Anti-Wrinkle Injectables and Dermal Fillers: What they CAN and CANNOT do for your face!

Top Quality Injections – How the RIGHT Anti-Wrinkle Injectables and Dermal Fillers can help you reduce the signs of ageing

What DERMAL FILLERS and ANTI-WRINKLE Injections CAN – and CANNOT – do for facial ageing

Anti wrinkle injections and cosmetic fillers are great for treating wrinkles and ever-deepening expression lines on your face.  Some people even swear by “pro-ventative” injections, meaning they get them BEFORE wrinkles start in a pro-active rather than wrinkle-reactive way.  Cosmetic injections to combat wrinkles, plump lips or reduce and fill facial lines or scars are serious medicine, however.  Despite being relatively safe and reversible for suitable patients, cosmetic injections are typically best performed in Clinics overseen by Australian registered Medical Practitioners or Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Nurses who have extensive experience in facial injections and facial anatomy.  Why is that? Because there are “no go” facial injecting zones that need to be carefully considered or cosmetic injecting disasters might occur.

Cosmetic Injections are NOT all alike.

Neither are injectors, and there’s a great level of skill and aesthetic judgment required to get a good result with an injections treatment.


TGA approved muscle relaxant solution

Pro Injecting Tips 101 in Melbourne: Telling a Top Quality Injections Brand from a Cheap or Fake Brand

Does the solution really matter when you’re choosing an Injector or Anti-Wrinkle Injection treatment? Not all injectables are alike.

If you’re thinking about temporarily removing lines or plumping up your lips, getting wrinkles reduced or enhancing your cheeks, your chin or jawbone – or bringing these features back to the contours they had BEFORE gravity, atrophy and sun damage took their toll – what will be GOOD for you to KNOW before you step into your Injector’s Clinic or sit in the injecting chair? The key thing is to recognise that there are TOP QUALITY BRANDS, of which you’ll heard of through the media – and there are substitute, cheaper or even fake injectables in the market, often sold through great discounts to unknowing injectors or patients who opt for discount injection treatments.  Read our BLOG about the danger of fake injectables being marketed in Australia (search our blog).

What makes for a top injecting experience with Dermal Fillers or Wrinkle Relaxing Injectables?

Being informed before you enter the office is a way to help you get good service and quality results; otherwise you might be injected with lower-quality brands or less volume than you’re actually paying for.

Read this quick BLOG to help you separate the myths from the facts about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to the face.

What Cosmetic Injections and Muscle Relaxing Needles CAN – and CANNOT – do to rejuvenate your face.

It’s important to keep your expectations realistic about injectables treatments or any plastic surgery procedure. Cosmetic injections cannot stop time. But anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers CAN give the visual impression of less ageing and fewer wrinkles.  Injections can take a few years off your face because they CAN restore lost facial volume, plump up lips, cheekbones and other features, and reduce deep lines and creases on the face.  They CAN’T stop ageing from continuing, however, and your face WILL continue to age even with injections.  So cosmetic injections are an anti-ageing TOOL rather than a total clock-stopper.

What injections to your face CANNOT do is tighten the skin, when there is noticeable or significant skin sagging, such as loose jowl skin or a crepey neck.  They may help these concerns, of course – but only to a point, at which time you’ll likely want to consider a SURGICAL intervention and/or deep chemical peel treatment for increased rejuvenation of your face and skin.  The key is to know WHEN you should get injections versus SURGERY, and HOW the two combined may get you the best effects in terms of your facial rejuvenation objectives.

Top Level Facial Fillers and Skilled Injectors can help you reduce wrinkles and other signs of facial ageing. But they cannot stop time, and you’ll want to keep your expectations realistic.

If you have realistic expectations and choose a good injector, you may be pleasantly surprised how much top quality injections CAN improve the appearance of your skin and the contours of your face.

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There are many ways to smooth, firm or tighten the skin.

These include light treatments (Healite II, for example), skin resurfacing treatments (deep chemical peels or CO2 and Fraxel laser treatments), and facelift or neck lift surgery procedures.  With top quality facial fillers, however, in the hands of an experienced injector who carefully avoids going ‘overboard’ with dermal fillers or wrinkle reducing injections, there’s a lot that can be done to improve the appearance of an otherwise-ageing face.

Cosmetic Injections often work in a different context to laser treatments or deep skin peels.

Where some skin treatments focus on improving underlying collagen levels and the structure and circulation of the skin, cosmetic injectables are typically focused on one of two things:

  • Reducing wrinkles by relaxing wrinkle causing muscles or reducing line-forming expressions (which CAN be done in a natural looking way if performed by a skilled injector, but which can look fake or overdone in the hands of a novice or less skilled cosmetic injector).
  • Augmentation (enhancing or amplifying) facial features for a balanced or contoured look – such as augmenting a very-flat nasal bridge OR producing slightly higher cheekbones OR a more pronounced chin (compensating for a weak chin or a recessed chin or jawline, for example).

Injections can also help to reduce the look of “tear troughs” around the eye area (e.g., deep or shadowed indentions where facial volume has been lost between the lower lashes and the upper cheekbone), as well as plumping up lips or reducing an extremely gummy smile.  Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Reducing Injections can even be used to create a more harmonious balance between both sides of the face, which may help in cases where extremely noticeable asymmetry exists.  Top injectors can even help in areas of the face where there was once a facial injury or residual facial scars.

Reducing acne scars or facial injury scars is typically a higher level injecting skill and requires a top injector with proven injecting skills and careful injecting strategies.

Some advanced uses of cosmetic injections and dermal fillers may also require a combined treatment approach including skin resurfacing treatments or light therapy sessions as well as cosmetic injections (fortunately,  our top injectors in Melbourne are expert injectors for a wide range of cosmetic procedures as well as injecting strategies to correct scars, traumas and facial imbalances).

Can Top Quality Injections to the Face Help Firm Up Sagging Skin or Simply Reduce Wrinkles?


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Rather than simply smoothing or tightening skin, as some skin peel or laser treatments do, top quality injectables and brand-name dermal fillers can help make your face appear more youthful or more balanced via changing the facial volume.  It’s often called “reversing the triangle” that gets turned upside down with ageing (visit one of our EVENTS to hear about the golden ratio or golden triangle and how it impacts the appearance of facial ageing).

Think about it this way: Injecting dermal filler under the skin can help fill in deep folds or augment a facial feature that atrophied over time (for example, bones actually deteriorate as we age, meaning less bone tissues and more sagging skin).

The injections can also work to reduce the nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the corner of your nostrils to the corner of your mouth or lips).  If you create fuller lips with injections whilst you fill out hollowed looking cheeks or sunken eyes, you can significantly improve the look of the entire face and – for some women and men – avoid the need for a facelift to get the look you want (this will only go so far, however, and eventually surgery is required for anyone who wants to remove or reduce some of the signs of facial ageing, such as sagging jowls or drooping eyelids).

Most fillers are made with an approved temporary-filler-solution ((temporary)) solutions and only top quality, approved brands of cosmetic injecting materials are used by our Melbourne Clinicians – we don’t cut corners to offer injections at a discount.

So how long will top quality dermal fillers or facial injections last?

Everyone is different and the quality of the injectable solution and the skill of your Clinician may come into play for the longevity of your facial injection results.

In general, however, an approved temporary-filler-solution Fillers (and other top quality Dermal Fillers) can typically last from six to 12 months before you’ll want to get a top up (facial fillers can vary, however, with some filler injections lasting from 5 to up to 18 months).

Fat Grafting to Face: Autologous Fat transfer methods for facial rejuvenation are also increasingly popular to restore lost volume but sometimes dermal filler injections are still your best option.

Fat grafting or AFT for Autologous Fat Transfer is where your OWN excess body fat is extracted from another part of your body, often using liposuction, and used to restore volume in another part of your body – often around the eyes, cheeks or other parts of the face.

How Fat Transfer (FAT GRAFTING) to the Face Works to Rejuvenate the Skin

The liposuctioned fat is processed after ‘harvesting,’ then injected into your face in areas where more volume is needed (typically this is where you once had firmer tissues or greater volume, but where volume steadily declined over the years).  The fat that ‘takes’ can help reduce tear troughs, plump up a gaunt facial look and restore volume in the desired areas of the face.  It’s important to know, however, that not all transferred fat will ‘take’ and that it may take several grafting sessions to attain a plumper, fuller look – volume that might be attained through dermal fillers at less cost and in a quicker time frame.  But it depends on the look you want, the skill of your Surgeon or Injector, and what you’re comfortable with in terms of procedures, risks and pricing.

To investigate Fat transfer or fat grafting to the face as an anti-ageing measure or to correct asymmetry, please phone our Team on (03) 8849 1444 and ask to see our female Plastic Surgeon.

How long does fat transfer to the face last?

Fat transfer methods to the face can sometimes last for several years or even longer.  But not all fat ‘takes’ and repeated treatments are not uncommon to get the fuller facial enhancements you may be seeking. There are pros and cons to injections and fat transfer, so ask our Teams for information to find out which of these facial rejuvenation solutions will suit you best.

Fat transfer to the face is performed by our Team’s top female Plastic Surgeon or by some of our Facelift Surgeons. However, there’s a chance the fat won’t stay long and will be reabsorbed back into the body.

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Our Plastic Surgeons work in Coco Ruby and Cosmetic Surgery for Women in some of the best Location in Melbourne at Hawthorn East.

How much do top quality facial fillers and brand-name cosmetic injections cost?

The cost of top quality injection treatments and quality dermal fillers varies depending on the brand and what is being attempted through facial fillers or anti-wrinkle injections. You may need more volume for some treatment areas of the face than for other areas.

A good injector will be able to tell you how much they’re going to need (at least as an estimate), and how much it might cost (typically a range).

Good Injecting Tips 101: Less is More when it comes to Cosmetic Injections

Sometimes it’s best to have a few injecting appointments scheduled rather than trying to do too much at once.  That’s because no one really wants to look overdone after getting cosmetic injections or lip augmentation using filler injections. Our skilled Injecting Clinicians like to take a conservative approach because they know that our patients want a natural looking, harmonious and pleasing result, whether it’s to restore cheek volume, fill in tear troughs or make the lips a bit fuller or more voluptuous.

Costs of cosmetic injections are often based on the solution VOLUME needed to perform a particular appearance objective.

The complexity of the injecting aims may also play a part in your overall facial injection costs or prices.

As with most things, you often DO get what you pay for – and vice versa.  Cheap injections may simply fail to give you a good result if done by a less skilled or cost-cutting injecting clinic. Remember, not all injectors and not all injected solutions are alike – good quality dermal fillers and top brand anti-wrinkle injections are particularly recognised for being worth a bit more in terms of what you’re putting into your body or face, and how carefully your injector plans out their injecting strategy.


Good injectors and top injecting strategies may cost more than cookie-cutter, production-line style injection teams who are doing bare basics with off brand names or overly-diluted products.

Good injectors may be apt to charge a bit more than people who are operating a production-line type of discount injecting type of facility where they cut costs by using off-brand solutions instead of quality brand name injection solutions.

Quality, cheap injections – and the longevity of cosmetic injecting results – aren’t necessarily words you can readily combine in terms of ensuring a great result that lasts as long as you hope it will.  If you want top quality injections treatments, be sure to ask for these by name – and do your homework before you visit your injector!

Every person is unique and the duration of injections can vary from person to person – top quality injections solutions are likely to be longer lasting but it can vary from injecting session to injecting session and patient to patient.

That noted, everyone is different and these are temporary injections – which makes them easier to try out and less likely to cause permanent problems (“permanent injections can create permanent headaches,” as some of our Injecting Teams are prone to saying – which is why they insist on temporary fillers and anti-wrinkle solutions of well-known brands.

Some time your facial injections will last longer than other times, even if your injector is using the same brand.  That’s because there are a few variables that may come in to play, including what else you’re having done, what your overall health is, and how many times you’ve already had the same procedure done.  Additionally, if your skin is ageing, over time you’ll notice that the injections may not be getting you as much rejuvenation as they once did.  Over the years, you may be getting closer to needing a surgical intervention rather than an injecting intervention to help reduce unwanted wrinkles or other signs of facial ageing. That’s why having a trust worthy injector that you go to over an extended period is often best – it means they can watch your facial rejuvenation reactions to injections over time, and help guide you to when it’ll be time for a surgical choice rather than injections on their own.

Ask one of our top Melbourne Injectors for more information about fillers, wrinkle reducing injections or fat grafting to the face at a Confidential facial rejuvenation consultation.

Are fat fillers to the face more expensive than dermal fillers? And do they last as long?

Fat fillers – better known as autologous fat transfer – involves using your own body fat.  The fat is harvested from the body, processed and then injected into the face.  Whilst it’s been used for decades, in a sense it’s relatively still early days in terms of a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon being able to accurately predict how much fat will ‘take’ and how long it will last for each patient.   Fillers are a bit more predictable at the moment, even with variability; and fillers are certainly a cheaper option than fat injections, which can readily run into the thousands of dollars.

Do facial fillers hurt?

Search our blog for more articles on injections including the blog about whether or not facial injections are painful.

Yes, in short – injections often do hurt, a bit. However, the discomfort (or pain) of injections is typically very brief, minimal in terms of intensity and quickly passing.

If you have ever had IPL or laser hair removal, it’s likely even less uncomfortable than that treatment for many patients.  But it can vary.

There are also ways to minimise it and your injector can discuss numbing agents or ice blocks to relieve the sting of some injectables (and some have inbuilt numbing agents to make the experience even more comfortable).

“I was surprised it hurt so LITTLE,” said one cosmetic injecting patient at her first injecting appointment.   That noted, lips may be a bit more tender than other areas of the face – but, again, everyone is different.

Different areas of the face may feel a bit more sensitive to injections than other areas of the face.

What are the risks associated with facial injections or anti-wrinkle solutions that relax the muscles?

The most common side effects or complications of quality temporary facial fillers or anti-wrinkle injections are:

  • Transient bruising or redness
  • Swelling that may last a few days
  • Infections or allergic reactions (rare).
  • Danger Zones of Injecting ( a good reason to find a great injector who knows their facial anatomy and has been injecting for over 15 years or more)!

There can be significant complications if your Injector accidentally injects filler into your blood vessels or the other danger zones. Also, be careful to avoid permanent fillers at all costs; these are likely to result in significant and long-term side effects – permanent fillers “means permanent headaches,” as mentioned in the metaphor above.

Anti-wrinkle injections

The anti-ageing properties of an approved injectable solution, after which the most recognisable, top brand of anti-wrinkle injectables is named, relaxes muscles and helps your skin stop creasing or forming lines and wrinkles.

Top quality injections can, over time, minimise deep lines or wrinkles but is best used early before the wrinkles become highly ingrained in the deepest layers of your skin.

Some people even try injections in a PREVENTIVE or PRO-VENTIVE (Proactive) manner, before wrinkles even start to become very noticeable.

It’s entirely up to you, but we do notice some great results on people who come in before their lines deepen significantly – it’s not unlike sanding out dents in cars – the more superficial the dent (e.g., the wrinkle or line), the less smoothing (e.g., the cosmetic injecting work) that needs to be done.

top quality injections to face, best TGA approved muscle relaxant solution solutions for wrinkles and lines, medical uses of TGA approved muscle relaxant solution


Who is authorised to use Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Australia including Victoria?

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are a prescription-only drug, and need to be overseen by qualified medical staff. This includes cosmetic injectors working across clinics in Victoria or Melbourne.

Excerpt from a recent news release from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons:

“Muscle relaxant solution should be prescribed and used by doctors in appropriate settings,” says Geoff Lyons, president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. “If it’s being injected by someone else, it should be done under appropriate supervision with a doctor on the premises. There are a number of people undertaking injection treatments apparently without supervision – we don’t encourage that at all. Non-invasive procedures like fillers and approved muscle relaxant solution are considered low risk, but that doesn’t mean no risk. Most risks are minor, but they’re there.”

The effects of anti-wrinkle facial injections typically last three to four months, but can last longer with ongoing treatment or preventative approaches (this can vary and studies show different outcomes, which we think is mostly related to interactive factors and the amount used PLUS the skill of the injector PLUS the bio-physiology of the patient).

Possible side effects of anti-wrinkle injections are usually temporary.
  • They might include: temporary drooping of the eyelids until the injection wears off, bruising, headaches, redness, swelling or tenderness at the injection site, numbness, pins and needles sensations and for some patients, a bit of early nausea around the treatment time.
  • Most people, however, get injections with anti-wrinkle solutions and find they have little if any unwanted reactions and zero to low amounts of down time.

Ask our Injectors what you should or shouldn’t do in the week(s) leading up to, and after, you get facial injections with anti-wrinkle ingredients or dermal fillers.

That doesn’t mean that you should take injections lightly; it means you should know the benefits AND risks and make an informed decision, including finding out how much experience your Injector has with facial injections and wrinkle relaxants.

  • In very rare situations, there can be complications that impact swallowing, speaking, or breathing such as where the ingredients are administered in high volumes, e.g., such as when treating spasticity or used around the neck area or for migraines.

Other Cosmetic or Medical uses of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Other uses of injections include treatments for excessive sweating (called “hyperhidrosis”), which works by helping to temporarily deactivate the sweat glands.  Muscle-Relaxant solutions can also sometimes help people who are prone to bladder weakness or incontinence. In these situations, the muscle relaxing injection solution is injected into the bladder muscle, causing it to relax. This may help increase the bladder’s storage capacity whilst reducing mild urinary incontinence. This treatment lasts for 5 or 6 to 12 months on average, and has recently gained a lot of press attention for people who suffer bladder weakness and incontinence. MonaLisa Touch Laser treatments can also help.  Find out more about vaginal rejuvenation or anti-wrinkle injections by sending an Enquiry form, below.

Injections to treat Chronic Migraines

The brand name of wrinkle relaxing injections is ALSO able to be used to help treat chronic migraines and headaches (a chronic migraine is a severe migraine headache that occurs more than 14 days in any given month).  In migraine treatments using injectables to the neck, the muscle relaxant solution is injected at approximately 4 month intervals, often around the neck or head, by a very skilled injector.

Find out more by browsing our BLOGS on injectables or phoning our team on (03) 8849 1444.  You can also send an enquiry form (below).

We look forward to assisting you with top quality injections and dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments to help fight wrinkles and reduce the visible signs of facial ageing.

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