skin Booster Injections start to work?

  • As with most cosmetic injections, you’ll usually see results a few weeks after treatment – and after any redness or swelling resolves.  (Not all clients experience redness, or swelling, but some do – ask your Clinician about what to expect).
  • You should begin to notice smoother, plumper looking skin in approximately a few weeks’ time.
  • What’s making this happen is that the injected dermal filler solution treatment is working with your natural healing responses to help improve your collagen levels, as well as moisture retention and other normal skin functions.


Try a booster session when you’re getting your next LIP FILLER top up at Coco Ruby in Melbourne (conveniently accessible from Melbourne’s CBD, Hawthorn East, near Auburn, Balywn, Camberwell, Richmond, Toorak and Kew).  Plenty of FREE parking nearby, too!


Phone our Cosmetic Injectors and Acne Experts on (03) 8849 1444 and request a skin care or cosmetic injection assessment if you suffer from dry, ageing skin or from Rosacea, Melasma, acne, acne scars or very oily skin.

More information about Cosmetic Injections including Skin Boosters, phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today.

The Skin Booster Injections Treatment


Over winter is an ideal times to explore ways to help you feel even better about yourself. Skin boosters can help.

  • The change of year is often a time of valuable self-reflection — even a time to consider how you can enjoy living in the skin you’re in, even as the years start to mount.
  • Winter is also a good time to indulge in facials, peels, laser treatments or Booster Sessions as you are less prone to unwanted sun exposure after having a treatment.
  • So both new year, and winter, are ideal times to look at different ways to subtly reduce those growing lines and wrinkles – or to investigate removing the tired look around your eyes – either via skin booster injections, cheek augmentation or lip augmentation, OR through a surgical Blepharoplasty with a leading eye Surgeon.

Looking and Feeling Healthy Doesn’t always come from within – subtle enhancements can make a huge difference and skin boosters are a fantastic option for revitalising your skin!

  • Do you wish your winter skin, or your post-holiday skin, looked healthier and vibrant?
  • Staying at home and giving yourself a facial treatment with a quality skin-care mask can also be a lovely way to spend a quite day after any holidays or mid-year school break times are over (think Easter, Mother’s Day, Winter School Break).
  • Our Dermal Clinicians can help you know which products are best to use at home.

How do I know if I would benefit from a skin booster injection treatment?

The best way to find out if your skin will benefit from a booster session is to have an assessment at our Clinic in Hawthorn East (ask for Sandra).

  • If you have a good home care system, have gotten laser rejuvenation or skin peels, and are fanatical about wearing the right sunscreens, you’ll probably be keeping those lines and wrinkles a bit at bay.
  • But even so, time, repeated facial expressions and hormonal changes that occur with ageing, lead to wrinkles.

So perhaps your facial wrinkles, forehead lines or crow’s feet are becoming more noticeable AND you’d like just a bit of help to ease them into being less prominent on your brow, cheeks or forehead.

That’s when a skin booster treatment can help.  It actually helps revitalise AND strengthen your skin structures.

Smooth skin refinement addresses lines and wrinkles

Subtle enhancements are now available – Skin Boosters for treating Ageing or Dry Skin

  • You may not feel it, but looking healthier and younger is typically only a few simple, subtle enhancements away.
  • Talking to a skilled, highly-experienced skin rejuvenation professional, who understands facial ageing, anatomy, injecting strategies and a variety of filler products – is like talking with an artist of rejuvenation.
  • And the best part is, if it’s done by a skilled, experienced professional — avoiding the over-filled syndrome and replacing lost moisture –  then no one would ever know!


Skin Boosters are the latest treatment for combating skin dryness – they can even help treat acne scars over time.

  • One of the latest strategies to combat ageing related skin concerns – including dullness and laxity – is the “Skin Booster Injectables” option.
  • Using an approved filler solution acid, an amino acid (a substance that is also created by the body), ultra-fine injections are delivered by a highly-trained Nurse or Physician.
  • These draw water to the cells and help to restore moisture to the skin; and they also have a skin cell stimulating effect that help boost the skin’s cellular renewal processes.

liquid facelift skin boosters injectables skin boost latest injectables treatment

Results can vary from patient to patient, but we hear from our clients that they LOVE the way these booster sessions leave their skin feeling and looking more radiant.

Additional Benefits of a Skin Booster Injection Treatment – acne scar reduction, skin hydration and fine line reduction.

Not only does a booster session leave your skin with a healthier glow, they have additional benefits:

  • Hydrates skin to restore a healthy glow
  • Assists skin to maintain its moisture levels (prevents deeper lines and reduces dryness/flaky skin)
  • Accelerates the skin’s repair cycle (helps with repair or renewal of the skin)
  • Minimises fine lines and reduces wrinkle visibility as the skin is plumped up
  • Helps skin fight acne or recover from blemishes; can even reduce prior acne scars

Multiple booster sessions may be needed if you’re working on scar reduction; but otherwise, a skin booster session may only need to be repeated about every six months (varies from patient to patient).

Other Options for Refining Your Look or Reducing Wrinkles and Lines


  • Subtly lifting an eye brow, using a well directed muscle relaxing injection, a skin booster or a tailored dermal filler injection plan – can make a world of difference to how vibrant your skin looks.
  • These are known as anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing injection treatments; using either a temporary muscle relaxing formulation or dermal fillers.
  • There are also augmentation options for cheeks, lips and jawlines (to restore lost volume due to bone loss that occurs as you age, which leads to saggier skin).
  • Low Level Light Therapy (LED Treatments) and Light Based Facials can also work to encourage rejuvenation of your facial skin (and your hands, decolletage and more).


Skilled Cosmetic Injectors in Melbourne: Dr Tina Purdon is our  Cosmetic Injector at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne

Meet Dr Tina Purdon and phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule your cosmetic injections assessment or repeat treatments.

In the hands of adept injectors, the results of facial enhancements using dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers should appear natural looking. They should also be relatively long lasting – although they will need to be refreshed or topped up every 4 to 12 months, depending on what you’ve had done, and how your skin responds.

But botched cosmetic injecting jobs are not uncommon in Australia.

  • Avoid going to a cheap clinic where you’re uncertain of the qualifications – and experience – of the person injecting you.
  • ALSO, be sure you find out EXACTLY what they are using – ask to see the box.
  • And there’s also a chance you may NOT be a suitable candidate – be sure you are honest about your medical history, whether or not you smoke, and whether or not you have a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and good sleep – because this DOES impact your skin AND your healing capacity.

These are pharmaceuticals and fake fillers have penetrated the Melbourne market – so be cautious when you think you are searching for discount cosmetic injections – you could end up in trouble!

So be sure you choose your Cosmetic Injector wisely. (Read our best beauty and skin care blogs on injectables including how to avoid common injecting treatment mistakes, such as ‘puffer pout mouth’ or ‘filler face’).

Further reading:

Cosmetic injecting risks of FLYING after getting FACIAL FILLERS

FAKE FILLER problems in Australia.

Ready to BOOST your skin with dermal filler injections?

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to see a healthy, vivacious appearance staring back at you from the mirror?
  • And how great will it feel to hear compliments about how refreshed your skin is looking, after the school break (or holiday period) – instead of people asking if you’re tired or angry – simply because forehead wrinkles have become ingrained?  
  • Get a booster treatment and anti-wrinkle treatment package – ask your Clinician for details.

** Note – the skin booster cosmetic injections treatment can be done at ANY time, so long as you’re a suitable candidate and have no immediate contraindications.


  • For most suitable treatment candidates, boosters typically have limited down time.
  • Although some sensitive skin types may have a period of redness or minor swelling for a few days after treatment. This should pass within a few days to up to 2 weeks (maximum for most patients).
  • Your Clinician will advise you on what cover-up makeup, if any, can be worn, and when you can start (but cover up makeup is often NOT needed).
  • If you have recurring acne, see one of our Dermal Clinicians for treatment options.

Ask your clinician for a detailed list about recovery and risks of skin booster treatments before you proceed, but beware cheap injecting clinics who may not have the right range of injectables or who may take shortcuts – these can be dangerous as seen recently in Sydney.

Read the article about BOTCHED lip injections, here.

So choose your cosmetic injector carefully!

That’s why here at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, we only offer injections from our very skilled Cosmetic Injectors who have decades of experience. They work alongside some of Melbourne’s most respected Plastic Surgeons.

Ask for Sandra by phoning (03) 8849 1444.

As many patients have discovered, subtle changes using Skin Boosters and other Cosmetic Injectable strategies can make the world of difference.

In the example of a patient, shown below, who was treated at Coco Ruby (at our other location last year), you can see the difference in appearance that these treatments can accomplish.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 and find out what we can do to help YOU have better looking skin.

In addition to skin booster injections for skin texture and tone improvements, muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers can greatly reduce the aged appearance of a face.

  • A 49 year old patient had one injectables treatment (25 units) to reduce forehead wrinkles that were very visible when she frowned or engaged in other facial expressions.
  • Two weeks later, the wrinkles are significantly reduced – the anti-aging effects are expected to last for up to three to six months.  

Note the patient is attempting the same facial expression(s), but cannot wrinkle her forehead or recreate the deep lines whilst the treatment is in effect.

So after the school holiday’s or around Mother’s Day is a great time to look into new ways to improve your skin and restore your healthy glow.

Bring back your healthy looking, vibrant skin….with just a bit of help.

  • Isn’t it time to let yourself look your best?
  • Then the time is now.

Send an enquiry form or phone and ask for an appointment with a Senior Nurse Injector or Cosmetic Physician at our Hawthorn East office on (03) 8849 1444.

Please note that you will need to be assessed for suitability of cosmetic injection treatments.

So if this is your FIRST time with our Clinic, even if you’ve had facial skin injections before, let your Cosmetic Injector, Skin Care or Dermal Clinician Consultant know when you call to schedule an appointment.


Try our SKIN BOOSTER injections – you’ll love how it helps your skin look more radiant over time!

We look forward to getting you natural-looking enhancements that are subtle yet effective in improving your looks. Phone (03) 8849 1444 (new patients) or 8849 1400 (existing patients) to schedule an appointment.


Do you suffer from dry, flaky skin…..? Find out what will help.

Some medical conditions, as well as ageing, lead to drier skin.

If you have dry, flaky skin, or psoriasis or eczema, there are some products and in-clinic solutions that may help. Ask to visit with one of our Dermal Clinicians, who can guide you on home care systems and in clinic treatments to reduce the dryness of your skin.  Exfoliation treatments can also help. But to reduce the flakyness of skin, and improve moisture levels, you’ll need to have a consistent, integrated approach. This means the right products at home, good hydration (water intake) and nutrition, and occasionally, certain supplements or nutrients (vitamin C) or topical solutions (vitamins B, A or C) can help.

Dry skin treatments for dry, flaky skin or psoriasis

Common Causes of Dry Skin & Flaky Skin include:

  • Excessive Sun exposure
  • Radiation treatments and chemotherapy treatments
  • Medications that cause sun sensitivity or skin dryness
  • Dehydration or Kidney Damage
  • Medical Conditions including Diabetes
  • Genetics
  • Smoking (leads to deep wrinkles and lines as well, particularly vertical lines above the lips)
  • Environmental factors
  • Chemical Exposures and Pollutions
  • Air Conditioners (particularly heaters)
  • Heat and Smoke exposure from open fires
  • Rosacea
  • Other skin conditions or medical conditions including:

If you want to rejuvenate your face and skin cells, you should come see our Coco Ruby team to try the latest in low level light therapy, skin peels/facials and laser treatments (DOT Therapy or FRAXEL) with our Coco Ruby Dermal Clinician Team.

dry-flaky-skin-treatments-led-lights-melbourneNearly all of your skin care and skin health appearance needs can be improved in ONE place, via our Plastic Surgeons and our Non-Surgical Team.

How we can help you with dry skin problems or flaky skin.

What makes our Melbourne Team and our Anti-Ageing Solutions special

Operating alongside Melbourne’s team of leading Plastic Surgeons, our Skin Care Clinicians have the full range of the latest treatment options to serve your skin care and facial appearance needs.

Non-surgical solutions and FACIAL treatments for skin rejuvenation

  • Scar revisions using laser or light based treatments
  • Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy/Microneedling
  • Facial & Skin rejuvenation including FACIAL PEELS, deep chemical peels, laser resurfacing
  • Vaginal Revitalisation (Post-menopause vaginal laser treatments) using Mona Lisa Touch vaginal lasers
  • Anti-ageing procedures including Cosmetic Injectables to reduce forehead wrinkles, crows feet
  • Dermal Volumisers (Fillers) to plump lips, cheeks, chin and more
  • Fraxel Restore Laser Treatments
  • Dot Therapy (CO2) Laser
  • Healite II Skin Revitalisation and healing optimisation
  • Acne scar treatments
  • Treatments for recurrent Acne
  • Rosacea or Redness treatments
  • Treatments for dry, flaky skin

Illustration of The layers of dry skin on the white background.

Surgical Enhancements including Eyelid Surgery or Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery

You can also combine your Non-Surgical treatments with Surgical treatments by our Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeons. One of the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures is for the eyelid area, such as Upper Blepharoplasty or Lower Blepharoplasty.

Our eyelid lift Surgeon is Dr Benjamin Burt, Oculoplastic Surgeon.

We also offer under-chin “double chin” injection treatments to reduce the appearance of a double chin or sagging under-jawline area.

Combining Cosmetic Procedures to Rejuvenate your Facial Appearance

If you want to begin on non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments and get to know our Skin Care, Anti-Ageing Team and Plastic Surgery affiliates before proceeding with facial rejuvenation surgery, then Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing skin health treatments are a great place to start!

Treat dry skin problems including eczema and psoriasis

In addition to facial peels, laser treatments and cosmetic injections, we offer

  • Eyelid lift – Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty
  • Asian Double Eyelid Lift Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Revisional Rhinoplasty (surgery to fix a botched nose job)
  • Face Lift (Facelift)
  • Necklift (Necklift)
  • Facial Feminisation
  • Breast Uplift or Mummy Makeover
  • Other face, neck, breast and body enhancement procedures

Locations for Dry Skin Treatments to Reduce Flaky Skin (We also offer Cosmetic Injections, Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Dermal Fillers)


Hawthorn East (conveniently close to Kew, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Toorak, Richmond and Melbourne CBD).

Learn more by sending an ENQUIRY form to arrange a custom clinical skin care assessment with one of our stellar, caring and extremely knowledgeable skin care, cosmetic injectors and skin rejuvenation experts.

One of the BEST ways to rejuvenate your facial appearance when the wrinkles start to come in spades, is an EYELID Surgery procedure known as the Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery.

Download the GUIDE to Eyelid Surgery by clicking here (our GUIDES page on our Melbourne Plastic Surgery website).

Or phone us on (03) 8849 1444 for a skin care, cosmetic injections or eyelid surgery consultation.

Be sure to specify what issues you’re wanting us to assist you with, so we can direct you to the right practitioner!





Lip Filler Tips from a PRO Injector:  How to Avoid Going Overboard with Lip Injections

You see them everywhere. Humongous lips that overtake nearly every other feature of an otherwise attractive face. Then there are the botched lip filler news stories. But WHY are we seeing so many lip augmentation disasters – or botched lip fillers – by Cosmetic Injectors? Why are there so many seriously over-filled lips in Australia across the globe? And how can you enhance your lip shape, but not reach the point of the dreaded ‘trout mouth’ syndrome?  And how are the hottest facial rejuvenation trends changing for 2018?

The answers to avoiding lip filler disasters – and crazy looking lips – are in this blog.


But in brief, it seems that clients – and unscrupulous injectors – aren’t readily recognising when ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

That’s why we’re seeing so many of the so-called “duck face” over-volumised lips (“crazy lips” after lip augmentation procedures). Not to mention the Kim Kardashian look-alike cheek-filler and lip-filler trends.

The future of lip augmentation (Lip Filler Trends & Predictions for 2018)

Our Coco Ruby Blog team believes that over-volumised lips are something this generation will look back upon, with the same disdain – and disbelief – that people now look back on the massive shoulder pads and teased-up hair they once adored in the crazy eighties.

Click here to read more on other new trends in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic injections.  But if you’re wanting to avoid a BOTCHED lip filler story – or other lip filler disasters – continue reading THIS BLOG.


Lip Fillers and Trout Mouth: Avoiding Duck Face Lip Filler Trends and Augmentation Disasters

Despite the plethora of ‘trout mouth lip filler’ disasters, the cosmetic trends of over-volumised lips is already beginning to shift to more moderate types of enhancements.

  • We are seeing more balanced lip augmentation requests, by cosmetic-educated clients, in recent times.
  • Individuals are beginning to understand the need for a balanced lip augmentation approach, along with precision lip shaping, rather than blind enlargement when it comes to shaping lips.
  • Shaping is the key; but not just the lips themselves; the entire face can be adjusted with very minor adjustments of filler in the cheeks, lips or jawline.

What this means is that small amounts of filler are injected, in the lips and other areas of the face.

Small adjustments using filler injections and anti-wrinkle injections can then be made.


They may appear subtle, but they are strategically placed for maximum effect on facial contours, as whole – meaning that small filler volumes in the right places can make all the difference for your overall appearance.

But meanwhile, many people are falling victim to the ‘more is more’ mentality of getting endless dermal filler injections in their lips or cheeks.

lip filler disasters - lip injection disasters with cosmetic injections and lip augmentation for enlargement or lip shaping

The over-filled/over-volumised lip should be avoided at all costs. Why?

  • Because this lip-augmentation cosmetic injecting fiasco has led to an increase in “baboon” style, over-volumised lip augmentations
  • Because less skilled Injecting Clinicians are failing to teach clients about the aesthetic VALUE of keeping your facial proportions balanced.
  • Because there are precision cosmetic injection methods that allow for harmonious feature adjustments to improve the entire facial appearance rather than simply augmenting one feature to unrealistic proportions.
  • Because a BIT of enhancement in the right parts of the lip can help shape the lip, but not distort it.

Simply stated, humongous lips don’t look more luscious. They look distorted.

lip augmentation disasters with cosmetic lip injections - puffer trout mouth lips, baboon lips

When it comes to overly augmented lips, lips with too much filler in them often look unnatural and – for some women and men – disturbingly enlarged.

  • You could even argue that some clinicians and some clients take lip augmentation to the point of facial disfigurement.
  • Fortunately, for most clinicians using temporary dermal filler, the results WILL wear off in time.  But all the same, it’s best when it’s avoided.

When too much is TOO MUCH: Lip Augmentation Disasters and Cosmetic Injection Fiascos – Avoiding the Distorted Lip

  • When looking at the latest cosmetic treatment trends for 2018, you’ll find one thing in common.
  • The trend of overfilling lips – or breasts, or anything else for that matter – is slowly changing to a more moderate level of enhancement.

And that’s a good thing.

Because otherwise, over-filled body parts – and over-volumised facial features – can end up looking museum-worthy, but ‘scary on the street’.

No where is this disproportionately-sized facial injecting strategy more visible, perhaps, than on social media sites under the category of makeup, big lips and humongous lips.

If your lips are larger in volume than that of both your eyes combined, you’ve probably succumbed to over filling.


According to our talented Senior Injecting Clinician, Sandra Wallace (RN/Div 1), over-volumised lips are still a massive problem in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

Here are our PRO TIPS for avoiding disasters with Lip Augmentation Injections – and remember, LESS is more.

How to Avoid Botched Lip Filler Injections

Big lips are OUT; Balance is IN.

  • Sadly, despite awareness of the trout mouth result of over-filling lips, many injectors haven’t quite caught up yet.
  • It appears that unscrupulous or less skilled cosmetic injectors are the ones who are prone to overfilling lips with dermal filler injections.
  • But sometimes they do this out of pressure from a client, who demands more volume or who threatens to go elsewhere, when that individual is actually far better off with what they already have attained in terms of lip volumisation injections.

Lip Filler Disasters: Over-Volumisation Problems with Dermal Filler Injections are common

Here’s how to NOT let it happen to you!


Want a bit more lip, but afraid you’ll soon be looking like you have the lips of a baboon?

Here’s how to NOT get caught out with over-sized lips.

  • Recognise that a bit of filler can have a pleasing result on lip shape or lip volume.
  • Lip volume can reduce wrinkles or fine lines around the lips, or even out a smile.
  • Other lip injections can even correct an overly-gummy smile.
  • Too much lip filler, however, can lead to distortions.
  • A good injector can guide you on what you need – as well as WHEN TO STOP getting dermal fillers in the lips.

How to Avoid Going Overboard – preventing lip filler injection disasters in 2018.

Senior Cosmetic Injector, Sandra Wallace (RN/Div 1), affirms that the skill of a Cosmetic Injector is one of the KEY aspects of keeping your facial balance or ‘aesthetic alignment.’

  • Aesthetic alignment (such as facial feature balance) simply means ensuring a pleasing alignment between ALL of your facial features.
  • Taking an anatomically balanced approach to augmentation of facial features ensures a harmonic feature alliance.
  • Consideration of the impact of dermal fillers on your overall anatomy (and facial structure balance) – whether you’re augmenting your lips or any OTHER part of your face or  body –  is crucial to getting a pleasing result.

lip augmentation disasters, keeping balance with facial injections and dermal fillers.

“And that holds true for whether you’re augmenting the lips, cheeks, temples, chin or jawline,” Sandra advises, “and even if you’re filling in the tear troughs to remove dark shadows under the lower eyelid.”

“Your injector must take into account ALL of your features, and how even the subtlest of changes in your facial anatomy are going to effect your overall appearance. A skilled injector not only knows WHAT to inject – in terms of the numerous dermal filler options available today – but how much, where and how. But perhaps their most important skill is advising you on WHEN you’ve had enough – or if you’ve been somewhere else, when you’ve had too much – and what you can do about it (which is often simply waiting it out, balancing it out, or starting again).”

disasters lip-filler-fiascos-avoid-bad-lip-augmentation-disasters

Baboon Lips are OUT as Cosmetic Injecting Trends shift towards Moderate Enhancement and Precision Shaping.

The Trout Pout should be avoided at all costs.

As we noted in our article on the latest cosmetic injections and facial rejuvenation treatment trends for 2018, one of the SHIFTS we’re seeing is an increase in using facial feature analysis to ‘better balance out’ your features.

  • This involves facial proportion analysis, as well as professional assessments of your facial dimensions and the alignment of your key facial features.
  • Your Clinician may evaluate how well matched your features appear, as well as how close together they are (or how apart they are), and how these proportions impact your appearance.
  • Facial Analysis before Cosmetic Injecting Treatments MAY occasionally also involve sophisticated facial imaging; but most good cosmetic injectors have an eye for balance and beauty (although not ALL who inject are sufficiently trained).

Tip: Sometimes Crysalix facial imaging or Vectra 3D imaging can help your Cosmetic Physician or Injecting Nurse evaluate your features (especially if you’re having surgery such as a Rhinoplasty or Blepharoplasty/eyelid surgery). But for the most part, they have a highly trained eye – and precision injecting strategies – for knowing where to make adjustments.

But sadly, there are far too many beautiful women who’ve taken enhancement a few steps – perhaps even a few kilometers – too far.

Examples: Over-Volumised Lip Augmentations using Excess Dermal Filler

In the example below (found on Pinterest), a very attractive woman exhibits precision talent in applying makeup on her lips and eyes. But either she – or an unscrupulous injecting clinician – took her lip augmentation injections too far.

Her lips are seriously over-volumised. Whilst she’s likely developed a psychological or visual tolerance for having super-sized lips, no doubt she’ll look back in a few years time, and wonder what she – and others who fell prey to super-sizing their lips through augmentation – were thinking.

lip filler disasters: overfilled-lips-disaster-trout-mouth-instagram

Just take a look on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

You can’t help but notice that women everywhere are falling pray to ‘more is more’ with lip filler injections for lip enlargement.

  • It’s not only freaky, but it can happen to nearly anyone – and does.
  • The look of super-large lips has become so commonplace that many people have forgotten completely about the beauty value of sustaining an aesthetic balance.
  • The lip augmentation trend is so ingrained, some people think EVERYONE – no matter what they look like – looks ‘modernly okay’ with over-sized lips and ‘trout pout’ lip shapes.

But the reality is the opposite: overly large lips can simply look grotesque, disproportionate or out of balance.

Could a Lip Filler disaster, such as Baboon Shaped Lips, happen to you?

  • Suddenly, you might find yourself looking at yourself in a selfie – or in the mirror – and think to yourself, oh my, what have I done to my lips?
  • Your eye makeup might be perfect, your hair might be shiny and fantastic – but the lips dominate the face in a way that looks entirely unnatural.
  • Of course, if all of your friends are sporting the over-volumised lip, you might not even notice. But chances are that some of your friends or colleagues are wondering JUST HOW TO TELL YOU that you’ve gone a step (or three) too far.

lip filler disasters: overfilled-lips-after-augmentation-injections

Injector Sandra Wallace warns patients who seem addicted to lip filler injections:

“Top ups are nice. But you don’t have to keep going larger each time.”

“It’s better to start slowly, find the right volume, and stick with it. It’s always tempting to do more, but once you find the right balance – it’ll still look natural as well as potentially magnificent,” she continues.

“You need to ask not only your closest friends, but your family and acquaintances, for their honest opinions about whether or not your lip augmentation has gone to volumised. Most friends will be willing to tell you (so long as they haven’t fallen prey to the puffer-trout lip injections trends, themselves) – but are afraid you just won’t listen.”

One recent lip-filler injection “addict” agrees.


“My friends were trying to tell me, ‘they look perfect, don’t go any larger – they’re big enough as they are’ – but I kept thinking, ah, a little more, a little bit bigger, would be better. Fortunately I trusted my friends who were beauty bloggers, and dermal clinicians. I felt they at least had an educated idea of what they were talking about. I listened…but it was difficult, at first, to resist the temptation of getting even more filler in my lips. I had to hear it repeatedly before I heeded their advice and left them as they were. But now I’m glad I did.”

Super-sized Lip Augmentation: another classic example of over-volumised LIPS using Lip Augmentation, as found on Pinterest:


How many women have over-filled their lips with dermal filler injections?

Far too many for our beauty blogger’s sensibilities.

If you’re not sure, search PINTEREST for “big lips” or “big lips and makeup” and you’ll find an endless sea of trout-pout looking faces – all of which would look so much more aesthetically balanced with the right sized lip enhancement.

Moderation is the key.

Lip Filler Disasters: Avoiding Over Volumisation & Lip Augmentation advice

How To Avoid Having Humongous Lips when Getting Cosmetic Lip Injections (Lip Augmentation using Dermal Fillers): Lip Filler Techniques from a Pro Injector  (Sandra Wallace).

For Patients – You need to remind yourself that:

  • Humongous Lips from over-filling with lip augmentation injections are NOT attractive.
  • Just because lip enhancement is trendy, doesn’t mean it’s right for you; get a professional opinion by a quality Injector.
  • Remember, fillers are pharmaceutical grade products and injectors use needles and cannulas; so be careful who you choose to inject you, and where!
  • A bit of filler goes a long way and can look fantastic.
  • That’s why it’s tempting to go from a less is more attitude to a more is more mentality – just be sure you check yourself regularly, and ask a qualified clinician for advice.
  • Compare your BEFORE and AFTER lip augmentation photos regularly.
  • Evaluate your other selfie photos over time (use the same angle and try full face non-smiling and full face smiling) – are your lips taking over your face? Do they enter the room before you do? Beware the over-filled syndrome.

Your Cosmetic Injector needs to:

  • Assess each client PROPERLY to see if their facial structure – including other features – will actually suit having lip augmentation using lip fillers.
  • Recommend specific dermal fillers for other areas of your face, or around the lip area, when needed, to help correct facial volume losses or asymmetry – this holistic approach is important; they can then enhance your lip shape properly (a whole-face approach rather than just giving you larger lips and hoping for the best).
  • Use a dermal filler applicable to the age, skin and other requirements of the client – this means you need a Clinician that has access to a large range of fillers, on hand, to choose from. As not ALL fillers are alike – the more choices, the more artistic your Clinician can be, and the better your results (if you choose a talented Injecting Clinician with years of expertise).

Want to find out more about techniques for lip augmentation or cheek filler – or skin refinement, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping …and more?

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So you’re wondering what’s left in terms of new and innovative cosmetic treatments? With the ubiquitous aim to look our best, knowing it impacts our self esteem, job opportunities and partner choices, it’s important you stay up to date with the latest cosmetic treatment and non-surgical trends. So here are the 3 hottest facial rejuvenation trends of 2018.

Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Trends for 2018

Non-Surgical Trends #1:  Slowing down the clock before your skin looks very aged

hottest facial rejuvenation trends of 2018;

What we’re seeing for Facial Rejuvenation at our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinics in Melbourne.

  • People aren’t waiting to treat wrinkles until they’re VERY, VERY deep and noticeable.
  • They are getting wrinkle-relaxing injections when they first spot them.
  • So a proactive approach, which appears to be a good solution, is becoming popular as a preventative vs treatment approach.

If you wait too long, when you have very ingrained wrinkles or deep lines, it can take well over a year or more to smooth them out (and several treatments). You might even need a deep peel or resurfacing laser.

But if you prevent them from getting worse, by choosing a quality injecting strategy and maintaining your results in a timely manner, you might just keep hearing compliments about ‘how you appear to have not aged overly much’ in recent years.

Summary: You can’t turn back the clock, of course – but you can certainly slow it down.

Non-Surgical Trends #2:  Enough is Enough (and LESS is MORE).

People will aim to AVOID the over-filled OR frozen forehead look.

  • Too much of a good thing was a problem for some consumers and injectors alike, leading to a frightening phenomenon
  • Over-filled faces or protruding, duck-like or puffer-fish style lips were usually a sign of an unskilled cosmetic injector
  • OR a sign of a client who insisted they wanted more, to the point they ended up looking ‘museum worthy freaky’

natural looking fillers vs fake looking fillers, dermal fillers

Of the top trends for 2018, Cosmetic Injectors and patients alike are wanting SMALLER amounts of Lip Filler and Cheek Filler, as well as muscle relaxer injections, at each injecting session.

The over-filled phenomenon of these puffy looking faces, when we saw increases in trout-mouth lip sizes over the past few years, was fed by filler-injection obsessions. Even celebrities fell prey to the ‘over-filled face’ or ‘lip-filler-gone-mental’ syndrome.

  • Photos of results from over-filler syndromes frightened both media and masses alike
  • Clients finally learned that less is more and we are noticing they are finally adapting to the benefits of ‘everything in moderation, including lip augmentation using fillers)
  • And people are becoming aware that cheap lip filler products are not the same as quality brand items that look, and feel, soft and natural rather than fake or firm
  • The solution to avoiding over-filling of lips, cheeks or temples using dermal fillers is to use smaller amounts per session; wait a few weeks until the treatment matures (both filler and muscle relaxers take a few weeks to settle fully), then going again.

Permanent fillers have always been a NO NO (permanent fillers, permanent problems). So you will still require top ups – but having less filler volume at an injecting session simply means you’ll avoid looking unnatural.

At Coco Ruby, we have long provided moderate facial enhancements that remained looking natural.

  • We have a good eye for the right amounts of fillers, and where to inject them in order to enhance the aesthetics of a face.
  • Meaning, we are adept injectors who know how much to use (and where to use it) to restore a more youthful appearance or enhance the cheeks and lips.

But we have long advised clients that it was typically best to return for top-ups a few times, if needed, as opposed to risking getting too much filler or wrinkle relaxers at once.


The scary photos of over-filled lips and puffed-out cheeks are having an effect. The message LESS is MORE is finally getting through for cosmetic injections.

  • The public is starting to pay heed to moderation with facial injections.
  • So expect to see more reasonable filler use and less frozen foreheads in people who get cosmetic injections.
  • Unless, of course, they keep going to the wrong injector or have their magnifying mirror turned towards the reduction side.

Summary: Skilled injectors will be harder to find as more people enter the injecting market, but they are worth seeking out. We’re proud that our Cosmetic Injectors at Coco Ruby in Melbourne are:

  • highly skilled
  • well trained and
  • have nearly 20 years of advanced injecting experience for clients

They also work with some of Melbourne’s top Plastic Surgeons for surgical facial rejuvenation as well as body contouring and liposuction.

Non-Surgical Trends #3:  High-Resolution Imaging of Facial Structures and Skin Health will be increasingly used in facial rejuvenation planning

Imaging technology is reaching new heights. When it comes to improving appearances, there’s nothing like visualising the underlying structures – and potential changes that might be made – when choosing a particular facial beauty treatment or cosmetic procedure, surgical or otherwise.

More and more, 3D imaging of the face (and body) via Vectra 3D Imaging or Crisalix 3D Imaging, is going to be used for facial rejuvenation and cosmetic injection planning.

  • Combined surgical and non-surgical procedures are getting clients their best improvements
  • Each has a certain benefit, but it’s the artistry of combining procedures (eyelid lifts with crows-feet injections, for example, or under eye tear trough fillers) that is leading the way in facial rejuvenation treatments

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution Vectra H1 camera - facial features - eyelids

So we are going to be hearing a lot more about VECTRA imaging technology and Crisalix 3D imaging.

What is Crisalix 3D imaging?

  • It’s a 2D photo taking technology that then combines multiple photo frames from different angles, into a 3D style image
  • It allows you to see the facial dimensions and relationships of the face
  • It’s mostly used similarly to Vectra 3D imaging of the face, e.g., for planning facial surgery such as a Nose Job or a Facelift or Neck lift.
  • It’s also used for Breast Augmentation or breast lift and breast reduction surgery, and can be very helpful in helping patients visualise their potential results from plastic surgery
  • Like all planning tools for cosmetic surgery, these technologies are helpful visual aids.
  • But they are not fully predictive, because surgery is complex and people’s healing, as well as their skin and surgery recovery responses, are varied and somewhat not fully predictable.

While it’s NOT yet being overly used for NON-Surgical rejuvenation treatments of the face, we anticipate Crisalix imaging and the Vectra technologies WILL both become used for injections, and combined facial rejuvenation treatments, in the near future.

It may eventually be very useful for patients who want to undertake a liquid rhinoplasty (vs a surgical rhinoplastyunder-chin fat reduction injections to reduce the ‘double chin’ appearance OR who might be better off getting a facelift and neck lift procedure.

Want top quality skin care or facial treatments and injections?

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The dreaded vertical lines that form above your lips can be one of the more distressing signs of premature skin ageing. They can ruin an otherwise smoother-skin complexion. But can anything be done about these vertical lip lines? Which are also called smoker’s lines from constant lip pursing. And what about the marionette lines that rest besides them? The answer is YES – upper lip lines can be treated by your cosmetic injector and/or dermal clinician. But like most anti-ageing solutions, prevention is always preferred.

So what are some solutions for preventing or reducing vertical ‘Upper Lip Lines’ from above your Upper Lip?

We’ll discuss prevention and treatment of lip lines and ‘smoker’s lines’ below.

First, why do these lines become so ingrained before we start paying attention to them?

  • Vertical upper lip lines rarely come to mind as the first area to treat your textural issues and lines.
  • The reason is simple:  vertical lip lines are not considered a MAJOR skin issue for most people, because they sneak up on your skin.
  • If you wait to treat them until after they become deeply ingrained, it might mean more intensive treatments or less satisfactory results.
  • And if this is YOU, you may find you’ve been focusing so much on other aspects of your skin and facial features – you’ve missed the ageing signs around your mouth and lips (above lip lines).

So step aside momentarily, please, crow’s feet and baggy eyelids. (But if you need eyelid surgery, Dr Benjamin Burt is Melbourne’s GO TO Eye Surgeon for eyelid lift surgery and Blepharoplasty).

Today we’re talking about the lines above your lips.

We’ll cover those marionette lines also – because where you have lines around the mouth, there’s likely to be an ever-deepening crevice in the nasolabial fold.

lip wrinkles and marionette lines best blog tips to reduce lines around your lips

As we age, vertical lines start to form above the lips, and ‘marionette’ style lines deepen from your nostrils to the edges of your mouth (nasolabial lines).

  • What most of us don’t realize is that this small problem can have a detrimental effect on our overall appearance
  • This is especially likely over the longer term, when they deepen into ‘fissures’
  • When they deepen, they are visible in nearly every facial expression – even smiling
  • The good news is YES, they CAN be treated if you get to them early enough
  • But prevention – and early treatment – tends to get a far better result than waiting until they are deep enough to drive through

If not treated in time, the problem of these lip lines can become virtually impossible to treat.

These lines then have a premature-ageing impact on your entire facial appearance.

Benefits of treating above lip lines with cosmetic injections or laser skin care BEFORE they get too deep

  • Cosmetic injecting professionals often suggest it is important that you start seeking solutions when you first notice these lines are forming
  • Because if you wait, they will become more difficult – if not impossible – to treat
  • That’s because due to repeated expressions and skin strength loss, they become quite deeply ingrained lines quite quickly over time
  • How quickly they deepen also depends on your habits, sun damage and skin care regimes

Wrinkle prevention is ALWAYS a better angle than treatment, so READ MORE if you want to maintain your lips, line-and-wrinkle free, for as long as you possibly can.

What Are Vertical Upper Lip Lines?

  • Also known as Smoker’s Lines, these vertically-oriented lip lines first start to appear above the upper lips.
  • They are usually thin at first (fine lines) but then they start to deepen to where they appear to form skin crevices.

When do lip lines typically start to appear on the face? 

When you start seeing vertical lip lines depends on a few different factors – some internal and others are lifestyle related. Hence, age occurrence can vary.

  • Vertical upper lip lines usually start to show up in your forties.
  • You might not even notice they have begun, until one day you look in the mirror – more closely – and you think “WHOA, how long have they been there?”
  • But if you have had a lot of sun, pursed your lips a lot or spent years smoking, they can show up a LOT earlier in life.
  • By the 50s they can become quite pronounced, and by 60 or 70 they have significantly deepened in most individuals.

Are smoker’s lip lines and facial wrinkles worse than people who never smoked?

  • It’s partially depending on the person and how long they smoked (and how often), but the quick answer is, yes.
  • They are typically a lot worse, particularly after the person reaches their late 40s, fifties and sixties.
  • Heavy smokers in particular can end up looking 10 to 15 years (or more) older than their same-aged non-smoking peers. 

Smokers have particularly DEEP vertical lip lines from a combination of inhaling (pursing the lips) and the damaging effects of smoking on their organs, including their skin.

smokers lines above lips

What are above-lip lines or wrinkles officially called?

  • Above the lip lines are actually vertical fissures . They begin with ‘fine’ lines that deepen over time.
  • You might not even notice them at first but they become more visible as they deepen and as your skin ages.

Are lip lines only visible in smokers?

  • The often used term smoker’s lines might cause you to assume that only smokers get these – but that’s definitely not the case.
  • As mentioned above, they sometimes occur earlier in smokers – or look more pronounced – but everyone tends to get them in time.

More information:

Vertical Lip Lines are NOT just what happens to smokers.  They tend to happen to most people’s upper lips over time.

But yes, smokers DO get these lip lines sooner in life and these lines are often deeper or more ingrained.

  • Smokers are more prone to them for a variety of reasons
    • inhaling expressions as well as less healthy skin that is more prone to wrinkling
    • due to the devastating impact of smoking on ALL of your organs including your largest organ, your skin
  • People who smoke have less vitamin uptake in their cells including skin
    • meaning even if they adopt a good diet their nutrient uptake is lower
    • they lack vitamins that keep their skin looking healthy
  • Smokers tend to get these lines EARLIER than others who do not smoke.
  • But women and men will tend to get these lines as they grow older even if they have never smoked.

A majority of women and men develop these vertical upper lip lines, as well as facial wrinkles, as they age.

It’s not just smokers who get lines above their lips and heavy wrinkles.

  • But these vertical lip lines and facial wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, do tend to be more pronounced in people who smoke.
  • So wrinkles tend to impact the facial appearance a lot earlier than they do in non-smokers.

lines above the lip -how to remove them

Reasons Skin Looks More Wrinkles Around the Mouth or Lips

  • The reason for facial lines above the lip area relates to the loss of elasticity in the skin, or skin tone (strength/volume) due to ageing.
  • The skin volume, skin structures and skeletal support all decrease over time (this is known as atrophy)
  • As a result of this loss of skin collagen and skeletal atrophy, the area above the lips gets wrinkled and can take on a sunken appearance.

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More on LIPS and AGEING

The lips themselves also seem to thin a bit as we grow older.

The combination of thinning lips (atrophy) and decreased skin strength (less collagen or elastin) can result in a much higher chance of wrinkles forming around your eyes, mouth and lip area.

Lip Augmentation injections can really help balance out thin lips and add more volume and projection.

skin loses collagen and elastin as it ages

Can you reduce vertical lip lines and vertical wrinkles above the lips?

  • Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available to help you with a vertical LIP LINE problem
  • But before moving on to available treatments, it is important that you get rid of specific HABITS which might be causing you to develop vertical upper lip line
  • Habits which contribute to these lines forming and become deeper or more ingrained

Tips to Prevent Upper Lip Lines (Vertical Fissures or Wrinkles Above Your Lips)

  • The reason why these lines are called ‘smoker’s lines’ is because they are caused by the constant pursing of the lips whenever a person smokes.
  • This movement is repeated so often, and so regularly, that the specific lip expressions that cause these lines to show becomes a more permanent facial ‘feature.’

Hence, the main issue here is to AVOID pursing your lips as much as possible.  

  • There are a number of activities where you are required to purse your lips, kissing being a common one if you’re so inclined.
  • Now, giving up kissing to prevent upper lip lines is totally up to you.
  • We don’t necessarily recommend it, but just know that it’s one of many expressions that can lead to lines forming above your lips.
  • Making faces – especially giving others ‘unhappy looks’ in terms of facial expressions OR pursing your lips as you are thinking something over – can also increase the tendency for lines or skin folds to form.

kissing causes wrinkles? how to avoid smokers lines and lip lines above lips

In addition to this, some skin care experts recommend avoiding using straws or drinking directly from bottles.

  • Both of these common actions require you to purse your lips – which places pressure above your upper lip.
  • In simple words, you can aim to avoid pursing your lips to help keep your upper lip lines at bay.

Treatments You Can Opt For to Reduce Vertical Lines above your Upper Lip

Anti-Wrinkle Injections may help

Skin Rejuvenation or Skin Resurfacing including Laser or other Light-Based Treatments or Peels

  • There are also SURFACE skin treatments such as chemical peels, rejuvenating Fraxel skin treatments and other laser skin therapy methods.
  • These can be used to help restore a smoother, less wrinkled appearance to your skin.
  • However, many of these treatments involve some down time
  • You’ll also need to remain out of the sun for some time before, and after, your procedure.

How these treatments work:

  • These non-surgical skin treatments help remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and help stimulate new cellular turnover (this results in skin rejuvenation occurring at a deep dermal layer where collagen and elastin are produced).
  • Some of these treatments can help restore vitality, collagen and elasticity to the treated areas, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • They can take several months to see the full impact of the treatment, but can get select patients excellent rejuvenation results.

Lip Fillers can help reduce Vertical Lip Lines in some patients (but not all)

However, the best option you can choose to reduce vertical lines above your lips might be injectable fillers to the lip area.

It may not suit all patient’s lips or lip conditions, but for suitable candidates, the recommended solution may be Lip Filler injections or lip augmentation (or an upper lip lift surgery).

best lip treatments injectables to reduce vertical lip lines -

There is no dearth of options when it comes to dermal fillers (called Dermal Volumisers) that are available on the market.

In fact, it can even get confusing to select the right one. That’s why choosing a highly-experienced injector (an Cosmetic Physician or Senior Nurse Injector) is important, because they can help choose the best product for your particular facial structure and your lips.

  • As the name suggests, lip filler injections use solutions containing an approved temporary-filler, very similar in nature to a substance that your body makes naturally.
  • Whilst temporary in nature, Lip Augmentation injections can give your lips a huge boost and help to reduce upper lip lines. Just don’t over do it or you’ll get a trout mouth (our Injecting Clinicians are experts at getting lovely enhancements that look luscious but natural).

How lip injections work to reduce vertical lines above your lips

  • Temporary dermal fillers are injected into the upper lip line
  • The aim of the injecting treatment is to help restore the lips to their original shape or volume, or a slightly enhanced volume
  • It’s best if the lip augmentation treatment leaves your lips looking natural and balanced
  • This helps to temporarily remove the wrinkles or lines above your lip line.

Your lips should match your overall face after a Lip Augmentation treatment. Plus, your upper and lower lips should not be WAY out of natural proportions or they will end up looking ‘over-volumised’.

Lip Fillers have proven effective over the years and most skin care experts recommend opting for them.

skin-rejuvenation-treatments-laser-copy cosmetic fillers TGA approved Filler Restylane Emervel dermal fillers lips cheeks

Some cynics, though, contend that fillers are dangerous.

However, as long as you are working with a highly-experienced and well qualified Injector and are in good health, you won’t tend to have to worry about increasing your risks of side effects or injecting problems.  That noted, there are risks to any pharmaceutical or cosmetic-medical treatment and it’s important to know what these are.

Find out about the risks and benefits of recommended lip fillers during a personal consultation with a Skin Injection professional at Coco Ruby. Phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask to see one of our experienced Senior Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians in Melbourne.

(Read our myth-busting blog on FIVE FIBS ABOUT FILLERS – and be sure to read how to AVOID going overboard with lip fillers in Senior Nurse Injector’s blogs – MICRO-ENHANCEMENTS OF YOUR SMILE WITH SUBTLE LIP VOLUME CHANGES and FILLER OVER USE SYNDROME)

Reducing Upper Lip Lines with Lip Augmentation (Lip Filler Injections)

  • During the treatment, your Injecting Clinician will evaluate your suitability for the procedure
  • Your Clinician will also overview your existing anatomy and facial feature harmony
  • They will strive to keep your features in balance as well as enhanced when they augment your lip area with temporary fillers
  • Your upper lip lines will be reduced by the time you are done with your treatment, and you will end up looking younger and better than before
  • The treatment can be repeated every four to six months on average; for some patients, the lip filler will last a bit longer

Patient’s like this treatment because:

It’s subtle yet effective, has little down time and can leave you with better looking lips and a far smoother above lip area!

Plus, you’ll love the way makeup sits on your slightly plumper, newly enhanced lips!

But remember, less is usually more.  You can increase the size gradually but don’t fall prey to the “too much lip filler” syndrome.



Discover more about our lip injections procedures on LIP filler treatments on our LIP treatment page – or send an enquiry for a full facial and skin assessment to give your entire face a boost!

And browse our fantastic blogs about cosmetic injections and dermal fillers  and available cosmetic injection options in Melbourne.

In Summary, there are fortunately a number of treatments available for reducing upper lip lines (and other skin concerns including facial wrinkles).

In summary:

Though you might not notice them at first, when they are forming but not yet prominent, upper lip lines can – over time – impact your entire appearance and leave your face looking ‘weathered’.

So it is typically recommended to PREVENT them from forming deeply, whenever possible.

It may also be best to have them treated EARLY rather than when they are very deep (using injectable fillers if they’ve gotten to the point of leaving you looking prematurely aged, or skin resurfacing such as Fraxel lasers for the face, DOT Laser Therapy or skin needling modalities).

We suggest you become well-informed about differences between cosmetic injectors skill levels and qualifications, dermal filler products and brands, and injecting strategies and cosmetic injecting methods – as all of these will also impact your results.

Here at Coco Ruby in Melbourne, we focus on providing you with natural, soft-feeling lips that are SLIGHTLY enhanced using quality dermal fillers and facially balanced, pleasing and long-lasting Injection Strategies.

Plus – if it’s TIME for that FACELIFT or EYELID REDUCTION PROCEDURE – our team works alongside some of Melbourne’s best Surgeons for facial, brow, eyelid rejuvenation Plastic Surgery.


Beware any seriously discounted injection offers – as injecting solutions and injector skill levels vary greatly in cost and quality.

  • Patients find the discount injection treatments don’t tend to be the same QUALITY (better brands) as compared to the higher-quality injecting solutions.
  • We use high quality, proven brands that get soft, natural-feeling lips and excellent, long-lasting results, so that you’ll have an extended result that you’ll love.
  • Our injectors know WHICH solution will leave your lips still feeling like your OWN lips (rather than feeling foreign, as is a common lip injecting complaint when an Injector uses the wrong brand or too much filler).

So if you want results you’ll be pleased with, without looking over-filled – we recommend choosing high quality, temporary-only dermal fillers and lip fillers for lip augmentation treatments by our stellar Cosmetic Injecting Team.

At Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, the filler brand and volumising amount will be specifically chosen for you by our Cosmetic Physician (Dr Tina Purdon) and our Senior Injecting Nurse (Sandra Wallace), who have over 15 to 20 years experience administering cosmetic injectable treatments.

The temporary dermal volumisers (lip plumping fillers) will be administered using face-specific injecting strategies to help get you the BEST LIP injection results that still look NATURAL and in balance with the rest of your face. In other words, you won’t look “overdone”.

Plus, they’ll feel like YOUR lips – whereas the wrong filler types can feel and look unnatural.


lip augmentation lip filler to reduce lip lines and vertical smokers lines

The Coco Ruby Team are experts at treating upper lip lines and other signs of facial ageing.

Treatments include a variety of injectables, lasers, skin peels, cosmeceutical products and other high-tech methods of advanced skin rejuvenation.


We’ll help you get the best skin and lip line treatment advice and the right treatment for your specific skin and lip line concerns.

So if you want to remove those vertical upper lip lines, just get in touch with us today. 

We offer a range of treatments to help remedy this problem, along with other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for anti-ageing.

Our highly qualified and experienced Injectors & Clinicians will provide you with unique skin care advice – and tailored injection strategies – so that your investment in better lips really pays off.

To arrange a confidential skin assessment & injecting consultation with one of our highly-experienced Senior Injecting Nurse or with our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon in Hawthorn, just send an enquiry form today.  Or if it’s during clinic hours, you can phone (03) 8849 1444.

You’ll look fresher, younger and more attractive with reduced lines and wrinkles above your lips! 

Thanks for reading.  Click to read more injectables, skin care & rejuvenation blogs.

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Our Top 6 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend or Bestie 

Valentines day is all about celebrating L-O-V-E, and those that we love, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all about our significant other. Whether you’re single this Valentine’s day, or simply want to take the opportunity to celebrate your friendship, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for what we’re calling ‘Galentine’s’ gifts aka the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for your bestie or girlfriend!

Need some ideas for Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Check out the Vlog below from Michelle.



1. A personalised gift from The Daily Edited

For everyday essentials such as phone cases, wallets, notebooks, laptop cases, diaries and make up bags, the Daily Edited offers luxurious personalised gifts that your friend is sure to love. Made from 100% genuine leather, not only are the products beautiful to look at, you can add personalised monogramming to anything you select, from initials, to your pal’s name, or a special personalised message.

Add a personalised touch to your friend’s gift for Valentine’s Day, and choose from a selection of products that cover all budgets, with notebooks starting from $10. More info on their website here.

 2. Healite Facial Voucher

With Summer upon us (and the sun wreaking havoc on our skin) , what better way to treat your best pal than with a relaxing and repairing Healite Facial voucher from our team of professionals and Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.


Healite II Low Level Light Therapy has a myriad of skin benefits, including:

  • Improves Skin Circulation
  • Helps to bring Internal Nutrients to the particular areas that are being treated
  • Increases your skin’s collagen & resiliency
  • Reduces Scar Formation
  • Improves overall Skin Appearance
  • Increases Cellular Renewal Processes

Help your bestie to forget their relationship woes this Valentine’s day with a a relaxing facial. Healite II will help to rejuvenate the skin, reduce irritation and redness, and bring back a healthy summer glow.

Gift Voucher SPECIAL for Valentines Day

(visit our SPECIALS page before the END of February for a discount Gift Voucher on a Facial Treatment)!



3. Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful bunch of flowers, perhaps accompanied by some chocolate, a nice card or a bottle of bubbly, right?

A nice bunch of flowers is a go-to gift for almost all celebratory occasions, and rightly so.  Although, for the friend that just isn’t into flowers (or struggles to keep them alive for more than a few days), you could opt for a lovely indoor plant or succulent that requires a little less watering and attention.


4. EyeEnvy

The perfect gift for your bestie if she is a beauty-lover, the EyeEnvy Conditioner for longer, thicker eyelashes. Your friend can replace eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes or layering their mascara on the daily, with the EyeEnvy Conditioner. This eyelash enhancing product has a unique, breakthrough formula that promises to improve the length, volume and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

This product is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and has been clinically proven to improve the length and density of natural lashes, with visible results in only 4-6 weeks. We stock EyeEnvy here at Coco Ruby, contact us to purchase.


5. Beauty Subscription Box Voucher

Why not gift your nearest and dearest with a present that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day is over? Show your friend you really care with a voucher for a beauty subscription service, with new beauty products and makeup samples delivered to their door on a monthly basis.

There are a variety of options on the internet, including GlossyBox, BellaBox and Facetory, with gift voucher options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year. Not only is a subscription box a great Valentine’s Day gift for a pal that loves all things beauty, or may be need of some new products to try, it’s also a great idea for those who leave their gift-buying to the last minute. You can sign your friend up online, purchase your chosen subscription, and their gift will be sent via email in minutes.


6. Obagi Skincare Kit

Does your bestie need a little extra help with their skin? Do they struggle with cheaper products plucked off the shelf of the supermarket or chemist? Treat your friend to an Obagi Skincare Kit to help overhaul their skin care routine and rejuvenate their skin.

Obagi is a high quality cosmeceutical skin care range that takes a scientifically proven approach to skin care to successfully target and improve specific skin concerns. With skin kits for a range of skin concerns, including sensitive skin, ageing skin and oily/acne-prone skin, you can tailor your gift to your bestie’s skin concerns for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

A bit low on cash this Valentine’s day? Not all gifts have to be extravagant or expensive. Perhaps a thoughtful home-made card, or a nice home-cooked meal and movie night with your best friend could do the trick this Valentine’s Day. After all, they do say it is the thought that counts!

Whatever gift/s you choose for your loved ones, we wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day.


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Lip Augmentation is now de rigour in certain social circles. It’s because the power of fuller-looking lips is usually appealing. Having a slightly fuller lip shape not only enhances your entire face, it may even help reduce vertical lines above your lips and leave you looking younger. So if you’ve fallen in love with the idea of having fuller lips, you’ll want to read on to discover the latest lip filler trends and lip beauty predictions for 2018.


Before we discuss the top 5 LIP FILLER TRENDS and related BEAUTY PREDICTIONS for 2018, it’s helpful to know that lip augmentation is anything but new.

History of Lip Augmentation and Lip Filler Injections

  • Even during tribal days, people found bigger lips attractive and tried all sorts of methods to ensure their lips protruded.
  • Tribes around the globe used various materials in their “early lip augmentation” attempts (many still do).
  • They put bones, sticks and other materials through their upper and lower lips. Lip augmentation also wasn’t limited to any particular gender; men and women alike were wanting bigger lips.

It seems that for many centuries, having bigger, luscious or even noticeably protruding lips was seen as enhancing beauty and attractiveness.


That noted, like other trends in facial enhancements or body art, the perceived “ideal size” of a person’s lips has varied over the decades and amongst different cultures.

  • Earlier lip augmentation, once surgery became a ‘more common option’ in the 1900s, tried injecting paraffin substances into the lips. This wasn’t overly successful.
  • Later, in the sixties, silicone substances were tried.
  • This approach to lip augmentation was later abandoned, primarily due to inconsistent long-term results and concerns about the substances in the facial area (remember, unlike breast areas, lips are simply not large enough to create a contained capsule for holding silicone).
  • Surgical lip augmentation was tried, but didn’t remain a lasting cosmetic trend; it was an uncomfortable procedure, which could lead to a lack of sensation or nerve damage, inconsistent lip shapes and other problems.

best lip filler injection techniques for older aged lips

Bigger is better, but less is more.

In the 80s, big lips – and BIG HAIR – were “IN”.  So were exaggerated shoulder pads, come to think of it.  And this started more women on the path to early lip augmentation – but with variable results. IN 2018, the ‘bigger is better’ mentality of filler injections is about to change to bring about more BALANCE.

  • But before we look at the trends of 2018, let’s examine where we were with augmentation in the past.
  • It seems that injectable lip augmentation first became a more serious endeavour sometime in the 80s and early 90s.
  • This was shortly after cosmetic trend-setters decided that wearing LIP LINER above and around the lips to make them look larger, ended up looking more clown-like than attractive.

Temporary lip plumping cosmetic products would come and go, but the search for a lasting solution to fuller lips was on every person’s radar.


It was around this time that doctors began experimenting with injectable bovine collagen as a form of injectables lip augmentation.

  • This was, temporarily, all the rage for bigger lips. But these injected substances didn’t last as long as hoped and allergies were a big concern.
  • Allergy tests needed to be conducted and many individuals had concerns or objections to using animal-originated products.
  • All of which meant a long delay in a person’s desire for lip augmentation and being approved for an actual treatment.
  • Uptake was inconsistent, meaning that repeated lip injection treatments were needed before any results might be seen, if any results were seen at all (contrast this approach with today’s injectables, where you can get instantaneous lip plumping with lip fillers and lip shaping injections).

best-lip-filler-techniques - ageing lips vs younger lips

Synthetic or Animal-based Substances?  People want their own or a synthetic version which mimics a substance in their body.

Even today, it seems that many people prefer a synthetic substance that may mimic a naturally-produced substance in the human body, rather than relying on an “organic” substance that originates from animals.

It’s easy to understand why.

  • In terms of other options such as fat transfer to lips, it isn’t quite where it needs to be yet in terms of consistency or stability.  Lips are not the same as breasts!  
  • Plus, fat transfer to the face involves liposuction to harvest the fat; so even it were suitable, it’s a far more complex surgical procedure than getting cosmetic injections (non-surgical lip augmentation).


Top 5 Lip Filler Trends and Cosmetic Injection Predictions for 2018

Beauty Trend #1: Balance Over Big.

In 2018, cosmetic injections will be ALL ABOUT creating facial balance – including lips that match your face rather than leading your way into a room.

  • We learned that bigger isn’t always better after the 1980s.
  • Bigger is OUT, and BALANCE is IN.
  • But many cosmetic injectors forgot those lessons in 2017, when we saw far too many over-filled faces and ducky-looking lip augmentations from over-zealous colleagues.
  • The phenomenon of the ‘over-filled’ syndrome became a GO TO message for helping clients avoid injecting disasters around the globe.

So for 2018, the lip filler trends and predictions are that both consumers and injectors alike will be extremely wary of having too much dermal filler, the type of over-filling that leaving individuals looking grotesque rather than desirably enhanced in terms of lip shape or fullness.


Beauty Trend #2: Injectable Substances will be selected for their unique properties. Multiple substances may be used in different areas of the face for an overall effect.

  • Injection treatments are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
  • Plus, there’s new technology to evaluate the anatomy of the face and how enhancements can improve facial balance and ‘golden ratios’.
  • Injecting will become a highly refined skill set, meaning top injectors with extensive experience will end up with superior knowledge and injecting skills, compared to new injectors and less trained GPs

New injecting strategies AND variable product choices means a good Cosmetic Injector needs to be both an artist and a scientist.

  • Individuals will become more choosy about who injects them as they realise NOT ALL INJECTORS – or products – are alike.
  • Consumers will research brands and insist on knowing what their injectors are actually using (smart patients will ask to see the box and container the products came in).
  • More precision in terms of volume and dermal filler placement WILL become the GOLD STANDARD of cosmetic injecting techniques.


Beauty Trend #3: Consumers will become more educated about the differences in lip filler products and facial injecting strategies; as well as more aware of the DANGERS of cheap injections.

  • Quality brand synthetic versions of naturally occurring substances found in the body will continue to be the GO TO treatment for lip augmentation in 2018.
  • The top brands will become more visible in the consumer’s mind, even though Australian law prevents clinics from advertising prescription brands of cosmetic medicines.
  • Consumer demand for top brands won’t change, but consumers WILL become more aware of the fact that better results may be attained by highly-skilled clinician who understand how to choose the best products within any given product ranges – and those who have more ranges at their disposal have more options for refining their ‘injecting art’.
  • Consumers will also become better informed about the dangers of cheap counterfeit injection solutions or of permanent (vs temporary) fillers.

natural looking fillers vs fake looking fillers, dermal fillers

Beauty Trend #4: Sterilisation, cosmetic injecting professionals and cosmetic injecting equipment/protocols will all become better monitored to help improve Patient-Safety.

Synthetic lip fillers have been generally well tolerated in numerous patients, when applied by a skilled and highly trained injector who also understands injecting danger zones and differences in facial anatomy. Sanitation, sterilisation and other best practices for injectable treatments are becoming more important than ever to consumers, insurance companies, medical boards and injecting clinicians.

But in pop-up clinics that aren’t well-monitored or run by seasoned medical professionals, inadequate screening and sterilisation problems have led to complications from injections. This is the type of thing you read about in the news.

  • Medical boards will work harder to ensure that Clinicians who perform injecting treatments understand the need for proper sterilisation.
  • Beauty Clinics offering cosmetic treatments will become increasingly monitored.
  • Patients will become more savvy in knowing what to ASK their clinicians about in terms of training, qualifications, sterilisation and product brands.  Patient selection techniques will also become more refined.

Beauty Trend #5: Natural Looking Lip Augmentation will Overcome the Over-Filled Lip Syndrome

  • Culturally and in celebrity-land, the OVERSIZED Lip Augmentation will become a thing of the past by the end of 2018 (that’s our prediction, anyway).
  • Shaping of the lips will become more refined, leading to innovative facial rejuvenation or asymmetry correction techniques.
  • Dentists will start to refer patients to injectors so they can correct ‘overly gummy’ looking smiles.

And it just so happens that our Coco Ruby Cosmetic Injecting Team are highly sought in Melbourne for their natural-looking lip enhancement skills. They are highly regarded for their dedication to patient selection, precision filler placement and quality results.

Beauty Trends Summary for 2018: Lip Augmentation will still be BIG – but less will be more.

Lip Augmentation is here to stay. But consumers will demand greater finesse, not only in how injectables are used for the lips, but in how they are combined to enhance, rejuvenate and refresh the entire facial appearance.

over-filled-lip-augmentation-injections-avoid-them; lip filler trends and beauty predictions 2018

Modern Day Fillers and Beauty Predictions for 2018

Why Not EVERYONE is a good candidate for lip augmentation

Despite the popularity of lip filler injections, our Injecting Clinician Sandra Wallace reminds us that NOT everyone is a suitable candidate for lip augmentation.

“Remember,” says Sandra, “it’s your entire face we look at, not just your lips, when we evaluate your suitability for dermal filler treatments. It’s not just ONE feature that determines your suitability for filler enhancements. It’s how your features work together. We consider the effect that enhancing certain features, like your lips or cheeks, will have on your overall facial appearance and feature balance.”

“This requires a solid understanding of beauty concepts and facial anatomy to get it right,” continues Sandra. “When it comes to lips, the last thing you want is looking ‘ducky’ or over-filled. And that comes down to the skill of your injector.”

“You must carefully consider the entire anatomy of the face before injecting,” Sandra, affirms.

“You need to know when a bit more is simply, a bit too much. We pride ourselves on natural-looking, facially balanced injection strategies. Plus, at Coco Ruby, we insist on using only top quality injectable and filler brands that are designed to be long-lasting.”

temporary fillers, temporary facial fillers vs permanent facial fillers vs permanent fillers Lips augmentation

Top-up injections are typically needed every 4 to 6 months, on average, but sometimes lip filler lasts even longer. Ask us for more information on our lip filler brands during a consultation at our Hawthorn East Clinic.

To meet with our Team’s top-rated Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians, Sandra Wallace, phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a lip filler assessment appointment.

Our Injecting team is highly trained. They work with and alongside some of Melbourne’s top Plastic Surgeons.

In our view, people DO want to enhance their looks, but not in a way that ends up looking noticeably fake and unnatural.

Contact us today for quality care and top-rated injecting strategies.

New Year’s Resolutions:  How to Get a Better Body in 2018.

Losing Weight is often high on everyone’s New Year’s resolutions.

With a new year change comes new beginnings. It’s a chance to start afresh and mentally erase the mistakes and disappointments of the past. This could not be any more true when it comes to our bodies. And it’s a time we start to make “change decisions” and New Year’s Resolution promises to ourselves.  Inadvertently, these include improving our health and our fitness levels and losing weight.  Doing so will help us FEEL better about our bodies – and our appearance – and help IMPROVE our overall health, including our BMI (Body Mass Index).

Attend our 2018 New Year event on getting fitter and healthier.

How to get a better body in 2018: Motivation.

Firstly, join us at our Weight Loss & Motivational Event (look for NEW YEAR, NEW YOU) for some great tips. OR search the New Body site’s blogs for weight loss and eating tips.

With overly abundant food sources and fast food chains on every corner, losing weight is often high among most people’s New Year’s resolutions.  It seems that most of us wake up in 2018 wanting to trim and tone the extra fat we earned over winter, especially after consuming too much Pavlova and Christmas pudding (or a few too many high calorie cocktails on New Year’s Eve).

But what if there was just ONE simple thing that you could do to jump-start your mind and your body in 2018?

Well, lucky for you there is.

And the best part? It’s a lot easier than you think it could be.

So, what might that intriguing resolution be to start your year off with a big bang and a New Year’s Resolution you can keep?

It’s simple: drink more water, and lots of it.

  • For extra help, don’t skip meals, and eat more reasonable portion sizes.
  • It’s also a GREAT idea to avoid alcohol for two solid months to recover from the year-end celebrations.
  • No alcohol is a great way to keep your diet on track too, as if you have wine or cocktails, you’ll often eat more than you would otherwise as well.  The result? Excess calories and weight gain.

Don’t believe us about how simple it is to keep your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?

Then read on to see why this simple addition to your daily lifestyle can help every aspect of your body from now to 2019.

New Year's Resolutions weight loss- fat and slim woman's body

You’ll Feel Better when you stay hydrated, lighten up and eat healthier

  • Staying hydrated is very important for health and weight loss, especially during a Melbourne heat wave.
  • For those of us who drink the recommended 64 ounces a day (or more, depending on our body weight), our bodies are regulated in a way that it can perform its daily functions with ease.
  • That includes releasing body fat, as the processes of metabolising fat or weight loss require a certain amount of water to keep the organs functioning at their best.

Along with following a healthy lifestyle, fueling your body with the water that it needs is essential to achieve your pinnacle of health.

Why is water so important to weight loss and health?

  • Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% of water.
  • So it is essential for our well-being that we make an effort to keep this delicate hydration balance aligned.
  • The rewards of being hydrated, and eating healthy foods in reasonable portion sizes,  is something you’ll feel the awesome effects of each and every day.

Just be patient as the kilos roll off – they won’t roll off overnight, but over several months, you’ll start to see a smaller waistline again or a leaner derriere.

dehydration after exercise; breast surgery; skin care

Staying Properly Hydrated Will Help Curb Naughty Food Cravings.

When you start to dream of sugary, salty or fried food temptations, this is usually because your body is under-quenched. And when you’re dehydrated, your mind is often not clear and your nutrient balances may be ‘off kilter.’

For anyone that’s done research on diets, the #1 thing they will advise you to do at the start of any diet is to begin chugging water to enhance your results.

Water helps to regulate your hunger, as well as helps your organs eliminate excess fat from your body.

Sometimes, perhaps even often, when you think you feel hungry, you should try having a BIG glass of pure water (no bubbles!) instead.

If your hunger subsides, then this is your body’s way of telling you that you were thirsty, not hungry.  If your hunger persists, eat something healthy and reasonable in size – but still drink a lot of water so you get your hydration levels up to where they need to be.

Fun fact: Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes prior to a meal has proven an effective method for losing weight.

In addition to drinking water, trying adding foods with a high water content to your daily diet, like apples and celery. Click here for a full list of options.

You’ll Have More Energy when You Exercise Regularly, Stay Hydrated and Properly Nourished throughout the year.

  • When you’re tired, your energy levels are typically the first to thing to falter.
  • Our bodies DO need plenty of water intake to keep our organs running at their best, including giving us the proper energy levels.
  • With hunger properly satiated, and our body fluid levels where they need to be, we’ll operate at our best – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.

dehydration; exercise; water

Our brains need adequate water intake – and proper hydration – just as much as any other organ.

  • When the hydration balances are interrupted, it may cause us to feel moody, tired or easily irritated.
  • When your body is low on fluids, it sends signals to your brain that you are thirsty.
  • It’s important to listen to your body’s cues, and don’t neglect yourself by ignoring them.

But DON’T fall for the trap of drinking soft drinks, coffee or bubbly water instead of pure H2O.

Say Bye-Bye to Headaches by Drinking Water and taking computer breaks.

Whenever you feel a headache come on, the very first thing that you should do is reach for a big glass of H20.  But it’s better to avoid headaches by drinking water regularly throughout the day.

Headaches serve as a signal that you are, in fact, dehydrated.

So instead of reaching for caffeine—which will only further dehydrate you—grab a big glass of water, steadily sip and refill.

And the best part of adding more water to your daily regimen is that it greatly reduces those headaches from occurring in the first place.

In a study published by the European Journal of Neurology, research reveals that increasing water intake helped to reduce both the total number of hours as well as the intensity of headaches in study participants.

You’ll Flush Out Toxins (Body Waste): Water Helps Eliminate Constipation

Ideally, one bowel movement per day is the minimum needed to help remove icky toxins from your body.

Another key sign of dehydration? Constipation!

In order to get things “moving” like they should, you’ve got to drink water, and plenty of it.  You’ll also notice a difference in your tummy bulge when you’re not constantly constipated?

Water also works to nourish your digestive system. Water gives your systems the resources they need to aid with the smooth, gentle digestion of your foods.

Proper digestion makes minerals and nutrients more accessible to the body, and fueling your body with water helps to make solid, soft stools that make bathroom trips a breeze.

Also, take regular computer breaks and watch your posture when using your Ipads.

Your Skin Will “Thank You” By Showing the Love

Along with properly flushing out those deadly toxins, by ridding your body of impurities, your skin—which happens to be the largest organ in/on your body—will be begin to shine.

Dehydration can cause your skin to look dry and wrinkled, and it is this living, breathing organ that covers your entire body that desperately craves water.

“Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled, which can improve with proper hydration,” state the skin doctors.

How to make a New Year’s Resolution in 2017 to drink more water in 2018

Make 2017 your body’s best year yet by giving it the secret ingredient it needs to reward you with results that will stay strong and beautiful for years to come.

It typically won’t cost you a thing, and the results are priceless.

After all, your body deserves it!

What to BUY in 2017 if you DO want to keep yourself hydrated and want to up the ante on your fitness levels.

  • Do some research into the stainless steel water bottles.
  • Get an APP (maybe a FITBIT?) that tracks what you’re eating and how much water you’re consuming.
  • Track your STEPS.  This is incredibly easy to do with inexpensive tracking software or wrist bands or step counters. There is one for every budget!
  • Buy some straws – many people find drinking out of a straw increases the amount of water they can drink.
  • If you DON’T like the taste of water, try a filter OR try adding lemons and limes (fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice).
  • Remember – no bubbles, and pure water is best!

Do you still need help to lose weight or reduce your tummy bulge to get a flatter tummy?

After all you do to get in shape over the next 3 to 5 months – if you still find your tummy bulge is still there – then you may be a good candidate for Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck (if you’ve had children, for example, or massive weight changes). Because sometimes our metabolism, our history of weight change or weight gain and weight loss, or having our abdominal area injured through childbirth – leaves us with unsightly bulges or excess skin.

The great news is there will be newer options in the coming decade, to get a flatter looking, firmer looking body. Some will be surgical and others will be through non-surgical means such as fat cell reduction methods that use temperature (most of which are still relatively new compared to surgery and liposuction).

But these are options often require you to be in the BEST SHAPE you possibly can to get the BEST results – so call us if you want to learn more about how to prep for a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Upper Arm Reduction for Bingo Arms – or any other body contouring surgery in 2017 or 2018.

And make 2018 your FITTEST year EVER!

Want more Positive Self-Esteem? Top 10 Ways to Shift your Thinking and your Self Image

Are you hoping to have more positive self-esteem this year?

Positive, confident people usually feel good about themselves and their lives from numerous angles. They radiate confidence and that itself brings others into their sphere.  Sure, sometimes they radiate confidence because they feel they look good (looking one’s best can mean different things to different people, however; whereas confidence and positive self-esteem come from an inner perception about one’s self or value).

  • Sadly, sometimes we can start to think we’re far from being an ideal version of ourselves, or what we could be – even if we’re fairly close.
  • The key thing to remember about having positive self-esteem, or a self view that is inherently confident, is that there is NO such thing as perfection.
  • And comparing oneself to another is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.

There will always be someone who ranks higher or lower than you, in just about any aspect you would want to compare.


increase self esteem, ways to improve self-esteem

And when it comes to being happy, confident and content with who you are, where does self improvement fit in to the equation?

  • Self-improvement and reinventing yourself can have positive outcomes in terms of your confidence and social expansion.
  • However, aiming for perfection in anything you do, especially in relation to your physique or facial features – is an unrealistic or confidence-defying pursuit.
  • Give your passions your best shot, of course, but don’t expect perfection in terms of outcomes as there’s no such attainable thing for much of life.

The Tricks of Self-confidence

Being realistic, being appreciative of what you have (expressing daily gratitude) and being open to new learning – as well as being willing to expand our minds and our social networking circles – can all have a positive effect on our self-esteem and self-image.

Understanding that whilst some cosmetic procedures can help you look your best or feel your best, no procedure and no body part or facial feature will ever be perfect. So keep your expectations in check when you’re thinking about a beauty treatment, cosmetic injection, or plastic surgery procedure, and know that confidence can be enhanced a million different ways, some from external improvements that leave you feeling great inside, and some from internal attitude adjustments that leave you LOOKING great because you FEEL better on the inside.

positive self-esteem, improve self-esteem, how to go from being insecure to being confident

So how do you go from being insecure to confident? And do LOOKS really matter in terms of gaining more positive self-esteem?

The keys to confidence or positive self-esteem seems to be the following for many women and men:

  • appreciate who you are and what you have
  • change what you want to change (and can change)
  • accept what you can’t change
  • choose your goals very carefully
  • never strive for perfection, and appreciate your differences even if you accentuate them for effect

The keys to happiness and health often include:

  • living as healthy as you can – eating good nutrition and exercising regularly are excellent for your mind, body, emotions and moods
  • taking time to chill or meditate
  • trying new things from time to time to keep your mind and body stimulated
  • having a hobby you love or an enjoyable past time you’re passionate about
  • having a good social circle of friends and/or family members who appreciate you and support you in various aspects of your life and vice versa
  • having a loving pet
  • feeling like you belong in your community by being actively engaged with those around you

Others phrase it as “have something you do that you love, have someone to love to hang out with, and have something new to look forward to in the future.”

It’s also a great idea to seek counselling or help – even free community help – if you’re feeling overly shaky or feeling very down, or ‘flat’ for a long period of time. If so, please speak to your GP or phone Lifeline or investigate good counselors by asking around, as there are many people who can assist you.reinvent-yourself, positive self-esteem, improve your self esteem

Setting Goals and Self-Esteem – Where Confidence and Goals Align

If you’re not striving for something new, you can easily feel stale or stagnant.

It’s a great time of the year to set some new goals, but be sure they’re not impossible to attain.  Then outline the steps to reach them, and instigate a plan with a timeline. Plans with time lines or time lined goal posts often work the best.  Then get started! Getting started is often the hardest part of any change. The next most challenging part is sticking with the changes for 3 to 8 weeks until they firmly become a habit that you’d miss if it wasn’t there.

The best goals for increasing your confidence are those that are aligned with your core values, not some external viewpoint.  And often, those external viewpoints are either wrongly interpreted, or not even paying attention to what you’ve potentially been obsessing about for some time.

Does Appearance Matter in terms of positive self-esteem?

In terms of looks (appearance) and if they matter in our confidence levels, research indicates they have an impact on how we see ourselves.

Interestingly, even with fully functioning bodies, very few of us are fully happy and content with what nature has given us.  Some things can be changed through injections or surgery, and the niggling self-consciousness about a crooked nose or overly large breasts, for example, can be remedied through getting a cosmetic procedure.  Some things can be changed through non-surgical means or even makeup or fashion choices.

But some of us may seem unnecessarily preoccupied with what we think others are thinking about our bodies, face, hair, eyes or nose.

Is your self-view accurate in terms of what other’s are thinking? Chances are it’s quite far off.

How we see ourselves is also not typically overly accurate. We are often harsher with ourselves than others would ever come close to, and we may miss what comprises our beauty because we’re focused on minor imperfections that others typically fail to notice.

We all like to look our best, and there’s a lot that can be done today to help nature along – surgical and non-surgical options. But what if you really DO look good to others yet you find yourself preoccupied with:

There are things you can do to improve your looks, but there’s also a lot you can do to improve your attitude about yourself and yourself as an ‘entire person.’

To improve both your inner confidence and your appearance confidence is typically a double WIN, as these interact with each other.

Think well-rounded. Let the little things go.  And if something has BEEN bothering you for some time, and you CAN change it in a positive way, then do so. But what you can’t change, you should aim to accept. And be grateful for what you DO have in your life.

No matter what you change or don’t change, appreciate what you have and are – all of it, just as you are today. There’s great freedom and confidence in doing so.

Here are 10 ways to shift your negative self-thinking towards better self-image and self-esteem.

  • Make that critical inner voice quieten down

Don’t let that inner critic convince yourself that you are not as good as your co-worker or not as slim as your friends. As soon as that mean voice inside you bubbles up, tell it to be quiet and focus on something positive that you do well and will do to celebrate yourself.


positive self-esteem, psychology of attraction

  • Positive motivation

Write down on a note you can read daily what you love doing. This will make you smile and keep you focused on goodness!

  • Create a self-appreciation mantra

Do you help people every day? Can you always bring a smile to people’s faces? Are you thoughtful and caring? Create a self-appreciation mantra and remind yourself that you bring joy to people. This will bring you joy and help you feel positive about yourself.

  • Each night say thank you – Practice Gratitude

Say thank you every night for 3 things that you are grateful for that happened during the day. Such a simple but very powerful way to get a great boost of life-appreciation and self-esteem!

  • Paying it forward

The old adage says that you get what you give, so how about making an effort to give our positivity by doing acts of kindness for others. A smile leads to a smile and giving good energy out into the world magnifies it in our environment too. A great reason to feel cheerful!

  • See the perfection in imperfection

In the world of aesthetics, some people say of certain attributes, “that’s not a flaw – it’s a feature!” Perhaps it is time to look a little less closely at your imperfections as flaws and see them as those unique characteristics that make you, you?  Or if you ARE going to enhance something, make sure you do so in a way that flatters the REST of you (our Cosmetic Injectors and Surgeons are notorious for getting natural looking results).

  • Mistakes and failures make us grow

Each time we get knocked down by life, we get up again and we learn a little more. Life is a rollercoaster at times, and each error or accident helps us to grow and find the silver lining, as well as a lesson for next time.

  • Try something new

An old dog *can*learn new tricks – and what better way to surprise yourself by trying something new to help you appreciate your sense of fun, wonder or hidden talent you never knew you had?

  • End comparisons to others

Comparing ourselves to others is one of the biggest traps to feeling down on ourselves. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, compare yourself to where you used to be to see how far you have come. The result might surprise you!

  • Pick your friends carefully

Surround yourself with people who celebrate you and help you become the best version of yourself! Friends are important influences on our self-esteem – and remember this works both ways. So give support as well as allowing yourself to get it.

If you are interested in cosmetic plastic surgery to help boost your self-esteem, please complete a confidential enquiry form. Or, alternatively, you can speak to one of our Coordinators by calling (03) 8849 1444.

Summer can be harsh on your skin, especially in Australia. You can end up with dry, flaky skin from too much time in the sun sans protection, or with overly oily skin from those over 35 degree days with high humidity.  If you’ve been missing your pre-holiday smooth, baby soft skin, here’s how to get it back after summer.


Step 1: Hydration

Nothing beats adequate water intake to help keep your skin looking its best. Unfortunately, the holiday celebrations may have seen you drinking anything BUT water. Alcohol and too much coffee when travelling and celebrating can wreak havoc on your skin.

So start by getting 10 full glasses of water a day (sipping throughout the day) to stay hydrated.  If spending the day sitting at your desk, make sure you have a bottle of water at hand and you will often find yourself sipping away more than usual.

Unfortunately, water in tea, coffee or soft drinks doesn’t count. Add a hint of lemon or lime juice if this entices you to keep up your h20 intake, otherwise, make sure it’s clean pure water without any sugary additives.


Step 2: Sleep

Your skin is your largest organ, and just like any other organ of your body, it needs to repair itself over night whilst you sleep. If you skimp on sleep, along with being tired and sluggish,  you might often find that your skin doesn’t look as good, and can be more prone to breakouts and imperfections.

Sure, it’s hard to say no to parties and outings over the festive season, but as the celebrations die down, you should try to overhaul your sleeping habits and aim for the recommended 8 hours – trust us, your skin will thank you. As you get back into your regular routine, try to let your overall health, skin & body recover with the right amount of sleep on a regular basis.


Step 3: The right cleansing products

You may not want to hear this,  but those pre-packaged face wipes that some of us depend on as a quick fix when we’re in a rush are a NO NO. Why? Because they often contain alcohol and other unfriendly ingredients that can upset the balance of your skin and do more harm than good. Makeup Remover wipes may become the all-to-easy alternative to cleansing whilst travelling or during busy periods, although you should always aim to keep a travel-size cleanser with you and not skimp on cleansing, even when you’re low on time.

Even more importantly, be sure you’re actually using the RIGHT products to suit your skin conditions. Ensure you are not inadvertently opting for harsh products that strip your skin of its natural oils (known to make acne or blemished skin worse).

If you are unsure that your current cleanser or skin products are working well for you, you should consider a skin consultation with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians.

Our team of professional skin consultants will be able to help diagnose any skin problems you be experiencing, and recommend the best products for your skin type. At our Coco Ruby Clinic, we stock high quality Cosmeceutical skin products, such as Medik8 and Obagi, which provide product ranges for all skin tones & types.


Step 4: A facial Mask or IPL session

Not only can a good cleansing masks can remedy a lot of holiday skin care sins, it can also help you to relax & de-stress after a busy summer and festive period. Before you use a skin mask, ensure you are using a reliable product that works for your skin type and won’t cause any irritations. You should also look to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin before applying a face mask to ensure you have a clean and bacteria-free base.

Alternatively, treatments like Laser Genesis, Pulsed Light treatments or Healite II Low Level Light Therapy can help. Contact our Dermal Clinicians for a skin consultation or appointment if you feel your skin needs a pick-me-up after a long, hot summer!


Step 5: A pep-up facial (try the benefit peel or a series of laser genesis treatments)

Find a facial that will work best for your skin by scheduling a skin care consultation and/or treatment with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians.

Be sure you specify whether or not you want a treatment at your first appointment or if you’d prefer to have a skin consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians first who can help to determine a smooth skin care plan, including a recommended at-home skin routine with our high quality, cosmeceutical products.

The cosmeceutical products we stock contain active ingredients that are able to penetrate deeper into your skin to harness their effectiveness, rather than off-the-shelf products which often don’t contain the level of active ingredients needed to penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin to help improve the condition and appearance of your skin.

If you don’t know the difference between the everyday products you can find off-the-shelf in pharmacies or supermarkets and high quality, cosmeceutical products with a high level of active ingredients, click here to read more.


There you have it – Our 5 top tips for baby soft, smooth & glowing skin after Summer.

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Are you wanting cosmetic injections to reduce wrinkles or enhance your lips and cheeks?

  • You want anti-wrinkle injections and cosmetic dermal fillers, but you also want a good result.
  • That’s why it’s so important to choose the RIGHT clinic – and Cosmetic Injecting Clinician – who is highly trained and skilled.
  • It’s partially for your safety and partially because you KNOW you want a good result for your investment in cosmetic injection.

Coco Ruby in Melbourne for Cosmetic Injections & Wrinkle Relaxers: Why Us?

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Read more about our top Cosmetic InjectorSandra Wallace, RN/Div-1


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Dermal filler injection treatments aim to reduce the effects of ageing or improve facial contours (or both). Certain dermal filler treatments are popular with women and men of a variety of ages. Lip plumping, for example, with dermal filler lip injections, are a perfect example. But getting good results from lip fillers means using the best available lip filler techniques to meet the needs of each individual client, not simply pushing in the latest dermal filler and hoping for the best. Fortunately, at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne, one of our signature services is offering balanced, natural-looking and soft-feeling Lip Filler Injection Treatments.

Lip Filler Injections for the Ageing Lip VS Lip Filler Injections for the Younger Lip

Best Lip Filler Techniques for Cosmetic Injections for different types of lips

Lip filler injections are increasingly popular around Australia, and one of the most sought after cosmetic medical treatments around.

  • Plumper looking lips via lip filler can enhance your face and leave you looking sultry or with a come hither appearance, rather than a stressed, thin lipped or angry/pursed lip appearance.
  • Plumper looking lips can even reduce fine lines (or smoker’s lines) around the upper lips for some patients.
  • Plumper lips can help balance out the face or reduce an overly gummy smile (with some muscle-relaxing injections in the right locations).

But there’s a problem with Lip Filler Injections using Dermal Filler

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing is typically a very bad thing. Never has this been more evident in the cosmetic medical treatment world than in seeing those overly-filled, ‘freaky looking’ lips due to over-volumisation.

It’s true that injectable lip treatments are also THE most likely cosmetic procedure to result in ‘lip filler addiction’ or the ‘over-filled, too-large and freaky lips’ syndrome.

Read WHY Plastic Surgeons HATE big lips by clicking here. 

And if you like a fuller smile, but don’t want to end up looking entirely unnatural, continue reading our top rated blogs to learn more about different techniques for younger, versus older, lips.

best-lip-filler-techniques - ageing lips vs younger lips

The trick to getting a good lip enhancement or lip augmentation using dermal filler injections is to treat the lip at hand – and younger lips need different enhancements than an aged lip.

Best Lip Filler Injection Techniques for Cosmetic Injections for the Younger Lip

Younger lips are naturally fuller than they will be when a person ages.

But some people are born with thin lips, or an asymmetrical (uneven) smile.

Lip filler comes in handy here; and most younger clients who want plumper looking lips prefer lips that have two aspects:

  • fuller lips
  • a distinguishable ‘cupid’s bow” at the top

Best Lip Filler Techniques, cosmetic-injections-gummy-smile-treatment

Sometimes they want their upper and lower lips to look pouty, but a more natural looking smile has a thinner upper lip than a lower lip. If they are identical in size, they can look ‘over filled’ or ‘over done.’ Whilst this look is increasingly the ‘go’ on social media savvy celebrities, it can end up looking strange.

Or worse yet, lip filler injections gone wrong can look like a ‘puffer fish’ or trout mouth.’  It’s known as the over-filled lip or “freaky looking lip.”

best lip filler injection techniques for older aged lips

How to avoid over-filled lip mishaps during lip augmentation

Avoid this mishap by making sure your injector is skilled with natural facial anatomy and facial balancing dermal filler injecting techniques as well as having experience in a variety of lip filler techniques.

Above all, watch out for the tendency to believe that more is more (rather than less is more) when it comes to dermal filler and lip augmentation injections.

Best Cosmetic Injecting Techniques for Younger Lips

Here are our lip injection commandments for enhancing the younger lip with dermal filler.

  • A good lip injector will tell you what to expect.
  • A good lip injector they will encourage you to go slowly so that you can augment your lips more, if needed, because they know it’s far easier to increase the lip size with a second injecting session than to reduce the lip size/remove lip filler after having it injected. lip-filler-best-lip-filler-injection-techniques-older-lips.j

Most of all, a good cosmetic injector will not just enhance your upper OR lower lip without first examining your entire face and coming up with a balanced injecting strategy.

Then they will explain to you their lip augmentation approach in a way that makes SENSE to you, including how their lip filler techniques MATCH what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Beware the vague injector who can’t explain their lip augmentation injecting strategies and the products they are using, including why they chose those specific products to be used as your lip filler solution.

  • A good injector knows the differences between different types of lip fillers.
  • A good injector will be aware of the need for differences between the size of the top lip and bottom lip.
  • Good lip augmentation is all about relative proportions, just as proportions are crucial in other facial beauty standards, for example, the golden ratio.
  • A good injector will also select the right brand and product type for your specific needs.
    • These days, there are numerous brands and product lines – an injector is a lot like a painter who has 100 different brushes from which they can choose to paint with.
    • An Injector MUST know his or her lip filler products inside out, as well as how they tend to feel or respond once injected, before they choose what to use.
  • A good injector will FIRST ask about your medical history and any previous cosmetic injection treatments you experienced, as well as other factors that could influence your injecting experience, such as your healing capacity (be sure you live a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition).
  • A good injector will also encourage you to aim for a modest enhancement and letting your first lip augmentation results settle a bit, before deciding it’s time for more.

Best Cosmetic Injecting Techniques for Ageing Lips or the Older Patient


Here are our lip injection commandments for enhancing the aged lip with dermal filler.

  • A good injector for an ageing lip knows to take a good medical history and to ask about prior cosmetic surgery and active at-home skin care regimes.
  • A good injector will assess the face for any pre-existing asymmetry resulting from a medical condition such as Bell’s Palsy or similar changes to the face and facial muscles, and when possible, will work to correct those asymmetries using best-practice cosmetic injection techniques and anti-wrinkle solutions
  • A good injector will assess the fine lines above the lip and work to reduce those by adding volume to both the upper and lower lip.
  • A good injector will also evaluate the marionette lines (between the edges of the nostrils and the corners of the mouth) and suggest a solution if there is a good solution and IF the patient seems interested in further rejuvenation


  • A good injector for the aged lip will understand that lip volume replacement and lip augmentation is more important than the bow; and that an overly enhancing aged lip with a cupid-type bow might not be as appealing as it might be on a younger face – with a few exceptions, of course.
  • A good injector for lip filler of an ageing lip on an older patient will also know what else to recommend to correct for asymmetry or smile deformities, such as when the corners of the lip turn downward even when the person is happy.
  • A good injector is likely to gently suggest additional treatments that may enhance facial rejuvenation and lip augmentation results for older patients; but they will be honest and respectful.
    • Most clients want to look younger and fresher and welcome suggestions.
    • However, few clients actually want to hear about the wrinkles and lines they haven’t yet noticed but which can be reduced using skin treatments or other best-practice cosmetic injecting techniques and rejuvenation strategies.
    • This might include skin lasers, skin peels or even a face lift or neck lift procedure).
  • A good injector will be able to answer questions about the latest injection treatments, including Skin Booster Injections and other collagen-revitalisers, the Mona Lisa Vaginal Touch Laser, and the Double-Chin Injection Treatments to reduce under-chin fat  to improve or restore a firmer jaw line appearance.

Meet with our top Melbourne injectors for your lip augmentation needs.  We use quality brand fillers in a way that leaves you with a natural-looking, beautifully augmented lip augmentation.  Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for Sandra today for more information. Appointments available in Hawthorn East with plenty of parking.

How good is a non-surgical Rhinoplasty (a liquid Rhinoplasty or dermal filler ‘nose job’)?

7 Key Aspects of the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

So you may not like parts of your nose, or the way it veers off to one side.  It might be a bump you’d prefer to remedy. There’s Rhinoplasty Surgery, of course, which is commonly requested. But most facial surgery involves surgical risks and longer recovery times than non-surgical options. On top of that, Rhinoplasty surgery is quite complex – it’s a procedure known for high revision nose surgery request rates.

non-surgical-nose-job: Liquid Rhinoplasty: revision-rhinoplasty-

Why is Rhinoplasty a surgery where revision requests are not uncommon?

Revision requests after Rhinoplasty, even if the result looks fantastic, are not uncommon.  Indeed, that may also be the scenario when it comes to liquid rhinoplasty procedures. Why is that?

  • Perhaps because it can be difficult to visualise how changes made to your nose area will impact your other facial features.
  • Potentially this could also relate to some people choosing a discount surgery option with less skilled Practitioners who aren’t genuine Plastic Surgeons OR who are not adept enough at this technically complex procedure.
  • Perhaps patients wanting nose surgery revision originally chose a Doctor who wasn’t a FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in nose shaping surgery.
  • Or perhaps these patients had an unrealistic expectation of what were hoping surgery could achieve.


But what about the liquid Rhinoplasty option – the non-surgical nose reshaping option using filler injections?

Just HOW good is the non-surgical Rhinoplasty compared to Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Will a dermal filler “liquid nose job” do the trick?

Here’s what you need to know about the Liquid Rhinoplasty or “Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty” for nose reshaping.

non-surgical Rhinoplasty - a nose job using dermal filler injections

  1. The SKILL and EXPERTISE of your Cosmetic Injector is PARAMOUNT for:
    • getting a pleasing non-surgical Rhinoplasty result that suits your other features AND
    • minimising your complication risks from having cosmetic injections to the nose area or near the eyes
  2. It’s important to understand the RISKS involved with non-surgical Rhinoplasty injections.
    Be aware that risks can be minimised using best-practice dermal filler injection strategies; however, there are some risks that cannot be mitigated.

    • Sterilisation is highly important. Reputable clinics aim to attain the highest standards of patient safety including best-practice sterilisation.
    • Discount clinics could be taking shortcuts.nose-surgery-vs-liquid-rhinoplasty-nose-filler-injections
    • Don’t risk your health at a cheap injecting clinic or ‘pop up’ injecting office.
    • Remember, every person has unique anatomy and differing facial vascularity.
    • This means that occasionally a patient may respond to injections in an unpredictable way.
  3. PERFECTION is NEVER possible.
    • This is true with both Rhinoplasty-type filler injections AND the surgical approach to nose reshaping.
    • Neither is asymmetry perfection achievable (ever): keep your expectations realistic.
    • Remember that what you START with has an impact on what can and cannot be accomplished.
      non-surgical rhinoplasty - cosmetic injections to reshape the nose or nose tip, remove a nose bump
  4. The KEY to a good nose job of any type is BALANCE and improved aesthetics (usually improved symmetry, smoothing out a bump or augmenting the nose bridge such as Asian patients often request).
    • Improved SYMMETRY will typically have an aesthetic benefit to the appearance of the nose
    • A more balanced or smoother-looking nose then impacts the appearance of the ENTIRE face (including eye area).
    • The nose appearance has a big impact on the overall facial appearance BECAUSE it is such a central feature and so clearly visible from all angles.
    • Again, improved symmetry is usually a good outcome for liquid Rhinoplasty procedures; but attaining perfect asymmetry is impossible.
  5. RESULT are TEMPORARY but may be quite long lasting.
    • Dermal filler can last from 6 to 8 months up to 18 months in some patients; the average duration can vary but typically you’ll get at least 6 months out of your results, often longer.
    • However, NOT ALL nose shape, nose bridge, asymmetry or nose size concerns can be
      addressed appropriately with dermal filler injections. Sometimes Rhinoplasty plastic surgery is going to be the best option to reach your surgery objectives.
    • Avoid permanent dermal filler at all costs but recognise that, in this area, temporary fillers may have different longevity depending on the procedure and the patient.
  6. Rhinoplasty Surgery may still be your best bet if you’re willing to undergo the recovery period.
    • You must also be a suitable candidate with realistic expectations before consenting to Surgery.
    • You will need to be very patient to see the results of Rhinoplasty due to prolonged swelling after facial surgery.
    • Even Nose Re-Shaping Injections for non-surgical rhinoplasty may take several weeks to see the full effect.
  7. Asian Rhinoplasty Techniques – including nose bridge augmentation – is a focus area of Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Injections.
    • Most Liquid Rhinoplasty requested by people with Asian heritage involves the upper nose or nose bridge and eye area.  Ask our Team for details about your options and risks for nose bridge augmentation. Be sure you understand the risks and choose someone with great experience in this area (if you’re in Sydney, we suggest researching the work of Dr Richard Sackelariou).


Read more about the Pros and Cons of a Liquid Nose Job or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty by our award winning Cosmetic Blog & Plastic Surgery Blog team.

Or attend a FREE monthly event at the Hawthorn Clinic and meet our Surgeons & our Team’s top Liquid Rhinoplasty clinicians.

Click here for a great blog on Rhinoplasty using Cosmetic Injections with Dermal Filler.

Phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for an Appointment with our Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Injecting team.

What is Resting Bitch Face: Do cosmetic injections help?

Resting Bitch Face” became a more frequently used term in news stories just a few years ago. But the term “RBF” has been used across digital platforms for over a decade. Conceptually, the term typically means a grumpy looking, condescending, bored, irritated or pained facial expression when someone’s face and mind are actually at rest. If you look ‘grumpy’ when you’re in a neutral state of mind, you too might be “throwing shade,” according to Nordus Consulting who was behind some of the research into Resting Bitch Face. can

But HOW our facial expressions appear to others, when we’re simply chilling out, will influence how we’re perceived. So if you fear you portray an irritated expression when you’re relaxing or concentrating, read on about whether or not cosmetic injections will help reduce a resting bitch face.

Sure, we all get irritated from time to time and this shows up in our facial expressions. But some people have a more ‘bored and irritated’ look than others.

If your face looks angry or disgusted when you’re not feeling those emotions (just ask PINK), you might want to explore what can be done to change your resting facial expression using non-surgical options.


Many men and women find their faces don’t reflect their current emotions, especially as we age. That’s because some of our often repeated facial expressions can leave us looking differently to how we feel in that precise moment of time.

If your face reflects constant irritation when you’re merely glancing unemotionally at something in the distance, you could be seen by others as exhibiting a “resting bitch face” (RBF) expression.

If this occurs for you, you’re definitely not alone in having it.

Find out if you have resting bitch face on Noldus’s photo testing page.

resting bitch face is also known as bitchy resting face - and cosmetic injections can help reduce wrinkles and lines and soften the expressions.

Read MORE  below about what causes “RBF” – and what can be done about bitchy-looking resting faces through cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler injections, lip fillers and lasers. Or call us on (03) 8849 1444 to book your facial assessment by a skilled Injector who knows how to freshen up your look by helping erase the lines that lead you to appear frustrated, angry or bored.

Is there really such a thing as Resting Bitch Face?

Yes. Depending on who you ask, there are from 6 to 8 basic human emotions shared across all cultures: including happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, anger, disgust, contempt, and “neutral.” Each emotion has it’s own expression or ‘micro-expression‘ that involves varied facial muscle movements.

These facial movement nuances indicate to others what we’re feeling, such as via slightly raised brows or narrowed eyelids, pursed lips or scrunched-up noses.


Facial Expressions, and understanding what they actually mean, comes in handy in our socially-focused ‘human tribes’.

So not only is the RBF phenomenon genuine, it’s well known today in the Australian vernacular.

So a number of us MAY have a bitchy-looking resting face, that doesn’t necessarily reflect what we are feeling inside at the moment. However, our faces may reflect what we have felt or thought frequently throughout our lives, OR alternatively what our facial structure has given us through our genetic inheritance.


Scientists researched facial expressions and the ‘resting bitch face’ phenomenon.

So how DO we explain what causes these RBF expressions and our interpretive reactions?

Researchers studied Resting Bitch Face using proprietary software that detected micro-emotions of facial expressions.  These are subtle clues that remain on our faces long after the source of a specific expression (or emotional reaction) was actually in our mindset. Although they may not affect all of us, some of us have more visible residual expressions that render us susceptible to looking ‘unhappy or disgusted’ when we’re not. 


Researchers essentially found that neutral facial expressions (a face not asleep but relaxed or at rest), interpreted by others as exhibiting ‘resting bitch face’ qualities –  exhibited 4 times more contempt (in theory) than other, genuinely neutral, faces. Their non-neutral facial expressions somehow remained on their faces, or subtle muscular movements rendered a particular expression associated with emotions they might not even have.

It’s not unlike someone with a long history of frowning when concentrating (or pursing lips when inhaling smoke) will end up with certain lines, wrinkles and facial tendencies.

Resting Bitch Face: Do cosmetic Injections help?

In particular, Scientists and Techies were looking at what caused a ‘condescending’ or unhappy facial appearance using a facial photo analysis software program, called Facereader.

  • Their results showed that yes, “resting bitch face” – whether you like the term or not – is NOT a neutral looking facial expression and that it is different from others who DO look neutral when their face is at rest.
  • In simpler terms, these might be seen as ‘trace’ emotions or ‘trace’ facial expressions.
  • Even though it may not exactly match what the person is feeling, thinking or doing, it sends a message to others we’re in contact with – and can potentially interfere with how we are perceived by others.anti_wrinkle_injections_how_much_used_worldwide

Resting Bitch Face: Do cosmetic injections help a ‘bitchy looking’ resting face’?

  • Cosmetic Injections can certainly reduce the ‘resting bitch face’ appearance in most people.
  • But they must be done properly, with a skilled analysis of the facial features, bone structure and skin health, to get a good result that also looks natural.

It’s not just women – men have it also, and more men are seeking injections to reduce a down-turned or lopsided smile, furrowed brow lines, crow’s feet wrinkles and facial asymmetry.


If part of your resting face is impacted by deep frown lines (furrows between the brows, known as the ‘elevens’), a down turned smile or marionette lines (deep wrinkles running from your nostrils to the outer corners of your mouth), chances are you DO look grumpy – even if you’re feeling over the moon.

What cosmetic injections do to help a resting bitch face is:

Reduce Furrows with Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Reducing the brow furrows can give you a smoother and more neutral look (but a good anti-wrinkle solutions injector will NOT leave you looking “frozen” in any shape or form…just refreshed and relaxed).


Leave you looking less angry, less fatigued

Ageing changes to the skin and face often leave us looking tired or angry when we’re not feeling those emotions at all. Cosmetic Injections can help render your facial expression less fatigued or less angry. However, cosmetic injecting is a medical science and an art form. Good results require a skilled analysis in terms of what solutions to inject, and where to inject these anti-ageing solutions, over time; plus a seasoned injecting strategy and injecting skills to minimise your chances of bruising or other side effects.

Resting Bitch Face: Do Cosmetic Injections help? Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers in Melbourne by a top team.

Correct for Facial Asymmetry

Dermal Fillers along with Anti-Wrinkle Injecting Strategies can improve facial symmetry or lip symmetry. Thinly pursed lips are typically interpreted as being angry, frustrated or repressed.  A quality injecting professional can use natural-feeling, long-lasting dermal fillers to enlarge your lips to a fuller state so they look ‘less thin-lipped and grim’).

Quality Cosmetic injection treatments can help you look pleasingly pouty, but not puffy and over-filled.

Find out more about reducing the ‘resting bitch face’ look by calling to schedule an injecting assessment with one of Melbourne’s top Clinicians at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic. Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form today.

We look forward to helping you look HAPPIER, more RESTED and ‘neutral’ when your face is simply at rest.  Be sure you do your homework, also, on what makes a good injecting experience and injector, and how to care for your skin before and after injections, to optimise your results (and read the consent form to understand the benefits and risks of injections). Your Clinician will give you honest advice and a thoughtful injection strategy to keep you looking your BEST but natural (avoiding the over-filled or frozen look)!

Acne worse in Summer?

Top Tips to Keep Your Acne in Check Over Summer

acne worse in summer

Summer can make your acne worse.  Here’s how to keep those pimples and acne at bay over the summer holidays.

Avoid your acne getting worse in Summery by following these 5 tips!

  1. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of clean, fresh water and AVOID soft drinks (which leave you forgetting to drink water)
  2. Be sure to use a FRESH, CLEAN face washer EVERY time you clean.  Buy a stack of them and swap them out with ever cleanse; and be sure they are washed and dried properly to avoid bacteria build up.
  3. Even if you’re travelling or in a hurry, DON’T use a baby wipe or disposable cosmetic makeup remover wipe. They have high alcohol content on them and can have the effect of drying out your skin, increasing your skin’s propensity to create even more sebum (oil) – making your acne worse.
  4. Cleanse TWO times a day, more frequently if you have to (such as if you are out and about in grime and dirt, or getting very sweaty).
  5. Make sure you moisturise after every cleansing of your face when you have acne  – if you dry out your skin, the sebum will be worse (the same reason you need to avoid high alcohol products and stick to a medicated line such as Obagi Cleansi-Derm, Medic8 Beta Range, PCA Clear Skin or similar products.


Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 to arrange a SKIN CARE CONSULTATION and we’ll help you find the best products to treat YOUR acne pimples. We also have effective acne treatments including light based treatments, peels and more!



Anti-Wrinkle injections help reduce deep wrinkles and lines on your forehead or around your eyes and lips (marionette lines). Sometimes the treatment is combined with dermal filler injections to get an even better enhancement result.  But what DO anti-wrinkle injections involve – and what are the global trends in anti-wrinkle solutions? How much is actually being used around the world?

The answer is: a lot!

Cosmetic Injections Global Statistics show no signs of slowing down

That’s because these days, many of us want to look less wrinkled or lined, or have slightly fuller lips and more noticeable cheekbones to bring out our eyes and restore our facial balance as we age.  Because these injections, in the hands of a skilled injector, can do so much, they show no signs of slowing down in view of statistics of global demand for anti-ageing treatments.


Cosmetic Injections: What are anti-wrinkle solutions made of? And can anyone use them?

Firstly, anti-wrinkle injectable solutions are derived from substances with properties you typically wouldn’t ingest per their classification. But studies show they are well-tolerated when used as muscle relaxers or to treat hyperhydrosis, in small amounts injected into the supeficial layers of the dermis (skin), strategically, avoiding certain underlying structures (e.g. veins).

But we cannot mention injectable brand names, even though they are commonly known and talked about by consumers. That’s because these injectable substances are Schedule 4 prescription cosmetic medicines. That means they need to be prescribed by a medical professional.

So we can’t detail brand names or qualities of different brands in this blog, only speak of them in very general terms.

SO yes, the muscle relaxing solution does involve a form of toxin, used in a very controlled manner in very small amounts, to reduce wrinkles and lines and soften the facial appearance (brows, mouth lines, crows feet and more).

Toxins have been used in medicine for many decades; including cosmetic injections and more recently, treating mild urinary incontinence.

Yet, just as mold ended up being helpful in the creation of Penicillin, saving lives, anti-wrinkle solutions have been effectively formulated for use in a number of anti-ageing facial treatments and medical treatments.

Risk of Cosmetic Injections used for Urinary Incontinence

In terms of questions about the allergy risks statistics of anti-wrinkle injections, in a paper published in relation to the approval of the injectable solution for treating urinary incontinence, they estimate risks of allergic reactions to the injected solution to be around 0.3%.


But DO stick to medical clinics to ensure procedure sterilisation and well being is a priority of your Clinician teams – stick to medical based clinics versus home-based ‘beauty’ offers that may not use highly experienced Injecting professionals or brand name injecting solutions.

Despite low risks when properly used, consumers need to be very wary of people offering cheap injections and other home-based beauty treatments using Schedule 4 substances. A number of home-based injecting clinics have been found to use non-name brand products or even fake solutions of questionable efficacy and which may potentially be dangerous depending on how they are manufactured, transported and injected.

Don’t risk your personal health and well being – by getting cheap injections in someone’s home, by who-knows-who?

Instead, choose a medical clinic with very experienced cosmetic injectors who have expertise in choosing the right products to meet your goals.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are not only considered to be well tolerated by healthy patients, when used properly (as indicated for cosmetic use and as prescribed), they are often more effective in reducing wrinkles than any other rejuvenation options.


Uses of Cosmetic Injection Formulations such as the injectable solutions used to reduce wrinkles:

  • They enhance people’s lives by helping refresh or rejuvenate their appearance
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injectable Solutions can even return symmetry to uneven smiles
  • They can sometimes lift the brows without surgery

They are also used in other medical injection treatments, such as:


No matter that some people call anti-wrinkle injections superficial.

They are very effective when properly injected and how you feel about how you look MATTERS according to research.

There’s no question that research indicates HOW we look impacts numerous aspects of our lives, from relationships to self-assessments and self-confidence to our careers.

  • For example, there’s age discrimination at every level of our careers once we’re over forty.
  • If we can stay looking younger for longer, we have a greater chance of competing against younger candidates for certain roles – men and women alike.


But wrinkles are not the only thing that belies our age.

So, too, does facial bone atrophy (the sunken cheekbone look) and uneven skin pigmentation (such as Melasma or other sun damage resulting in sun spots or ‘aged spots/liver spots’ over time).

The fact that so many people who try anti-wrinkle injections for the first time repeat the process every 4 to 5 months is an indicator they are happy with what cosmetic injections do for their appearance.


So what’s the go on anti-wrinkle injections? How much is used world-wide?

What’s the go with targeted Anti-Wrinkle Injections including an inkling into how much consumers spend on anti-wrinkle injections across the globe?

According to a Bloomberg article about the history of a particularly widely used brand name for anti-wrinkle injections, one brand alone generated $2.8 billion in sales of it’s anti-wrinkle injectables product. There are other products used for anti-ageing injecting solutions; but by far, the top brand name has the highest name recognition and widest use across the medical and cosmetic injecting industries.


  • That article is about an organisation who boasts the most recognisable brand name in anti-ageing and cosmetic injections solutions.
  • In fact, that brand’s name has become synonymous with the anti-wrinkle injection treatment itself.
  • However, we are not permitted to mention brands here due to Schedule 4 classifications and advertising restrictions.

It’s important for your own education, however, to understand what to look for in a real brand/genuine manufacturer versus a fake overseas import of questionable quality, sterile manufacturing standards and efficacy.


Read our article about fake injectables being imported into Australia.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections: How Much is Used World Wide?

You can read an article about the anti-wrinkle injectables brand company at Bloomberg’s website.

Do you want quality anti-wrinkle injections from a seasoned professional with decades of expertise?

Choose a clinician who cares about being safety-minded and using best practice sterility measures to avoid bacterial contamination problems.

Find out about their practice, and ensure they are the type of Clinician who insists on using reputable brand solutions to treat your wrinkles (rather than discounted low-budget injectable solutions which may increase risks if they are not manufactured, stored or packaged properly, or fail to last as long).

Do you want a Clinician you can trust NOT to over dilute their wrinkle fighting injections?

Do you want your cosmetic injections to last longer by following the preparation and follow-up care advice, such as post-lip filler after care?

Call us and ask about an Assessment with one of our team’s top Melbourne Cosmetic Injectors for anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. We can also help you with skin pigmentation problems or “re-surfacing” through skin peels or DOT therapy CO2 laser treatments, rosacea, visible facial capillaries or even acne. Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 today.

We also have Product Specials, an online store for skin care and makeup, and facial gift vouchers available.

Ask to join our informative VIP E-Newsletter Group!


Phone (03) 8849 1444 for information or to schedule an assessment with a Cosmetic Physician to assess for your suitability for injection treatments including dermal fillers vs anti-wrinkle injections.

How to protect your SKIN from sun damage or premature ageing this summer.

So Melbourne has FINALLY gotten warmer; with one of the hottest Novembers ever on record. As typical with Melbourne weather, we go from wearing winter woollies to sweltering by the pool in a matter of hours (or needing flood boots). Particularly in Australia, being in the sun not only increases your risks of developing skin cancer, it ages your skin rapidly. In this blog, we talk about Summer Sun Protection 101: Best Sunscreens for sun protection – to help you keep your skin looking younger and even-toned for longer.

Why you need Sunscreen:

  • The more sun over time, cumulatively, the more your skin will age. If you want to look your best for longer, AVOID the sun.
  • The more sun burns you get, the higher your skin cancer risks (but even ONE serious sun burn increases your chances).
  • You often get sun when and where you least expect it – driving to work, for example, or sitting by a window at your office.


Summer Sun Protection 1o1: Best Sunscreens

You know you want your skin to look great throughout your life. So how do you make sure you keep the sun’s rays from doing harm?

Sun exposure is thought by many to lead to 80 to 90% of the differences in:

  • a person’s VISIBLE age versus their biological age 
  • the appearance differences between an individual and others their age (peers)
  • the appearance differences in twins or siblings who did NOT get too much sun (and smoking also makes skin ageing rapidly accelerate)


How do you know this is true?

Look at the decolletage of anyone who’s seen a lot of sun and is over the age of 30.  Their face might not show the damage, because some makeups offered some protection – but few individuals are as protective of their upper chest as they are of their face and shoulders.  Even younger individuals can visibly see sun damage if they get a skin assessment using a Woods lamp or imaging such as the Canfield Reveal system.

We recommend: Medik8 Hydr8™  Day 360 SPF 30 Sunscreen:


Lightweight and versatile, the Medik8 Hydr8 Day sun protectant offers an SPF of 30 – it’s a perfect on-the-go sunscreen. It is an all-in-one shield to protect & fight against environmental factors that age the skin. Plus, it’s non-irritating as well as rich in antioxidants that block both UBA and UVA sun rays for ultimate sun protection.

Why you’ll love Medik8 Hydr8 Day Sunscreen:

  • It’s high tech sun protection with moisturising capacities.
  • Protection AND rejuvenating – It can help protect  your skin from sun damage this summer AND may help reduce signs of ageing by minimising the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Feels great to wear and is petroleum free – A great ‘two-in-one’ product, formulated free of petroleum-based oils to gently nourish skin without clogging pores.  For more on what sunscreens and skin care products are great for your skin, read our best beauty tips blog BEST SKIN CARE PRODUCTS FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND AGES.


Awareness is crucial – stay vigilant about your exposure to the sun.

  • Be aware that you’re getting sun FAR more than you probably recognise
  • Work to actually LIMIT your exposure – all year round
  • Wear high-protection shades as sun exposure can also damage vision over time – as well as prematurely age your skin!



You may burn readily or tan readily, but even skin that tans easily is still prone to ageing and skin cancer (perhaps not as quickly but even so, you’re definitely NOT risk free and may even be prone to major pigmentation problems like ‘liver spots,’ ‘sun spots’ and Melasma).

  • Know your skin type (perhaps investigate the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale) and what your key risks are in terms of premature ageing
  • Remember that certain products AND medications make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage
  • Check the labels of everything you ingest AND use on your skin to be sure you understand your sun exposure risks at any given time


  • Ask our Dermal Clinicians about the best sunscreens for summer – we have some NEW products that are medical-grade sun protection (cosmeceuticals) including some that are physical blocks.


Remember your skin is your largest organ – and there’s a lot of it to cover.

  • Be sure you use high quality sunscreen on your ears, feet and other areas you may forget – including HANDS and DECOLLETAGE
  • Make sure you read the ingredients on sun blocks and sunscreens before you purchase – some of the best sunscreens include “physical blocks” to prevent sun damage (zinc, for example) – ask your Dermal Clinician for more information

best sunscreens for your skin this summer; sun protection products

Tips for Being Sun Savvy:

  • Find UV protective shelters and check the UV protection rating on EVERYTHING you gear up with over summer.
  • Slip, slop slap. But don’t let following that advice give you a false security about being in the sun. Too much sun exposure is TOO MUCH sun exposure, even if you’re reapplying some of the best sunscreen available.
  • Employ thick sun blocking curtains and shades at home, and use car window shading with UV protection
  • Wearing a high SPF physical-block sunscreen product may be your best option – even in winter when you’re driving.
  • Check out the tinted versions that don’t look gluggy and ask a DERMAL CLINICIAN which ones are less prone to flare up any underlying skin conditions (such as acne).

We have several new UV protection products in stock. Book a skin care assessment ($50) to see what’s really happening with your skin and which products will suit your skin best this summer. Coco Ruby Dermal Clinicians (Hayley, Sarah and Julia) will help you sort out which are the best sunscreens for YOUR lifestyle and skin type – to help you prevent premature ageing, sunburn and sun spots!


And remember:

  • Not all swimwear or sun protection products are equal – do your homework and/or ask a qualified skin care professional at a Clinic.
  • A hat won’t help if it’s not broad rimmed AND the right UV protective fabric.
  • Same for umbrellas – how much sun is actually getting in?

Read our blog on Scary and Sad Sun Statistics.

Or send an enquiry for a skin assessment and to find out which sun protection products are best for YOUR skin this summer.




Scary & Sad Sun Statistics: Australians and Skin Cancers – what you need to remember this summer.

We have a sporty, outdoor-focused culture in Australia. This is partially related to our weather patterns as well our coastal hot spots for holidays. But the SUN is NOT a friendly force for our skin health nor our ageing processes.  The sun ages us rapidly AND with too MUCH exposure, readily leads us looking 10 years older than our less-sun exposed peers. With sun exposure implicated in the development of Melasma (pigmentation differences across the face), and higher skin cancer rates, what are the “scary & sad sun statistics” you need to know about?

Can you avoid Australian sun exposure damaging your otherwise healthy skin?

  • Remember that 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.
  • More than 2,000 Australians will die from skin cancer every year.
  • We sometimes get complacent about sun exposure, thinking sunscreen will keeps us safe.
  • But it’s cumulative sun exposure that has the greatest impact – as well as how well you protect yourself from the sun on any given day – that’s important in preventing sun spots, premature ageing and skin-deforming cancers.
  • So prevention is a multi-faceted endeavour – limiting exposure, covering up, wearing the right types of protection AND minimising your time in the sun.


Are Australians Good at Sun Protection?

The truth about protective clothing and best sunscreens for your skin.

Slip, slop and slap are good behaviours, but only if you’re diligent.

If you don’t treat sun protection with a religious-like zeal, you are likely NOT doing your skin any favours.

Professor Sanchia Aranda, CEO, Cancer Council Australia, has indicated that it’s a huge concern that sun protection behaviours among adults has actually potentially deteriorated.


  • The latest Cancer Council National Sun Protection Survey revealed the proportion of adults slipping on clothing to protect themselves from the sun has decreased from 19% to 17% in the last three years.
  • In addition, people may be spending MORE time in the sun than before because they think wearing the best sunscreens means they don’t have to limit exposure (it does NOT mean this).
  • Global warming or not – keep your skin looking great and stay healthy – watch out for too much sun!

Read our TOP BLOG on Sun Protection 101: Best Sunscreens.

Look beneath the surface of your skin!

And call us on (03) 8849 1444 to ask about a sun damage assessment using high-tech imaging systems such as Canfield Reveal!   Watch our quick video about a Benefit Peel for reducing sun damage and Melasma type of pigmentation; and the Canfield Reveal imaging assessment skin (~ 90 seconds in length).

Wonder what happens when you visit Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing clinics for a skin consultation, skin care assessment and a facial treatment, such as a Benefit Facial PEEL?

Watch our BENEFIT FACIAL PEEL video of the steps involved in a first-time skin care visit at Coco Ruby!

Click the icon below to watch the VIDEO of a Skin Care Assessment with Canfield Reveal imaging, and a BENEFIT SKIN PEEL/FACIAL PEEL treatment at our anti-ageing clinic in Melbourne!


Steps involved in a Skin Care Consultation & Treatment (We have numerous options for skin care peels, facials, Healite II treatments and more).

Give your skin a boost today.  What you’ll experience during a visit to Coco Ruby for your first VISIT:

  1. Health/Medical History and Skin Care Assessments including forms.
  2. Canfield REVEAL to see what’s happening beneath the visible area of your skin (pigmentation, hydration, vascularity, sun damage).
  3. Deep Cleanse and Skin Evaluation.
  4. Discussion of possible treatment options and their benefits.
  5. Treatment (Optional) – If you elect to have a facial treatment or the recommended treatment and you fill in the consent form and other paperwork, you will enjoy your facial and skin care treatment.
  6. Depending on the treatment, you may be given sun protection to cover the skin (or told to not wear anything on your skin for a designated period after your skin care treatment, and to avoid sun exposure for a certain number of days). You’ll also be told what to expect after the treatment – if it’s a peel (as in this video), the patient was informed her skin would peel over the next 3-7 days, and the skin would look radiant – it DOES! (Subscribe to our newsletter to see the BEFORE & AFTER photos in our next e-newsletter edition).
  7. After your treatment is completed, you’ll be given some recommendations for the appropriate after-care and HOME CARE systems.

Benefit facial peel treatment melbourne

And the best news is that our cosmeceutical skin care ranges are AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE.

So …. do you have pigmentation concerns, uneven skin texture, frequent breakouts or very dry skin, or other concerns you’d like to get a skin consultation to discuss?  Our leading Dermal Clinicians are happy to help you find solutions to your main facial appearance related complaints.  We also have some of Melbourne’s most talented Cosmetic Injectors at our Clinic in Hawthorn East.

Does YOUR skin need a boost?

Call us on (03) 8849 1444 or email us today (fill in the form below).

We have a variety of treatments that can reduce pigmentation including Melasma, or reduce problematic conditions such as Acne & Pimples, dryness, fine lines, Rosacea, and more!

Are you interested in networking with other Cosmetic Injectors and health care practitioners? If you work in a healthcare Clinic, such as Cosmetic Medicine and Cosmetic Injecting, you are welcome to join us at our UPCOMING Practice Improvement Program Events.  At these healthcare industry events, you’ll get a chance to hear from leading authorities on clinic management, patient care excellence, branding communications, social media and clinic growth. Our Practice Improvement Program events are held quarterly, and they are a great opportunity for Cosmetic Injector Networking. Plus, you’ll learn how to improve your Patient Care and how to attain patient care excellence and efficiency across your Clinic.

Cosmetic Injector Networking at our Practice Improvement Program (PIP) Events

Our FREE evening events are hosted by Coco Ruby and Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men.

Bring your Clinic Team!

Cosmetic Injector Networking

Ideally suited for:

Cosmetic Injectors, GPS, Healthcare Clinic Staff, Cosmetic Dentists, Bariatric Weight Loss Doctors, Nutritionists and Beauty Industry Professionals.

For Practice Improvement Program (PIP) EVENT details, visit:

We also have Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Patient Information Evening events (held monthly). These are for Cosmetic Surgery Patients and anyone interested in plastic surgery, skin care, cosmetic injections and skin laser treatments or scar treatments.

Quick snapshot of our Quarterly Networking & Practice Improvement Events for Healthcare Practitioners, Practice Managers, Bariatric Surgeons & Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians:

  • Held Quarterly (upcoming event is 22nd November 2017click here to watch the Practice Improvement Event sampler video).
  • Typically held on a Tuesday OR a Wednesday from 6 pm to 8.15 pm.
  • Held in Richmond (check locations for each Quarterly event).
  • Featuring presentations by leading experts in Patient Care Excellence, Practice Improvement & Practice Growth.
  • RSVP required for catering purposes.
  • Spouses and Reception Teams welcome.


Register NOW for 22nd NOVEMBER 2017 Event with Jane Anderson.

So please JOIN us – register today on our Cosmetic Industry EVENTS page.


The 6 Essential Skin Care Items every Woman should be using.

It won’t come as news to many of us that our Skin Care routine and how we treat our face really matters. The products we use – and don’t use – on a regular basis can drastically affect how our skin will look and feel not only now, but in the future.

Many of us fall victim to the trap of thinking our skin is invincible; for those of us who aren’t prone to acne or imperfections, we may often think that we can get away with not washing our make-up off everyday. Similarly, for those of us who do not yet have any wrinkles or fine lines, we may think we don’t need to worry about using an age-defying serum or protect our skin with SPF.


For those of us who classify ourselves as ‘beginners’ when it comes to using and understanding skin care products, or simply for those who may have fallen into the wrong traps when it comes to caring for their skin, we bring you a list of the 6 skin care essentials that every woman should have on hand at all times.


Whether you wear makeup on a daily basis or prefer a more natural day-to-day look, cleansing your skin on a daily basis should not be overlooked.

A gentle, everyday cleanser is an essential skin care item for any skin care routine. Ideally, you should aim to cleanse your skin morning and night, paying extra attention and care when removing makeup at the end of the day.

There are many cleansers on the market that promise to eliminate acne or blemishes, although it is important to take note of the ingredients in the cleanser/s that you use and ensure there are no harsh chemicals that could be doing more harm than good.

  • Cleansers with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide are often the go-to for those who suffer with acne or blemish-prone skin
  • These ingredients can often dry out your skin and in turn, cause further skin problems or irritations.
  • You should look to use a gentle cleanser without any harsh ingredients
  • If you are unsure on what brands or types of cleanser to look for, it may be best to consult a professional.



Hydrating our skin on a daily basis is essential, and we mustn’t overlook the importance of a good quality moisturiser suitable to our skin type.

You should apply moisturiser after cleansing your face in the morning, and before putting on any makeup. For daytime, it is often best to opt for a light formula that has a broad-spectrum sunscreen (if your moisturiser doesn’t have SPF, ensure that you apply this to your face separately).

Before bed, you should look to apply a thicker, richer moisturising formula or ‘night cream’ with active ingredients to help refresh and replenish your skin while you sleep.

  • Moisturiser can often be a tricky product when it comes to choosing and applying the right formula for your skin type.
  • People with oily skin often tend to skip moisturising all-together, although this can lead to your skin producing even more oil as it may become dehydrated.


If you are unsure about the right moisturiser for you, speak to a professional. Our Dermal Clinicians use the Canfield Reveal Imaging System, which helps to see beneath the skins outer surface to get a better feel of your skin’s particular needs.

Always be careful and light-handed when applying moisturiser and ensure that you have a product that works well for you and your particular skin type.


Need to tackle a specific skin care problem? Serums are key.

Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing, and before you apply moisturiser. Serums are able to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients directly into the skin, as they are made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin.

This makes serums perfect for targeting specific skincare concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne and enlarged pores.

Vitamin C serum, for example, is known to have a number of benefits for your skin, such as:

  • Extra sun protection & some sun damage repair
  • Skin Brightening  – Vitamin C can help to reduce age spots, hyper-pigmentation, or discolouration of the skin leaving you with a more even looking skin appearance and an overall refeshing, brightening effect.
  • Stimulate Collagen production to help prevent and reduce the signs of ageing

People with sensitive skin should look for serums that are specifically designed for their skin type and should ensure they test the serum on a small patch of their body before applying to their whole face. If you have sensitive skin and want a professional opinion on what might suit your skin best, phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for a skin care consultation with a talented Dermal Clinician.


Exfoliator or Chemical Exfoliant

Want to speed up new skin cell production, clear away old skin cells and unclog pores? You need to exfoliate.

If you haven’t been using an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid) exfoliant, your skin is missing out on significant benefits.

BHA and AHA exfoliants are non-abrasive, and are known to work more effectively than grainy or often scratchy scrubs. The benefits include:

  • Minimising the appearance of wrinkles
  • Clarifying dull, uneven skin tone
  • Smoothing rough, bumpy skin
  • Unclogging pores
  • Increasing hydration

For those who prefer exfoliating scrubs, look for those made with natural fruit enzymes—they dissolve dead skin cells without the use of often irritating microbeads.

How often should I exfoliate? This depends on your skin type and any specific skin issues or conditions you may have. For normal to dry skin, you should generally exfoliate once or twice a week. For those with oily skin, it may be suitable to exfoliate three to four times a week. This is a general guide and optimum exfoliation will vary from person to person.

Be sure to not over-do it, especially with any harsh or scratchy exfoliating scrubs.

Eye Cream/ Serum

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin on our body and is known to be one of the first spots to show signs of ageing.

Eye Cream or serum is usually overlooked by younger women as they may not yet have experienced fine lines, wrinkles or dark circles under their eyes. Again, this is an easy mistake to make, although one that should be remedied if possible as there are many beneficial eye creams and serums for younger skin that can help to maintain a fresh, brightened under eye appearance now and into the future.

Getting into the habit of using eye cream from an early age, even if not treating any visible lines or wrinkles, will help to keep the skin under and around your eyes hydrated and plumped, and will put you in good stead for your older years.

  • Aim to use an eye cream or serum with active ingredients, such as retinol, to promote and build collagen
  • Vitamin A derived serums will help your eye area to remain firm, youthful and will also help with skin elasticity
  • If you have dark circles under your eyes, it may help to try an eye cream or serum with vitamin C
  • Vitamin C  is known to promote skin brightness, as well as strengthen the skin to prevent shadows from returning.


Sunscreen (SPF 30 or above)

Arguably the most important item in any skin care routine, although it is one that can often be overlooked or underused – high SPF Suncreen.

Wearing a high protection sunscreen is should be a non-negotiable inclusion in your daily skin routine. Even if you spend most of your day indoors, a high-quality sunscreen with SPF 30 or above should be the one skin care item that you apply daily without fail.

  • If possible, look for the ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
  • These ingredients help to create an even finish and can cause fewer breakouts for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • If you’re out and active, you should reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours;
  • If you’re not spending a lot of time outdoors, then it’s fine to apply just once in the morning.

See a skin care item here that you don’t currently use or have handy? You’re in luck – not only do we stock an extensive range of top quality Cosmeceutical Skin Care and make up, we have recurring monthly specials on our skin care items.

Click here to visit our Monthly Skin Care Specials Page and see what we have on offer this month.

What is Cosmeceutical Skin Care?


Skin doesn’t allow just anything to pass the protective barrier. Facial serums and moisturising creams require advanced formulations containing high levels of active ingredients (‘actives’) in order to deliver essential vitamins and minerals into the skin.

Cosmeceutical or “medical-grade” skincare products contain active ingredients that are effective for rejuvenating, renewing, replenishing and protecting the skin.


It is important that you not only find products that actually work, but that we find those which work well for YOUR skin. This is not to say that you must only purchase cosmeceutical or medical grade products as this is not possible for everyone, although you should keep an eye out for products which have active ingredients which are proven to postively enhance, protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Active Ingredients include:

  • Vitamin A based products (sometimes called Retinoids)
  • Zinc/titanium (sunscreen)
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B) – helps to improve skin immunity and cell metabolism
  • Antioxidants – including vitamin C, help to mop up free radicals caused by environmental damage
  • AHA/BHA (alpha-hydroxy acids/beta hydroxy acids) – helps to exfoliate and renew the skin
  • Growth factors – a relatively new addition, growth factors help to repair and regenerate skin


For those who suffer from specific skin conditions or problems, it may be best to seek professional advice from one of our highly experienced Dermal Clinicians or Injecting Team.

Not only can our Dermal Clinicians & Injecting Team prescribe a skin care routine that best suits your particular skin type and works to combat any of your skin issues, they can also recommend the best in-clinic treatments available to supplement your skin care routine, which may help to improve your skin problems more efficiently and prevent any further damage.

Our team at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing can help with skin conditions and problems such as:

  • Acne Prone Skin
  • Scarring
  • Enlarged Pores or Blackheads
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Sun Damage
  • Melasma
  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Rough Skin Texture or Scaly Patches
  • Dull, Lifeless Skin

For more information about our team, the services we offer or our range of Cosmeceutical Skin Care, see our web pages or contact us on (03) 8849 1400 or via our online contact form.

Has your face become uneven in colour? Do you have darker patches of skin on your upper cheeks, nose and forehead? If you have developed ‘the pregnancy mask” (hyper-pigmentation/Melasma), you may have been advised it’s difficult to treat. And that is partially true.

The pregnancy mask can be difficult to treat for some skin types. But if you’re skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation, don’t give up until you’ve tried Coco Ruby’s Dermamelan Masque Treatment for Melasma.  It’s a low-down time, highly effective treatment for suitable patients wanting a more even skin tone.

Phone (03) 8849 1400 and ask for a skin assessment from a Dermal Clinician to find out more. Or read on to discover WHY some people get MELASMA (“The Pregnancy Mask”) and what can be done to minimise your risks OR treat your skin pigmentation problems.

melasma-risk-factors-dermamelan-masque-treatment-melasma Dermamalen treatment 

Risk Factors for Melasma: Top 10 Risk Factors for The “Pregnancy Mask” and other Skin Pigmentation Problems

The so-called “pregnancy mask” (Melasma), is a pattern of hyperpigmentation that is common in Australia. It is believed to impact 1 out of every 4 females (approximately 25%) and up to 1 out of every 20 males.  Although one of the main causes of Melasma (facial pigmentation) is pregnancy, this obviously is not one of the causes for men.

Why is Melasma called a “pregnancy mask”?

Melasma is called the “pregnancy mask” because for some women, it first shows up during pregnancy. Most cases of Melasma or skin hyper-pigmentation are, in fact, unrelated to conception or pregnancy.

For facial pigmentation concerns or sun spots, a good Dermal Clinician will recommend a thorough at-home care plan and specific in-Clinic treatments to reduce the uneven skin pigmentation and give you fresher looking skin.

Treating Melasma: Reasons & Risks to needing Dermamelan Masque Treatments at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne.

Here are 10 more of the most common risk factors for developing the Pregnancy Mask (Melasma) or other facial skin pigmentation problems.

1) Working outdoors can increase your Melasma risks

risk-factor-melasma-risk-factor-pregnancy.jpg October 17, 2017

  • Even driving a lot in Australian’s sun light can lead to skin pigmentation problems and sun spots.

If you are getting the Dermamelan Mask Treatment for Melasma, be sure you ask your Dermal Clinician the best way to prevent further sun damage to your skin.

2) Taking Anti-depressants can leave you vulnerable to Melasma pigmentation problems and other sun sensitivity including Sun Burn (and remember, sun burns are a risk for developing skin cancers)

  • If you are taking anti-depressants or anxiolytics, you may be more sensitive to sunlight and therefore have an increased risk of melasma.
  • If this is applies, it might be a good idea to talk your concerns through with your GP.
  • See a Dermal Clinician for high-grade Sun Screens.

Tip: You can also purchase LYCOGEL medicated-makeup to cover pigmentation AND reduce the visibility of redness after certain skin care treatments.

3) Long-term use of oral contraceptives can lead to higher risks of developing the ‘pregnancy mask ‘ (Melasma)

  • Similarly, working to AVOID pregnancy can lead to ‘the pregnancy mask’ developing due to hormonal changes created by using oral contraceptives.
  • Years of using the birth control pill (oral contraceptives) also presents as a greater risk factor for hyper-pigmentation problems, such as melasma.


4) Family history may leave you prone to Pigmentation Problems

  • Melasma has a genetic marker. So having a family history of the condition does present itself as a risk factor for developing the ‘pregnancy mask’ of Melasma.
  • The 2014 study reveals that a family history of pigmentation problems such as Melasma was reported by 61% of those who had the condition.
  • For example, if one of your parents OR siblings has developed the pregnancy mask, your chances of developing it are higher.

5) Living in the countryside or beach can leave you prone to greater sun damage

  • If you live in Australia versus many other countries, your risks of sun damage (and skin cancers such as Melanoma) are elevated. Be sure you get your skin checked annually by a professional!
  • The 2014 study mentioned above also found that rural or coastal dwellers tended to have a higher incidence of Melasma, which means risks may be higher when you live with an “outdoorsy nature” or frequent the beach or poolside.

6) Exposure to pollution may elevate skin problems

  • A different study, from 2015, considered environmental pollution to be another potential risk factor for developing melasma.
  • Why is this thought to be a risk factor? Apparently, polluted airborne particles enter the skin and generate reactions that trigger the ageing process.

7) Particular skin types are more prone to pregnancy mask risks (Melasma) than others


  • The more pigment your skin has normally, the more likely you are to develop the pregnancy mask.
  • Skin types III to VI (higher pigmentation or richer in melanin) tend to have the highest incidences of melasma and are considered to be a risk factor for Melasma.

Do you need sun protection if your skin is dark?

The answer is YES, Definitely. Even darker skin needs sun protection.

Especially if you want to stay looking younger for longer.


Dark skin tends to age better than lighter skin, which shows sun damage more readily (it is also prone to dryness and fine lines and wrinkles at earlier ages, although every person is different).

This helps debunk the myth that skin rich in melanin does not need as much UVA or UVB protection as skin with less melanin.

Everyone needs to protect their skin from ultra violet rays and particularly those with higher risk factors for melasma – especially those of Latin, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African heritage, according to the 2015 study.

 8) People living in certain geographical locations

  • Although there are just more people overall in certain countries, the 2015 study also found that people living in China, India, South East Asia and the United States had the highest humber of melasma cases (and also the highest levels of air pollution).
  • So air pollution DOES seem to be linked with risks of developing the pregnancy mask.
  • Australia, however, has a very high rate of Skin Cancer and pigmentation problems related to coastal living and high amounts of sun exposure.

9) Activities in the sun can lead to higher risks of developing the pregnancy mask pigmentation problem.

  • Spending lots of time outside doing leisure activities also presents itself in both the 2014 and 2015 studies as being a risk factor for melasma.
  • This might include snow skiing, Beach Volleyball, Netball, Soft Ball, swimming, surfing, jogging, running, cycling, sailing and paddle boarding.
  • Driving in the car also exposes your skin to higher risks of developing melasma.

The importance of sunscreen and, covering up and avoiding too much sun time cannot be overstated, it seems!

pregnancy mask - risks of Melasma, Dermamalen treatment

10) Irregular periods may mean hormonal imbalances – and hormones DO impact your photosensitivity and skin pigmentation.

  • Hormonal imbalances increase photosensitivity.
  • So having irregular periods (with hormone levels fluctuating) means that this is also a risk factor for melasma.

So what CAN be done about the pregnancy mask (Melasma)?

Although pregnant women do develop the ‘pregnancy mask’ (condition of melasma), these 10 risk factors can lead to higher risks.

The more Melasma risks you have, the greater the likelihood you may develop that pigmentation condition.  But although in the past it was very difficult to treat, here at Coco Ruby in Melbourne, we have signature treatments that use Dermamalen and customised home-care systems to get your skin back to a more even skin tone. It does take time and you’ll need to be diligent, patient and follow the sun protection guidelines your Dermal Clinician gives you.

But you’ll see results fairly quickly with Dermamelan!

If you have pigmentation problems on your face – whether related to pregnancy or not – and would like to learn more about ways to reduce your risks or get your skin looking more even in tone again, please contact our Dermal Clinicians for a Skin Assessment and Dermamelan Mask treatment for Melasma.   Click here for Melasma Research Articles.

If you would like to hear more about the professional  treatments that we offer for melasma  and other forms of hyper-pigmentation,please complete a confidential enquiry form. Or, alternatively, you can speak to one of our Patient Care Coordinators by calling (03) 8849 1444.

We all know cleansing our face is arguably the most important step in any beauty routines, especially if we wear make-up on a regular basis. However, many of us are tempted to skip this step in favour of quicker and easier methods, such as using make-up remover wipes or toner solutions (even baby wipes when we’re in a hurry). But this is one of the 5 common mistakes you make when cleansing your face. That’s because wipes tend to have a high alcohol content and can dry out your skin, especially the delicate skin around your eyes. Read further and find out what other face cleansing mistakes you make and how to rectify them.

A good cleanser and a consistent cleansing routine should not be underestimated as part of your skin care routine.

Of course, most of us do not always stick to cleansing our face properly every morning and every night. But when possible, we should opt for a good quality cleanser rather than cleansing wipes or similar products. (Check out our monthly specials or ask about our affordable cosmeceutical ranges to suit most budgets.)

best skin cleanser packages for acne

Many of us will also have different approaches when it comes to cleansing our faces.  For some it may be an afterthought. For others, it may be a 10-step process with a variety of cleansers, exfoliators and face cloths used in the process.

Whatever your approach, it probably hasn’t changed much over the years. So chances are you haven’t realised the common mistakes we make when it comes to facial cleansing.


Mistake #1 – The Water is Too Hot (Or Too Cold)

One of the biggest secrets to effective face cleansing is to use gentle steam when available; but not too hot!
You should aim for warm-to-hot water that isn’t so hot that it will burn your skin or dry out your skin.

It may be quicker to turn on the tap and splash cold water on your face; but if you are wanting to get the most out of your cleansing routine, you should try to wash your face with warm water.

  • After cleansing with warm water and a quality cleanser, use a WASHCLOTH / FACE WASHER to take the cleanser off your skin (gently).
  • If you simply rinse your face with water, without a washer, cleanser may remain on your skin (along with what you were intending to wash off of your face).
  • You can also let the warm washer rest on your face for a short period to encourage the release of debris (dead skin cells, pollution) in your pores.

If this is the end of your cleansing routine, finish with a splash of cool (not freezing!) water to help calm your skin and close your pores; otherwise pat your skin dry and apply moisturiser or acne-spot treatments straight away whilst your pores are freshly cleaned and stimulated from the steam and warm water.

Mistake #2 – Using Too Many Cleansing Products

Using too many different cleansing and exfoliating products on your skin can be just as bad as not cleansing your face at all. With the overwhelming amount of skin products on the market today, it can be easier than expected to splurge a little too much on skincare products that we don’t necessarily need.

  • The use of too many products can wear down the skin’s barrier function and cause surface dryness on your skin.
  • Active products can cause your skin to react (some products should NOT be used together or sequentially – ask your Dermal Clinician for advice on how to use your products in the best way possible).
  • Although it is recommended to cleanse your face daily, you do NOT need to exfoliate every day.
  • Nor should you use an exfoliant scrub, acidic gel, strong serum or chemical peel too closely together without specific advice of your Dermal Clinician.

If you’re too zealous in your exfoliation, then it may be time to scale back your cleansing routine and use exfoliating or resurfacing products on a weekly or fortnightly basis, rather than every second day.

OUR TIP: Instead of using a variety of different products, it is often best to invest in a good-quality cleanser that suits your skin type and can be used daily – and seek expert skin care advise for exfoliation products as each skin type requires a specific type for best results.

At Coco Ruby, we stock a variety of Cosmeceutical Skincare products with a number of ranges to suit all skin types. Click here to learn more about the products we stock. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality skin care – our ranges are very effective AND affordable.


Mistake #3 – Using Harsh Exfoliators

Exfoliating is an important step in any beauty routine. But it is very important that we do not go overboard when exfoliating and chose our products wisely.  Cheap exfoliation products can be particularly harsh and damaging to your skin. Harsh exfoliation products can remove the protective barrier on your skin. These can also damage underlying tissues and expose the skin to bacteria invasion as well as skin sores or other unwanted skin reactions.

  • Over-exfoliating can easily cause redness and irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.
  • Nut exfoliating products, or those with thick, sharp beads tend to do more harm than good to our skin, causing irritation and in some cases, skin tearing.
  • It may help to choose an exfoliator consisting of round, small and gritty beads – but apply to your face with care.
  • Let the product do the work, not the scrubbing! Hint: Be gentle with exfoliation solutions.
  • You should aim to exfoliate your face once to twice a week, to avoid irritation or stripping of the natural oils your skin needs to stay supple and in balance.

OUR TIP: If you are unsure about your current exfoliating or cleansing routine, it may be best to talk to a professional to determine what skin type you have and which cosmeceutical product lines which will work best for you.

Our highly skilled Dermal Clinicians perform Skin Consultations for clients to determine their skin needs and plan at-home skincare routines that will combat any of your skin issues.

Mistake #4 – Using Medicated Cleansers on your Entire Face

This is mostly an issue for those with blemish-prone skin. If you have blemishes on a certain area of your face such as your forehead or chin, yet you use a medicated cleanser all over (e.g., one with ingredients such as salicylic acid), then you are likely to cause severe skin dryness.

Instead, use the medicated cleanser where it is needed, but make sure you keep the rest of your skin hydrated with a more gentle cleanser that is suitable for your skin type.

But for reactive skin that is prone to acne, a dedicated program followed consistently over time is likely to keep your skin its clearest.  Ask for a thorough skin care consultation with a Dermal Clinician, who has expertise in treating acne, including in-clinic treatments to improve your skin and reduce breakouts.


Mistake #5 – Lazy Cleansing vs Double Cleansing

We all fall victim to being lazy sometimes when it comes to our skincare. Although when it comes to facial cleansing, it is well worth the extra effort.  And if you are taking off a lot of makeup, then you probably need to double cleanse.

  • Failing to remove makeup, dirt or bacteria that builds up throughout the day can cause a variety of skin problems including stretched or clogged pores and pimples and blackheads.
  • After a special event or night out where you may wear more makeup then usual, you should definitely look to double cleanse your skin to ensure all your makeup is removed and your skin can breath.

Your skin will thank you in the end!

There you have it – the 5 common mistakes we often make when cleansing our skin.

Think that a few of these mistakes sound all too familiar and want some professional skin advice?

Book a consultation with one of our highly skilled Dermal Clinicians.

Learn more about our team here or give us all a call on (03) 8849 1400.

Are you happy with your smile? Or do you feel too much gum shows whenever you grin? Find out how cosmetic injection treatments can help correct a gummy smile in our top Melbourne Cosmetic Treatments Blog.

Cosmetic Injections: Gummy Smile Treatments

A smile has the ability to light up a person’s entire face. While everyone’s smile is unique, not everyone is happy with how their smile looks.  Whether you have a mildly lopsided smile or a smile that shows a lot of gum between your lips and upper teeth, cosmetic injection treatments MAY be able to help you attain smile symmetry and a less-gummy looking smile.


The Gummy Smile: Do you feel there’s too much gum showing between your teeth and lips?

  • Some people feel their gums are overly prominent whenever they smile.
  • This is referred to as a ‘gummy smile.’
  • It is sometimes caused by a hypermobile lip or a short upper lip
  • It can also be caused by a certain type of ‘bite’ (tooth and jaw locations)  

Excessive gum visibility during smiling can sometimes divert attention away from a beautiful set of teeth. “Too much gum showing” during a smile might also draw attention to uneven teeth.

Are you self-conscious about your smile?

Visible gum tissues when smiling can leave some individuals feeling self-conscious about a “gummy looking” smile. Some individuals might even stop smiling altogether, especially for photographs.


Some people even teach themselves to keep their lips together.

This limits their natural facial expressiveness and they may even stop communicating as much as they’d like!

All of this sounds like work and takes away from the brightening effect of a smile.  But the common misconception is that a gummy smile is simply too difficult to fix.

Cosmetic Injection Treatments or Surgery to fix a gummy smile?

Many of us incorrectly assume that the only options to reduce highly visible gum tissues are invasive surgical procedures performed by a Cosmetic Dentist, Oral Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon.

However, there are non-surgical, more affordable options for those wanting to correct their ‘gummy smile’.

  • Achieving your ideal smile doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, painful process that drains your bank account or involves excessive recovery periods.
  • Cosmetic Injections in the hands of a skilled injector might be a solution worth exploring.

If you’re self-conscious or unhappy about an overly-gummy smile, you’ll be unable to contain your smile when you discover there are cosmetic injection treatments available to help.


In the past, surgery was typically the main treatment for people wanting to reduce a ‘gummy smile’. But this involved a costly and often painful surgical process such as:

  • Correcting the appearance of gums by severing the muscles that elevate the upper lip so it no longer rises as high during a smile
  • Crown lengthening by cutting or lasering away gum tissues so the tooth crown appears longer compared to the gums (known as a gum lift) – but given gums are important, do you really want to take them away?

Now, many people are opting for a less invasive, non-surgical route: Cosmetic, muscle relaxant injections into the vertical columns situated under your nose (known as the philtrum), or dermal fillers injected into the upper lip – or both – to reduce a gummy looking smile.

  • This method of treatment is less invasive, although there are some injecting risks to consider (ask for details).
  • The use of muscle relaxant injectables or dermal fillers is not, however, permanent.
  • Depending on the patient, it may involve recurring cosmetic injecting treatments 3-6 months apart.

This may be a more viable solution for many patients, given surgery is sometimes painful and more costly.

Do injections work for everyone? The answer is no, they don’t – and not everyone is a suitable candidate for cosmetic injections or lip fillers. However, many people find they CAN get smile appearance improvements using these non-surgical cosmetic injection options.

  • It it important to note that cosmetic injectables may not work to correct a gummy smile for all patients.
  • Treatment options and results will vary from person to person.
  • Understand the procedure and risks before you consent and DO choose a skilled injecting clinician.

An experienced and well-trained professional Cosmetic Injecting Clinician or Nurse will be able to determine if cosmetic injectables are a suitable option for your particular condition. You can find out if you’re a suitable candidate by arranging an appointment with a Senior Injecting Clinician/Cosmetic Injecting Physician.

But how much is TOO much when it comes to the appearance of our gums, and how can cosmetic injecting procedures help to correct this?


Gummy smiles occur for a variety of reasons, most commonly a short upper lip, excessive gum tissue or small teeth, all of which are genetic. According to some Cosmetic Dentists, “anything over three to four millimetres of gum showing when smiling may appear to look ‘gummy.”

Studies have been done with Dentists, Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists to assess smiles, with most agreeing that two millimetres or less of gum tissue showing was what most people thought looked most aesthetically pleasing.

So what temporary solutions are available to help achieve your ideal smile?

Gummy Smile Injecting Techniques: Approved Muscle Relaxant Injections

Muscle Relaxant Injections may be recommend in instances where a patient has a strong upper lip muscle, which recedes to reveal a bit too much of your gum line. Some injectors combine Muscle Relaxant solutions with dermal filler injections, i.e. lip filler injections, for a more dramatic or longer lasting effect.

  • With this method, an experienced Cosmetic Injecting Clinician will inject muscle relaxant solution into both sides of the vertical columns situated under your nose (philtrum).
  • When this solution is injected into the upper lip muscle, it works to relax the upper lip retraction.
  • As a result, less gum is exposed when you smile – because your lip muscle is less active.

Elevation of the upper lip will gradually become reduced in the days following your cosmetic injection treatments. Full results are typically noticed after approximately two (2) weeks.

This is a temporary treatment for a gummy smile and will typically last for around 3-6 months, requiring top-ups to maintain your new smile.


Dermal Lip Filler Injections can also help reduce an overly-gummy looking smile

  • Dermal Fillers can sometimes be injected into the upper or lower lips to reduce a gummy-smile 
  • These lip filler injections volumise the lips to help cover the gums (they can also help temporarily reduce fine lines above the lips).

Lip filler injections essentially augment the height of the upper lip, slightly, which results in a minimised gum appearance when you smile.

  • This procedure may augment the shape and size of your lips to a certain degree.
  • If you do not desire a change in your lip appearance, you may not want to consider this option – but most people like the slightly plumper lip appearance so long as it’s kept in the natural enhancement range.
  • This is also a temporary treatment for a gummy smile, typically lasting for around 3-6 months and requiring cosmetic injection top-ups to help maintain your new smile.


So what do I need to know before proceeding with cosmetic injectable treatment for my gummy smile?

As with any cosmetic treatment or procedure, you will want to choose an expert clinician with the proper experience and training in carrying out advanced injectable treatments such as those available to correct a gummy smile. It is vital this procedure is performed correctly to ensure that you receive both optimum results, as well as have a reduced risk of any negative side effects, because these are medical injecting treatments and hence do carry risks.

Our team of highly experienced Injecting Clinicians in Melbourne include Sandrn Wallace. With a wealth of experience and training, our team uses a wide range of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler solutions for a range of cosmetic treatments, including to correct a gummy smile.

Remember, injectable treatments for gummy smiles are NOT a permanent solution and will often require regular top-ups around 3-6 months to maintain an improved smile.

Want to know if you are a good candidate for cosmetic injections to reduce your gummy smile?

Call our team on (03) 8849 1400 to book a consultation with one of our highly experience Injecting Clinicians.

Splurge vs. Save: Your favourite makeup products

Purchasing new makeup & skincare products can often be a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of choices we are faced with. Between the pretty packaging & plethora of pigments & shades, it is easy to get swept up in a cosmetic shopping spree.

This begs the question; which products should we splurge on, and which cosmetics can we snap up at a lower price? Luckily, not all of your makeup essentials need to come with a hefty price tag, and we break down which products are worth the splurge, and which ones you can pick up at your local Priceline or Chemist for a more affordable price.

Where to splurge: Makeup bag essentials worth the extra money


What you use on your face as a base for your makeup can make all the difference to the appearance and longevity of your final look. A good primer can help to lessen the appearance of flaws and enlarged pores on your skin, as well as extending the wear of the rest of your makeup.

Splurge on a good primer and save yourself the time of re-applying your makeup throughout the day or night.


When it comes to finding an even, natural looking foundation that will last throughout your day, it is often worth the extra money to get a product that will live up to its promises.

While you may find a decent foundation at your local chemist, the chances of finding the perfect formula and shade for your skin colour can often be a hit or miss. That is why it can often be worth the higher price tag to receive help from a skin care expert – ask our Dermal Clinicians about the mineral makeup ranges and cosmeceutical sun screens they carry. Some are even great at covering up the initial redness you might have after a deep facial peel or other procedure.  If you’re not in Melbourne, you can even try a specialised makeup store such as Mecca.

Not only will a skin care & makeup professional be able to help you to colour-match the best foundation and give you advise on what types of foundations might work best for your particular skin type (or skin sensitivities), there are often more shade, coverage and finish options available for higher-end lines. This means you are more likely to find a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone.

And if you choose mineral makeup, it’s usually better for your skin – whereas cheap makeup might more readily clog pores or attract more bacteria to the face – resulting in more breakouts.



Your eyes are precious! So a good quality eye-shadow is typically worth the investment, especially for everyday, neutral tones that you are often to use on a regular basis.

  • If you want the colour you see in the makeup container to be what shows up on your lid, you have to be willing to spend a bit more on your eyeshadows.
  • Less expensive shadows can often be hard to deposit and blend evenly.
  • Pricier eyeshadows are often made from higher quality pigments which allows them to last longer, have a richer colour and blend out easier which is worth the extra cost.

Don’t want to spend upwards of $30 AUD on a quality eyeshadow palette?

Invest in a high-end eyeshadow primer which can help to keep even the least expensive eyeshadow in place for longer. Simply dab some primer on your eyelids and let the product dry before applying your eyeshadow.

Bronzer – the GO TO makeup product

To avoid the dreaded blotchy, ‘orange’ look, it can often pay to spend a little more on your bronzer.

  • High-quality powder formulas are more finely milled, resulting in a smoother, blendable texture that lasts longer on the skin.
  • Spending a bit more on your bronzer is especially helpful for those who struggle with their makeup application as high-end bronzers will often distribute evenly and glide on with ease.
  • Some less expensive powders may use fillers like talc, so the colour you see in the makeup pan will not always be the colour that transfers to your face.

Powder products such as bronzer and blush can last for months, so investing in these products can often be worth it in the long run.

Where to Save: Makeup bag essentials you can pick up for less

Powder/Setting Powder

For preventing shine and setting your face makeup, a basic, affordable pressed or loose translucent powder from your local chemist or Priceline can typically work in a pinch.

  • But mineral makeup powder is usually a better choice.
  • Often, its designed to stand alone but some types might be usable over liquid foundation (mineral makeup usually comes in liquid or powder formats).

Whatever powder you choose, be sure to choose a setting powder that doesn’t cause ‘flashback’ if you are planning on having your photo taken. This can cause the dreaded bright, reflective sheen under your eyes in your pictures.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Products

Most eyebrow powders, pencils, gels & pomades have very similar formulas, and with the growing popularity of ‘instagram-worthy’, shapely & filled-in eyebrows, there has been a rise in the variety of eyebrow products available amongst the more affordable makeup brands.

There is no need to spend up big on a powder or gel to help enhance the shape and/or fill in your eyebrows – a lot of people even use a brown-coloured eyeshadow or eye pencil to do the job.

For longer eyelashes, ask us about the fantastic product Ey-Envy – which lengthens your real lashes when used regularly over time.


Many of the consistent best-selling mascaras are ‘drug store’ classics from brands like Maybelline & Covergirl. Not only are there many different types, brush shapes and colours to choose from, these more affordable mascaras often deliver full lashes just as well, if not better, than many of their luxury counterparts.

Even though there are many different formulas for mascara – some for darker lashes, fuller lashes or longer lashes –  most do the same thing and there is not a bit difference between the higher-end brands and those that are more affordable.

In addition, mascara usually has a short lifespan once opened, usually around 3-4 months, so spending a lot of money on a new mascara can add up quickly if you choose a higher-end product.


Concealer (everyday)

There are a number of good quality ‘drug store’ concealers that are highly recommended by beauty gurus and bloggers, and do a similar, if not almost the same job as the higher end concealers on the market.

There are a variety of concealers you can pick up from your local chemist – from full coverage, to colour correcting & under-eye highlighting products. With so much choice, it is hard to justify spending upwards of $30 or $40 on a concealer.

Just don’t skimp on Concealers after a Treatment – you want HIGH QUALITY ingredients that your skin won’t react to and you want GOOD COVERAGE of any redness

If you need a good concealer after, say, a Fraxel laser treatment or whilst you’re still red after a deep chemical peel, you’ll want to ask our Coco Ruby team about the high-end, cosmeceutical grade concealers we offer.

Lycogel can even be used not long after a treatment (but DO check, as some of these laser treatments require you to be makeup-free for several weeks).

Lip Glosses & Lipstick

First off, let’s be honest, lip glosses rarely last too long, so why spend up big on them? Both Revlon and L’Oreal make a great basic lip gloss and often have a generous variety of colours.

When it comes to lipstick, the formulas of the higher-end brands can often be hard to beat, although you can easily find a great long-wearing lipstick in your local chemist. With the growing trend of big, plumped up lips – many affordable brands have produced extensive lipstick ranges from a matte look to a subtle sheen or a rich, vibrant & shiny finish.

Your lip colour can make all the difference to your overall look, so if you are wanting to change up your style or add a bit of vibrancy to your makeup, you don’t have to spend up big to do so.

Makeup remover wipes

Don’t get fooled into spending up big on makeup remover wipes – cheaper brands often get the job done just as well. After all, your wipes end up in the bin after a single use, and shouldn’t be used to take up your makeup off without the help of a cleanser.

For a quick freshen up in the morning, or before applying makeup, makeup remover wipes can be extremely helpful, although that doesn’t mean you have to splash a lot of cash.

Affordable brands such as Simple, Neutrogena & L’Oreal are often crowd-pleasers and do the job just as well as more expensive brands.

There you have it – the make up products you should splurge on and the ones you can buy for less without compromising your overall makeup look.  

How about the recent media frenzy over the over 50s supermodels taking to the catwalk in Milan for Versace?  They were paying tribute to fashion designer icon Donatella Versace. On the Milan catwalk were several Supermodels over 50 years of age (or fast approaching fifty): Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, to name a few.  All looking absolutely fabulous. Where did the over 50s SuperModels media frenzy take place? We found articles in People magazine, Vogue,’s Entertainment section, USA Today and other top magazines and blogs.

These publications featured the 1990’s top Supermodels wearing leg-revealing, body hugging vintage Versace to great applause.

So why is all the Milan Fashion Show media attention focused on the 1990’s SUPERMODELS over 50? Even though it was a fashion show, the media frenzy wasn’t exactly about what they were wearing.

It seems the attention was predominantly about redefining ageing – particularly the skin.

So how can you ensure you keep your skin looking great after 50?

  • There is a lot you CAN do to keep your skin and physique looking great as you age.
  • We’re not saying it’s easy – and we’re not saying that your inherited traits don’t count.
  • We’re alluding to the fact that you may have more control over how your skin looks over 50, than you might recognise.

Looking like a super model is primarily a genetic outcome rather than what you choose to do with your skin. But how you treat your skin DOES count in how your skin ages.

And what you DO over a lifetime, in terms of skin care, means a LOT about how you’ll actually age.


What we think you need to know about keeping your skin looking its best at 50 or beyond.

  • Start EARLY if you can
  • Choose your parents carefully as you might inherit their skin and ageing tendencies (okay, not an actual tip)
  • Don’t traumatise your skin with harsh products that are drying or likely to clog up your skin’s pores (mineral makeup is often a good idea)
  • Experiment with quality products to find the ones your skin likes best (remember, everyone’s skin is slightly different in terms of product sensitivity, sebum production, texture, colour and pore visibility)
  • Seek the opinions of qualified skin experts as early as you can, especially if you have any problems with your skin (acne, rosacea, melasma)
  • DON’T use harsh scrubbing agents on your skin (don’t dig your nails into your pimples or blackheads, either, or you’ll end up with acne scars)


Your makeup AND your skin care regime both count when you’re taking proper care of your skin.

A lot of reactions to makeups are due to makeup products that use less than quality ingredients or colouring agents that can irritate sensitive skins. But all heavy makeup has potential to leave your skin worse off over time.  Find out more by talking with one of our skin care Clinicians at Coco Ruby by phoning (03) 8849 1400 and asking for a skin care assessment including Canfield Reveal (Hawthorn location). There’s a $50 skin assessment fee for most appointments but you’ll SAVE well beyond that amount by avoiding products that won’t work for your skin.

Coco Ruby Tips for better looking skin as you age

  • The first tip is to get good nutrition and drink plenty of water.
    • Your skin is your largest organ
    • Skin reflects what you eat and drink as well as what you expose it to on a regular basis (sun, pollution, bacterias on your pillowcase)
    • Whatever you do, DON’T smoke and don’t overindulge in other substances – because smoking and too much alcohol wreaks havoc on your skin and other organs (drink more water instead)

beauty tips of supermodels in milan on the catwalk for versace -

Skin care counts in how your skin will look as it ages

  • Choose quality makeup and cosmeceutical skin care (which will have active ingredients and topical vitamin solutions)
  • Definitely AVOID the sun and use a physical sun block when possible (ask our Coco Ruby team about which ingredients they recommend)
  • Injections should be used judiciously but they can help – wrinkle reducing injections work wonders for some patients in the early stages of ageing; just be careful NOT to overdo it and choose your Clinic carefully in view of sterilisation standards


DO use a very skilled cosmetic injector especially if you’re using a dermal volumiser or dermal filler or lip augmentation solution.

Lush lips and elevated cheekbones can make ANY face look just a bit better or even more youthful.

How cosmetic injections and lip fillers and cheek injections can help:

  • Lips thin as people age, so lip augmentation makes them look a bit lusher again
  • Cheekbones wither as the decades pass (the bones actually atrophy over time, meaning they reduce in size and shape as you get older)


So restoring lip and cheek volume using cosmetic filler injections can return the face to a more pleasing appearance, but DO understand this is a medical procedure and there are risks to cosmetic injections. Your Injecting Professional will go over these with you during a consultation for dermal filler or muscle-relaxing injections – be sure you understand them before you consent.

For most patients they can be safely applied by a skilled injector. However, there’s another risk of cosmetic injections such as dermal fillers – the risk of overdoing it and looking ‘over filled.’

One of the biggest APPEARANCE related risks of fillers is known in the industry as “over volumisation” of the lips, cheeks or entire face.

This means someone has engaged in too much of a good thing.

  • Be careful not to OVERDO the filler volume of lips or cheeks (avoid the Filler Over Use Syndrome or puffer-fish-lips)
  • DO choose temporary, approved dermal filler substances if you decide to augment your facial features and lips
  • Be SURE you choose a highly skilled, safety-minded injecting clinician who prioritises best-practice sterilisation methods
  • DON’T use permanent fillers under any circumstances – this is usually highly detrimental over the short and longer term
  • Find out which solutions will work best for different areas of the face – fillers are NOT all equal and some will feel and look more natural than others


“Over volumised” is a common FAIL for patients and injectors who don’t recognise when ‘enough’ becomes ‘too much’ with facial filler injections.

Fortunately, our Coco Ruby Team’s top cosmetic injectors are great at getting a natural looking result (but that doesn’t mean that some patients insist on more than enough but we do our best to educate patients on the necessities of maintaining FACIAL BALANCE even during enhancements with FILLERS).

Our Injecting team also has access to a wide range of Approved Filler Substances and Wrinkle Fighting Solutions.  

This means our Team can fully customise your cosmetic injecting treatments to refresh – or balance out – your features.

If you’re worried about falling prey to Filler Over Use Syndrome, read this great blog to help you keep your lip filler and dermal filler injections in check.


  • On a Quarterly basis, treat yourself to regular facials so you can exfoliate properly and improve your circulation
  • Every few months or years depending on your skin, try skin collagen stimulation methods such as Healite II or an enzyme peel
  • Laser Genesis is good for reducing sun damage ageing concerns and has very minimal down time
  • Every 3 to 5 years or thereabouts, invest in a treatment such as DOT Therapy (CO2 Laser for facial skin) or Fraxel laser treatments, particularly if you have textural concerns or fine lines and wrinkles
  • If pregnancy gave you pigmentation problems such as Melasma, there’s a fantastic Dermamelan treatment that greatly helps reduce pigmentation and leaves your skin looking refreshed
  • DO adjust your skin care regime as you age – and if you start neglecting your skin when you get busy raising kids or running after grandchildren, build in some ME time to get a relaxing, cleansing facial and gentle exfoliation
  • Serums are not all equal, but a great serum can help render your face looking fresher and glowing as you age


If you start to get drooping eyelid skin or under eye bags, sagging jowls, wobbly-looking neck skin or a double chin appearance, Contact Us for assistance as you might benefit from a facial surgery consultation OR from the latest non-surgical treatments such as Double Chin Fat Reduction Injection Treatments or under eye-bag injection treatments.  Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 or send in an enquiry form, below. We look forward to seeing you at our Hawthorn location.


How to avoid pimples and skin problems on the go.

Travelling is all fun, smiles and lots of selfies.. that is until that dreaded pimple or two pop up.

The last thing we want when on holidays is for our skin to start acting up! Unfortunately, the nightmare skin we well and truly dread can often become reality when we jet off on our holiday. Although, with proper preparation and a few key additions to our skin care, we can help to minimise the often troublesome effects that travelling can have on our skin.

Many of us would have fallen victim to skin problems or bad skin when travelling at some point in our lives, the question is how can we avoid it? Before we get into our top tips for avoiding breakouts when travelling, lets discuss WHY our skin typically acts up when we travel.


The Effects of Flying on our Skin

Have you ever wondered why your skin can often feel extra dry during and after a flight?

Flying, especially long-haul flying, is a notorious trigger for breakouts. Low humidity and the constant air-conditioning on airplanes is known to dry out the skin. These conditions will often lead to barrier disruption, which then has the potential to cause skin irritation. Your oil glands will typically go into overdrive as a response to the loss of skin oil and dryness experienced during your flight. In some people, this can lead to dry itchy skin, or it can flare up conditions like acne, rosacea or eczema.

Flying can often be the major cause of bad skin or breakouts on holidays or when travelling around for work. That is why it is extremely important to pay extra attention to your skin before, during and after you fly. We will cover the easy ways in which you can do this in our top tips below.

Read on to find out our top tips for avoiding breakouts and dry, flakey skin when travelling.


1. Prepare your Skin before you jet off

They say that ‘prevention is better than a cure’, and when it comes to preventing breakouts when travelling, the answer is no different. Whatever tricks you use to hydrate your skin and stave off imperfections during and after flying, will work better on a clean canvas.

To help prevent breakouts in transit, the night before – or even better, in the weeks leading up to – your trip you should exfoliate gently to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. You can use a gentle exfoliating scrub or, for a deeper clean, a chemical exfoliant, such as Glycolic Acid, to prevent any oil your skin produces from becoming trapped under dead skin on the surface of your skin.,

Be sure to condition your skin with a good, balancing moisturiser, and if possible, sleep with a humidifier by your bed to optimise your skin’s moisture balance.

Don’t have all these beauty products on hand? Perhaps treating yourself and more importantly, your skin, to a pre-holiday facial might be the answer. What better way to freshen up your pores and prepare your skin for travel than a pampering facial? And you can rest easy knowing your skin is in the hands of a professional.

Travelling soon? You can book in for a pampering facial with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians. Call us to book on (03) 8849 1400.


2. Go Make-up free or wear non-clogging Make-up when you fly

Whilst going make-up free may be a bit of a scary thought for some of us, your skin will thank you in the long run.

Not only will a full face of makeup typically end up smudged and sloppy after hours in on a plane, a natural, fresh face will help to keep your pores unblocked and imperfections at bay.

Understandably, being make-up free may not be an inviting option for us all. If wearing no make-up whilst you travel is simply not an option for you, swap heavy foundation for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser which will help to keep your skin hydrated while also offering some coverage.


3.  In-Flight Facial

We’ve touched on the importance of ensuring your skin is prepared for travel, now for the skincare you should always bring with you to use whilst you travel.

Here are the top skincare items we recommend to bring with you in your handbag:

  • Facial Cleansing Wipes: These are handy to remove any smudged or creased makeup when travelling for long periods of time. If travelling makeup free, cleansing your face with wipes can help to maintain fresh, clean skin and remove any bacteria or dirt that may accumulate as you travel.
  • Hydrating Facial Spray or Mist: A facial spray/mist can help to keep your skin hydrated whilst you travel, and can be applied over makeup without ruining it. Facial mists are quite popular these days and are often readily available in 100ml hand luggage-friendly sizes.
  • A balancing Moisturiser or Serum: A moisturiser or oil that is suitable to your skin type is a must-have when travelling, especially in the air. Ensure that you have a travel-size moisturiser with you to apply as you fly in order to maintain hydration.
  • A Hydrating Lip Balm: Just as flying can cause dry, flakey skin, it can just as easily dry out your lips, which is not what we want when travelling for holidays or even work. Ensure you pack a hydrating lip balm – with added SPF if your destination is sunny!


4. Keep up your usual skincare regime

Whilst it may not always be possible to bring all of the skincare products you use at home with you when travelling, it is important to maintain a similar skincare regime where possible.

Maintaining the skincare regime that your skin is used to can be an important tool to avoid unwanted breakouts and skin troubles.

Ensure you bring the basics with you:

  • Facial cleanser to use morning and night
  • Moisturiser and/or a skin serum or oil such as Rosehip or Vitamin C
  • Exfoliator (scrub or chemical exfoliant)
  • Sunscreen or daily facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 or above
  • Any prescripted skincare or treatments you use regularly

If spots or pimples are a worry for you when travelling, it may be a good idea to pack a spot treatment.

For emergencies, chemists or drugstores will often sell spot treatments with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which can be applied directly to pimples or blemishes. Ensure you ask a pharmacist for advise and read the directions carefully when using these products. Products with harsh ingredients or chemicals should be used with extreme care and will often dry out skin if applied to the entire face, rather than as a spot treatment.


5. De-Stress & Rest

This last tip may be an obvious one, but many of us can often forget the impact that stress can have on our hormones, and therefore our skin.

When we are stressed, or not getting a regular, reasonable amount of sleep, we can throw our hormones out of balance which can have – amongst other things – an extremely negative impact on our skin.

Often we wouldn’t associate a holiday with mega amounts of stress or sleep-loss, although this can sometimes be the case. Travelling, whether for work or fun, can often involves stresses of its own, especially if things don’t go as planned. Not to mention, sleeping whilst on an airplane can be near-impossible most of the time.

De-stressing and getting a good amount of sleep is key to balancing the levels of any hormone, therefore we shouldn’t underestimate what a good night’s sleep and a bit of relaxation can do to help our skin.

There you have it, our Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Breakouts when Travelling!

Travelling soon? You can book in for a pampering facial or skin consultation to determine an effective skincare regime whilst you travel with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians. Call us to book on (03) 8849 1400.

Are you RACING CARNIVAL ready? Don’t sweat, don’t frown & don’t be late to the races in Melbourne! Read our BEST Beauty Tips for Melbourne Cup Day & Derby Day to look YOUR best at these events. After all, it’s Melbourne Cup Selfie Season!

Racing Carnival Season in Melbourne arrives shortly after the Footy Finals.

So it’s FOOTY FINALS in September each year and the Racing Carnival every October and November. Melbourne is definitely a “sports mad” crowd and lots of fun.  Whether you’re a serious sports fan – or just going along with your pals to look GLAM (or both), you’ll want to look amazing at the biggest sporting events of the year in Melbourne.

To help you look your very best, here are Best Beauty Tips for Melbourne Cup Day & Derby Day from the stellar Coco Ruby Team!

Melbourne cup racing-carnival-ready-dont-sweat-dont-frown-1

Hoping for a SUNNY day at the Melbourne CUP? Just remember, the SUN is NOT your skin’s best friend.

The FIRST of our Best Beauty Tips for Melbourne Cup Day is: Don’t TRASH your skin at events.

Avoid a Sunburn at Derby Day & other racing events. Be sure you wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

  • Nothing ages your skin faster than a sunburn or chronic sun exposure.
  • It can even cause an increased risk of skin cancer.
  • So wearing sun protection is a no-brainer.

But it’s amazing how, just a few champagnes later, you’ll forget to re-apply your sunscreen!  

  • We recommend high-SPF  sunscreens with tint, as well as a physical-based sun block.
  • Apply every 2 to 3 hours, or more frequently if needed.
  • Bring your own large, non-breakable mirror in your bag.

Then there’s getting enough water – which is also easy to forget to do when you’re caught up in the heat of the moment.

The SECOND Best Beauty Tip for Melbourne Horse Racing Season is:  Hydration

H2O – Drink Water Between Alcohol Based Drinks – and STOP drinking alcohol before you start to get too tipsy


If you stay hydrated (that means drinking 1 to 2 glasses of water between every alcoholic beverage), your SKIN – and your BODY – will thank you the next day.

  • Staying HYDRATED also means you’ll need to visit the facilities on a regular basis.
  • This is the time to remember to reapply your sunscreen at the races or footy finals.
  • It’s also a good time to check in with yourself (or with your friends) to be sure you’re not over-imbibing and at risk of getting alcohol sickness.

All of which is easier in a formal ladies room area, more so than in a port-a-loo.

So if you’re going to be in an area where the LOOS are not exactly upscale, BRING your own hand-held MIRROR (ideally a non-breakable one).

Contact Hayley, Julia or Sarah on (03) 8849 1400 to find out about our new cosmeceutical-brand SUN BLOCKS. These look amazing on your skin AND will tend to give you better sunburn protection at the Races than most store bought brands.  Affordable AND effective!

The THIRD of our Best Beauty Tips for Melbourne Cup Day & Derby Day is:  Don’t Sweat at the Races – Treatments for Hyperhydrosis


Excessive sweating impacts a lot of the population. Don’t sweat at the Melbourne Cup – get your hyperhydrosis treatment injections in advance (at least 2 weeks before the cup, ideally 3 to 4 weeks in advance)

Our Coco Ruby Injecting Team tell us that MOST people don’t realise that there’s an effective, quick and long-lasting treatment for excess sweating (known as Hyperhydrosis – meaning – overly sweaty or wet in areas you’d prefer to be dry!

How Hyperhydrosis Treatment Injections to treat sweating work:

  • You get muscle relaxing injections in the areas that trouble you most (forehead, under the arm pits, even hands).
  • The needles are very tiny (eyelash width) and not uncomfortable and the treatment is very quick (numbing cream or ice can help if you’re sensitive)
  • In about 2 weeks time, your sweating will have been minimised in those areas that have been treated.
  • Repeat treatments at regular intervals may be best to reduce excess sweating problems – ask for information by phoning (03) 8849 1444 and scheduling a consultation.sweat-too-much-hyperhydrosis-treatment-best

Potential Benefits of Injecting Treatments for Hyperhydrosis include:

  • the ability to wear lighter clothing without worrying about the excessive sweat marks under your arms
  • if you treat your palms or hands, you’ll be able to hold your phone or glass without it slipping due to sweaty palms
  • feeling more confident in social situations
  • being more comfortable participating in sports (less sweat) – on the field or in the stands as a spectator
  • you’ll feel less embarrassed by the pools of sweat that drip off your body in summer – or all year round!

How long does the treatment for Hyperhydrosis last?



Each case of hyperhydrosis is unique. Responses to cosmetic injections and hyperhydrosis treatments will vary from person to person and different areas of the body may respond differently (such as the palms of your hands, your under arms or forehead).

However, an injection treatment for sweating TENDS to last for approximately four to six months for the majority of patients.

So chances are you’ll need to repeat the treatment approximately every 4 to 9 months, sometimes even less, for best results to reduce excess sweating.

But patient’s always say it’s WELL WORTH it and they really love the reduction in sweat production.


And there aren’t very many great alternatives for reducing excess sweating!

The FOURTH Beauty Tip for Melbourne Cup & Season is:  Don’t Frown

But Don’t Be Late for your Cosmetic Injections!

As you get ready for the races, you’ll no doubt try on hats, hairstyles and fascinators.  This means more time in front of the mirror (and more time taking selfies to post on Instagram at the races!)

Looking in the mirror, have you noticed those infamous “11’s” between the brows, or even vertical lip lines and crow’s feet?

Don’t leave your cosmetic injecting treatments til too close to Racing Day. It’s too risky otherwise and difficult to get in with Melbourne’s top Injectors.


Melbourne Cup & Derby Day Preparations for Fewer Wrinkles & Great Looking Skin

Time flies and the Melbourne Carnival Horse Racing Season will be here before you know it.

Chances are you’re due for a top up of your anti-wrinkle injections, lip augmentation filler to reduce those vertical lip lines and subtly enhance your pout, or crow’s feet injection treatments.

These days, with the RIGHT injecting strategy and top-brand injectable solutions, you’ll be AMAZED how much these treatments can help reduce the signs of facial ageing. But don’t be late – get in with enough time to see the results before Melbourne Cup Day.

Best time to get Cosmetic Injections before a big event such as the Melbourne Cup or Footy Finals – or even a Spring or Summer wedding!

At Coco Ruby in Hawthorn, Cosmetic Injector Sandra Wallace says you’ll want to start your anti-wrinkle injections at least a month AHEAD of the event. That’s because anti-ageing injections takes a few weeks to take effect. Plus, if you have deep lines on your forehead that you’ve not yet treated (such as frown lines), or even crow’s feet, it MIGHT take 2 consecutive treatments to reduce those wrinkles or deeper lines.

“Dermal Filler, on the other hand,” says Sandra (@sandra_cocorubyskin), “can be performed up to 2 weeks before the big social outing, such as Derby Day or the Melbourne Cup Carnival . But with anti-wrinkle injections, I’d suggest starting at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of the big event.  For deeper lines and wrinkles, I prefer to see clients at least 6 months or more in advance of a big event – this includes weddings.”


Cosmetic Injector Sandra’s tips for Cosmetic Injections before Footy Finals, Derby Day or The Melbourne Cup:

  • For wrinkle fighting injections or dermal fillers, start at least 4 weeks to 6 weeks in advance (if you have a 4 month window, you are typically best to get cosmetic injections twice, around the 3 month mark depending on how your first treatment went for you).
  • With dermal fillers, a little is better than too much (you don’t want to get a trout-pout or look puffy due to having too much lip or cheek filler!)
  • So if you get a good cosmetic injector, like Sandra, they’ll start with a subtle yet pleasing enhancement, then add more as they see your results over time (it can take a few weeks for your cheek or jawline fillers to reach the stage you can see what’s been done).
  • Lip Augmentations are great for most faces so long as they are done properly and subtly – you can get those about 2 weeks to 4 weeks ahead of a big event. Just be sure you discuss your lip shape preferences beforehand.
  • Schedule an appointment with Sandra by phoning (03) 8849 1400.

More TIPS about Lip Augmentation, Cheek Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injections:

  • Dermal Filler Injections AND Anti-Wrinkle Injections are medical treatments
  • They are primarily used these days as cosmetic feature-enhancements AND to reduce lines and wrinkles
  • They can, however, be used to correct facial asymmetry, nose bumps, overly gummy smiles or facial deformities
  • Treatments involve approved prescription solutions (but not ALL injectors or solutions are alike)
  • It really pays to have a skilled injector who uses top brand solutions in the right way – otherwise you could end up looking…well…over-filled and very puffy!
  • Some supplements may be best avoided before you get an injecting treatment
  • Don’t fly immediately after FACIAL FILLER (read the Flying After Filler – Hidden Dangers blog here).

However, cosmetic injections are actually MEDICAL prescription treatments.

  • There are risks involved; you will need to provide your health history and sign a consent.
  • A good injector will inform you of the risks and work diligently to minimise them.

A beauty salon or start-up medical office offering cheap injections or discount fillers can be a risky choice.

  • If you choose the wrong Clinic, you might get overly-diluted products that won’t last as long.
  • Or worse yet – you might get non approved filler solutions injected by a minimally-trained, unqualified person.

Cosmetic Injection Safety depends in large part on the skill and training of your injector and their choices of cosmetic injectable solution brands.

Melbourne cup racing-carnival-ready-dont-sweat-dont-frown-1

  • Injecting is serious business – some of the cheap discount injecting clinics using less experienced trainees are downright scary to think about!
  • Instead, get a qualified and experienced medical professional to give you injections to ensure a good result and best-practice sterilisation methods for patient safety.
  • Our Cosmetic Injectors each have over 15 to 20 years of experience in Cosmetic Injections – that’s a lot of expertise helping patients to enhance their features, reduce wrinkles or correct a skin concern!
  • First timers for Lip Fillers and Lip Augmentation injections – find our best cosmetic injection treatment tips here!

And NEVER get permanent Facial Fillers, says our team.

Temporary fillers give you much more flexibility and if you decide you don’t want bigger lips or cheeks at some stage, you can revert back to the anatomy you had before hand.  Plus, permanent facial fillers tend to stay put as your skin ages – this can lead to some interesting results!

“Temporary fillers are best – not permanent fillers” is the motto of our Coco Ruby team. 

“If you’ve never had filler or wrinkle injection treatments before – and even if you had, there’s always a risk of some bruising or swelling,” notes our senior injector (at Hawthorn).

“A slow, steady injecting approach can minimise this – but you’ll want to allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for any potential bruising to resolve, especially if you’ve bruised before.”  Schedule a consult by phoning (03) 8849 1444.


If you’re a real sporting fan, you’ll be yelling in support of your team (or horse).

You’ll also likely spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME in the sun.

Melbourne Cup Day Beauty Tips - Cosmetic Injections

This can accentuate your wrinkles and lead to some interesting photographs of your face at the races!

So WEAR Sun Protection (Cosmeceutical brands) and reapply regularly, drink plenty of H2O between other drinks, wear a WIDE BRIMMED HAT & EYE PROTECTION when you’re outside, and if you want to top up your Facial Filler or Anti-Wrinkle Injections, don’t be late!

Here’s what Cosmetic Injecting  treatments can do for patients:

  • Smooth out a wrinkled brow or reduce the ‘frowning forehead’ look
  • Reduce the frown lines that form around the chin when you make a face
  • Open up your eyes by reducing those crow’s feet wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes

anti-wrinkle injectables and face fillers best skin care tips Melbourne Tara Stapleton


  • Minimise under eye bags or dark circles under your eyes (selected patients)
  • Even out a bumpy nose (Liquid Rhinoplasty – be sure you understand the benefits AND the risks)
  • Augment Lips (Make them slightly plumper or fuller) – which helps reduce smoker’s lines and lip lines

There’s even a way that injections can help keep your hay fever at bay – ask your Injecting Clinician for information on the future of injections for reducing hay fever and nasal allergies.

And for your SKIN?

“Winter is the best time to have deep chemical peels or laser treatments,” notes Hayley Dean of Coco Ruby.

“So if you want any facials or skin treatments, call us sooner rather than later – or you’ll risk exposing treated skin to the sun. That’s a real NO NO.”



Non-Surgical Skin Care TIPS

What does Hayley recommend for skin if either Darby Day or MELBOURNE CUP Day is fast approaching?

Laser Genesis is a brilliant skin treatment,” notes Hayley. “It’s gently refreshing, and gives you plumped looking skin. There are also some great peels or light treatments that can help you get your skin ready for those Cup Day Selfies.”

Ask to meet with Hayley, Julia or Sarah to schedule in your treatments.  For September, there’s also a package for your Fraxel treatments. Find out more by phoning us on (03) 8849 1444 or clicking on our Monthly Skin Care Specials Pages.

Something you may have NOT thought of about alcohol and sun exposure:

  • Alcohol affects your level of Vitamin A in your skin; so be sure to put a good Vitamin A cream on at night.
  • Ask Hayley for recommendations – there’s Obagi, Medik8, Cosmedix and PCA and several other products she can assist you with.
  • Again – be sure you DO get adequate water intake.
  • Your skin needs HYDRATION (every second drink should be a large glass of water); and drink more water before you go to bed.
  • Hylaronic serum with Vitamin B is also helpful to hydrate the skin after long days in the sun.
  • There’s some great new physical sun blocks too – ask us for details!

Melbourne cup day beauty tips

So the best things you can do for your skin at the Melbourne Cup or other Melbourne Sporting events, is to STAY out of the sun, wear a broad rimmed hat and BIG sunglasses (choose highly-protective eye gear), and REAPPLY quality sun protection very regularly.

So there you have it – our Best Beauty Tips for Melbourne Cup Day and Derby Day and other Melbourne Sporting events!

Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 with questions or (03) 8849 1400 to schedule an appointment.

Want glowing, healthy skin this Spring? Here are our top tips for reviving your skin post-winter.

1. Moisturise after you shower

Moisturising your skin is such an important step in any beauty routine in order to help maintain hydrated, healthy & glowing skin. As many of you will know, applying a hydrating moisturiser (that is suitable for your skin type) day & night should be a top skincare priority.

Although, what you may not know is the best time to apply your moisturiser is as soon as you leave your bath or shower. This is because the skin is still porous and is vulnerable to products that are applied following your bath or shower, allowing for better absorption.


2. Invest in a top-quality Moisturiser

You should always be mindful of the products you are putting on your skin. Your choice of moisturiser is especially important to maintain glowing, soft skin without clogging your pores or causing unwanted breakouts.

Our tip for a high-quality moisturiser that is suitable for most skin types is the Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturiser. Make sure you visit our Monthly Skin Care Specials page as we have NEW special offers on Obagi products and our range of top-quality Cosmeceutical Skin Care every month.

3. Drink Water!

We’ll say it once, we’ll say it 100 times; up your water intake and your skin will thank you in return!

For those of you who have heard it all before and are sceptical about what water can really do for your skin, keep reading!

Water helps to plump up the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to look less visible as they are ‘filled in’. As water helps to hydrate & plump up the skin, it becomes less likely to let in external particles that may cause irritations and blemishes.

And for those concerned with ageing, a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively, says Julius Few, M.D., director of The Few Institute and clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago. [Source:]

Water also helps to combat dehydration within the skin; dehydrated skin can cause excess sebum (oils) to be produced which in turn can attribute to blemishes.

So, there you have it. Your skin needs to be hydrated from the inside out so try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.


4. Healite II Low Light Therapy Facial

As Spring arrives and we bid farewell to the cold winter months, what better way to treat yourself and to help to put a glow back in to your skin than with a Healite II Skin Rejuvenation Facial?

The relaxing low-level light therapy (LLLT) facial treatments at Coco Ruby use an award-winning technology. Healite II from Lutronics is top in the league of low level light therapy treatments. Getting Healite sessions can do a lot for your skin’s condition and help to rejuvenate dull, winter skin.

Benefits for Healite Treatments include:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Subsiding Acne
  • Reducing Superficial skin lesions


5. Eat for your Skin

What you put in your mouth can be just as important as the products that you apply to your skin. The vitamin, minerals & amino acids that food is broken down into can help to build healthy, glowing skin.

Opt for nutrient-dense fruits & vegetables, as well as healthy sources of Omega-3.

Not sure where to start?

For a good dose of skin-strengthening Omega-3 fatty acids, you may want to include foods such as fish (tuna, salmon & sardines), flaxseed, walnuts, eggs and chia seeds.

For foods high in collagen-boosting Vitamin C, look to include Peppers, broccoli, kale, citrus foods & in your diet.

Lastly, to keep up your Vitamin A and E intake which are known to be rich in antioxidants, you may want to incorporate pumpkin, almonds, carrots, sweet potato, spinach & avocado into your diet.


6. Re-think your Skin routine

Do you find your skin feels dry and tight after cleansing? Many of us put dry skin down to the effects of Winter, although it may be your every-day skin products that are letting you down.

Cleansers in particular can often be quite drying on the skin. If you use a daily cleanser that contains glycolic or salicylic acid, this may be doing more harm than good by stripping your skin of its natural oils, causing dryness & dehydration.

You may find that switching to a gentler cleanser with fewer or no harsh chemicals or exfoliants may do wonders for your skin.

If you are unsure about whether your skin routine is working for you – maybe it is time to consult with a professional!

  • Our team of talented and highly experienced Dermal Clinicians provide Skin Assessments using the Canfield REVEAL Imaging System
  • The Canfield REVEAL Imaging System is a powerful visual consultation tool that can takes ‘skin insight’ images which reveal more information about your skin’s appearance AND skin conditions than standard photograph(s).
  • This allows your Clinician greater insight into the overall skin health and pigmentation issues, which helps your Clinician to provide more targeted treatment recommendations.

Want to know more or think its time to have your skin looked at by a professional?

Call us on (03) 8849 1400 to book an appointment with one of our Dermal Clinicians today. 


7. Protect your Skin with SPF

Not only is the sun our greatest enemy when it comes to ageing, it can also dry out your skin by stripping it of its natural oil. Exposure to the sun is unavoidable, but ensuring your skin is prepared and protected is a MUST!

Not only does sun protection help your skin from day-to-day, the long-term anti-ageing benefits are indisputable. The best thing you can do for your skin is also one of the easiest – Slip, slop slap!

We highly recommend you wear a daily moisturiser, foundation or BB Cream that contains SPF 30 or higher to help maintain hydrated, glowing skin as the weather begins to heat up!

8.  Refresh your Skin with a Chemical Peel

OK, so winter is over and your skin just isn’t feeling right – maybe you need something more than just your regular at-home face mask or skin serum..

Chemical peels can help your skin to look smoother and younger. It involves the application of a specific solution to the surface of the skin. This peels away the outermost layers of the skin revealing fresh skin beneath after the healing process.

From hydrating skin peels to exfoliating peels, we have custom treatments to suit each skin type and occasion. Our expert Skin Team has hand chosen the most active and results-driven peels available on the market today


Chemical Skin Peels are helpful to treat the skin conditions including:

  • Acne or acne scars
  • Age and liver spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Irregular skin pigmentation
  • Rough skin and scaly patches
  • Scars
  • Sun-damaged skin

So, there you have it. Our top tips for Glowing, Healthy Skin this Spring.

The increasing popularity of Social Media & Cosmetic Facial Fillers in Younger Women

Facial Filler Injection Videos and Photographs are all over Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Is the growing popularity of fillers in younger crowds due in part to the Kardashians social media impact?

The rise of the Teenage Cosmetic Patient for Facial Fillers: Blame the Kardashians?

With modern means of connecting on social media using photos and videos, there’s definitely been an increase in younger patients seeking cosmetic surgery as well as facial fillers.  As in our blog “HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG FOR FACIAL FILLER INJECTIONS?”, the topic is a hot discussion amongst professionals working in Cosmetic Medicine.

The top draw cards for young adults are LIP augmentation injections and CHEEK filler injections.  Others want their Tear Troughs treated to reduce dark under eye circles.

But why are lip filler injections and dermal fillers increasingly popular?


Three reasons why we think Cosmetic Injecting Treatments are on the upswing for younger patients

  • Selfies and Celebrity Culture – it’s not ONLY about what the Kardashians are doing, it’s the long term focus on copying celebrities and royalty that’s been in place for centuries.
  • Only in modern times, copying a Celebrity can include cosmetic surgery or facial fillers. In the past this would not have been discussed so openly – nor uploaded in full colour on to Youtube or visible platforms such as Instagram & Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The new capacity of Facial Fillers to correct an imbalance or give that “high-cheek boned, plump lips”” appearance.
  • Finally, not only are young people extremely aware of how they LOOK in photographs, they are often obsessed with taking the perfect selfie.

Plus, with ACTUAL INJECTING procedures now posted in videos on social media channels, cosmetic injecting treatments are often on FULL display.

And for this, YES – we do have to partly thank (or blame) the Kardashians.

They RULE social media and they are not opposed to cosmetic treatments to try to look their best.

But read our blog about why we think young adults or teenagers should wait until their mid-20s before investigating filler options (or even longer) – however, not all Injectors believe you need to wait.

“But if you were born with very thin lips, have noticeable facial asymmetry or a very gummy or lopsided smile, then speaking to an Injector might be worth exploring in your adulthood,” notes Sandra. She notes that one of the more common treatments younger adults ask about is the tear trough fillers that can help reduce shadows under your eyes if you inherited dark under eye circles.  “But by far, the most common request is for slightly fuller lips or cheekbones; and depending on the facial anatomy, a little bit of filler in the right places can make a difference.”

The key is to become very well educated on the pros and cons of early injecting and early use of fillers; to avoid the “over-filled look” and to recognise this IS a cosmetic medical treatment and as such, does have some risks.


Why does my Daughter want Cosmetic Injections or Facial Fillers?

  • The more popular facial filler injections are with adults – especially celebs – the more younger individuals will want to copy them.
  • So overall, injections are more powerful in what they can achieve, and they have increasingly become more normalised and trendy.
  • The latest CELEBRITY beauty trends by stars of the Kardashian family ilk is also part of the change.


how young is too young for facial filler injections beauty secrets of celebrities - filler fatigue - bad injectors lip augmentation

The Kardashian’s seem to have affection for Facial Filler Injections or Lip Augmentation (and other cosmetic enhancement of the body, lips, breast and face).

Some say they have spawned an entirely new industry of makeover procedures.

That noted, cosmetic treatments, cheek augmentation and facial surgery have long been part and parcel of a Hollywood Celebrity’s beauty regime.

So when it comes to young adults or teenagers wanting to get cheek augmentation or lip fillers, which are medical based cosmetic treatments, remember that following celebrities is a decades old tradition – it’s just easier to do so now with social media exposure.

But here’s what’s important to know as a parent or young adult who is considering Facial Injections for Lip Augmentation or Cheek Enhancement

  • It is not unusual for younger women to seek cosmetic enhancements or opt for procedures such as lip fillers or cheek augmentation to look and feel more confident about themselves.
  • The reason for younger women increasingly seeking products or procedures that help to change or alter their appearance can, in a big way, be partially blamed on the ‘Kardashian’ social media craze but ALSO on the SELFIE craze (for that one, blame the Iphone or Samsung camera frenzy combined with Phone-App access to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Another reason is that modern photography filters and software programs try to portray the perfect look when reality may be quite different.  But magazines have been doing this for ages, so it’s not really new.

  • What’s new is that not only are women more aware of perceived asymmetry or feature imbalances by constantly looking through heavily edited photos of supermodels & celebrities on social media, they can see themselves in SELFIES many times a day.  But only in a two-dimensional way.
  • Celebrities not only often LOOK nearly perfect, the also give the illusion of living a ‘perfect’ life.

We all know that’s not true and that Celebrities lives may be even less than perfect as our’s are.

That’s evident in magazines showing stories of new romances between start, the holiday and honeymoon, new babies – and then the nasty divorce. All of which seems to occur in a few year’s time.

Beauty Technology and Cosmetic Injecting Strategies HAVE change and can do a lot more now. You can actually sculpt the facial feature to add symmetry and balance. (But you can also OVERFILL or distort them if you go to the wrong injector).

  • So younger individuals, thanks to Social Media posts of nearly EVERYTHING imaginable, have become increasingly aware of the actual procedures that can help remedy perceived facial imbalances OR give a more glamorous, celebrity style look.
  • “Not born with lush lips? Lip injections can help” IS what the latest technologies can actually achieve.
  • But even lush lips isn’t new – in the past, there were products and techniques that tried to ‘fudge’ a lusher lip by using lip liner outside the lip line, or lipsticks with chemicals that swelled the tissues of the lips.

But probably more than anything that is influencing teenagers and younger adults wanting cosmetic procedures or Dermal Filler Injections at younger ages, is the change of Culture.

Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Injections are more culturally accepted.

In fact, they have become a modern way of grooming for women AND men and a point of conversation on the web.

In decades now long past, Celebrities HID the fact they had a facelift, eyelid lift or Tummy Tuck.

Today, Celebrities and Social Media Influencers are far more open and transparent about the procedures they undertake to improve their looks. This has had the effect of normalising cosmetic enhancements and procedures.

So they can become a quick and easy fix in the eyes of young women. But they still need to be taken seriously and the risks need to be known. Sadly, young people are vulnerable to cheap offers or ‘group injecting sessions’ that can lead to disaster if performed by unskilled clinicians who claim to be experts.

And if a young person gets injections from a disreputable group or place, they can end up with lifelong scars or facial deformities.  The same is true about cheap cosmetic surgery – they end up going to a discount branch that might cut corners – and the results can be quite alarming (as you read constantly in the papers and hear about on the news).

So if YOUR daughter wants Facial Fillers or Lip Augmentation, be sure you discuss the differences between a good quality option and Medically Qualified Injecting Clinician and a dubious offer.


It is certainly not unusual for younger women to want to look and feel their best, although it is important that they are fully informed and educated about what is involved in the cosmetic enhancements they are often too quickly turning to.

For famous celebrities and social media influencers, such as the Kardashians, expensive cosmetic enhancements and quality surgical procedures are more readily available. They have the money and time to dedicate to ensuring they receive the top cosmetic procedure care from the best in Hollywood.

This is not always the case for young people, who are often shy of funds.

So if they seek to copy a famous celebrities they see on social media who had a bit of work done to improve their looks, they may find themselves with an entirely different result or lifelong problems.

Warn your daughters to be careful in understanding Cosmetic Injecting Procedures, Brands, Solutions and Risks – including the important differences between ‘bargain injection’ outfits and those of a qualified Injector.

That is why – although not unusual – seeking cosmetic enhancements at a younger age should be a well considered and thoughtful decision. It shouldn’t simply be a quick copy-and-paste job from a celebrity you want to emulate.0

Although social media is an important and ever-growing aspect of the modern world, it is equally important not to let the famous people we see on Instagram & Snapchat, such as the Kardashians, have too much of an impact on our everyday life and how we feel about ourselves.


What should we learn from the ‘Kardashian’ Social Media Craze?

  • It is normal as a young person to have insecurities and this has been the case throughout history.
  • But in modern times, we should not let social media have too much impact on our self-image (or selfie taking) to the point we constantly seek improvements through procedures.
  • Remember that what we see in a photograph (which is only 2 dimensional) and what we see on social media (which is highly edited) are different to what we’d see in real life.
  • It is easy to photoshop bigger lips or higher cheekbones or add a digital tattoo; but when it comes to real life, these procedures have risks.  They aren’t as easy to acquire and they can be difficult to remedy or remove if you get it wrong (or change your mind about a tattoo or piercing).

So thorough consideration should be done.

Considering facial fillers or anti-ageing injections but think you may be too young?

Read our other insightful blogs on Facial Filler Injections: 6 Reasons why you Shouldn’t Start Too Young and How Young is TOO Young to get Facial Filler Injections? 

Why People are Getting Fillers At Younger Ages and 6 Reasons why you Shouldn’t Start Too young. 

If you read our blogs about “How young is too young to get facial filler injections” and “Kardashians & Social Media’s influence about facial fillers,” you’ll be aware that younger patients are wanting facial fillers at earlier ages.  Find out more below; you can also search our other great blogs about dermal filler injections for additional information.

Why are more people under 25 years of age insisting on getting Facial Filler Injections (Dermal Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections)?

There are many discussions taking place these days about the age of cosmetic treatment consent.

In other words, how young is ‘too young’ to have facial fillers or other cosmetic procedures, including surgery?

The influence of the social media selfie culture cannot be underestimated here.

That noted, there may be some benefits to facial fillers and other skin treatments using advanced technologies.

These include potential gains from dermal fillers, as well as risks, a few of which are listed below:

  • The school of thought that says that dermal fillers can actually stimulate collagen production.
  • As collagen is largely responsible for giving the skin its strength and structure, this is seen as a positive outcome.
  • So people start to believe that starting facial filler injections earlier in life might be a great strategy to stave off ageing.
  • But the reality is that it can backfire on all fronts, and if the Injector gets it wrong – or you use too much, too soon, in the wrong places or for too long – you may actually end up looking older than you are.

A rise in the early use of facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections for Cosmetic Enhancements

Women have always felt pressure to maintain a youthful appearance (with men now also feeling the pressure of maintaining their looks for longer). But there is no doubt that the ‘selfie’ generation is under even more pressure to look good, and maintain a youthful appearance, than any prior generation.

As Celebrities are making it facial fillers & anti-wrinkle injections appear fashionable – even filming themselves in the midst of a treatment and posting it up to YouTube – it’s challenging for teenagers not to want to follow suite.


Because we live in the day of the SELFIE obsessed teen rather than the merely self-obsessed teen. And it’s all about the IMAGE (Video, Stills or otherwise).

This is partly the reason for a huge increase in young people wanting dermal fillers – they want, or feel they need to document their lives on Instagram or Facebook and Twitter – and therefore want to LOOK perfect. Filters are all the rage but they can only do so much.

The other reason is the Celebrity social media culture of sprouting augmented lips and high cheekbones, along with noticeably protruding body parts that have obviously had a bit of surgical help – being posted to social media platforms.

Celebrity Copy Cats? Blame the Kardashians. Or NOT.

Blame the fact that in today’s culture, we ALL want to do all that we can to look our best. And with a major emphasis on photographs for our business profiles, dating platforms and the like – it IS an increasingly important aspect of our lives.

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution scar free

With the belief that having fillers can slow the progression of wrinkles, many cosmetic practitioners find that they have a growing number of patients in their twenties, and even some filler injecting requests from people in their teens.

  • Some of them are concerned that young individuals shouldn’t yet be considering having cosmetic work at all (unless to correct a serious deformity, imbalance or an overly gummy smile).
  • However, along with those who are concerned about their youth, there is a corresponding number of younger patients looking for procedures such as fillers who are actually nervous that they’ve left treatment too late!

So how young is TOO young for Facial Filler Injections?

When you have someone famous like Kylie Jenner having lip fillers at age 17 or 18, this sends a concerning message to many others of the same age.

If you have millions of followers and can show a glamorous filler result, the appeal may double.

However, you should remember that most lip fillers last from between 3 to 5 up to 18 months (it can vary depending on what substance is used and how you are injected).

  • This may mean that once you start plumping your lips, you may end up wanting injections on a regular basis for many, many years or until you decide that you are prepared to revert to your natural looks.
  • If you start very early, this can end up equating to a long life span of getting injections or facial fillers.
  • Fillers were unlikely ever intended to be used for 30 to 50 years in a row.

While most countries allow for cosmetic procedures over the age of 18, there are even some patients below this age who are looking for fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

As it is beginning to become commonplace for very young celebrities to have dermal fillers, the knock-on effect emerges of the majority of young women, from mid-teens to early-twenties, thinking it is normal to have facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections at this young, impressionable age – herein lies the problem for parents, teens and Injectors alike.


How young is TOO young for facial filler injections?

6 potential problems with starting dermal fillers below the age of 25 to 30

  1. Doing cosmetic injections on the ‘cheap’

Unless you’re a celebrity, the chances are that most people in this age group don’t have a great deal of disposable income. As a result, they are often more likely to choose someone to inject them that isn’t properly qualified, and experienced. It is increasingly common for younger patients to opt for the ‘cheaper’ alternative, unaware of the associated risks of an inexperienced injector or bad-quality filler product.

The filler industry isn’t always well-regulated (it isn’t regulated at all in the UK) so there is no law against this happening, even though a lot can go wrong if facial fillers aren’t professionally administered! Bruising, swelling, a lob-sided or deformed appearance, and other side effects are possible. More serious conditions, although rare, have also been known to happen when a qualified professional is not used to administer dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections.

This is a serious concern when it comes to young women opting for facial filler injections. Proper research and time needs to be put it into weighing up the possible risks of fillers, especially when paying bottom-dollar for an inexperienced, unqualified injector – which can often be more common in younger patients.

  1. Over-filling causing younger patients to appear older than they actually are

If fillers or anti-wrinkle injectables are badly administered, they can often age you in appearance.

When using an Injector who is under-qualified or inexperienced, you run the risk of your face being ‘over-filled’ as they may use too much product when trying to achieve your desired outcome.

The result can often be that a younger face may resemble an older woman trying to recapture her youth, rather than the youthful, refreshed appearance you were trying to capture!


  1. Having an expectation that facial fillers will transform your entire life

Just as the increase in cosmetic procedures, such as facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, can often be linked to people wanting to showcase the best possible version of themselves and their lives on social media – this short-cut to feeling good often doesn’t help in the long-run.

As young women begin to feel increasing pressure to look good, and project a ‘perfect’ image to the outside world – using facial fillers and other cosmetic procedures to achieve this may often build an expectation that is simply unattainable and unrealistic.

Young woman may often believe that plumping up their lips or creating high cheekbones similar to the models and social media stars they admire is capable of transforming their lives. This heightened expectation has the potential to send young women down the path of believing they need to fix or alter any and all parts of their body that aren’t ‘perfect’ like the photos and social media material they see online.

  1. Attempting to put the Ageing Process on hold

Whilst facial fillers may improve collagen production, there are many other ways to maintain a youthful appearance, especially for younger women.

Adapting a suitable skin regime, wearing daily sun protection (SPF 30 or more) from a young age, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking cigarettes should be more of a priority for younger woman before they even consider dermal fillers or facial injections.

Whilst anti-wrinkle injections are a great option for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles as we age, there are many ways in which the signs of ageing can be reduced if we are diligent and smart with our skincare and maintain a healthy lifestyle from the get-go.


  1. Trivialising a Medical Procedure & not knowing the risks

As facial fillers and other forms of cosmetic enhancements become more and more popular for younger generations, they can often be seen as  ‘just another form of makeup’.

With the rise of social media and the need to post the ‘perfect’ images, younger women may run the risk of seeing facial fillers as just another necessity, rather than a procedure that should they should carefully and thoroughly consider before proceeding with.

Facial fillers are not just a ‘one-off’ procedure – to maintain results, you will need to commit to regular injecting sessions anywhere from 3-6 months apart.

  • There are implications when you inject anything into your body, even if most injectables are now formed from hyaluronic acid, which is absorbed by the body over time.
  • If you think you should have a dermal filler because ‘you’re looking tired’ the chances are that a few good night’s sleep will work just as well if you’re still young and healthy.
  • Younger skin has a quicker recovery process and there are often less invasive options if you feel your skin isn’t looking quite right.
  • Speaking to a Dermal Clinician or Skin Care Team may help you with your skin issues, rather than opting for facial fillers as a ‘quick fix’.
  1. The lure of MORE is MORE when actually LESS is MORE.

Once you start – how much is enough?

Lack of appearance confidence is a sad condition that afflicts an increasing number of people. We’re all surrounded by ‘perfect’ images of airbrushed models and Instagram pictures of people that reflect only the best photos of them with the perfect lighting. So it is natural for young people to become insecure about their appearance in general. This can then affect their confidence, interpersonal relationships and social lives.

  • If they become obsessed with a feature that isn’t as they wish, it can becoming detrimentally distracting in their lives
  • If it’s readily or easily remedied, so be it, but if they start to view cosmetic procedures as the only way to improve their lives, or think their lives will experience a complete turn around after a procedure – they will likely become disappointed.
  • If one procedure doesn’t help with their insecurities, women may opt for more and more cosmetic work in the hope that they’ll eventually feel better about themselves.


This is certainly not to say that all young patients don’t have a valid and well thought out reason for having dermal fillers or other procedures.

Good Cosmetic Injectors often turn people away because of their young age, but they’ll often return when they’re older, still sure of what they want done and determined to have the procedure. Sadly, others will go overseas or to a cheap, unprofessional clinic that isn’t scrupulous on what they offer or who they offer it to – meaning they could be risking infections related to poor sanitisation measures (or worse yet, non-approved injecting substances that could cause serious harms).

Dermal fillers are so accessible now that they are touted as simply another beauty product, like getting your hair colored.

However, too much of a good thing can make young girls appear deformed and even older than they are.  If you over-smooth the forehead, in the wrong way, you can leave someone with an expressionless face even in their twenties.

It seems that this early rush for facial fillers at younger ages is a bit of a social-media and Kardashian celebrity trend, but it doesn’t mean it’s a great one.

As most experienced and qualified Injecting Nurses & Clinicians tend to advise, it’s typically best to wait until you’re actually starting to show some signs of ageing before embarking on any injectable treatments.

Want to learn more about facial fillers and what age we believe is ‘too young’ to start with filler or injectable treatments? Read more on our blogs: “How young is too young to get facial filler injections” and “Kardashians & Social Media’s influence about facial fillers,” you’ll be aware that younger patients are wanting facial fillers at earlier ages.

Let’s face it. Social Media is now a HUGE part of our lives. The Kardashians rule Celebrity-Style Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They wield a LOT of social influence, including increasing the appeal of Cosmetic Treatments to younger generations . But while Facial Fillers, Lip Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections are increasingly popular among adults, there’s a growing concern that younger individuals are jumping on the beauty injection trends a bit too soon.  As a parent, what should YOU do if YOUR teenager has gone from self-obsessed to SELFIE obsessed and is suddenly asking for lip filler or cheek filler facial injections?  How Young IS TOO YOUNG to get Facial Filler Injections

Less Permanent than Tattoos: But Remember, Facial Fillers are A Medically Prescribed Treatment


Personal expression, cosmetic procedures and grooming habits are changing.

This is largely due to:

  • advances in cosmetic surgery and non surgical options
  • skin care technologies including new lasers (the vaginal rejuvenation laser, for example)
  • the fact that we’re far more comfortable today to enhance our looks by whatever means are available
  • the ability of facial filler injections to provide better feature sculpting options than ever before

So they now include non-surgical treatments or minimally invasive treatments such as filler injections. But an INJECTION is a medical procedure and hence, should not be taken lightly at any age.

While less permanent than Tattoos or Cosmetic Surgery, temporary Dermal Filler injections are still a medical treatment.

There are different types of solutions used in cosmetic injections, and some of them are similar to naturally occurring substances in the body. But that doesn’t mean that they are good at any age. Using filler too soon – or in the wrong place – can lead to detrimental consequences.

So there are good reasons to contemplate “How Young is TOO YOUNG for Facial Filler Injections” as a Parent or Young Adult

Opinions in cosmetic circles vary on when it is “okay” to start enhancing lips or cheeks with facial filler injections. Such disparity between injectors is not uncommon, and often it relates to the fact that every patient is unique. Some patients may warrant injections for corrective facial sculpting (or surgical options) at early adult ages.  Others are best to wait until they have progressed further in their physical and emotional maturity.


Not all Injecting Clinicians Agree on the answers to”How Young Is Too Young to Get Facial Filler Injections”.

Some injectors say anytime over the age of 18 years or after the typical late teens’ growth spurts.

Others Cosmetic Medicine Practitioners believe it shouldn’t be tried until later in life (the mid-twenties at a minimum or after 30 depending on what you’re wanting done).

The only agreement is that there should be a good reason for the early use of filler treatments if and when that decision is made. In general, one solution approach will never fit all individuals; but it might be best to avoid over use and early age use of fillers when feasible. 

Above all, facial filler injections are a medical treatment and should not be taken lightly.

Despite numerous appearance benefits, they can lead to certain risks.

So although teenagers have some authority over certain medical or dental decisions over the age of 16, and although the legal age for consent to medical or dental procedures is 18 years of age (the age one is considered an adult), our Injecting Clinicians advise CAUTION to younger patients who want to go for Dermal Fillers at too young an age.  And for most patients, that would cover their early twenties as well as teenage years.

Most individuals should NOT have facial filler injections until they have at least reached their mid-twenties if not later.

  • He acknowledges that an exception might apply if there is serious facial asymmetry, imbalance or deformity that might be helped with dermal fillers (or other compelling reasons for early age use).
  • Smile corrections might be one of the exceptions; but be sure you understand the procedure and what’s being used.


how young is too young for facial filler injections or beast implant surgery?

  • In general,  it’s wiser to wait until you are AT LEAST in your mid-twenties – or older – before you start getting facial filler injections.

In a recent Interview,  younger patients were cautioned NOT to follow injecting trends for the sake of adding facial volume. The best approach is custom facial feature enhancements – not ‘over filling.’

“What the Kardashians are doing cosmetically might not suit YOUR face or YOUR lips. Plus, chances are that the younger you are when you first start getting cosmetic injections, the more likely it is that you might regret it over time.”   Just like those colourful tattoos you’re considering investing in (or already have). They are very difficult to remove and the process is often excruciating painful.  Opt for henna, instead?

Are anti-wrinkle injections okay at early ages?

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution injections for sweating

Getting injections for Hyperhydrosis treatment (excessive sweating) at an early age is one thing (see photo above). This treatment uses anti-wrinkle solutions and these have been safely injected for decades to treat a variety of health conditions.

Sometimes facial imbalances can also be corrected with injected muscle relaxers.  

  • But such Facial treatments need to be used with caution, especially on younger patients.
  • And facial fillers, especially modern product ranges, are an entirely different matter.

Whilst Facial Fillers can work wonders to reduce ageing if the right substance is used by a highly skilled Injector, they have been known to increase the appearance of ageing if used in the wrong amounts OR on a younger patient.

“If you are younger than your mid-20s, be careful not to follow medical fads – or even tattoos,” warns Dr Rubinstein.

“It can be SO tempting to do what your friends or the Kardashians are doing. But even temporary fillers used when a patient is too young (or used inappropriately by the Injector) can have long term, potentially detrimental consequences.”

But what about the age of consent for Medical Treatments such as Facial Filler Injections being the age of 18 years?

Technically speaking, how Young IS too young to get facial filler injections?

“What’s legal and what’s medically clever can be too different things,” affirms Dr Craig.

“Legally you can have dermal fillers at age 18, but in the wrong hands or used in the wrong amounts for an extended period of time, fillers can leave you with problems you’re better off avoiding.”

Long term or inappropriate use of fillers can also have detrimental consequences – especially if you go somewhere offering Cheap Cosmetic Injections or Facial Fillers.

xeomin facial rejuvenation cosmeceutical skincare

Our Coco Ruby Team always advises choosing quality over price. They highlight that with injection treatments, you often end up getting what you’re paying for. Cheap injecting offers may NOT use highly skilled Injecting Teams or may dilute their products. Worse yet, there are some back-room and at-home operations that use non-approved substances or permanent fillers, which can lead to  serious disasters in the wrong hands.

It’s even MORE important to choose a SKILLED Injector and a REPUTABLE Clinic if you’re young.

It’s always important to choose a skilled and experienced Injecting Clinician. It is recommended that, if you’re young, it’s even more important to choose someone who’s an expert in facial filler injections.

Why is that the case?

  • Your entire life’s appearance is at stake.
  • Plus, there is likely to be less validity to adding volume to a younger face (other than for corrective purposes) whereas if you’re doing it to reduce ageing later in life, there is a defined aim and purpose.

how-young-too-young-facial-filler-injections (2)

Again, he cautions against indiscriminate use of dermal filler before the mid-twenties.  More than that, he cautions patients of ANY age to avoid the “over-volumised” facial appearance of having too much filler.

“So many people walk around with over inflated cheeks or lips.”

Overfilling: The team concurs – Over volumised faces not only look unappealing, they can readily border on grotesque.

“A little goes a long way,” affirm Injector Sandra.

Future Focused – what will it look like in 10 years time?

The answer to HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG TO GET FACIAL FILLER INJECTIONS also depends on other factors including:

  • Your anatomy
  • Your health
  • Understanding how your facial features can balance each other in a way that looks natural
  • Precisely where a bit of added facial volume might help your overall facial appearance
  • How Facial Fillers can be injected in a way that doesn’t harm your overall facial balance or natural cheek apex OR lead to long term problems

In Summary, How Young is considered too young for facial filler injections – CAN vary from person to person. Different injectors may also have different views. But overall you should think about how you will look NOT ONLY TODAY, but in 5 to 10 years’ time.

ACNE treatments melbourne skin

As a parent, teenager or young adult discussing cosmetic injections or cheek and lip augmentation, you should remind yourselves that:

  • Technically, as long as an individual is at an age where they can legally make their own medical decisions, they can choose to have this cosmetic procedure.
  • But being an adult and being savvy about what you’re getting in a cosmetic procedure are NOT always the same thing.
  • It’s better to err on the side of caution if you’re under 25 years of age or even 30.

Remember, not everyone’s features have reached maturity by the time they are 20 or 25.

  • Bones can keep growing and you should let your features and skin mature appropriately before seeking any changes.
  • If you do go ahead with fillers when you’re young, be extra cautious to know what