Anti-Wrinkle Injections: how much is used world-wide?


Anti-Wrinkle injections help reduce deep wrinkles and lines on your forehead or around your eyes and lips (marionette lines). Sometimes the treatment is combined with dermal filler injections to get an even better enhancement result.  But what DO anti-wrinkle injections involve – and what are the global trends in anti-wrinkle solutions? How much is actually being used around the world?

The answer is: a lot!

Cosmetic Injections Global Statistics show no signs of slowing down

That’s because these days, many of us want to look less wrinkled or lined, or have slightly fuller lips and more noticeable cheekbones to bring out our eyes and restore our facial balance as we age.  Because these injections, in the hands of a skilled injector, can do so much, they show no signs of slowing down in view of statistics of global demand for anti-ageing treatments.


Cosmetic Injections: What are anti-wrinkle solutions made of? And can anyone use them?

Firstly, anti-wrinkle injectable solutions are derived from substances with properties you typically wouldn’t ingest per their classification. But studies show they are well-tolerated when used as muscle relaxers or to treat hyperhydrosis, in small amounts injected into the supeficial layers of the dermis (skin), strategically, avoiding certain underlying structures (e.g. veins).

But we cannot mention injectable brand names, even though they are commonly known and talked about by consumers. That’s because these injectable substances are Schedule 4 prescription cosmetic medicines. That means they need to be prescribed by a medical professional.

So we can’t detail brand names or qualities of different brands in this blog, only speak of them in very general terms.

SO yes, the muscle relaxing solution does involve a form of toxin, used in a very controlled manner in very small amounts, to reduce wrinkles and lines and soften the facial appearance (brows, mouth lines, crows feet and more).

Toxins have been used in medicine for many decades; including cosmetic injections and more recently, treating mild urinary incontinence.

Yet, just as mold ended up being helpful in the creation of Penicillin, saving lives, anti-wrinkle solutions have been effectively formulated for use in a number of anti-ageing facial treatments and medical treatments.

Risk of Cosmetic Injections used for Urinary Incontinence

In terms of questions about the allergy risks statistics of anti-wrinkle injections, in a paper published in relation to the approval of the injectable solution for treating urinary incontinence, they estimate risks of allergic reactions to the injected solution to be around 0.3%.


But DO stick to medical clinics to ensure procedure sterilisation and well being is a priority of your Clinician teams – stick to medical based clinics versus home-based ‘beauty’ offers that may not use highly experienced Injecting professionals or brand name injecting solutions.

Despite low risks when properly used, consumers need to be very wary of people offering cheap injections and other home-based beauty treatments using Schedule 4 substances. A number of home-based injecting clinics have been found to use non-name brand products or even fake solutions of questionable efficacy and which may potentially be dangerous depending on how they are manufactured, transported and injected.

Don’t risk your personal health and well being – by getting cheap injections in someone’s home, by who-knows-who?

Instead, choose a medical clinic with very experienced cosmetic injectors who have expertise in choosing the right products to meet your goals.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are not only considered to be well tolerated by healthy patients, when used properly (as indicated for cosmetic use and as prescribed), they are often more effective in reducing wrinkles than any other rejuvenation options.


Uses of Cosmetic Injection Formulations such as the injectable solutions used to reduce wrinkles:

  • They enhance people’s lives by helping refresh or rejuvenate their appearance
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injectable Solutions can even return symmetry to uneven smiles
  • They can sometimes lift the brows without surgery

They are also used in other medical injection treatments, such as:


No matter that some people call anti-wrinkle injections superficial.

They are very effective when properly injected and how you feel about how you look MATTERS according to research.

There’s no question that research indicates HOW we look impacts numerous aspects of our lives, from relationships to self-assessments and self-confidence to our careers.

  • For example, there’s age discrimination at every level of our careers once we’re over forty.
  • If we can stay looking younger for longer, we have a greater chance of competing against younger candidates for certain roles – men and women alike.


But wrinkles are not the only thing that belies our age.

So, too, does facial bone atrophy (the sunken cheekbone look) and uneven skin pigmentation (such as Melasma or other sun damage resulting in sun spots or ‘aged spots/liver spots’ over time).

The fact that so many people who try anti-wrinkle injections for the first time repeat the process every 4 to 5 months is an indicator they are happy with what cosmetic injections do for their appearance.


So what’s the go on anti-wrinkle injections? How much is used world-wide?

What’s the go with targeted Anti-Wrinkle Injections including an inkling into how much consumers spend on anti-wrinkle injections across the globe?

According to a Bloomberg article about the history of a particularly widely used brand name for anti-wrinkle injections, one brand alone generated $2.8 billion in sales of it’s anti-wrinkle injectables product. There are other products used for anti-ageing injecting solutions; but by far, the top brand name has the highest name recognition and widest use across the medical and cosmetic injecting industries.


  • That article is about an organisation who boasts the most recognisable brand name in anti-ageing and cosmetic injections solutions.
  • In fact, that brand’s name has become synonymous with the anti-wrinkle injection treatment itself.
  • However, we are not permitted to mention brands here due to Schedule 4 classifications and advertising restrictions.

It’s important for your own education, however, to understand what to look for in a real brand/genuine manufacturer versus a fake overseas import of questionable quality, sterile manufacturing standards and efficacy.


Read our article about fake injectables being imported into Australia.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections: How Much is Used World Wide?

You can read an article about the anti-wrinkle injectables brand company at Bloomberg’s website.

Do you want quality anti-wrinkle injections from a seasoned professional with decades of expertise?

Choose a clinician who cares about being safety-minded and using best practice sterility measures to avoid bacterial contamination problems.

Find out about their practice, and ensure they are the type of Clinician who insists on using reputable brand solutions to treat your wrinkles (rather than discounted low-budget injectable solutions which may increase risks if they are not manufactured, stored or packaged properly, or fail to last as long).

Do you want a Clinician you can trust NOT to over dilute their wrinkle fighting injections?

Do you want your cosmetic injections to last longer by following the preparation and follow-up care advice, such as post-lip filler after care?

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